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Master List of Disney World Character Locations

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  1. Hi Kenny I understand that it was a lot of work having two list
    My son has autism and w loves your old list it was easier for him to read
    Could you send me. Old copy even if it is not up to date it would mean the world to him

  2. This is just an idea but, sometimes I wish that they could replace the Buzz Lightyear meet and greet at Magic Kingdom with Sulley and Mike from Monsters Inc. Since Sulley and Mike are no longer meeting at Hollywood Studios and you can still meet Buzz Lightyear at Hollywood Studios with Woody. I think in my opinion this would be an awesome idea.

  3. I know atta does not do meet and greets all the time but when she does where does she meet and who doe she meet with usually?

  4. Quite a few characters I would like autographs from only appear at parties. I’m not going to be in Disney during the parties. Do you think if I asked a cast member nicely, they could get a few autographs? I’ve heard it’s been done before (mostly with characters like Mickey and Minnie, etc.)

  5. I went to Disney for my 24th birthday in September 2016 and I got to meet Marie in the Town Square when the park was opening. She was out there for an hour.

  6. Wow! I was looking at the list of “hard to meet” characters and realized the last time we went to Disney (2010) we were able to meet 5 of those and have pictures taken. I’m so glad we had the chance!!

  7. This is awesome!
    I noticed that jedi mickey, princess minnie, stormtrooper donald and darth goofy are not on the list.
    was that only a one time thing? Please say they are regulars.

  8. Do you have a simple list that can be printed out, which includes the characters and where they are located? I have tried multiple “clicks” on your blogs, etc. and have not been able to find one. I am a single mom taking four kids (one with ASD) to Disney in a February and this would be very helpful.

  9. I was wondering if it is possible to meet the rare characters if you not participate in the RunDisney event in January 2017. Can I acces the park with just my park admission? Even at 6:00 AM? I really want to encourage the runners and meet the characters of course! :)

  10. I’ve wanted to meet Clarice and Roger Rabbitforever. Is there any way to figure out when an unlikely-to-meet character may appear in the park?

    • Those are beyond rare at Walt Disney World. We haven’t seen them in years. Your best bets are Character Palooza and Epcot Training.

  11. Is there a master list of all the characters at Disney World who do autographs? I want to make a book for my daughter.

      • Kenny, will there be another Long Lost Friends Week again? Rabbit is one of the harder characters I don’t have yet, and I would love to add The Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs to my character list. Disney World is 35 years old and I think they should do another Long Lost Friends Week, and other big Disney stuff too.

      • I’m a local and my daughter has already met several of them, I was more or less trying to create a cross off sheet of who she needed to meet yet. You made a great list!! We’re at Disney at least once, sometimes twice a week.

  12. I’m going to Disney this summer, and I plan on meeting Peter Pan. If I showed him a picture, would he recreate that picture with me?

  13. Kenny; you are missing a character in your list. Someone just sent me a pic of a character walking around Magic Kingdom today and nobody can figure out who it is, was hoping maybe you had an idea. How can I send you a picture?

  14. Hello! I see that the star wars characters say that they do not meet anymore. I have unintentionally (but I am happy about it) booked my trip during a Star Wars Marathon Weekend. Will these characters meet during the weekend or are they done meeting for good?

  15. Thank so much for taking the time to share all this information, it is so helpful! I see Tinkerbell’s fairy friends all say highly unlikely to meet, but is there any possibility they will be at the MNSSHP this year? If so, are the same characters always in attendance each night? Thank you!

  16. Looking at the list, I got lucky to see most of the highly unlikely to see. We have seen Chicken Little, Flik, Friar Tuck, Clarice, Prince John, Kenai and Koda, Herbie the Lovebug, JoJo, and Kim Possible. This was all on the same vacation, but has been some years back.

  17. Hey Kenny, I wanted to say that Mulan was at Cinderella’s Royal Table instead of Ariel at lunch on June 18th. The other characters were Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella (downstairs), and Jasmine.

  18. Thank you so much for this list but I would like to say that you can see Remy and Emile. Remy can be found in France and at the Restaraunt Tour de France but you have to make a reservation. The time I saw Remy Emile was with him. If your life goal is to see them then go on the Disney Fantasy. I saw both of them twice there. All I would like to say is Remy and Emile can be found.

