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Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Guide

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Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Tips

1.  You can enter early!

The party festivities officially begin at 7pm sharp, but guests with a ticket to the party may enter using that ticket as early as 4:00pm.  If you are using a regular Magic Way Ticket, you do NOT need to exit the park.  There are locations that will allow you to scan your party ticket and receive your wristband while still in the park after 4pm.  Some guests choose to relax at their resort and save a day on their park tickets.  If you enter at 4:00, you might want to take in some headliner rides before the party starts.


KennythePirate's Character Locator2.  Am I forced to leave the Magic Kingdom if I don’t have ticket?  

Well, no one is going to grab your arm and pull you out, but once the party begins at 7pm, the Cast Members begin doing a sweep looking for those who don’t have wristbands.  If you forgot to get your wristband, just go to the nearest station.  If you wish to stay and attend the party, you can purchase a ticket at the front of the park, if it isn’t sold out.

walt and mickey partners statue magic kingdom disney world 3. I have dining reservations for 6:45 at a Magic Kingdom restaurant, can I eat, watch the parade and stay around?  

NOPE.  Once your meal is completed at a Table Service restaurant, you’ll be kindly escorted all the way to the front gate by and super nice Cast Member who will kindly remind you that you can purchase a ticket and stay around if you wish!

a totally tomorrowland christmas magic kingdom disney world

KennythePirate's Character Locator

4.  Make sure the little ones get an afternoon nap.  

You feel like you can get them to soldier-on from 6:00am wake up to midnight, but you’re wrong.  Your kids will become grumpy, demanding and even combative because they are tired!  As a matter of fact, you probably will too!  Don’t try to squeeze out every dollar of your vacation, get some rest!.

mickey christmas parade magic kingdom disney world

  1.  Don’t waste your precious party time.

You only get 5 hours of actual party time (8 hours total), so don’t waste that $15.00 per hour per person eating Table Service, riding things you can do anytime or waiting in line for cookies and hot cocoa.  Get in line for characters early!

santa mickey christmas parade magic kingdom disney world

KennythePirate's Character Locator

6.  Be prepared for cold weather!  

It’s Florida, so you may feel safe with the weather forecast.  My daughter and I attended the final party near Christmas last year and we were FREEZING.  We had to purchase additional outer wear because it was so cold.  The forecast low was 50 degrees, but it felt like the frozen tundra.  Pack a coat in December, you might need it.

daisy duck christmas parade magic kingdom disney world

7.  Bring a poncho

It has rained on at least half the parties I’ve attended.  It’s often an hour or less, so they continue with the party.  On rare occasions that both parades are cancelled, guest services may offer a refund or free park ticket.  Be prepared for the fall monsoons, it is hurricane season in Florida during the early parties.

Duffy at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2012
Duffy at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2012

8.  Watch the parade and fireworks.

These are two of the best entertainment options at Walt Disney World.  I recommend seeing the SECOND parade because the crowds are lighter and view the fireworks between Casey’s Corner and the Tip Board on Main Street for the best view.  The best spots always go early for these events.

belle red dress christmas parade magic kingdom disney world

KennythePirate's Character Locator

9.  Check out the Castle and Tomorrowland Shows

Both shows are well produced.  The Castle show presents a more traditional Christmas type show, while the Tomorrowland version is far more comedic.

mike wazowski mickey christmas party magic kingdom disney world

10.  Dance the night away with Disney characters.

There are two great dance parties that allow you to dance with some of your favorite characters.  They don’t sign autographs, but they are a lot of fun and may even pose for a photo.

11.  Pick up your FREE collectible Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card!

Stop by the Main Street Fire Station as you enter the park wearing your party wristband and get your FREE Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card.  Here’s what it looks like for 2016.

2018 Very Merry Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Card

12.  Can I use Fastpass+ during the party?

You can reserve Fastpass+ from 4:00pm to 6:00pm using your party exclusive ticket, but there is NO Fastpass during the party and it really isn’t needed as the rides have little or no line.  Only Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Peter Pan’s Flight will have much of a line.

13.  What kind of treats may I expect at the party?

There are a number of treat stations during the Christmas party that distribute complimentary hot cocoa, cookies, apple slices and apple juice to guest with party wristbands.


  1. Kenny, what day can We enjoy all the MVMCP events like the parade, shows without the Christmas party ticket? The 24th & 25th? Trying to avoid buying the ticket but still be able to see the Christmas parade.

      • so you mean, if we go on a non christmas party day we can still see the parade and the castle and tommorrowland shows? So the difference is we can’t wait in line to have our kids meet characters or dance with them, but otherwise no difference? Isn’t there some show on the christmas party days that doesn’t exist on the other days?

