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Kenny the Pirate’s Guide to Hollywood Studios Character Meet and Greets

Character Notes
  • Vampirina, Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins meet in Hollywood Studios next to Disney Jr and at Hollywood and Vine
  • Characters that can ONLY be met at Hollywood Studios include:  BB-8, Chewbacca, Green Army Men,  Indiana Jones, Jessie, Kylo Ren,,  Olaf,  Sofia the First, Stormtroopers, Vampirina, Woody
Hollywood Studios Character Meals
Hollywood & Vine  Breakfast Doc McStuffins, Goofy , Vampirina, Sofia the First
Hollywood & Vine  Lunch & Dinner Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy (Seasonal costume changes)

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Updated 10/29/18


BB-8 meet and greet coming to Walt Disney World

Buzz Lightyear Hollywood Studios Disney Early Morning Magic Review Buzz Lightyear

Character Palooza

Character Palooza Hollywood Studios meet and greet KennythePirate


Chewbacca Hollywood Studios meet and greet KennythePirate

Chip n Dale

Chip n Dale Hollywood Studios meet and greet KennythePirate

Daisy Duck

Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins Hollywood Studios meet and greet KennythePirate

Donald Duck

Sailor Donald at Hollywood Studios


Goofy Epcot meet and greet KennythePirate

Green Army Man

Green Army Man Hollywood Studios meet and greet KennythePirate

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones Hollywood Studios meet and greet KennythePirate

Jessie and Woody

Hollywood Studios Disney Early Morning Magic Review Woody Jessie

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren Hollywood Studios meet and greet KennythePirate

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Hollywood Studios meet and greet KennythePirate

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Hollywood Studios meet and greet KennythePirate

Olaf the Snowman

Olaf Hollywood Studios meet and greet KennythePirate


Pluto Hollywood Studios meet and greet KennythePirate

Sofia the First

Sofia the First Hollywood Studios meet and greet KennythePirate


First Order Stormtroopers Hollywood Studios meet and greet KennythePirate



Review Hollywood and Vine Disney Junior Play n Dine Breakfast with Vampirina


  1. We just visited Olaf and he did not sign autographs. We were handed a large blue sticker with a white outline of his face as his “keepsake”. We were told that he does not do autographs.

  2. We will be going to Hollywood Studios (never been there) and there are a lot of characters my 3 little girls are eager to meet. Is there a way to see how long lines are for the character meet and greets like at Magic Kingdom? (i.e. posted wait time outside the greeting location or on an App)? Thanks!

  3. Kenny any idea why starting the week of Aug 7 that Olaf and Buxx/woody meet and greets are only on mon and wed?

  4. Just checked the Disney app and it says Bolt is meeting at centre stage courtyard is this going to become a permanent meet?

  5. Morning Kenny, Any chance this will be updated now with half the park closed? I know we are touring with you and you will know all the best places to find characters but think the studios map and page may need to be updated while Star Wars Land & Toy Story land are being built.

    • I just updated it to remove Mike and Sulley. My map is accurate. I updated it the day they left. Character Locator is accurate as well.

      • Did/will Mike and Sulley get relocated anywhere? They are my son’s favorite characters and we were very disappointed to hear they were gone.

  6. Minnie moved into new location and new dress a few days ago, and are you possibly going to add the characters from your rumor round up Hollywood studios?

  7. I see your last update was in August is Minnie Mouse still in her pink dress or back in her red polka dot dress?! Thanks in advance

  8. Looks like Baymax and Hiro are gone, as well ass Mr Incredible and Frozone, and Sorcerer Mickey is meeting somewhere closer to the back of the park. Is ANYONE meeting in the Animation building at all?

  9. Went to Hollywood studios on August 16th and met max. The cast member with max was even saying how rare he is to find because he is normally at school!

  10. First of all what a great website!!! Couple questions on Hollywood Studio 1- Do you get to Meet and Greet Ariel at the Voyage of the Little Mermaid is this a ride?? 2- How about Beauty & The Beast Meet & Greets for them after or before the Show? And last, I see on the calender it says Fantasmic at 7:30 pm is that one big show then? If so do you have to pay seperately for that? Thank you again!!