    • Remy and Emile do NOT meet in Walt Disney World in any form and there’s no Tour de France restaurant either. I met Remy at Disneyland Paris though.

  19. Thanks, Kenny! Do you know if John Smith, Prince Eric, Hercules, and Phoebus have been out for training meets or something lately? Been seeing a lot of photos of them with guests on my TL and hoping to get lucky and run into one of them this Christmas. PS thanks so much for creating this site!

  20. Hi Kenny! I will be at WDW for the marathon in January and was wondering if guests who aren’t running the marathon can meet characters such as John Smith and Prince Eric who only show up for race events? Will be supporting a runner but not running myself and would LOVE to meet these characters. Thanks!

  21. Hi Kenny! Im going to Disneyworld this July, is there any possibilities that I can meet Robin Hood? I know its a really rare character, but wanted to know. Thank you!

  22. Do you by any chance know how long they’ll stay there for? I ended up postponing to June, and I’ll be devastated if they aren’t there then.

  23. I have a subscription. Yesterday I was able to access characterlocator.com. Sometime last night it quit working. The character list flashes and then goes back to the black box screen. Still, today, it doesn’t work and I can’t access it on either the computer or on my phone. Is this something on your end or mine? My trip begins this weekend and I would like to use it. Thank you.

  24. Kenny, Peter Pan was removed from the listed meet and greets at disney world. Does this mean one cannot interact with him or get his autograph other than the pirates and pals fireworks or does that just mean his schedual is very variable so they don’t put it on the website? He is like the only character that was like a must meet even higher then Mickey Mouse.

  25. I read somewhere that the princes will appear with their princess on valentine’s day, do you know if that is so and if it will be on Valentine’s 2016. My daughter really wants to see them and we keep missing them-went to the MNSSHP thought they would be there and were not. thanks

  26. Kenny,
    I am trying to make autograph cards for the DISboard for every character that will sign/stamp/leave a mark of some sort in an autograph book, even if they only sign once a year. Do the Star Wars characters mentioned above sign?
    Thank you again for all your hard work and time,

  27. Hi Kenny! So I am likely to go to Disney World this year (was supposed to go to last year but postponed at the last minute) and I’d like to know if the Storybook Circus Giggle Gang still appears in Fantasyland.

    Also, when is the best time in the day to go for Enchanted Tales with Belle, Ariel’s Grotto and The Hall of Presidents?


    • They are gone. Used to be a part of the Entertainment schedules here on my site. Enchanted Tales and Ariel – early late or use FP, Hall of Presidents – afternoon for air conditioning

  28. Did Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope get pushed out by Hiro and Baymax? Is there anywhere you can expect, or get a shot at meeting the two of them still?

  29. I hear Flynn Rider makes random appearances at Epcot. I haven’t caught him yet but I heard from last couple months he appeared there. I’m just not sure when or where or what time, but I heard been there few times. I just wish I be there at right time to catch him. Last time I saw him was at 24hr event early this year. I hope I get to see him again.

    Anyways there are few random characters I spot here and there, but you got to be there at right time and place. However I do keep my eyes open at all times. I know I finally saw Ratclifee in which I never met before and also I saw Max (goofy son) recently. I also seen some other characters during dance party at Animal Kingdom a couple times that I haven’t seen or did see but haven’t for while.

  30. Hello – you posted that Terance appears until Nov 4th & is replaced by Periwinkle on Nov 5th. Is this current for this Nov – 2014?

  31. Hi! Great site! Any updates for 2014 about The Little Einsteins? Or even the new show, Sheriff Callie’s Wild West? Thank you!

  32. Hi Kenny!
    Quick question
    My daughter, Meg, is really a huge fan of the movie Hercules. Were going to Disney for the first time in two weeks and she was really hoping to meet Megara and Herc. (More so Megara)
    Do you know where we may find these characters?

  33. Hi Kenny. I love the dwarfs. Now that 7DMT has been announced, have you heard of any rumors of them making regular meets? Or will they only be available at the parties still?