        So if we only have one day at the magic kingdom, and we have tiny kids that won’t be able to do a full day and party, it might actually be better to go on a non christmas party day and enjoy all the rides and also see the parade at the end of the day?

      • If you visit during Christmas break, there is no party, so shows and parade are daily. Special characters are party exclusive.

  2. Hi, Kenny. I’m a subscriber to your character locator. I purchased tickets to the Nov 12th Christmas party. I’m not staying on site and I’m using my magic bands from my previous trip. Am I allowed book fast passes? I tried to book fastpasses and the system was asking to purchase tickets.

    When I purchased the party tickets online I added them to my disney experience and they show up there but system does not allow me to book fastpasses. Only going to Disney for party one day.

  3. I have Christmas party tickets for November 15,2018. I booked fast passes for this day. First fast pass is at 3:30-4:30pm at MK. I’m only going to party, no park that day. I am getting so many conflicting answers about fast passes for party. Some say can schedule at all, it will then drop your fast passes on last park day. Others say cannot book at 3:30, will then drop them. Not sure what is correct? Please help!

      • Is there a trick or something to booking FPs with the party ticket? Disney emailed me saying I had more FPs than tickets purchased, so they were going to cancel my last day FPs if I didn’t fix it. It was because I did not have a day ticket, just the party ticket. I had 2 FPs between 4-6 that I had to cancel.

  4. Why would you be able to start making a 3:30 fast pass if you can only enter the park at 6? Is it easy to buy the ticket at the Disney hotel lobby ?

  5. Did you end up going the Sunday after Thanksgiving? Looking at that party for this year, so curious what 2017 was like.

  6. Super frowned upon. Possibly not even allowed. Plus, the lines go inside and are so long and twisty, they’d have to push past tons of people to meet up with you again which I’m sure would draw quite a few scathing stares.

  7. I’m certain I’ve seen you post that Sundays are generally good nights for attending parties. Do you think this would also include the Sunday following Thanksgiving? Or do you think there will still be a huge number of ppl attending due to the close proximity of the holiday? Thanks in advance! Like so many others here, our trips revolve so much around your calendars!

  8. Is the MK crowd light or heavy on the day of a party? Wondering if it might be a lighter day?
    Also, given that HS is basically a half day park right now, is all the overflow going to Epcot and AK?

  9. For the Princess and Prince meet is there a single line for them all or do you have to wait in line for two and move to a new line?

  10. I would just let the people behind you know that you are holding a spot in line for the kids. That way they will expect them and not think they are skipping.

  11. If I wait until check-in on December 9th, are my chances good that I will still be able to buy tickets for MVMCP for the 10th, or do the early dates typically sell out as well? Asking because we will be receiving Disney gift cards at check-in as we are staying at CBR and booked that promotion, as well as free dining, so we won’t need the gift cards for dining either.

    • Were you able to buy them the same day? I have a similar situation where I would only be able to buy it the same day otherwise I would not be able to do any park

  12. Are the Christmas party fireworks always at the same time and if so, what time? I am not attending the party but I am considering watching the fireworks from one of the resorts. I am traveling Nov 26- Dec 1, if the times vary for the fireworks.
    I also want to say a big Thank You for the crowd calendar. I plan my trip around it. I think you do a great job with them.

  13. Are the dates and time listed above for 2016 the same as the dates for 2017 when it comes to the Christmas Party?

  14. We are going to be in Orlando for 6 days. We plan to purchase 5 day park hoppers, because we intend to spend a day at Universal. My plan is to go to Universal on the same day as the MVMCP. Will there be a problem scanning my MagicBand for MVMCP prior to 7pm? I want to make sure it won’t count off one of my park days.

  15. As I live in Green Bay, I know what the Frozen Tundra feels like…If it is 50 degrees I definitely would not need a winter coat. The weather is just subjective on where you are from.

    • I’ve met many guests from the north who grab hoodies and jackets in Florida when the weather drops to 50 or below. Enjoy your trip.

  16. Kenny, thank you so much for all of your awesome wisdom!! We will be at Hollywood studios on Thursday Dec 1 and wondering if you think it’s worth it to try to go to the Christmas party after fantasmic…thoughts?

  17. I purchased a one nights stay and party tickets in the same transaction. No other park tickets. Will we get magic bands or just our party tickets?

  18. Snow on Main Street…..are there certain times this happens? We were at MK Dec 2014 and some of the floats sprayed out some white stuff and bubbles but didn’t really look like snow. Is this it or is it something different?

  19. Hi Kenny! If we are driving down for the party only and only staying one night, can we still book FP with our party ticket in advance?