  11. Have you heard anything about Lightning and Mater leaving? When I try to add them to “our plans” on the Disney site, they won’t let me schedule them past July 4th. We are going in August. Also, any update on how long Baymax and Hiro will be there?

  12. Kenny, how is the wait for Sorcerer Mickey around 6pm? And if the park closes at 9:30pm (late August, highly recommended day), do you know when his meet and greet ends?

  13. I was just on Disney’s app and they were listing Max in Hollywood studios today (3:35 – 4) I didn’t see him on the character locator – do you think he is new or maybe just for some reason there today but not as a regular?

  14. Hi! I read that Doc McStuffins will her own meet and greet at HS starting this May 2015. Any insight on when it May that will start? We will be there on Monday May 11th. Corssing my fingers we can see her at her clinic. She is my daughter’s favorite! We have an early lunch at Hollywood and Vine, so we’ll see her there. But I think the photos will be nicer at the meet and greet.

    • Yes, I posted that long ago. No specific date has been given yet. I’ll post when it happens. Sign up for email updates to be full aware.

    • No, they have the same meet and greet area. It’s right beside the old Backlot exit and behind a shop. It’s marked on my Character Location Maps

  15. Hi Kenny – awesome site! Quick questions, what time do characters start meeting in the Animation building at HS? When is the first drawing class? DD doesn’t do thrill rides so we are considering heading there at RD. Thank you!

  16. I read on tripadvisor that the photo imaging package is no longer offered at Akershus. Does this mean there will not be a photographer there for Memory Maker?

    • You posted this on Hollywood Characters :) Yes, the Akershus and Cinderellas Royal Table photo package was phased but you will be able to download the photo from Memory Maker and Photopass.

  17. Hi! Planning a trip that will likely coincide with Star Wars Weekends next year – if we go to HS on let’s say a Thursday 1) Do they do the Star Wars breakfast during the week? 2) Will the Disney Jr breakfast and/or lunch or dance party still happen? Thanks!!!

  18. Thanks. Yeah I saw that. Was just trying to figure out how long to wait to make plans for his b-day weekend at the end of March. Didn’t know how much notice is given before certain characters are pulled from the park.

  19. I know Baymax and Hiro are suppose to be in HS until March. How soon will it be known if they will continue on into the month of March? We had thought about a long weekend trip for our son’s b-day but only if we would be able to meet Baymax and Hiro. We have a summer trip already planned but we would love to meet them. Thanks!!

  20. Hi, thank you for your site. I’ve scoured it and devoured it and read most over the past week. My question might be hard to answer and I haven’t found it anywhere else online, but since you tend to be “in the know” I thought I’d reach out to you. We are going to be there on May 4, 2015. We know there are 2 character Star Wars meals we can do (Jedi Mickey and then the Darth Vader one), however Star Wars weekends don’t start until the weekend after. My question is will HS do anything “special” on May 4 for “May the 4th Be With You”? From what I could find on the internet and youtube is they did special things and had characters all around the park on May 4, 2013 but not 2014. And Star Wars weekend in 2013 didn’t start until May 16 I believe. Thoughts? Thanks in advance for any info. Your site is AH-maaaazzzzing!

    • Thanks Ginger. You’re correct that they didn’t really do anything terribly special last year, but they did have some of the characters out for meet and greets without announcing it in advance. Keep your eyes open in case they do that again this year.

  21. Do you know if Hiro and Baymax will be sticking around for a while? Our trip isn’t til late August and my eldest will be so upset if he doesn’t get to meet Baymax!!

  22. Hmmm…re-thinking having bought this. It says it’s a dessert party and that you get reserved seating for the frozen sing a long. Do you suggest skipping the dessert and canceling the tickets???

  23. Do you know if they still do they big character meet and greet in the animation building? There were usually a bunch of random characters there. They did it a couple years ago and was usually around 4pm-5pm?

