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Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Characters

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party map with character locations

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Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Characters

Updated 10/28/2018

It’s important that your family makes a plan of the things they wish to experience during the party so they don’t spend their time wandering around the park. When it comes to characters you should pick the ones you find have the greatest importance. To some people, meeting with the 7 Dwarves will rank high, while others may wish to see Captain Jack Sparrow and another family may want to visit with every Prince at the party. Know who you want to see and set a reasonable goal. It’s not impossible to meet every character, but you won’t have time for any other element of the party to attempt this.

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Moana is coming to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Moana made her Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party debut in 2017.  She was super popular.

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps

Nick and Judy at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Nick and Judy, usually they have only appeared in dance party type events here in Florida.  I’m sure this meet will be VERY popular!  I’ll be sure to include their schedule and touring plans on Character Locator!

Jack Skellington as “Sandy Claws”

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom November 2014 (4)Jack Skellington appears as “Sandy Claws.  I expect this meet to be VERY popular and people will line up very early as detailed on Character Locator.

7 Dwarfs:

Seven Dwarfs meet and greet

If you wish to meet the 7 Dwarves, (Snow White doesn’t meet with them) you’ll want to line up early as detailed on my Character Locator Touring Plans.  Why would I recommend spending all that time in line? Well, if you don’t line up early, you’ll still be in that line later and you’ll miss precious party time. By lining up early, you’ll have the full 5 hours to do the other things you wish during the actual party.

Santa Claus

We met Santa in the Magic Kingdom December 2009
Santa in the Magic Kingdom

Santa creates very long lines.  However, you can meet him during the day at Hollywood Studios and Disney Springs beginning  Mid-November or in the Magic Kingdom during the day or in Epcot with Mrs. Claus after Thanksgiving and save yourself a lot of waiting at the party.

Princesses with their Princes:

Ariel with Prince Eric

Disney Vacation Club Moonlight Madness 2017 Ariel Eric

Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip

Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip

Snow White and her Prince

Snow White and Prince at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2016

Cinderella and Prince CharmingCinderella with Prince CharmingPrincess Elena of Avalor

Elena of Avalor at Walt Disney World

Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

Rapunzel and Flynn RiderRapunzel and Flynn Rider

If the rare characters above aren’t your highest priority, you may wish to line up for some of these Lords and Ladies early. Flynn Rider is VERY popular and VERY chatty, so even with all the Disney Magic, he still builds a long line. If you don’t wish to arrive early, come back late for the shortest waits.

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Captain Jack Sparrow:

Jack Sparrow at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2012
Jack Sparrow at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Captain Jack is popular, but not as much as he is during the Halloween Parties.  I guess people are looking for characters with holiday touches.

Aladdin & Abu, Jasmine & Genie

They will wear Christmas scarves.


Genie and Jasmine at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party - September 2012

Aladdin was typically meeting with Abu and Jasmine with Genie. They offer specific set meet times that are found on Character Locator.

Minnie Mouse with Daisy Duck

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom November 2014 (7)Minnie meets with Daisy Duck

Donald & Scrooge McDuck

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom November 2014 (81)Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck meet together

Santa Goofy

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom November 2014 (85)

Goofy is located beside the Barnstormer Goofy attraction and his waits are lowest late in the party.  You can also meet Santa Goofy in Animal Kingdom.

Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet

The party has all four of the Pooh characters together in one meet. Each are wearing a festive scarf .  They typically have a 30 minute wait and often see their line cut before they even arrive for the next set. Be sure to check Character Locator for their full schedule!

Mickey Mouse


Mickey meets in his normal location, but changes over to special Christmas attire promptly at 7pm for party guests only.

Mary Poppins and Bert

Bert and Mary Poppins at Disneyland 2015

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Dance Party

There’s really no reason to arrive early for a Dance Party.  Reindeer, Polar Bears and Elves are your host at Cosmic Ray’s.  Also, new for this year will be the Disney Junior Jingle Jam.  They no longer pose for photos or sign autographs, they are just there to dance with you.  You might grab a selfie or two though.

Country Bears

They also meet during the day in the Magic Kingdom, but do wear scarves for the party.


It’s my opinion that I don’t waste my precious and expensive party time visiting characters that I could easily see during the day in the same costuming. Perhaps you only have one day at Walt Disney World or you aren’t planning to be in the Magic Kingdom any mornings, in those cases it would make sense to visit these characters if they are important to you. Those who meet in the exact same costume during the day include:

  • Belle in Epcot
  • Peter Pan
  • Country Bears

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  1. Are characters available for the whole party until midnight? Do lines die down as it gets later in the night or should you really just get in line early for characters you really want to meet?

