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  1. We head to Disney World once a year and use character locator and your crowd calendar with much success, thank you. Anything special happening for leap year?

  2. I’m considering changing my EP day to 12/4 but I see you have it as Worst Park even though there are no EMH that I’m aware of. I trust your judgment but what is your reasoning here? Thanks!

  3. Hi Kenny! I have a crowd calendar question. On September 26 your predictions have HS at a low crowd level but another site… lets just call them “TP” have it at a high level 9 for the same day. HELP! We had based most of our park schedules for the week on the crowd calendars but never saw the other one. Any advice or reason these two would differ so much for the same park on the same day? Thanks!

  4. Hi Kenny, Hoping to visit Universal in January 2020, any idea when they release those calendar dates? Or your crowd calendar for January?

  5. Hey Kenny,
    I was looking at your calendar for my honeymoon in November 17-24. When you say the overall crowd levels are moderate does that mean about a hour wait for big rides and such? Trying to understand your gauge low, moderate, and high. Thank you for your help

  6. Hi Kenny, Will Kevin still be roaming in AK when UP! is down for refurb in September when we are there? Thanks for your wonderful app.. just resubscribed for our next trip. Great info!!!

  7. Hi Kenny,
    Wondering what your thought process is for making Epcot on Thursday, 11/7 the worst and Saturday, 11/9 best? In my experience, weekends for F&W are unbearable. We only have those 2 days to choose from so I assumed Thursday is always better than a Saturday. Perhaps there is something I am not considering? We vowed after the last time we went on a Saturday we would never go again due to the fact that we couldn’t even walk in most of the Showcase and the amount of belligerent drunks! TIA

    1. The crowds don’t measure the number of drunks, just there number of people. Emh attracts more people. Most people say they will attend and oversleep and miss the benefit of arriving early. Having a good plan from http://www.characterlocator.com is the key any day

  8. Hi Kenny. My family unfortunately just ended our Disney World vacation and wanted to thank you for providing all of the info on your Character Locator. This is the first time we’ve used your services, and thanks to your touring plans, we never waited more than 20 minutes in a standby line and met more characters than ever before. In fact we were at MK on a yellow day, and besides the first few rides in the morning, we never waited in a standby line the rest of the day. TGM is a godsend!! We will definitely be using your services again on our next trip (which we are already talking about) and will definitely recommend you to anyone we know traveling to Disney. Thanks again for giving us an amazing trip.

  9. Hi Kenny! How do you think the crowds will be in April 2020? Which dates would you choose out of April 21st- April 26th or April 24th-April 29th? Thanks so much!

  10. Hi Kenny, Have you experienced this new fastpass policy? Even if you stay on property, you can only make 7 days of fastpasses if your reservation is not continuous? For example, as DVC members we sometimes book 4 days in one location & 4 days in another. These are considered 2 different reservations & we can only book 7 days of fastpasses (the last day can’t be done). We had never had this problem before but just recently found it out.

  11. Do you have a section on magic shots (other than party shots)? Specifically the Lumiere shot if that still exists. Thanks!

  12. Hi Kenny, will there still be the nighttime Star Wars fireworks at Hollywood Studios? I know they are releasing a new show about Mickey that is celebrating 30 years of HS.

  13. Hi Kenny!
    I have a question about the July crowd calendar. We have never gone in the summer so I am worried about crowds. We have date flexibility so I’m trying to make the best choice I can. I’m looking at the crowd calendar for July and I see that all the weeks in July are red or orange except for the week of July 21st, which is yellow. I was initially thinking of booking the next week (July 28th) because I assumed the later the better but that week so far is marked Orange. Didn’t know if there was something I was missing that would make the 21st better than the 28th.

  14. I see the Disney After Hours for MK, HS, and AK is only available into April. Do you know if it will be continued into May and June?

  15. Can you please tell us where we can find the information for the Character Meet and Greets at the Resorts for December 21-27, 2018? Thank you for your help.

  16. Sorry again, not sure where else to post this. Not sure if you have this info someplace else.
    Just found out the hard way that you are limited to 7 days of fast passes no matter what. This to me is crazy. I am an annual pass holder for a reason, so i can go often. I am going in December and then in late Jan early Feb. and was NOT able to make fast passes for two days on the second trip because of this. It make getting AP’s less worth it if I can’t get fast passes for all the days I want to go. So I pay extra for AP’s and I pay extra to stay on property and yet missing two days of fast passes. They keep making hard and hard to go.

      1. Thanks for the fast reply. I did forget to mention that my first stay is NOT on property/site, the second one is. Still think that it is wrong that I only get 7 days.

  17. You have listed the hours including extra magic hours out into May. I have the MDE app and account and they are only listed out exactly 180 days out. I was wondering where you are getting the hours that far out? Thank you.

  18. We have a reservation for 1900 Park at 8:55. Based on character locator it appears the characters are only there till 8:30. Will our time there be character free? If so I am thinking of cancelling.

  19. Sorry couldn’t find a post on this so posting here. I got breakfast at the plaza at 8:00 am MagicKingdom. Do you know if that will get me early access to any part of the park/ride after we are done eating? I know with rope drop they go past the plaza, not sure what time they start letting people into that area for rope drop. Thanks and love all your great info.

  20. Hi Kenny
    I really appreciate all the detailed info on the Disneyland Halloween Party. The character schedules make planning much easier. Do you know if the treat locations are the same for this years party?

  21. Hey Kenny! My family and I are planning to attend the MNSSHP on either Friday, Oct 5 or Monday, Oct 8. I’m wondering if you could tell me which party would be less crowded??? I can see that Friday’s are generally busier than Mondays, but Oct 8 is Columbus day, so I wasn’t sure how that would affect it. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks for all you do! Jason

  22. What is your reasoning for showing March 25, 2019 – April 6th as red days? From other blogs and calendars it recommends this being a good time to travel as virtually no one has spring breaks in 2019 at this time since Easter is April 21st this year. I know the Star Wars Marathon is the end of the first week and the parks will begin getting busy, but was wondering about that last week of March.

  23. On either a regular 9am open or 8am EMH open at Hollywood Studios (non-Early Morning Magic day), is it now best to go do the Toy Story Land rides first, then sign up for Jedi training afterward? We wouldn’t mind a late afternoon or evening training.

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