  24. Kenny, what do you know about the Frozen Holiday Premium Package? My daughter wants this as her Christmas present, but is it worth the money (it’s almost $500 for the whole fam)? It seems like a cute idea. but nowhere does it mention meeting Anna and Elsa (which is a big deal to her).

  25. I think what he’s asking is on a non-Star Wars Weekend, are there characters from the Star Wars universe available for pictures/signatures?

  26. did i see somewhere that the characters have moved from the sorcerer hat since frozen event started? just trying to arrange my schedule and know where to go,thanks

  27. Thank you for having all this information!! It is such a huge help! I thought Elsa and Anna were at Hollywood Studios also, right?

  28. Can you still find piglet, queen of hearts, dopey, etc. at the sorcerer’s hat? If not, put a list of the ones you can find

  29. First, let me thank you for all the hard work you do to keep the rest of us up to date about the Disney characters! Now, two questions:

    1. On Feb 28, 2014, Fantasmic! will be at 7:00 & 8:30. What time and where will the characterpalooza (sp? not even sure this is what it is called) take place?

    2. On March 3, 2014, Hollywood studios will have EMH from 8:00-10:00 PM. Will the Disney Jr Dance Party start promptly at 8:00?

  30. Do Sofia the first, Phineus and Ferb, Jake, Buzz and Woody and Daisy and Donald sign autographs? The info was missing and its the main thing my kids want to know! Thanks in advance

  31. I saw that the Sulley and Mike m&g is closed until the 8th. We will be there on the 9th and it’s a must do for my daughter (her name is Sullivan). Any details about the m&g when it reopens? Thanks!

  32. Hi, We are headed to WDW Jan 26-21. Will the times you have listed for characters change before then or can I expect the same times. Also is Characterpalooza still happening?

  33. Do you know if Wreck-It-Ralph will disappear when “Frozen” comes out? We’re going in January and my daughter would be devastated if he and Vanellope disappeared by then. Do you think they’ll be replaced by “Frozen” characters before then? Thanks.

  34. Hi. Haven’t been to Disney since ’09 and I’m going back soon. When I last went to Hollywood Studios, the Magic of Animation building had surprise rare characters like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the Evil Queen, and the Genie and Jasmine. Does this ever happen? Also, do the Pooh characters appear at character palooza?

  35. I have been going to Disney for years and this will be the 4th time with my four on NOV 6th, I love this blog and so excited to see now how many characters we can meet… For Character Palooza is it easy to locate and do people line up early for this as well?

  36. I was directed to your site and I am thrilled to have found it!! Thank you for all of your hard work keeping it updated!

    My husband and I are celebrating our 20th Anniversary in WDW in May 2014 (1st time without kids, and I think we are as excited to meet the characters as the kids are), and my hubby is a huge Phineas and Ferb fan (thanks to my girls) and he especially loves Agent P! Do you know if there is any chance that Agent P will be added to the line-up with Phineas and Ferb?

    Thank You!

  37. I stumbled across your site today (thank you Google!) and I wanted to say THANK YOU!! Our WDW trip starts Aug 11 so hopefully they won’t push back Sofia anymore, as our 4 year old is planning a marriage proposal hahaha Your site is making my last minute planning MUCH easier :)

  38. I know right!! I keep reading July, but I think recently I have read that Sophia is getting pushed back to August :( was really hoping to see her in July!

  39. @ANDI CARREL — Also going in mid July and I really hope to see Sofia! The Disney Parks Blog was waaaay too vague and just said that Sofia would be meeting “later this summer”.

  40. I know you’ve answered this only 8 million times, but I wanted to check again to see if there is any chance Sophia will be doing a meet and greet in mid July? Thanks for your help :)

  41. We are headed down for my 4yr olds 5th birthday in sept. any idea if Sophia will be doing meet and greets by mid sept? She loves Sophia!

  42. My 5 year old son is a Star Wars fanatic! We will be visiting HS and MK the week of June 17-23, so just missing SWW. Will either park have SW characters even though its not SWW? Thank you so much!

  43. We are coming December 7, 2013…any chance Doc or Sofia will be at Hollywood and Vine then? How about Meet and Greets? Thanks!

