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Updated July 13, 2016

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  1. Kenny,
    I am a member of Character Locator. I have noticed that the Disney World app list of character meet times does not always have all the characters listed that your list has. I am not talking about characters that are rare meets. I am talking about characters that are usually there every day. I noticed this in Magic Kingdom and Epcot for several of the characters. For example for 11/5/16, according to your list Aroura should be meeting 4:20-5:00, 5:20-6:00, 6:20-7:00 but on the Disney World app she is not listed at all for the afternoon. Are they cutting back on some of the meets and therefore your list isn’t accurate or does the Disney World app not list all the meets? I am trying to figure out which list to use on my upcoming trip, the app or your list. I just don’t want to waste time showing up for meets that are not taking place. Thanks.

  2. Hi Kenny !

    I was wondering if Elena has been appearing at any parks yet – we are scheduled to be at MK on Sept 19th and MNSSHP on the 20th – and my girls were hoping that she was one of the visiting princesses at fairy tale hall ? Thanks in advance.


  3. Would love your input on meeting Peter Pan, specifically how long the wait to meet him is. He is a must see for my daughter and the way I had to do our FP+ and as well as an ADR it is going to be tight getting to him. Should we arrive to his line early and risk missing a coveted FP? We have a 10:25-11:25 Peter Pans Flight then a 11:35-12:35 7 Dwarves then a 1:10 ADR. Then of course we don’t want to miss the FoF parade. Peter meets from 12-4:30, trying to get the best plan of action and considering losing our Mine ride FP. Any words of wisdom for this newbie?

  4. Im visiting over Christmas 2016!! I was wondering if Brer fox, Brer bear and Brer Rabbit all meet in front of the country bears? Also does divine and actually sign?? One more thing do you know if anyone special can be found over Christmas, without going to the Christmas party??!!

    Thanks so much, love your website :)

  5. Curious if you know how we could meet Captain Hook? I know the Pirates and Pals thing — but we would rather be in the parks and not pay extra just to meet him.

  6. Do you think, based on the 25th anniversary, that there will be A LOT of characters for pixar’s 30th anniversary?

  7. I know you recommend meeting Merida as soon as the park opens. Do you have a next best suggestion besides first thing in the morning?
    Do you know how late she meets on Christmas party days?

  8. Hi Kenny! Is there a possibility that Nick & Judy from Zootopia will have a Meet & Greet at Walt Disney World in the future? How long till it finally happen? I really want to hug them so badly. But they only appear in the parade and only have meet & greets at Disneyland which I cannot go.

  9. Does Mary Poppins still meet at Magic Kingdom? I don’t see her listed on Disney’s site anywhere except epcot. Thanks!

  10. Kenny, in your extreme four-park character challenge with Debbie, you said you got lightning mcqueen and mater’s autograph. How did you get their autograph, and I know they currently don’t meet, i’m just curious.

  11. Is there anywhere to meet St. Patrick’s Day Mickey or Minnie. I have seen photos online of them but not sure if it happens in Florida or just Disneyland Paris.

  12. I have a few questions. Does beast meet with belle in epcot? Is mad hatter in magic kingdom regularly or just special events? Does wendy meet with peter pan regularly? And last does fairy godmother meet regularly?

    Thanks so much in advance!!! :)

    • It’s been a long time for regular meets. He’s only appeared for social media events and special meets for those paying for him to visit.

  13. We are visiting later this week and have a friend with a child fighting cancer. Will the characters take a picture with a sign for the child? I wasn’t sure if they were allowed to do something like that.

  14. Thanks!

    Do you know how frequent/ where I might the following at UO?
    -Egyptian princess character (I’ve been told her name is Isis)
    -Lucy and Marilyn
    -Velma, Fred Daphne
    -Popeye & Olive Oyl

    Really hope you can help me out, thanks!

  15. Hi Kenny,

    Will you be uploading schedules for seasonal entertainment in Epcot during the Christmas holiday period, as well as schedules for Santa and Mrs. Claus?

    Are you also aware of Universal Orlando character schedules?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  16. I have a vague memory of you posting a rumor that Elsa and Anna might start attending Akershus. Have you heard anything new regarding the sisters? We don’t leave for WDW until late January 2016. Your website and updates are very helpful. Thank you SOOOOO much!