    Thank you!

  20. Kenny, we have the opportunity of going December 18th or 22nd, and we are mainly interested in riding rides. I have one in our party in a wheelchair and just need to be able to navigate to rides. Which day do you recommend for rides, and how long will wait times average? Hoping this is a good strategy for rides as we only have one day to visit magic kingdom:)

    • Rides rarely have lines. 7 Dwarfs Mine Train and Peter Pan will have lines until final hour, all others will likely be walk on.

  21. Kenny, for he MCMCP, do all the characters show ALL night? Like if we decide to wait till like 11 to go see 7 dwarfs and princes with princesses, are the lines calmed down? Thanks for your input

  22. We have the option of either the Sunday 11/27 party or Tuesday 11/29 party. I had originally planned Sunday but wanted to know your thoughts on if the Thanksgiving left overs crowd will effect the party. We have a little one and will only be able to make it to the fireworks. I would rather have a lower crowd night. THANKS!!

  23. Will the mickey meet and greet on Main Street change over to Santa Mickey right at 7? Or possibly sometime before? I’m trying to plan to see all the castle stage shows from the same spot we will stay at for the first parade and fireworks, but then I’m struggling to find a way to get from the mickey meet and greet at 7 all the way to the castle hub with a stage view before the 7:30 lighting of the castle. Or if we wait until after the fireworks to go see Santa Mickey, we will have to fight the crowds up Main Street to get to Mickey after 10pm, and then not be able to get past the crowds during the second parade to the rides in the back of the park. Do you have any suggestions?

  24. Hi Kenny,

    I just discovered about the Holiday Hootenanny Dance Party at the MVMCP. I know it’s still up in the air, but I noticed on your character map last year it just listed the country bears. Do you think there may be a chance they bring back Clarabelle Cow for it this year like they did in 2014? Please let me know your thoughts as I’d love to see her in person and I don’t think I’ll be able to make the country hoedown for this upcoming trip. Thanks!

    • They didn’t do that dance party last year. The Country Bears did a meet instead. Won’t know until November what will happen this year.

  25. Is it true that if you had a Christmas party ticket, Disney used to allow you to book fast passes ahead for the 4 – 7pm time frame, but not any more? We stay far away and this is a long awaited once-in-10 years visit to Disney World, so we are trying to make the most of our time…. I have regular MK park tickets on the same day as the Christmas party tickets. As I am staying on site, I have my 3 FP+ 60 days in advance, for the regular park tickets. But, although I have already linked the Christmas party tickets on the My Disney Experience app, the system will not allow me to select 3 more fast passes for 4 – 7pm on the same day using the party tickets. I was hoping to get 6 FP+ altogether for that day – 3 from the regular park tickets and 3 more from the Christmas Party tickets…. Is it no longer allowed? Or am I trying to do it the wrong way?

    • Hey! No it’s not true. You can still book fast passes from 4-7. I did this with no problem. Just make sure if SDMT is one of them to do that one first! Everyone and their brother is booking for this time period, so it’s stiff competition. I looked at KTP’s Christmas party plans to decide which fast passes I should book. Got 2 of the 3 I wanted. Hoping the line for the other won’t be too long, But if it is, we’ll just go right before close and make it the last ride of the night if we decide we can’t wait until the next trip to ride it.

      • Question I bought my Christmas ticket online and it allowed me to link the ticket to the Disney Experience and I booked my fast passes from 4-7 but my tickets are going to be paper ticket I print and scan. What will I use to show that Inhave fast pass reservations? Please help!

  26. I booked fast passes for the day I’m attending the mvmcp party, they’re all from 4-7pm. Will they have to use one of my regular park tickets once I scan my magic band at the attraction I booked a fp for??

  27. I just found out we are going to WDW the week before Christmas! We are going to go to just the party on 12/22 and plan to enter at 4pm. I was able to get a reservation at either 1900 Park Fare at 1:20pm or Chef Mickey’s at 2:05pm. Which works best for getting to the party by 4pm? Will any of the characters at the restaurants be dressed for Christmas?

    • You should be okay with either meal. If you choose Chef Mickey’s, you should arrive a little early and walk to the Magic Kingdom

  28. I’m on the fence between the Nov 10 and 13 parties. We were leaning towards the 10th since it’s a Thursday night but with Veterans Day being the next day, maybe it will be a (more than usual) crowded weeknight?

    • We had the same decision to make. I decided the Thursday party might be less crowded than the Friday one and went with that. It’s just a guess based on when kids would be out of school and more likely to attend. Totally a guess.