  2. Oh, ok so you will post some new info here after the first party? That would be very helpful! Thanks! When is the firs party anyway? Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Kenny, thanks for your post, very helpful info!

    We really want to see Captain Jack Sparrow and will be there December 8th. I saw you recommended meeting him after the second parade. I was wondering, does he usually meet throughout the whole party? Do they cut his line at a certain time before the end of the party? Do people usually line up early, before the party to meet him? Thanks!

  4. For Belle’s meet and greet is it her normal Enchanted Tales program or do you get to meet just Belle and talk to her at the Christmas Party?

  5. I’ll be attending the first party of 2017. Will you have character info in time for that, or do you have to validate it yourself the first night?

  6. When you get in line to meet characters at the Christmas party do they have wait times listed, like the they do regular meet and greets?

  7. We subscribed to character locator and it’s amazing! This will be our 5th trip in 4 years and I still found it extremely helpful.
    Sorry if I missed anywhere but do you have recommendations for entering the MVMCP right at 4? Is there a massive crowd of people waiting to enter the park? We have a Tinkerbell FP until 4:10 pm so we’ll have to hustle. Thanks!

    • Glad you’re having a great time and that Character Locator is helping!
      Yes, the 4pm entry is mentioned on the General Info page in the link above.

  8. Wow I just found out that DisneyLand stays winning.They brought out the 3 Cabarellos for their Christmas party.So sad for us to ever get a meet and greet with them they want you to run a marathon.I would but my back is injured really stinks.Last character event Wdw has was prob the villains bash which was great even tho it didn’t turn out to good with the lines.Hope WDW can step their game up and stop bringing out the same characters every year like they did for Halloween party.This was the first time I ever missed it because the same old

  9. The only characters we want to see are Jack and 7 Dwarfs. I have read that they sometimes come out before 7. Should we get in line early for one of them and then head straight to the other or do one early and the other late. Any suggestions on strategy? Thanks.

  10. We are only doing MVMCP and have no other regular park tickets. Will they let us book fastpasses for 4-7 on our party tickets or do we have to have other park tickets in order to do this?

  11. Hey Kenny, thanks for all this great info. What day do you prefer to go to the Christmas party in December? 12/9 – 12/17 are the dates I’m looking at. Thanks.

    • Sundays are my default preferred day, but do understand that regardless of crowd size the character meets are always popular

  12. Would you suggest attending MCVMCP on Sunday 11/13 or Tuesday 11/15. We were originally planning Sunday because I saw where you said to go by the cheapest price for lower crowds typically but I see they are now doing the parade filming that weekend and the crowd expectation has risen. What do you think would be best for lower crowds depending on these new circumstances?

  13. Do you think it is unreasonable to keep our 6p BoG reservation and still be able to enjoy the party? I really wanted my daughter to meet the 7D but am not willing to wait in line an hour to meet any character. THANKS!

    • If you’re willing to avoid 7 Dwarfs, you could still have a nice party, but you’ll see some lines at other characters as well.

  14. i have a trip planned for 11/25/16 to 12/1/16 do you know when i would be able to purchase tickets for the very merry christmas party ?

  15. Hi Kenny, do you know if any of the special party characters appear during the week before Christmas? There are no more parties that week but I was hoping some of the party characters may be around since the xmas parade replaces festival of fantasy, xmas wishes replaces regular wishes, etc.

  16. Your information is invaluable–thank you so much for the time and details in every post! The map above is for 2015, right? Sometimes it’s hard to tell year to year as changes are subtle.

  17. Hi, Kenny. A few people on message boards have mentioned a meet n greet with a Christmas elf and reindeer this year at MVMCP. Have you heard anything about this and if so what is the location and times of their meet and greet?

  18. How do the lines for Cinderella/Rapunzel with princes work since they already have a regular meet? You said to get in line around 6:30 which is still w/in regular park hours. Do they cut the lines off early for non-party guests or is there a separate line for those of us who want to meet the princes too? Thx

  19. We just got back from Disney, and I loved Characterpalooza. It was amazing, and I really appreciate all the information you provided. We already have our trip for next Christmas planned, but I was wondering if Santa stitch does a meet anywhere. My son just loved him at Characterpalooza, and I just ordered him the movies. Thanks!

  20. Kenny
    We’re going to MVMCP on Dec 16th. My oldest daughter loves Sandy Claws so my husband will line up for that for her. However, my youngest daughter wants the seven dwarfs. We will also be in MK on Dec 18 but won’t attend party. Is it possible to line up really early for dwarfs on the 18th and see them right at 7:00 before we are ushered out?

