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Kenny the Pirate’s Guide to Animal Kingdom Characters Meet and Greets

Character Notes
  • Characters that can ONLY be met in regular meets at Animal Kingdom include:  Baloo, Flik, King Louie,  Pocahontas, Russell and Timon
Animal Kingdom Character Meals
Tusker House  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Daisy, Donald, Goofy, Mickey

*All Entertainment is subject to change without notice.
*Arrive early for the most popular characters as sets may be cut well ahead of time.

Use my custom designed Animal Kingdom Character Location Map to find your favorite characters.

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Updated October 4, 2017

Baloo and King Louie

Baloo and King Louie meet and greet at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World


DiVine meet and greet at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins Hollywood Studios meet and greet KennythePirate

Donald Duck

Donald Duck meet and greet at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World


Flik meet and greet at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Goofy with Pluto

Goofy and Pluto meet and greet at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Mickey & Minnie

Mickey and Minnie meet and greet at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Pluto with Goofy

Goofy and Pluto meet and greet at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World


Pocahontas meet and greet at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World


Rafiki meet and greet at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Russell (Only)  Dug only appears rarely

Dug and Russell meet and greet at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World


Disney Vacation Club Moonlight Madness 2017 Timon


  1. I think they should get rid of Doc Mcstuffins and put the Zootopia characters (Judy and Nick) in her spot instead. We don’t need two meet and greets for Doc Mcstuffins. I think one is enough. I wish Disney World would be like Disneyland though. There are more characters there but sadly California is too far away from where I live.

  2. We met and took our own pictures with Braer Fox and Thumper just outside AK the other night. Didn’t know if you knew about these characters being here. It was around four p.m..

  3. Hi Kenny, does Pocahontas start at 9:00am or 9:45am? You have one time, My Experience app has another. We going next Monday. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi, Kenny. I notice that Baloo & King Louie are not on the AK calendar after 6/25/16. Have you heard anything about that meet going away?

    • No, but a lot of stuff is missing on Animal Kingdom schedule for next week right now. Probably just oversite, but we’ll see.

  5. Does Rafiki meet outside the gates *before* park opening? Or is he there once the park opens before he has to hightail it to Planet Watch?

  6. I’ve been finding out that Meeko has been meeting a lot recently in Pocahontas’s location. Do you think he might be a new regular meet or does he just make surprise meets with her? He might even replace Pocahontas when she is not available.

    • We went yesterday and got both Meeko and Ratcliffe with Pocahontas. Neither though had photopass photographers with them…..just Pocahontas

  7. Kenny — Just an FYI when my family was there last week we were able to meet Governor Ratcliff with Pocahontas 6/13 and Meeko w/ Pocahontas 6/16 (we were at the back of the line both times and they came out to sign for the tail end of the group). Cast members had ended the line before Governor Ratcliff popped in and once the group was done they left and only Pocahontas returned to sign for the next group that came down. Hopefully this helps someone else get lucky. (Sometimes it pays to be at the back : )

  8. I am looking at the character list and I see that Jiminy Cricket is off the list. Does he still meet regularly or is he gone?

  9. 3/22, Pocahontas schedule says:

    So about how long does she hang out at each slot? For 11 am one is it 11-11:30? 11-11:50? Or do two dif Pocas trade on and off in 30 min increments all day?

  10. Hi Kenny-Love your site. When does Goofy start dressing up as Santa in AK? We are there the first week of December and wondering if he will be Santa Goofy at that time? Thanks for all you do :)

  11. We want to meet Pocahontas for our stay at WDW The first week of October. The app shows Pocahontas won’t be at AK past the date of Sept 27? Does she go away in fall and winter ? It’s actually that way with several characters gone past Sept 27 . Do you know if this is true or just a glitch in the my disney experience app?

  12. Dino Dance Party report for Sunday 6/22/14: Six total characters – Brer Bear, Brer Rabbit, Thumper, Rafiki, Chip, Dale. No Mushu.

  13. I see the times have changed for the Dino Dance Party to the afternoon,do you think they will stay this way thru august

  14. hello! congratulations for your page! I love it and I find it very useful! thanks for all the information.

    Go to September 2014, we know if keychain dug and removed russel or short term? Another question russel dug not sign? Why? and chip and dale either? International disney if signed.

    thank you very much

  15. Do you know where the characters from Camp Minnie/Mickey will move to after it closes? We go Jan 16 and am trying to plan character meets!

  16. if festival of the lion king and camp Minnie Mickey are closing on January 6, 2014, will there still be a place for a meet and greet with Pocahontas? if so, where would it be?

  17. Is thumper located anywhere? What about dumbo? Bo peep? Or the prospector? We drove all the way here from Boston and haven’t seen anybody really that we wanted too.

  18. Looking at both this page of times and the characterlocator.com page you have. Question about times. You say on this pages 20 minutes til close for example. 20 minutes until close of the park? So does this mean if the park stays open to 8 p.m., the character meets until 7:40 p.m. If so, then the two sites don’t match. Just wondering which is correct? Just doing some cross-referencing, so wondering if the times above are still valid or if I should be depending more on the characterlocator.com page.

  19. Just wanted to make sure with all the changes happening at AK – are Baloo/King Louie and Dug/Russell still at the same place/time as noted above?

  20. Where is Bradley Falls? Could you give me a ‘landmark’ so I can find Pocahontas easily? Thank you so much for your awesome guide!

    • Bowler Hat Guy is not Pixar. Meet the Robinson’s is Disney Animation Studios, although it was the first DAS movie that John Lasseter was a part of after being made Creative Director.

  21. We were there in 2011, I do not remember all of these Meet & Greets listed, Do they not list all of them? We are going the last week in Febuary.

  22. Does Meeko still swap out with Pocahontas? When we were there in May we got in line to see her. The people in front of us lucked out and got a photo with both of them together…but Pocahontas had to take her break and so we only got to meet Meeko…which was fine! But would love to see her on our next trip, as we have never met her on any trip yet :(

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