  29. Thinking about the 12-18 party, I know it could likely sell out. When would you likely expect it to sell out – very soon or likely in a month or two. Just hesitating on pulling the trigger right now but don’t want to wait too long.

  30. Hey Kenny! Do you know if Mickey will be dressed in a different outfit at MK during the party than he will be at Hollywood and Vine? Thank you so much!!!

  31. Any idea if Duffy will be part of the parade this year? My daughter adores him and we never knew who he was until after he quit meeting at Epcot. Of course now he’s her favorite. We would love to see him in the parade.

  32. When will the Christmas Party events (parade, characters, snow, etc) be available without a ticket? We will be there Dec. 18th-22nd and I would hate to pay $500 for my family to attend MVMCP on the 18th if it will be basically free with park ticket a few days later….trying to save $$

    • Characters do not transfer over to regular day. Special characters and costumes ar party only. Parade, Fireworks and Shows usually the day after the final party.

  33. If we are coming to Disney the 17th – 21st, would the crowds at a sellout Christmas Party on the 18th, be lighter at Magic Kingdom these busy days or not? Debating if we want to attend or not.

  34. I can’t join one of the MVMCP because I arrive on the 24th of December. Is there still anything special to do after these days?

    • You’ll find the lists on the Character link on each party page. No Princes met for Halloween Party last year.

  35. Hi Kenny,
    We are planning to go to MVMCP two time during our upcoming WDW visit in Dec. West Coast Disney peeps. We are thinking about booking the dessert party in order to have reserved seating. What are your thoughts about this?

  36. Would you ever consider going to the party on 2 nights during one stay? Overkill? Coming from far away and don’t predict coming back to Disneyworld soon. Will be purchasing an 8 day pass. Mahalo for the tips

    • If you have the finances available, go for it. You’ll be able to meet every character and see every show with no stress

  37. will be there week of 11/28/2016. considering party on Tuesday 11/28 or Thursday 12/1. any idea which is better?
    also, can we catch the show, parade and fireworks from same spot if we stay in hub by castle? is there a better spot?

  38. We are not planning to go to the party – can’t justify the added cost when I don’t think my young kids would stay up late enough to enjoy it. I’m trying to figure out when we will be able to see the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom – the party is scheduled for the first two nights of our vacation (in mid-December). Does this mean we won’t be able to view them until a non-party night? And will we be able to view any Christmas parades while there?

    • You could view party fireworks from TTC or Poly Beach. You’ll only see Wishes on nights with no party and you’ll only see the Castle lighting without a party ticket.

  39. We are going Nov 18th with a 4pm start time. My 8yr old son loves Jack Skellington and the 7D’s, while my daughter loves all the princesses, but I wanted to focus on Princesses we wont see otherwise. Should my husband and I split up with them to ensure they meet their favorites? If so, what times/where should we line up for those greets?
    We have ADR’s for Akershus later in our stay, so what princesses should we focus on during MVMCP. This is our first time to attend this event.

  40. I work at a school & so we want to go during thanksgiving break next yr, but from all accounts, they don’t do the MVMCP the week of thanksgiving .. Any idea ( best guess ) if we should plan to try to go the Saturday before thanksgiving or arrive later in the week & stay a few days past thanksgiving? This yr there’s a party the Saturday before thanksgiving, & then the Monday after thanksgiving .. I know it’s probably super soon to try to make a guess, but just want opinions ..

  41. Have a 4:35 dinner reservation at Be Our Guest as well as tickets for the Christmas party. Knowing how hard it is to score a reservation at BOG, is it worth keeping, or will it affect my party time?

    • Only affects 7 dwarfs meet, but line up after dinner for the shortest wait. Meet Princesses after fireworks

      • Why is Sunday better? We were planning on going on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Is that still a good day?

        Also we have BoG ADR for 6p. I thought that would be a great idea now I’m thinking not since 7 dwarfs are on my radar to meet…

  42. If most of the parties sell out is there really a difference in attendance? We are debating between Tuesday December 6 and Thursday December 8, I prefer Thursday unless Tuesday will be less crowded. Do you think Tuesday is a better night to attend in terms of crowds?

  43. We will be taking our FIRST Disney trip nov 26-dec1. We will not be doing the party. On your November calendar you have monday the 28th as MK being the worst park to visit that day. We really want to see Wishes and I am assuming they will do them that evening since it is not a party night. Do you think it would be a huge mistake going to MK on the 28th ? Should we go on a part night and just miss the fireworks at MK? Thanks for any advice you can offer this first timer!

