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Master List of Scheduled Walt Disney World Refurbishments

Master List of Scheduled Walt Disney World Refurbishments

Curious what will be closed during your Disney World vacation? Wonder what attractions are scheduled to get some work done? Check out our master list of refurbishments to help!

Disney World Refurbishments

Refurbishments are a part of life at Walt Disney World. It’s not uncommon for at least one attraction to be closed at any given time. Especially now, in the months leading up to the 50th anniversary of Magic Kingdom, many attractions are receiving updates and upgrades to prepare for the influx of crowds.

Refurbishments may take place for various reasons. Whether it be for mechanical issues or cosmetic updates, a refurbishment can take place for many reasons. Based on the nature of the work, the refurbishment may be a few days or several months.

Due to the pandemic and resulting economic hardships that Disney is facing, many projects have been pushed back or even pulled. One refurbishment that comes to mind is Spaceship Earth at EPCOT. This ride was set to be closed in May for a much-needed updated. However, Disney announced that project would be temporarily pushed back.

Now that we understand the nature of refurbishments, let’s take a look at the scheduled ones around the four theme parks.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom sees the most refurbishments because it has the most attractions. As the park prepares for its 50th anniversary, many of the attractions will need updates and upgrades to make sure they are in tip top shape for the Guests visiting.


Right now, Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover is one of the longest refurbishments. It did not open with the rest of the park in July, and the status changed later that month.

First, we saw a refurbishment date lasting through November, then Christmas, then the first of the New Year, and now we are looking at a January 9, 2021 reopening date.

Rumors suggest this popular ride may actually be closed to accommodate TRON construction. Specifically, the ride cannot operate safely so close to the bridge while TRON work continues. Other possible rumors suggest that the magnetic track needs to be replaced on the ride.

Either way, we hope PeopleMover is up and running sooner rather than later! I love the views of Tomorrowland and the rest for the park!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

On the other side of Magic Kingdom, the wildest ride in the wilderness will need some work done.

Disney recently filed two construction permits for the popular Magic Kingdom attraction. Both list the address of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and lists the following description: provide labor, material and/or electrical for construction.

The refurbishment is set to begin on December 6, 2020. There is no word on when the ride will reopen.

Tom Sawyer Island and Liberty Square Riverboat

Nearby, both Tom Sawyer Island the Liberty Square Riverboat are both closed for a few months. You may remember the Liberty Square Riverboat just received a short tune up last month.

It seems as if more extensive work will be done in the coming months. The work on those two attractions appear to last until early 2021.

Update 10/29/20: Both of these attractions will be closed until February 28, 2021. More details can be found HERE.

Upcoming Splash Mountain Project

Guests can still enjoy Splash Mountain while they can. That ride will undergo a complete reimagining when it is rethemed for Princess and the Frog. You can read more about that HERE.

There is no set date on when that project will begin or how long it will last.

EPCOT Refurbishments

Right now, the only refurbishment that is scheduled at EPCOT is Frozen Ever After. It is a short closure, only lasting a few days. It will be closed from November 2-6.

A few of the World Showcase pavilions appear to be undergoing refurbishments. Disney has recently filed permits for Norway, China, and Morocco Pavilions for labor, material, and/or electrical for construction. We likely won’t see anything in those pavilions close, but we will update you if anything changes.

Elsewhere in the park, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Space 220, and other construction projects have resumed. The Mary Poppins attraction and Spaceship Earth refurbishment have halted for the time being.

Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom

There are no scheduled refurbishments for Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom attractions.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

disney shipping

The Polynesian is undergoing a massive refurbishment that will last until summer 2021.

Work is set to be done on the Great Ceremonial House and the monorail station. The monorail station will be temporarily closed beginning in November.

You can see concept art for the completed project HERE.

Additionally, the guest rooms will receive a Moana-style makeover! We are excited to see all the updates to this long-standing resort.

Disney World Gateway Entrance

The iconic signs welcoming you to Disney World will soon look a bit more snazzy. The gateway entrance signs will receive a makeover. You can read more details HERE.

We will keep this master list updated as refurbishments are completed or announced!


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