  21. Can’t wait to download your app when I get my new phone this week! I had a parade spot question- our crew of 8 (2 parents, 6 kids) will be lining up at 6 for Seven Dwarfs. We aim to be somewhere to watch first parade before our youngest falls asleep. We tend to stay away from wheelchair areas for her always and have no need to watch from Main Street. Will it be hard to find a spot over by Liberty Tree Tavern or another spot if we line up 30 minutes ahead of time? And would we get stuck from there trying to find a spot for fireworks? Thank you for all of your work- it really helps give a good idea of expectations!

  22. Jack came out at 6:15 on 11/20 party. Heard he has been coming out early for parties. People lines up at 4. Line is fairly quick (way better than Villains Unleashed lines).

  23. My party is really only concerned about meeting the Ducks and Santa Goofy as far as characters go. How soon do lines start forming for them before the party start? Thanks.

  24. My party is only concerned with meeting the 3 Ducks and Santa Goofy. How soon does either of their lines begin forming before the party begins? Thanks in advance.

  25. Hi Kenny, Excellent Job and I thank you for all you do..
    I do have a question, I love your character strategy guides.. will you have one for the mvmcp? by chance..
    If not what is your best advice to meet
    Jack Skellington,
    Jack Sparrow
    Santa Claus

    Those are my three priorities
    Is there a way to meet them in succession or best time to see each of them during the course of the night?
    i already plan to get in line for jack skellignton at 7..
    Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated.

    • Not possible to create Touring Plans for parties because every family has different desires. If you want me to create a custom plan, you can contact me via email and provide the funds necessary to do that task.

  26. What’s your best advice if I want to meet the 7 dwarfs and Jack? Line up for the dwarfs at 530-600 and straight to Jack, or wait and do Jack towards the end of the party?

      • :( too bad! Didn’t have enough time last year for my daughter to see her – I think it would be such a nice Christmas treat for the fairy meet and greets–I really can not understand why they took all the other fairies away – I always thought it was a wonderful experience !

  27. Hello! When will we know which characters will be at this years MVMCP? Hoping for Anna and Elsa, maybe with Kristoff? We are going to the Nov 7th party, what should we expect for crowds?


  28. Hi!
    All this fairy movement is coming up. Do you think Periwinkle will still come out at the MVMCP this year? Missed her this past December because of wait times and opted for Ariel and rides. Thanks!

  29. I downloaded the app but there are no times listed for Rapunzel and Flynn under the Christmas Party. Has anyone confirmed that he is definitely there with her?

  30. My family is going to the last day of MVCMP. Do you think is possible our plan (it is not in order)?
    1) Dwarves
    2) Mary Poppins, Bert and Penguin
    3) Scrooge
    4) See the shows (only parade [2nd], fireworks, Celebrate the Season).
    5) Jingle Cruise
    6) Shop MVCMP souvenir
    7) Space Mountain
    We will be at 4PM in the park and leave when the park closes.

  31. Ok, thanks. We already have a FP+ there for another day, so we’ll use that. I just wanted to make sure that Belle wasn’t with her or something during the party. What about Santa? Thanks for the quick response!

  32. Hi, thanks so much for this info. I have two questions: What will the Belle M&G @ EtwB be like during the MVMCP? Is it worth visiting if we’ll be doing regular ETwB on another day? Or, is there something different/special about the M&G during MVMCP?

    Also, you mention that Santa can be visited other times. Does that mean he’s at the park from open to close or are there only certain times to see him? I am trying to figure out whether we should use party time to see him or not.


  33. Is Mickey in his Christmas outfit anywhere in the party? I thought Talking Mickey was only in standard attire, is that correct?

  34. Kenny, would it be an ok idea to see Rapunzel during the first parade? Crowds would be slightly low for her during that time?
    I want to see the castle lit at 6:15 or I’d get in line then for her.

  35. What will Mary Poppins be wearing at the Christmas Party? And is she daily in the magic kingdom in her white dress with red bows?

  36. When is the best time to visit so that you can take advantage of the Christmas decorations/festivities, but not be there at peak crowd time? Some other research I’ve done points to second week of Dec. and I plan to check your app for wait times etc. during the time frame, but wanted to see what your opinion was.

  37. I am going to MVMCP on November 11th. Any idea what the schedule will be for shows, parades, and characters with locations? Or no since that is the first Christmas Party for 2013.

  38. We are going to MNSSHP and MVMCP on the same trip- and have not been to either before. If we meet the Dwarves and the Princes and Princesses at MNSSHP is it really worth taking the time to line up again at MVMCP?

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