  44. Does the monsters inc laugh floor comedy change at all during the mvmcp? Or is it the same show as during the day?

  45. Love your website! We are going after Thanksgiving. Would Tuesday 11/29 or Thursday 12/1 be a better day to go? I’m not sure why the Thursday ticket is one dollar more per ticket. Also, how soon do these parties usually sell out? Thanks!

  46. Hello! We will be at Disney 11/11 to 11/19. We are looking to go to MVMCP one evening. We were trying to decide between Sunday 11/13 and Tuesday 11/15. I know Jersey week is wrapping up on 11/12 or 11/13. Which day would you recommend at having smallest crowds?

  47. Hey there!
    I’ll be on my Disneymoon in November and want to get tickets for the Christmas party, would you suggest going on the 7th or the 10th? Is is better to go in the morning and stay all day and go to the party or do some in the morning then nap and come back? Thanks!!!!

  48. We will be at the MK in Nov 9&10, want to do pirates and pals, do they run that during MVMC? I don’t want to give up my emh on the 9th, hoping they will do it the 10th…any input or guess as to what’s been done in past years? Also if no pirates and pals offered we may move that money to the MVMC party, how bad do you think the crowds will be..?

  49. We will be there 11/10/16-11/15/16. Looking to go to MVMCP we are think about going on the 11th or the 13th. Which party do you think would be better?

  50. Hi Kenny. I may screwed up the dates. My choices of attending the Magic Kingdom are 12-13 MVCP or 12-14 all day. I do not care about the MVCP. My objective is to be in the park on the day that will have the shortest lines. THANK YOU!!!

  51. Hi Kenny. I have a choice on attending the Merry Christmas party on Dec. 12 or going to the Magic Kingdom on the 13th. Honestly, I do not care about the Christmas event and my main concern is crowds. I loathe waiting in lines for rides. What day I should I plan on going to the park? Does the Merry Christmas party have long ride lines? THANK YOU!!!!!!

  52. We plan to attend the second parade, but wanted to sit somewhere on Main Street to take in the full experience of the Fireworks, snow on Main Street and best view. I am just wondering if it is hard to snag a good spot to view fireworks on Main St. considering it will be full of all the people that just viewed the first parade. So basically looking for our best game plan if we are viewing the second parade and Fireworks on Main St.?

  53. Kenny,
    We are torn between going to see the Dwarves first or Jack Skellington. and what time should we do the parade? We have a 5,7and 8 year old. How would you work this???

  54. What’s the earliest I should line up to meet rapunzel/Flynn &!cinderella/charming? I’m going to party this Tuesday 11/17. Thanks!

  55. =-) Thank you. On your map, you have a symbol for the magic shots, but I do not see it on the map. Are there any at the Christmas party?

  56. Will you post when you update your map/character stuff for the 2015 party? =-D We leave in a couple days and I’m just getting all my stuff together! THANKS!

  57. You may have already & addressed this, but I if I have MVMCP passes & my park hoppers (which I plan to start using the next day) already linked to my Magic Band, I’m concerned that I may lose a day when I scan in on my band for the party.

  58. Kenny- My husbands fave character is Jack Skellington. I know he will be out this year. Where might he be and what is the best strategy to meet him??

  59. i booked fast passes for the 3:30-6:30 time slot on a xmas party night. we have no actual park tickets that day. do we scan our party cards and not our magic bands? im afraid that if we scan our magic band it will take away a day worth of a park ticket

  60. We scored a ADR for BOG at 7:10 on 12/06, which happens to be a party day. We were hoping to check into BOG at 6:50 and leave the park right after. We are attending MVMCP on 12/10 so that we can go with other family that wont arrive until later in the week. Any chance they will let us check into our dining reservation a few minutes early since we don’t have party tickets that night?

  61. Hi Kenny! Just scored a dinner reservation at BOG for the same night we are attending the Party (11/12). We have two little ones (2 & 3) that likely won’t make it to the second parade. Would it be worthwhile for us to keep our dinner reservation at 7:15 and scoot out to the parade at 815, or is that pushing it? Been to the parks many times, never for MVMCP. Thanks!

  62. Do Rapunzel/Flynn and Cinderella/Prince still meet in the same room during the Christmas Party? In other words, can I get in one queue to meet both couples?

  63. I finally scored BOG reservation which I’m thrilled. However, it is at 7:30 on a party night. We have tickets to the party on a different night and I’m wondering if they will allow us to keep this reservation without a party ticket.

  64. I tried to do that, but it wouldn’t let me. It have 7 day tickets, and booked all my FP for those days. It won’t let me book any FPes for the day I have the MVMCP tickets

  65. Hi Kenny, thanks so much for all these great tips. I am attending my first party on 12/10. I have heard that the Jungle Cruise gets a little holiday spin during the party. Do you have any idea what typical waits are for that ride during the party, or a certain time that would be good to try to go on it? We are planning on doing the second parade. Thanks!