  34. had a great experience at the Pirate tutorial which by the way is the best outdoor show at any park, Jack gave my 5 year old an autograph, he is fantastic, we also were able to get Clairabelle’s autograph also

  35. Are you sure these characters don’t appear at all if so then please tell me where!
    Governer Ratcliffe
    Launchpad McQuack
    Darkwing Duck
    Ludwig Von Drake
    Three Pigs and Big Bad Wolf
    Kenai and Koda
    Li Shang
    John Smith
    Shan Yu
    Little Einstiens
    Robin Hood Gang
    Chicken Little,Abby Mallard

    • Tweedles – random mad tea party
      Rabbit – random next to pooh ride
      Lumiere – can see him in MISICI
      Sebastian – can see him in MISICI
      Einsteins – some at Dance Party (maybe)
      Nope, Nope

  36. I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!! we are going for the first time in June and I wanted to make my own autograph book. you page was most helpful.

  37. Hello. I just found this sit. I am a BIG fan of the Mad Hatter and I seen that you have put a list of where all he can be found. Mickey’s Halloween Party is on that list, can you tell me if it is the same Hatter/Man from the “move it shake it celebrate it street party”? And if so how do you meet him? You see I have been going to WDW since my birthday, I have seen that party so many times that i can tell you how it all go moves and all. When I was watching the Disney characters make there way to where it comes to a stop. I looked up and seen the Hatter pulling at his jumper, he then blow me a kiss. Cool huh? As the day came to an end the show made its way to where we were sitting at. On my left my day and on my right my mom, both telling me to look up to see the Hatter with his tough out and pointing at me. As the weeks passed I kept seeing him and him me. Mr. Hatter will stand and posses for me talk to me and even tell me how beautiful I am. On that day I got to meet him but sadly my photos all came out as negatives, it was less than five secants to show time. But the real reason I would love to see him again is that on my last trip the pared was consoled due to bad weather. But a stand in one came down and that one as so darling to see. When the trolley whit the Hatter made its way to where I was standing the Hatter was looking at Pluto the dog. When in a split secants he saw me and pulled himself up to the side of the bus and gave me a sincerely I know you smile. Well later that same day “the move it shake it celebrate it street party” went on as planned. When out of the blue the Hatter came to far right side of the float, stood there until I looked up when he pointed right at me and told me that he LOVES me. Yep you seen and read that line right. When I told this to a CM she told me “that I had my one in a life time magical moment and that was It.” and that I cannot on whim just ask to meet him. So you see if I can meet him out and about then that will help me a bunch. Do you know if the Hatter at the Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party is the same man? I might have another way to meet him, but to meet him out and about would be nieces too. Especially at the Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party as this will be my first time going. Thank you.

  38. Thanks!
    I checked the tips on Jake’s app page, but it only gives the times, no actual tips, am I missing something?
    And since I am new to the app, how does it notify about schedule changes, does it simply update times on the character’s page?
    Oh, and I’m sorry, I guess it’s a typo, but I can’t figure out what you mean by “otherwise I would lusty the actual sets like Epcot characters.”

  39. Hi Kenny-
    I just downloaded your app last night. Our trip is planned for April 2014. My kids met Jake at Disney Jr Play & Dine in the Spring of 2012. Before reading above about the Animation Courtyard, I had no idea Jake could be met outside of the character meal and the Dance Party! How long has he been there?
    Well, more importantly, is he always there, like every day? And what are the hours he is actually out? I see the range of “09:30 AM – 04:30 PM”, but is he out the whole time, for the whole day? Or on & off?
    I would love some tips on meeting up with Jake! Thanks!!

    • I’d have to check the date, but he’s been out quite a while. Everyday, whole time block except quick breaks, otherwise I would lusty the actual sets like Epcot characters. Watch the app if there are schedule changes. Click tips on Jake’s app page. You can also check out the interaction tips on blog

  40. Does Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh still appear randomly at the UK at Epcot,and do the Tweedles still appear at Character Palooza?

  41. Hi! This may sound like a silly question, but do you know what style dress Cinderella is wearing at her castle?

    Thank you

  42. I would have really liked a key as to what all the acronyms are. I’ve never been to Disney and we’re going in August, so I’m a little confused as to what characters we’ll be able to find and ones we won’t because the acronyms.

