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  1. I posted an article two weeks ago on how to change that setting. You can modify it to receive daily or weekly newsletters

  2. Your site and updates are so helpful. I heard a rumor that Blizzard Beach will be closing in September for a refurb. Have you found out any info? We go the beginning of October and we’re planning on doing BB. Thanks!

    • It is true. I’m spending time with my mom who could pass away soon. I’ll work on updating my Crowd Calendar

      • Will your 2020 calender come out soon?I wanted to ask you about making my dinning plans on least crowded days at each park and what day i should visit each park . My trip is feb 3-6 2020. Thank you.

    • In your recent 2020 post you mention that packages will be released on the 18th and that room only reservations can be converted at that time. How have people gotten rooms only reservations? I didn’t see a way to book past Dec 31,2019.

  3. hey kenny,
    I was wondering do you know who the flagpole characters are before they actually come out and if not can i call guess service to find out so i will know which park to do the first part of the day on my trip. thank you so much for all you do.

  4. Hi Kenny!! Longtime character locator subscriber here! I’ve never asked you about Run disney races though! Can I pick your brain about it? Which races are the busiest? And if I wanted to turn a race into a weeklong family vacation afterwards which race would be my best bet crowd wise?
    Thanks so much!!

  5. Is there somewhere that I can contact someone about an account that I signed up for. I can’t get in and I’ve paid the $10

  6. Excuse me my bad english (I’m from Spain). We will visit WDW form August 1st to 10th and in next January 1st we will can select our 60 days before FP+. How we can know the shows times? We done a plan using the 2017 timetable but maybe lots of shows will be differents hours. In the mydisneyExperience lots of them is not shower their times. Thank u

  7. Hi Kenny. You have your crowd calendar out for Oct 2018, but Disney hasn’t posted their Oct 2018 calendar yet. Do you have an inside source?

  8. Kenny,

    Thinking way ahead here, do you have any comments on what the Disney World crowd calendar might look like in 2021-2022 with what I assume will be a year long 50th anniversary celebration at the Magic Kingdom?

  9. Hi Kenny, I’m planning a trip the first week of October for mine and my mom’s bday. We really want to meet Beast, but we want to do the Halloween party. Is there any way possible we can do that the same day? I only have one rest day which I thought would be best after the party. Thanks

  10. Kenny, for the week of Sept 2, you have MK as the best park on Labor Day and the worst park the day after. I thought that you never go to MK on a holiday? When do you think WDW will come out with the Sept. park hours? THANK YOU !!

    • At this time the park closes at 6pm, which means far fewer guests will attend. I’ve already released the September hours on my Crowd Calendar page. WDW doesn’t post it until around 6 months out, but it will be the same.

  11. I see today the September 2018 calendar was released, thank you! I have a question on Thursday Sept 27 it is color coded red but the description says it’s “Best Park”, can you clarify which it is?

  12. I can’t figure out how to do an original post without replying to an already established post. But I was wondering why you have May 19 as a red day. I can’t find any events that day and I thought the garden would be mainly over. (xxx website) has it has a Green Day and I just don’t understand why y’all are so different. We want to go on that day.

    • I have May 19, 2018 rated as an Orange or Heavy day. The website you referenced lives in Texas, so I’m not sure how credible that calendar would be. If you are referring to a specific park that day like Epcot, that means Avoid because Epcot will be busy on Saturdays during Flower and Garden Festival and Avoid Animal Kingdom because it has Extra Magic Hours.

  13. I want to celebrate my 50th birthday in WDW BUT it falls on March 29, 2018. Will I be able to enjoy it at all? Is to late to reserve a spot for the private VIP WDW tour, do the tethered balloon…will it just be too crowded? Will having FP even help?

  14. Hi Kenny,
    We were thinking about going to Hollywood Studios for May the 4th. Do they do anything special that day?
    I was especially wondering if they still do Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars and Dine at Hollywood and Vine? That looks really cool as Mickey dressed as Sky Walker and Minnie is Princess Leia, etc. The last I found anything on it on the web is 2015 or so…. nothing recent. Do they still do the Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars Dine? My kids would love to attend.
    Thank you so much for your time.

  15. hi there – i just signed up for the 9.95 plan and put all my custom plans in? Any possibility you can help me tweak my plans so we stay in around the same area to ride the rides and see the shows we want so we aren’t running all over the parks and back again all day long . I realize sometimes due to fast passes we will have to go to a different area, but I was hoping to have a plan that keeps us somewhat on track so we can get the most done. any advice would be SO appreciated . thanks so much !

  16. What is involved in your custom planning for $24.95? We are bringing the grown kids and grands and my 70+ mom – I’m a bit overwhelmed with the “planning” involved!