  66. Do you know if they project the same images on the back of the castle as the front during the fireworks show? We were thinking of trying to watch the fireworks from back in the new fantasyland.

  67. Hi! We made a reservation for BOG at 7 on dec 3. We are considering the party but wondering if it’s worth it because our reservation is right at the beginning of it and we won’t be able to stay late. Do you think it would be worth it or should we just keep the reservation and be escorted out after? We are already planning another full day at MK. Thank you!

    • I wouldn’t book a meal during party time. Big waste of money for that. If they allow you to keep this without a party ticket, they will escort you from park after meal.

  68. We’re planning out our party night (12/8) and I was just wondering if the castle lighting show (frozen holiday wish) that takes place during the party is the same as on regular nights at MK? We plan on seeing it earlier in our trip and don’t want to waste party time. Is it any different during a party?

  69. Kenny- We’re attending the MVMCP on 12/10. Not using party tickets that day. Can we book FP+ for the 4:00-7:00 timeframe since we have purchased party tickets or no because we don’t have actual Theme Park admission? Thanks for ALL your awesome info!

  70. My granddaughter is going to die if I tell her I was unable to get the FP for Anna & Elsa. What are the wait times for princesses typically like at MVMCP? I heard they open up separate party lines at some point?

  71. Hey, Kenny! It looks like our dates are changing – yikes! Would you still recommend the Sunday after Thanksgiving? or is that week different? Thank you so much!

  72. How far in advance would you recommend buying a party ticket? We’re planning on attending 12/6. We have our resort reservation already, but buying 6 “nonrefundable” tickets sounds a bit intimidating!

  73. We’ll likely just stick to TSMM, Star Tours, and Frozen for our FP+ unless the 9 year old wants to do RR. We’d also like to do some characters that are ONLY at HS and a few shows–Beauty/Beast, Little Mermaid, Disney Jr.

  74. Great! That probably will work better with our schedules anyway. We’ll need to sleep in after our late night at the party. Do you think 10-11am is a good goal to arrive at HS on Monday?

  75. I’m toying with the idea of making a quick girls only trip in December bc we’ve never seen The Osbourne Family Lights. Our family had intended to do that next year, but that’s no longer an option! So, I was thinking of spending a day at HS and an afternoon/evening at MVMCP either right after Thanksgiving or the 2nd week of December. I was thinking of doing HS on a Mon (rope drop + afternoon nap) and arriving at MK at 4:00 for a Tues party. The other option would be a Sunday party and sleep in before heading to HS on Monday. We will have young girls–3, 6, 9. The Tues party option was my first choice, but I read that you prefer a Sunday party. Which one would you recommend for us?

  76. Thanks! I appreciate the info. I assume by “transfer day” you mean that a lot of people come in and checkout on Sunday? People that don’t want to go to the party on arrival day? lol

    Thanks again!

    • Yes, Sunday is the biggest day for arrivals and departures, which is why Magic Kingdom is usually red on Monday and yellow on Tuesdays

  77. Hey, Kenny! I’ve recently discovered your site, and I’m fascinated and soaking up all this information. Thanks for all the work you do!

    We’ll be attending our first ever MVMCP this year and I’m a little nervous about our week since it’s during Pop Warner week. I know that in general you’ve said that you prefer Sundays but I wonder if there are exceptions to that rule? Would the kids affect crowds that week?

    Our choices are Sunday, December 6th (our arrival day); Tuesday, December 8th; or Thursday, December 10th.

    Would Sunday still be the recommendation on that week? Would the crowds be enough better to warrant trying to go on our arrival day? (Not a super long drive – will arrive around noon, but still… there was traveling involved…) Or, would Tuesday be a better bet on that week due to the kids?

    Thanks for any direction you can give us! Normally travelling in September with super low crowds has left me ill prepared for attempting this busy time of year. :)

    • Once we reach Dec parties, most of them will sell out or be near that. However, even a sold out party is better than a regular magic kingdom day. I still prefer Sunday because it is a transfer day at wdw. Most important thing is to have a good plan which I provide at characterlocator.com

  78. Hi Kenny. Do you know if Woody, Jessie and Bullseye will be back for the Diamond Horseshoe Holiday Hootenanny dance party during the 2015 MVMCPs? They switched to Country Bears and Clarabell Cow last year. Disappointing. Thanks.

  79. Hi Kenny,
    I have the option of going to the party either the first day of the event which is Sunday or Tuesday the 10th. Which do you recommend? How crowded do you think it will be? thanks!