  43. Hi Kenny – great site and great app!
    I haven’t been to WDW since 2011 (and 2008 before that) and we saw Timon, Pumba and Flik at AK. Your list says they are now unlikely to be seen. Is there any small chance they may be seen in the summer (2014), do you know?
    Thanks! :0)

    • You saw Pumbaa? Given current rotations, it is HIGHLY unlikely to meet Flik. You can see Timon in the Festival of the Lion King show this summer and he sometimes appears for parades but hasn’t offered meet and greets for some time now.

  44. Is it true Disney is phasing out the Little Einsteins? My son Loves them and all he wants to do at WDW is meet Leo! But we won’t be there until May of 2014

  45. This is amazing!! thanks so much for all this info, much better than Disney Worlds info!!! As a 1st timer going in January 2014 will all these characters still be there? or is it only in peak times. Thankyou :)

  46. Hey, cool site! Just wondering if you had a list of (or if you knew of any) characters that you can only meet in one park? It would help narrow down who we’d like to meet and where

  47. Oops, totally missed Vidia. Terrence in fall, guess with dates of sept 15-22, I should have them include both vidia and terrence in their autograph books. Thanks

  48. Hey Kenny! Happy to see Wendy back on the list!!!!!!! Only see Tinkerbell on the list. Any clue as to what other fairies have been appearing? Thanks. Tina

  49. Thanks for all the hard work you put into your site. This list and everything on your site are extremely helpful in planning our disney trip next June. Just wanted to say thanks and I’ll keep checking back for updates

  50. Hi there! This is THE best character list I have ever seen!!! I thought I would mention that I was at WDW two weeks ago and on July 4th, we took a pic with Pinnichio at Hollywood Studios while waiting in line to go into The Great Movie Ride! That was so cool! He was out for maybe 10 minutes??? I wonder what that was all about???

  51. This is a great list!!! I was just wondering if any of the princesses would have their men with them? If so which ones and where??

  52. Just wanted to let you know that Perry the Platypus apparently appeared at Hollywood Studios this summer (first day of summer). While I didn’t see him, here’s a connection to the photo. A cast member tipped me off.

  53. How often are changes to this made? We will be there August 17th – August 24th. Would I be safe to print this out and start making plans now or would you recommended that I come back closer to our trip? And if I should wait, when would be a good time to check back in? Thanks!

  54. Great list!! Do you know how long WIRalph and Banellope will be at HS? We go at the end of June and hoping they will still be there!

  55. How accurate are your lists? I don’t know how often you update them and whether you use your own personal trips for updating, or if you take information from others who have been inside the parks recently, etc. I’m wondering this both for the Master List and also the schedule of character apperances. Is the schedule based on a specific seasons? Or is it consistent throughout the year? How often do they change them. I’m wondering these things because I’m wondering if I could take this information now an apply it for a trip later, or if I should come back closer to my trip date…

  56. Kennythepirate,
    My son loves Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We will be there this year from 12/1 through 12/10 is there any where we can actually meet Pete in character?
    Thanks for the great list!

  57. hey i just came across your site! we have a trip planned late may for our 4 yr old grandaughter who is quite obsessed with the princesses! ive jotted down the meeting places- thank you sooo sooo much!

  58. Hi Kenny! Heading back to the world in April, currently working on another set of autograph cards. Can you offer any information of whose is appearing at Characterpalooza?

  59. any idea if/where there is a place to meet the mice from Cinderella? We are going the Disney World in 2 weeks and that is who my 2 year old daughter wants to see most!

  60. Any word on the rehab at Disney Junior? I think they were supposed to reopen today. Wondering if Sofia and Doc are doing meet and greets by there now.

  61. Thanks for this fantastic list! Great job.

    Last year during my birthday trip first week of March, Darth Vader was out with Storm troopers at the HS Star Tours ride, posing for pics and autographs. I got a great pic, and had a fun character interaction. The Storm troopers also signed autographs.

    Pinocchio was out in MK near the Barbershop in Town Square.
    Jiminy Cricket was at Rafiki’s Planet Watch

    I love meeting characters, especially ones you aren’t expecting!

