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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Guide 2017

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Guide links:

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Tips:

1.  You can enter early!

The party festivities officially begin at 7pm sharp, but guests with a ticket to the party may enter using that ticket as early as 4:00pm.  If you are using a regular Magic Way Ticket, you do NOT need to exit the park.  There are locations that will allow you to scan your party ticket and receive your wristband while still in the park after 4pm.  Some guests choose to relax at their resort and save a day on their park tickets.  If you enter at 4:00, you might want to take in some headliner rides before the party starts.

2.   Am I forced to leave the Magic Kingdom if I don’t have ticket?  

Well, no one is going to grab your arm and pull you out, but once the party begins at 7pm, the Cast Members begin doing a sweep looking for those who don’t have wristbands.  If you forgot to get your wristband, just go to the nearest station.  If you wish to stay and attend the party, you can purchase a ticket at the front of the park, if it isn’t sold out.

3.  I have dining reservations for 6:45 at a Magic Kingdom Restaurant, can I eat, watch the parade and stay around?  

NOPE.  Once your meal is completed at a Table Service restaurant, you’ll be kindly escorted all the way to the front gate by and super nice Cast Member who will kindly remind you that you can purchase a ticket and stay around if you wish!

4.  Make sure the little ones get an afternoon nap.  

You feel like you can get them to soldier-on from 6:00am wake up to midnight, but you’re wrong.  Your kids will become grumpy, demanding and even combative because they are tired!  As a matter of fact, you probably will too!  Don’t try to squeeze out every dollar of your vacation, get some rest!

5.  Don’t waste your precious party time.

You only get 5 hours of actual party time (8 hours total), so don’t waste that more than $15.00 per hour per person eating Table Service, riding things you can do anytime or collecting candy early in the party.  Get in line for Jack and Sally, 7 Dwarves or Cruella early!  The line is usually pretty long for Dwarves by 6:15pm and the line for Jack and Sally often begins at 5:00pm.

6. Wear a costume!  

At least 50% of the people at any party will be in costume, both children and adults.  The other 61% are just wandering around lost, looking for a piece of candy.  My brother and I dressed as human character locators in previous years and the characters and Cast Members loved it. We had many characters in parades pointing us out.  Make sure your costume is very lightweight.  It gets very hot and humid in Florida.

Costume Guidelines:

  • Disney reserves the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests.
  • All Guests may dress as their favorite character, but may not pose for pictures or sign autographs for other Guests.
  • Costumes must be family-friendly and may not be obstructive, offensive, objectionable or violent.
  • Costumes may not contain any weapons that resemble or could easily be mistaken for an actual weapon.
  • Costumes may not contain sharp objects, pointed objects or materials that may accidentally strike another Guest.
  • Guests who do not adhere to these guidelines may be refused entry into, and/or removed from, unless his or her costume can be modified to meet the above standards.

For Guests ages 13 and under:

  • Costumes and some masks may be worn, as long as the mask does not cover the entire face and eyes are visible.

For Guests ages 14 and older:

  • Layered costumes or costume props that surround the entire body are strongly discouraged and may be subject to additional security screening.
  • Costumes may not reach or drag on the ground. (e.g. full-length Princess dresses)
  • Capes may be worn if the length does not go below the waist.
  • Themed T-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, and hats are acceptable.
  • Acceptable accessories include: transparent wings, plastic light sabers, toy swords, and tutus. Headwear may be worn as long as it does not cover the face.
  • May not wear masks of any kind.

7.  Bring a poncho

It has rained on at least half the parties I’ve attended.  It’s often an hour or less, so they continue with the party.  On rare occasions that both parades are cancelled, guest services may offer a refund or free park ticket.  Be prepared for the fall monsoons, it is hurricane season in Florida.

8.  Watch the parade and fireworks.

These are two of the best entertainment options at Walt Disney World.  I recommend seeing the SECOND parade because the crowds are lighter and view the fireworks between Casey’s Corner and the Tip Board on Main Street for the best view.  The best spots always go early for these events.  The schedules are on the Show schedule above.

9.  Check out the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular Castle Show

The Villains Castle Show is a 20 minute stage show that offers you a chance to get a short glimpse of your favorite villains.  This version includes the Sanderson Sisters.

10.  Dance the night away with Monsters Inc and Toy Story characters.

There are a couple of a great dance party that allows you to dance with some of your favorite characters.  They don’t sign autographs, but they are a lot of fun and may even pose for a photo.

11.  Hitch a ride with some ghosts

There are usually two or three special locations where photopass photographers take your photo with Hitchhiking Ghosts.  We found this one near the Tiana meet and greet in Liberty Square.  If they take the photo with your camera, it’s just a giant blank area and you look like real dorks.

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  1. Hi Kenny – do you have a crowd calendar specific to the MNSSHP – we will be there the 20/27 -10/31, thinking of going either Sunday 10/28 or Tuesday 10/30 – any idea on the crowd levels? Love your site

  2. Hi kenny we are holidaying from 5/10/18 for two weeks from uk. We can’t decide whether to do mnsshp or happily ever after dessert party. Mainly interested in the parade fireworks and shorter ride times. Sons are 24 and 21 so not worried about character meets! Also will mnsshwp be busier Columbus day week during weekdays thankyou

  3. Hi Kenny, love all your great info! On Halloween Party days, what time do regular MK characters stop appearing? I want to try to see Chip n Dale that day when I enter the park at 4pm in case they aren’t at the party again this year.