  80. Hi Kenny, Do you think there’s a chance Disney will add dates to the 2015 MVMCP schedule? Have they ever before? We don’t arrive until 12/19 and the last party date is 12/18. We are on the DVC waitlist for 12/18 to see if we can add a night to our 7 night trip. If not, we MISS the Christmas party (along with the snow, special characters, and nighttime parade at MK) **Sad face**

    • No, they won’t add additional dates at this time. They have never added after announcing. By arriving on 19th you’ll only miss the characters, cookies and snow. All other entertainment is shown to regular guests after final party

  81. Any idea if Kristoff will be with Elsa and Anna at MVMCP? My daughter would love to meet all the princes but I’d rather not waste time. :). Cinderella and Rapunzel will be must. Love your site btw.

  82. Kenny, do you think its possible to meet all the characters in one night? Would it be worth it, to attend 2 parties, during our week?

    • To meet every character would likely require 2 parties, plus you’d miss the shows, parade and fireworks

  83. This is a question about Epcot Storytellers. I wasn’t sure best place to post so I hope here is ok. Under the section, “touring plans for Epcot Storytellers”, the days sun-mon are listed as days for lots of Storytellers..are they only there those 2 days?

  84. So, if we get in line for 7D at 6, what time do you estimate on average, we will be done with 7D? Also, can schedule FPP fir between 4-7 if only using party tix?

    • Dwarfs begin at 7pm, you should be near the front of the line. FP+ isn’t needed much on party days. Anna & Elsa, 7DMT, Peter Pan’s Flight and mountains might need them during the day. During the party, only the first 3 have a line early, then nothing does late.

  85. Hello! We have tickets for MVMCP on 12/18. Do you know if the Wishes Tomorrowland Terrace dessert party will be available on this night? Thanks!

  86. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing all of your great tips! We are looking to attend MVMCP on Friday 11/13/15. We fly in at 1:30 that day. We will be avoiding EPCOT due to Food and Wine crowds. So we thought that MVMCP was a good use of our time since it would allow us to be at MK until 12am. I know you prefer Sunday or Tuesday but if we go ahead with Fri 11/13/15 what do you think the crowds will be like? Our most important events are the parade, fireworks, tomorrowland show and cosmic rays dance party. No princesses and probably won’t try to see the dwarfs or minetrain. Thanks!

    • Even a sold out party isn’t crowded. Find a parade spot 30 to 45 minutes early. And don’t forget the castle show

  87. Hi. Considering attending Mickey’s Backyard BBQ on Nov 13 which is considered Xmas season at Disney since MVMCPs will have started by then. Do you think the Backyard BBQ dinner event will be decorated for Xmas by Nov 13? I saw an Xmas tree on stage and some Xmas lights in your photos from the event. Not sure how early in the season that was. Thanks!

  88. We need to choose a Christmas Party of either Tue (Nov. 10) or Thu (Nov. 12). Would you suggest one over the other? If so, is it generally a close call or historically a noticeable difference between these nights early in November for the party? Thanks!

  89. Hi Kenny, really enjoying reading through your Blog! We were planning on attending the Christmas party on Tuesday, Nov. 17th, but I noticed in a previous comment you said you prefer Sunday. Should we change to Sunday, Nov. 15th? We were thinking the weekend parties might be more crowded. I would love to hear the reason for picking a Sunday over a Tuesday. Thanks so much :)

  90. Hey Kenny! Thanks for all of the great info. We’ll be at Disney the week before Thanksgiving and I noticed that on the November page you recommend mid-week MVMCP tickets but here you’re recommending Sunday. Is Sunday less crowded than say, Thursday, or is there something else that makes it better? Thanks again!

  91. Hi Kenny! Awesome information you have here! We’re doing our first Disney trip Nov. 15 – 21. Which MVMCP would you recommend during that time? We have a five year old and will be trying to hit as many princesses as possible during the party!

  92. Going to Disney World Nov 11 – 18, 2015. Which would be a better day for MVMCP, Thursday (Nov 12), Friday (Nov 13), Sun (Nov 15), or Tues (Nov 17)? Is one day of the week better than another? Thank you in advance

  93. Forgot to add….Thank you for all your hard work! Your information has helped make our trips wonderful. This year’s trip will include our first MVMCP.

  94. Is it possible to meet all characters and do the parade in one party night? Trying to decide if it’s worth attending a second night…

    Also, what are the odds a weekday party in early November sells out? Thinking about buying in advance and attending Tues and then buying Thursday while we are there if needed…

  95. Kenny, will you be adding the 2015 MVMCP dates to your November 2015 crowd calendar with the color coding for crowd levels? Didn’t see the crowd levels indicated for MNSSHP in October 2015’s calendar….