  62. This list is awesome! I’m just curious as to which characters are inanimate. Our band is going in early March and we want to meet all the living ones! :)

  63. Hi Kenny – we are heading to DW in a week. It will be our first trip with our 4 year old and she is beyond excited. Do you know if they will have Doc McStuffins or Sofia the First out and about? I know that they are set to appear in Disney Jr. Live – but that opens up the week after we are there. Wasn’t sure if they would have the characters out prior to that. Thanks!

  64. Is Beast still meeting at Be Our Guest at dinner after you eat? Any more news on when/if in the Spring Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins will be at Hollywood and Vine?

  65. In the last 24 hours, 2 different people (who I don’t personally know) posted pictures to Instagram with Chip from Beauty and the Beast from WDW. Both were standing in front of a low stone wall with pink and red flowers behind them. Any ideas on if this was a one time thing or will this be a regular meet and greet?

  66. Hi, we will be in Disney the first week of March. We have reservations at Be Our Guest and I have heard the Beast will possibly be there for a photo opportunity. Is that true? Also, have you heard any rumors about the possibility of Doc Mcstuffins or princess Sofia at Hollywood and vine? Thanks:)

  67. We are going to Disney during Christmas week. I was wondering if you could give me some directions for meeting Pocahontas – my youngest favorite princess (weird huh?). We went during this time last year and she was not at Camp Minnie/Mickey and we could not find her at Rafiki’s planet watch. Any ideas?


  68. Hi Kenny, does Maxi appear anywhere please (goofy’s son). We are at WDW from 13th December to 27th December and have MVMCP tickets.

  69. Oh also, Periwinkle is going to be permanently meeting with guests from now on with Tinker Bell at magic kingdom- all other fairies have been removed, and meeko will meet in the afternoon with Pocahontas in animal kingdom. Just giving a little cast member knowledge (:

  70. As someone who works at Animal Kingdom, I just want to let you know that Chip & Dale have moved back to their permanent spot in Camp Minnie Mickey by the funnel cake stand. They were only moved to Rafiki’s Planet Watch for around a week. They can be found in camp until about 1:30, but their set doesn’t officially end until 1:40- thanks so much for your list otherwise it is very accurate. Thanks! – Kirstyn

  71. Hi Kenny!
    Doing a last minute as in 13 days to get everything together tirip and was wondering if you could advise what characters have been sighted recently during characterpalooza?
    Also when is wreck it ralph and vanellope suppose to start thier meet and greet?
    Thanks so much!

  72. Going next year…. Fingers crossed doc mcstuffins is there. She is my 4 year olds idol! She tells me she is going to be a doctor in Africa and china now that travels to help sick little kids. I feel doc can be very inspirational for their futures.

  73. Also if not, is there anywhere in Disney World that you can get Brer Rabbits autograph/pic in a meet n greet? Thanks. Headed there October 13th and am trying to get all my “Mickey’s” lined up..lol

    • I just found this site on the last day at Disney world. I love it and can not wait to use it when we go back hopefully next year. This was our first trip and my girls got autographs and picture with 43 different characters. Just wanted to share that this past weds. In Tinkerbell’s Nook we got to meet Periwinkle her sister from the new movie.

      • Yes, the Brers come out to dance. I’ve gotten a photo with Brer Bear, but Rabbit keeps running away.

        The Master list reflects ONLY the characters regular scheduled meets though. I don’t track the randoms or dance characters for schedules. I should add Hoedown in general to the Magic Kingdom list though. Currently only have it on showtimes.

  74. No autographs from Brer Rabbit at Hoedown… Politely ask for a photo with Brer Rabbit… If he wants to then you’re in luck… The characters are there to just mingle with the guests, photos are optional & up to the characters choice & discretion… Hope that helps!!! Most of all, being nice & polite goes a long way in getting a photo…

      • Thank to both…yo did reply Kenny….I also posted question in “Why Characters” section. I do have another question…In reading on another disney sight, they stated brer bear and brer rabbit can be seen in Animal Kingdom, at Camp Minnie Mickey. This is the first I had seen of that. Is that true? Once again love the sight, visit daily!!!!!!

  75. ok i wont be there for the christmas party but will be there from dec25-31 how much different as the meetings and are there ones that arent normal on the schedual but will be there because of being christmas time?

