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Hollywood Studios Map with Character Locations

KennythePirate’s Hollywood Studios Map with Character Locations

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Updated:  6/6/16

Directions to print this map:

  1. Click the map below for full size image.
  2. Save the image to your computer.
  3. Open image from your Download folder and click print.

Hollywood Studios Character Location Map KennythePirate



  1. I don’t see Mike and Sully in your map or in the MDE app.Are they not greeting any more at HS? Also does Mickey greet at the Sorcerers Workshop? In your map Mickey and Minnie show on Commissary Lane.

  2. Hi KtP! I’ve heard in the last week people have been meeting Bolt in front of the Great Movie Ride. Is this just random? Or a new meet with a schedule? Thank you!!!

  3. I’m booking FP+ tomorrow night for our December trip. We’re going to be spending one day at HS with a late arrival (hopefully by 10-11am) b/c we’re attending the Christmas Party the night before. I’m struggling with the timing of the fastpasses. We’re going with 3 young girls, so we aren’t concerned with ToT or RR. We want FP+ for TSMM, Frozen, and Star Tours. We also want to view the lights and Fantasmic. Do you have a suggestion for what FP+ times I should shoot for? We have a dinner reservation at Sci Fi for 6:40. Thx!

  4. I am following your directions to open the full sized map, but when I click on the map it opens a new internet tab with a header at the top that says “Character Locator – Play More Wait Less”. But the rest of the page is blank. I’ve tried it on two different computers running two different versions of Internet Explorer (one is running IE 8 and one is running IE 11). But neither opened the full sized map. I am able to save the small map, but it is barely readable. Is the map compatible with IE? I’m able to see everything else on your webpage just fine??? Any help would be appreciated.

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