    • November Calendar won’t be released until next month. My current software doesn’t allow me to color code the parties at the moment. We’ll look at that in the future.

  96. Sounds like we need to watch the lighting of the castle from another vantage point, would that be Casey’s corner and the hub? thank you!

  97. “I really like the Celebrate the Season Show and could have easily watched it from the hub across from the Castle like I did for the Villains show, but chose to move up close to get semi-decent photos. If I had used my regular spot, I would have been in perfect position for the second parade.” Where might that spot have been? I tried searching for your villain’s review but had no luck.

    • Villains Soiree review? You’ll actually want to read my Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party review. Right across from the Castle, not hard to find though.

  98. Thanks for the reply! I was actually able to grab some FP’s for 4:00 that day last week :) And some for our other MK day earlier that week.

    I don’t know if it was just a random glitch last week with the 3 min FP return times, or if it was a glitch while they were releasing more FP’s…. but either way persistance paid off and we got them for both times.

  99. What are our options to see A&E if we are gonig to a MVMCP and coming in the park at 4:00 that day? Are they there during the party?

  100. Have you constructed any touring plans for the parties yet? We have been to disney a few times but this is our first Mickey’s Christmas Party. We would love to see the dwarfs, the princesses and their princes, and of course elsa and anna (i haven’t been able to get a fp+).. you (and your app) have always been so helpful to us in the past.. thanks so much!

    • No, I don’t build actual touring plans, but click on “Characters” under this guide for recommendations on priorities. I will share my experience after tonight’s event and that may help you have an idea how best to plan. Welcome

  101. We are going to the Christmas party in December. We have a 2 year old who would LOVE to see the Seven Dwarfs, but would not tolerate a super long line. Is it acceptable to have one or two people wait in line while the rest (2 adults) of us entertain the 2 year old somewhere else until closer to the 7pm start time? We wouldn’t be doing any extra photos, just one family one.

    • If you leave immediately after, you’ll see a large crowd leaving with you. Why not stay around and enjoy the shorter lines for meets?

  102. Do you know what time they let party guests start lining up for the princesses? Any word on whether Anna and Elsa are different during the party than they are during the day?

  103. Really confused about this and can’t seem to find the answer. Hope you can help. We are staying on site for 7 days and have 7 day park tickets. We also just bought a ticket for MVMCP. On the day of the party, we are doing half a day at Hollywood and then doing party at MK between 4 -12. I actually have fastpass scheduled between 4-7 for MK. Will I have a problem using them since I am entering the park on a hard ticket event and not actual park ticket? I read that you need to make sure they scan ticket for event and not Magic Band so it does not use one of your park tickets. Not sure they got this issue ironed out or not. Thanks for any info

  104. so what would be the differance, like if i went to the park on dec 9 but didnt attend the mickeys merry xmas party what would i be missing, what would i be missing? lights decorations snow?

    • You’d be missing everything within this guide. Only things you’d see would be decorations and you could see the Castle Lighting. Everything else you’d miss out on.

  105. Hello! We are hoping to attend December 9. We have six kids and we are trying to juggle the youngest seeing the parades/shows before she falls asleep. We also had hoped to visit the seven dwarves. What is the line like late at night if we just have the youngest asleep then? Also, do you think the Frozen hoopla willaffect the length of the dwarves’ line?

  106. Do you have a touring plan for the Christmas party or just the suggestions mentioned above? I’m a FL resident, but we’ve never been to Disney at Christmastime. I’m SO looking forward to surprising our 5 y.o. with an early Christmas present!

  107. Have you ever gone to WDW in Nov? We are thinking about it but are scared its going to be super cold..I don’t know/what how to pack..lol

  108. Hey Kenny, Have you heard any rumors about any new special characters for this year? I was thinking Olaf would be a cool (no pun intended) addition. Thanks!

  109. Sorry if this is a really stupid question , but is this party require a totally different ticket than the regular park admission tickets? I’ve never been to DW and the more I read the more intimidating it becomes!

  110. Do you know what time they stop allowing regular guests into the princess line at the new Fantasyland location on party nights? We will be in the Magic Kingdom on a few party nights (staying once for the actual party) and wanted to wait to see the princesses until the very end of our day so as not to loose valuable ride time. I’m wondering if people ever get lucky and catch the prince and princesses together because they got in line before it closed.

  111. Are you being sarcastic when you mention the “super nice CM” escort out after a dinner reservation? Or in Disney-style, are they just really nice?

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