  76. Is there ever Charachterpalooza during the “holiday” season? We will be at WDW after Thanksgiving and Fantasmicis always scheduled at 6:30pm! Thanks

  77. Hi, making my third wdw trip this october all the way from bonnie scotland with my two young kids, (4 & 8), we have booked mnsshp for the 10/11 and was wondering what characters can we expect to bum into? and where? …. many thanks in advance Corvette =)

  78. I think my two year old has stumped me. Is there anywhere to meet Flora, Fauna and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty?! Doesn’t look like it but just wanted to double check. Thanks!

  79. Chrystal – last time I saw Peter, he was very close to his ride. (It is relatively close to Philharmagic. My favorite thing about the picture was the hidden Tinkerbell painted in the window! I didn’t notice her there when I was talking to Peter, but I love how it looks like she is flying actual size over Peter’s shoulder in the picture. What attention to every tiny, magical detail!

    • Peter was moved from Philharmagic when they began using the window for Sorcerers game. He is located near the Adventureland bridge now.

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  80. First of all, your site is fantastic. But I have a question.
    I am desperate to meet Peter Pan. The master list says he is by Philharmagic. But the MK list says he is by the Advantureland bridge. Where will he be?
    Thanks so much, these lists are a huge help in planning my trip. :)

  81. Hey I only like characters that are masked and was wondering if new fantasy land will have dopey or something if u don’t know please tell me @ least who u think will be there. Thanks!

  82. I have seen recent video of Gaston coming out and meeting with Belle in Epcot. I am assuming this is character training for the Fantasyland expansion with Gaston’s Tavern. Have you heard anything about his appearances?

    • Gaston sometimes does training meets, but other than Mnsshp, he doesn’t offer regular meet and greets and won’t in the new fantasyland. Belle will go back to offering storytime in her cottage, but Gaston will not be a character.

  83. First of all, THANK YOU for all of this information! You are truly a lifesaver for many of us. :) Here is a question for you. I have a son who loves Wall-E. I haven’t seen anything mentioned about Wall-E and anything involving Disney World. Just making sure we aren’t missing anything. Thanks for your help!!

  84. I am in the process of making an autograph book. I know we can still see all the Princesses but my questions surrounds the PRINCES to include. I know there is no Flynn Rider, and I know for sure there is Naveen, but what about any other princes?

    • Carrie,
      You can meet Naveen in afternoons with Tiana in Magic Kingdom. Beast is in France, sometimes with and sometimes without Belle, depends on schedule. .Aladdin meets with Jasmine in MK and EP. Prince Eric is with Ariel in MK.

  85. Thanks for the update Kenny! Keeping fingers crossed to see TImon at character palooza. Always loved his reaction to his very own autograph card. Hope Disney changes ways and starts adding more meet and greets instead of less.

  86. I guess this guy is only a true “character” in my 5 year old son’s eyes, but do you have information about the remote control talking trashcan (named “Push” I think) that is sometimes found in MK & Epcot? We never had an encounter with it last year and it was the only thing left on my son’s must-see list!

  87. This is a great list. I nice addition would be a note to whether there is a photopass photagrapher at each of these locations. I love getting as many full family photos with the characters but not all characters have photopass photagrathers with them.

  88. Thought it might be easier to list those characters that I have in question

    Lilo – is she know longer meeting in AK?
    Merida – to begin appearing in MK ??

    Who we have met on past trips not on your listing
    Agent P
    Annie, Leo, Quincy
    Br’er Bear
    Br’er Fox
    Br’er Rabbit
    Darth Vadar
    Green Army Man
    Flynn Rider
    Jiminy Cricket
    Penguins from Mary Poppins
    Storm Trooper
    Tweedle Dee and Dum

    • TIna,
      Lilo was retired from AK.
      Merida is set to begin meets in MK middle to late May.
      Jake took LIttle Einsteins place in Hollywood Studios.
      Many of those are only available randomly at Character Palooza at Studios.