  44. Are there plans to start having more Star Wars Characters make appearances since Disney bought the property? My 3 year old loves Ashoka.

  45. I was at Hollywood studios this past saterday and took a pic with a woman in a green dress very pretty with red hair next to the old car near tower of terror . Do u know what character she is suppose to be

  46. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I have been to WDW twice when I was a teenager, but will be taking my 5 year old son for the first time next April. Thanks for all of the wonderful tips!

  47. How come Sophia the First will have possible meet and greets before Doc McStuffins? Doc Came out before Sophia… My girls want to meet both. Hopefully they will appear soon for meet and greets.

  48. Any word on Sofia meet & greet? I keep hearing that she has to be induced as a princess first. Any clue on when that might be happening. We are going the beginning of May.

  49. I’ve read that the Disney Jr Dance party only happens with extra magic hours but it’s never listed on the HS calendar. Is it always scheduled with EMH? We don’t want to miss it!!! Hoping it is on Sunday, April 28th, the only EMH night at HS during our trip :)

  50. Has the location for Characterpalooza changed? I thought I read it was in the Magic of Animation building but now see that it may be on the street in SOA and EL. I just want to make sure I plan ahead to be in the right place :0)

  51. Do the surprise characters appear if there is more than one Fantasmic show scheduled for the night? I see the info listed but it only discusses times before the first show. Love your blog…..very helpful….can’t wait to use it when I go in November 2014!!!!!!

    • Lately they have appeared at around 4:40 and 5:20. The 4:40 set seems pretty consistent on the Streets and I’ve heard a lot of reports of 5:20 at Echo Lake

      On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 1:36 PM, Kennythepirate's Disney Character

  52. Any news of adding new Monsters (from Monsters U) into Character Palooza? I know they sometimes add the new characters during the Spring for their upcoming summer movies.

    • Not for Character Palooza. It’s possible they could move to the Animation building where Wreck-it Ralph is located, but unknown right now.

      On Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 12:43 PM, Kennythepirate's Disney Character

  53. Thank you for your blog and all your information! Our family of six will be traveling to Florida and the Wonderful World of Disney in April. Do you anything about the DC Comic Characters available at Hollywood Studios? We had family members just visit in February and meet some of them. I would have a little boy whose day would be made.

    • There are no DC Comic or even Marvel characters in Disney Parks. Only thing similar is the Incredibles.

      Marvel characters like Spiderman and Hulk are seen at Universal Islands of Adventure.

      DC Comic characters like Superman and Green Lantern are Six Flags characters.

  54. Hi Kenny – friends are headed to WDW in May. DD wants to meet Jake – will he still be there as far as you know? Is there a chance that Sophia/Doc will replace his meet & greet?

  55. Kenny this is really cool! Thanks! Can you tell me more about characterpalooza. I’ve never heard of it. We haven’t been since Thanksgiving 2010. Can we actually get signatures and pictures or is it just a chance to see them. How does it work.

  56. Hi Kenny:
    We will be in DisneyWorld on Feb. 21. Wondering if the Character Palooza in Hollywood Studios will still be on hiatus at that time?

  57. Kenny – How often are the character meet & greet schedules updated? We’re going in late April and I wanted to see if I could start planning around this just yet? I also noticed Characterpalooza is listed as on hiatus – do you know for how long?

  58. We will be at HS on 2/17. We are excited that doc and sofia were added to the Disney Jr stage. We also have breakfast planned that day for 8:05 do you think Doc and Sofia may be added to that character breakfast by 2/17?

  59. We are going to HS the beginning of February and having breakfast at Hollywood and Vine- is June from the Little Einsteins still at the character breakfast or has she been replaced? I didn’t see her on your list. BTW- thank you soooo much for all your amazing lists and updates. It has made planning our trip much easier. My 4 year old has her list of characters to meet and your schedules will make it so much easier. Thank you!

  60. We are going end of March, easter week…. you mentioned doc puppet form at the disney jr show.. will that be happening then? And any chance you heard if sofia might be there by then?

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