  17. Kenny, we are going to disney mid september, and i recently asked one of the cast members on the phone about meeting Beast, she said he is with Belle at Epcot 6x a day. Is this true? I never seen anything posted or mentioned about this. Thanks!

    • Same place. There’s a sign over to the left of the hat. Sometimes you’ll find them at Great Movie Ride courtyard too

  18. Seeing some newly listed meets in the Disney app at animal kingdom entrance. Today for example gov. Radcliffe Meeko thumper timon and terk are listed. Is this a new characterpalooza of sorts at AK? I am traveling to the world in December and would love to see this on the schedule if it has been a regular occurrence.

  19. Are there Santa meet and greets before Thanksgiving week? When does he make his appearances in DTD? Can we meet him at any point during the Christmas party?

  20. (I don’t know if this is the right place to post this comment, but here goes) What happens to characters that meet outside when it rains? I’ve looked for this information on the Internet and couldn’t find it. Are there alternative locations for where they go, and if so what are they? Or are the meets canceled entirely? I think this would be a great blog post because I can’t find this info anywhere else. Keep up the great work, your website is so helpful!

  21. HI is there anywhere at WDW where we can meet Beast other than at Be Our Guest? We are staying off site oct 2nd-16th and i cannot get a reservation for Be Our Guest! :( Every day at 11am (uk time) i am there clicking and clicking until the window opens for reservations but there are never any left! How can this be? Any ideas how to get one? I also phoned 2 days ago and there were no reservations unto that point (11th oct) and still none online :(

  22. Hi Kenny, I just purchased your app as we are going to Disney very soon. For Character meet and greets, do they still greet while the parade is going on? I was planning on meeting Merida around 3 and then realized that’s when the parade is.

  23. What are the chances of Anna and Elsa sticking around if they continue to be so popular? The girls love them and the music is wonderful.

  24. Hi
    Can you tell me if Anna & Elsa from Frozen will still be available for meet & greet 12th Jan 2014 onwards? thats when we’ll be there, also does Doc Mcstuffins have a meet n greet also??

  25. My sister in law recently visited MK and meeting with Mary Poppins were the penguins and with Alice/White Rabbit was the Queen of Hearts. Is this a common occurrence? It was July 26 or 29.

  26. Thanks for your blog Kenny! Random question: What is the rarest/most unusual character that you/your kids have ever met?

      • Cool! I’d love to meet those characters. The rarest characters I’ve met are probably Queen Grimhilde, The Queen of Hearts, Jafar, Hook and Smee, and Lilo after she was retired from the parks. Hoping to meet the Bre’rs, the Country bears, and Foulfellow and Gideon when I go next time!

  27. Is there anywhere a kid can meet the Power Rangers now? I see Nick Hotel has a “Power Rangers” weekend listed as coming soon but if you call they claim to know nothing about it. Does Universal have meet and greets?

  28. Hey Kenny,

    Just wondering if you have any recomendations or know of a blog or website that offers similar information as yours for DISNEYLAND?
    My next trip will be there. Your site was so helpfull, it would be great to find another to help me at DL.

    Thanks again,


  29. I love your blog Kenny. I am going in July and it is really helping me plan. Can you write the times you can meet te characters most?

  30. Thank you and I will be looking forward to hearing about your cruise! I live your blog btw….thanks for all of the great info!!

  31. Kenny… I absolutely love your lists. I’m in the process of making an 8×8 autograph book and it will be bound so I don’t want to leave blank pages if we don’t see characters. My question…
    Captain Hook and Mr. Smee – I have met before across from PotC in Adventureland… I realize they just may not be scheduled but if I include them in my book and talk to a Cast Member once I’m there is there still a fairly high chance I will get to see them? Also Wendy from Peter Pan ?? Let me know

      • Thank you so much for the reply… yes I’m going April 29 – May 10… I will leave them out and will just leave some blank pages but not a specific spot…
        To clarify – the BEAST does not sign but does pictures with evening dinner at BoG restaurant…
        Koda and Kenai – I met them in AK (2009) at the child reading spot (not sure of the name)… are they still around?
        Lilo is gone – except for her Character Meal at Poly right?

  32. Hi! I was just wondering about the Pirates and Pals cruise. Have you ever done it? My daughter is obsessed with Captain Hook. Is the cruise worth it?

  33. Hi. We thought that Oso would be at the Hollywood and Vine character meal but I don’t see him listed under Hollywood Studios. Do you know if he is still part of that character meal? Thanks!

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