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Big Update for WiFi at Walt Disney World

Big Update for WiFi at Walt Disney World
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If you have visited Walt Disney World, you are well aware that the WiFi is important while using the My Disney Experience app. Unfortunately, Disney WiFi is less than magical. Check out how this upgrade may enhance your next trip to the “Most Magical Place on Earth.”

My Disney Experience

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Many Guests comment that they would love nothing more than to ditch their phones on vacation. Unfortunately, that it is a bit difficult while visiting Walt Disney World. They have encouraged all Guests to go “contactless” when possible.

A new MagicMobile feature was also added to the My Disney Experience app which Disney noted would help replace the beloved MagicBands in effectiveness. With the new debut of Disney Genie, Guests will be utilizing their My Disney Experience app more than ever before.

This leads to one HUGE question for Disney Guests: what about the unreliable WiFi at Walt Disney World?

WiFi Updates

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Walt Disney World often does not share refurbishment updates with Guests, but through permits filed by the Walt Disney Company we are able to see what work is currently to take place.

Recently, Walt Disney World filed several permits that will greatly benefit Guests. Currently, 20 permits have been filed across the Walt Disney World Resort with the general description of improvement being for WiFi.

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These permits have been filed for Animal Kingdom Lodge, Art of Animation, Disney Springs, and Old Key West. Although Walt Disney World has not shared information regarding this update, we are encouraged that a stronger WiFi signal may be on the horizon for Disney Guests.

Currently, 20 permits have been filed across the Walt Disney World Resort with the general description of improvement being for WiFi.

What do you think about this improvement? Have you been frustrated with current Disney WiFi? Do you wish you could just ditch your phone while visiting the Disney Parks? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

VIADonna Farmer


  1. Wifi being improved at the hotels will not solve the problems of poor connection at the parks… I really couldn’t care less about the hotels….
    The day is made of 24 hours, 8 hours sleeping and about 8-10 hours at the park… Showering, eating and time on transit will take most of the what was left of the day…
    Wi-Fi at the hotels is okay but really not that important to folks traveling with spending most of their time in the parks mind…

  2. The WiFi has always been strong at Pop Century. I only have problems with it whenever I am inside of the parks. That’s where they need the upgrades!

  3. I don’t think Walt would have been impressed to see everyone with their heads glued to their phones all day long – and not admiring the sheer beauty of the parks. He always said they would get more beautiful … no-one will have time to stop and stare at anything.

  4. I do not have a smartphone. I do not bring my tablet or laptop to the parks. I do not feel the need to be electronically connected 24/7. I plan ahead and use my magic band.

  5. TBH I hate phones. I have better things to do that look at a tiny screen all day. It annoys me that I have been forced to buy one. Now just have to remember to charge it. Too stressful bad enough at work supposed to be a vacation

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