      Agent P – has never offered regular meets only a couple of special events.
      Annie, Leo, Quincy – retired from schedule, might find at Character Palooza
      Bert – retired from schedule, might find at Character Palooza
      Br’er Bear – might find the Br’ers at Camp Minnie Mickey in the morning.
      Br’er Fox
      Br’er Rabbit
      Darth Vadar – only Star Wars Weekends
      Fawn – MIGHT rotate in Tink’s Nook
      Geppetto – – retired from schedule, might find at Character Palooza
      Green Army Man – random appearances throughout the day in Toy Story area
      Flik – retired
      Flynn Rider – Parties only
      Genie – – retired from schedule, might find at Character Palooza
      Jiminy Cricket – retired
      Lotso – retired
      Mushu – retired
      Penguins from Mary Poppins – – retired from schedule, often find at Character Palooza
      Pinocchio – retired from schedule, might find at Character Palooza
      Storm Trooper – see Vader
      Terk – retired
      Tweedle Dee and Dum – retired
      Wendy – retired

      Lately the Fairies at Tink’s Nook are: Tink & Terrance or Vidia.

      I only list the characters that have actual schedules on my site to help people plan. The others may show up as a surprise!
      Enjoy your trip!

      • Kenny, have heard that Mushu has appeared at China in Epcot on the day of Chinese’s new years over the past few years.

      • He has been reported out for that day most years. It’s in Februray this year. They should do a Chinese New Year week with the new celebration and bring out all the Mulan characters.

  89. Kenny- your blog rocks! Thank you so much for the character list. It is a life saver. I’m making my son and two nieces their own Disney autograph books. This has helped so much. Thank you for making these lists!!

  90. Isn’t Agent Oso and June at Hollywood & Vine only at B&L? I’m booking now and it is showing the Fantasmic! event at dinner. Is there really Characters at dinner. If I get Characters and Fantasmic I’d be so excited.

  91. What are the 7 characters that only be met with additional expense? We are going in 2 weeks and my 5 yr old is hoping to hit as many as she can

    • Great question Heather!
      Agent Oso Hollywood Studios Hollywood & Vine – All meals*
      Capt. Hook Contemporary Resort Pirates & Pals Fireworks*
      June Hollywood Studios Hollywood & Vine – All meals*
      Lilo Polynesian O’hana – Breakfast*
      Mad Hatter Grand Floridian 1900 Park Fare – Breakfast* or Wonderland Tea Party
      Mr. Smee Contemporary Resort Pirates & Pals Fireworks*
      Prince Charming Grand Floridian 1900 Park Fare – Dinner*

      You might find Capt Hook & Smee at Character Palooza in HS, but that’s not guaranteed.
      Yellow Rabbit sometimes appears at Crystal Palace too.

      • Nevermind, I should have looked closer. Disregard my question earlier about Agent Oso, I see the answer.

  92. Kenny- I love your list and all the info is fantastic! Is there any chance you could do a list of characters that are in the different parades.
    I think DD would be ok with just seeing some of the characters, but I can’t seem to find good info anywhere on who is in the parades. Is it too unpredictable to do?

  93. WOO HOO! That does it for me. The three year old will be happy with this one and only Character meal than and I don’t need the dinning plan. I swear the last time I looked it didn’t say Jake but, as you stated it does now.

    Character Dining at Breakfast and Lunch
    Join pals June and Leo from the animated Disney series Little Einsteins as well as Jake the Neverland pirate, Handy Manny and Special Agent Oso at Hollywood & Vine

    Your the best! Thank You

  94. Looks like I will have to book H&V than. They still have June and Leo, right? Wish they would add Jack the pirate. Than that woul be all we would have to do.

  95. So none of the Little Einsteins are around anymore besides June and then just at Hollywood and Vine? I think when they make their decisions they should consider which shows are currently on heavy rotation on tv.

    Thanks for all of the info!

  96. I have heard that the characters at Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom appear in different costumes now. Is this true? (for instance, fab 5)

    • Marriann…Captain Jack is only avaialble at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP link at the top). Perhaps I should add him and other party characters like the Seven Dwarves, Abu, Blue Genie, Country Bears, Wendy and the Various Princes to the list with MVMCP designation?

      • Oh, shoot. :( I was really hoping to see him when we were there. But it’s in May, so I guess not this time. :( Thanks for the wonderful list though!

      • If you are planning a Disney Cruise in the future, he still meets regularly there. Jack is available to see at the Pirate Tutorial, just doesn’t pose for photos or sign autographs.

      • I have seen Captain Jack outside the Pirates of the Carib ride the last two times. May 2011 was the last time I was there tough.

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