    • Rides, Shows, Characters, and working around your dining plans. I can book FP for you as well. $24.95 per day. Click on that page from the homepage.

  17. Hi Kenny. I have been following you in Facebook for sever years now. I have a question that I know you will know the answer. We will be at Disney World next week and my daughter loves the dumbo ride. I can remember in trips I have taken in the past that there was a dumbo popcorn bucket. Is that still available and if so, where would we find one? Thanks

  18. Cannot get the calendar to show anything. I have downloaded the setup numerous times, but for some reason, it doesn’t take. :(

    • Only visibile to mobile users who are subscribed and logged in. If you choose not to subscribe, you’ll need to view on desktop. Note on that Crowd Calendar states that.

  19. I sent a request a few days ago for a custom itinerary and haven’t heard anything. Please let me know if you received it.
    I also joined at the same time. Thanks!

  20. When do they “typically” release specials pertaining to beginning of January? We will be there for Marathon weekend 3-9 and I’m tired of stalking ha!

  21. Hi Kenny, Love your site! Quick question… We are heading to WDW from November 28th through December 2nd which gives us the option of seeing 3 different narrators for the Candlelight Processional. Unfortunately the narrators for these dates have not yet been released. Do you know when we should expect to hear an update of the narrators during that time frame? Please let me know. Thank you, Ramona

    • They tend to trickle out over the next couple of months. Book dining for multiple ones and cancel the ones you don’t want.

  22. Hi Kenny,
    I was wondering if you have done the 7 hour Star Wars guided tour?
    I searched your site but couldn’t find it; then again, I’m not so tech savvy.
    Travelling wi a four year old in August and would love you thought.

  23. Could you add something on the locator that shows what restaurants have allergy menus and what those menus are free from (peanut, tree nut, soy, wheat/gluten, etc.)? Just a suggestion :)

  24. Kenny, how do you figure your crowd calendar. Looking to go May 31-Jun 7 but based on your calendar thinking might change to Jun 3 – Jun 10. Do you think it will make that big of a difference crowd wise?

  25. Kenny, I subscribed to your website for the $6.95 deal this past Fall so that it would unlock the good stuff. I just went to the Character Locator to show it to a friend and there was a message that I needed to subscribe for $6.99 to unlock the program. I am confused about how long my subscription ran. Do they all renew in Jan of each year or is the subscription for a full 12 months from date of subscription? Thanks

  26. Dear Kenny,

    My son is really into pin trading and wants to meet one of the Main Street Citizens, Scoop Sanderson. Any idea what days he appears in the parks? I would redo my schedule, if I could match my days in the MK to days when he is there. Thanks. Love the site!!!


  27. Kenny, please tell me about any possible meet & greets for characters from Gravity Falls, Wreck it Ralph and Zootopia. Thanks for all of your helpful information always!

      • Kenny, this probably isn’t where I should ask this but I’m not sure where you make a new post so I will hijack this one. I am a subscriber and have been wondering about something. We will be at HS on Feb 29th so hopefully at characterpalooza but we have an ADR at Cape May for 5pm on the 28th. Is it possible to go through security and attend Characterpalooza if the timing is right or do you have to go right into the park?

  28. Hi Kenny,
    Why is it that certain times for fast passes show up for adults but when you are choosing for a minor those times are not available?

  29. Awesome site!!!!!! You are my role model!!!! lol. Have been to WDW twice in the last year and the site was very helpful. Let me know if you need a protegee.

  30. Kenny, please forgive my naivety but I would love to get your character ap. Does “for Droid” mean I can’t load it to my iTouch?

  31. Dear Kenny,

    I have a Disney parks mobile app and it said that Princess Tiana is not making appearances at this time. Do you know if that is true? Is this a mistake or is this only temporary. I hope so because we want to visit in Oct and Princess Tiana is one of my daughter’s favorite character. We even bought her a matching dress for when she got to meet her. I thought Tiana was one of the most popular character with long wait times. I don’t know why they would have her meeting guests. I truly hope this is just a mistake.

  32. Hey kenny. Do you have any advice for star wars weekend. Love to know any tips and or tricks you have. Also with a few dates at hs having two showings of F! How will this effect characterpoloza? Also will the characrers be out during sww? Thanks so much!

  33. During our vacation, I expected to use the Lines Ap, and the Disney Parks Ap. However, what I truly used the most – Your character schedules. I had no idea how cool our girls (ages 7 and 8) would think the characters were, and how much fun it was to get autographs and pictures. I honestly can not thank you enough for your part in making all of the magical memories for our girls.

    • Lisa,
      Thank you very much for sharing your memories! I’m glad that I got to be a small part in helping your family plan and execute your character meets. Please feel free to share the blog with all your friends too.

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