  4. We are planning to dress up for the Halloween party, but I can’t decide if we should go Sunday 10/29 or Wednesday 11/1. Would it be weird to be in costume on November 1st? Also, is the 11/1 party the same as any other party or will it have less shows, characters, etc?

  5. we will be in disney oct 24/25, if we aren’t going to attend the halloween party, do you recommend going to magic kingdom a day when the party is at night or no. we don’t mind leaving at 7 as we have a little, just trying to avoid the craziness during the day

  6. Hi Kenny,
    I have been to 7 parties in the last 3 years, this year due to scheduling ,the only chance for us to go this year is actually on Halloween. I know its going to be crazy compared to what we’re used to (we go late Sept/early Oct) but will it be a waste of money to think we can get stuff done? We like to get pics w/characters, watch fireworks & parade and ride HM. Are we going to be “miserable”?-I use that loosely since we’ll be at Disney ;-) Thanks

  7. Jack and the 7 Dwarves , do you have to have a wristband to meet them? Or could I meet them on a separate day that I’m not planning on attending the party? Thank you!

  8. Hi Kenny, the webinar was great! I was wondering how you get those photos of just the characters? Do you rake them beforehand you hop in? I tried to get them via Memory Maker last year, but was told they don’t provide photos without guests in them.

  9. Hi Kenny, can’t wait to hear how the first MNSSHP of 2017 went! We are attending 2 parties this year, for one we have BOG at 4pm, other than the popular character meets, is there anything else that happens before 7pm?

  10. Thanks for the info!
    I guess there is no longer a Celebrate the Magic style projection show before the fireworks?
    If there is, I am sure you will let us know tonight!

  11. Kenny, do you know if beast is in his castle during the Halloween party? Or is he part of the parade? I don’t want to waste precious party time if he isn’t there.

  12. Have on tickets for September 26, 2017. We are looking to see one or 2 characters that normally do not appear in the parks. Are the lines extremely long to see the characters? We don’t wanna waste all of our party time seeing characters. What are your thoughts and which character would you recommend for children under 10 ?

  13. Hi Kenny! I know you typically like Sundays for MNSSHP but Sunday, October 29 is a HEAVY day according to your calendar and Wednesday, November 1 is a LIGHT day. Which would you recommend?

  14. Hi! I’ve been seeing things around the internet about the Beast not going to available at BOG during MNSSHP this year. Do you have any info on this? I booked during the party as my oldest daughter really wants to meet the Beast but I have not yet gotten a regular non party res yet. Thank you for any info :-)

      • Thanks for that! I’m still trying from now til then to get a non party night reservation. But my daughter really wants to meet the Beast. That was the top thing on her wishlist and we are there for her birthday :-)So if I have to miss some party time, I have to miss some party time!

  15. Hey Kenny, I did MNSHP in 2015 with my sister and loved it despite being soaked from rain. Now I’m contemplating going 10/1 with my boyfriend on his first Disney trip ever. Do you think it’s worth the money for a 30yr old who’s not a Disneyaholic? And how busy do you think it’ll be that night if we go for it?

  16. Hi Kenny,
    Trying to decide which party night to go to Friday 9/29 or Sunday 10/1? Which one would be less crowded? This will be our first party going with a 10,5&2 year old.

  17. Our first time to Disney. 10 year old twins…would you suggest Halloween party or no. This was our down day…but should we add it?

  18. We have dinner reservations for CRT on Oct. 19 at 5:30 and we plan on attending MNSSH party that evening. How fast do tickets for MNSSH sell out? Would I be able to purchase the tickets for the Oct 19 party in a few months, or should I buy them as soon as possible?

  19. Hi Kenny, we have the opportunity to do the Halloween party on 10/5 or 10/9. Would you recommend one of those dates over the other? Also, we have Cinderella’s Royal Table reservations on 10/9 at 5:25pm. Do you know if the princesses would be dressed special for this?

  20. Since halloween lands on a Tuesday this year will the MNSSHP be less crowded on 10/31, since there is school the next day for the locals?

  21. Any thoughts on the November 1, 2017 party? Do you predict it will also sell out? Just wondering since it is after Halloween. Thanks!

  22. We are planning to do a day at Magic Kingdom and a separate day/night at Halloween Party. Any tips for which rides are crowded at the Halloween Party, so we can try to do FP for those on a regular day? Or any rides not open, other than The Jungle Cruise or Cinderella/Elena? Thank you!

    • Peter Pan’s Flight and 7 Dwarfs Mine Train will have lines until late in the party. Otherwise you can walk on. Click on the rides section to know what is open or closed. It will be updated as we get closer to the parties. Cinderella/Elena is open.

  23. Hi Kenny,
    Planning a trip for October 30th – November 3rd. Wondering if the MNSSHP on the 31st is worth it for a 5 and 2 year old? Should we use our tickets to MK that day or save them for a different day when there is no evening party?

  24. Are there specific nights in Sept that the MNSSHP is held, traditionally? A cast member once told me it was Tues, Fri and Sunday. I’m trying to plan our vaca. Also are Maleficent and/or the Evil Queen out an about ever?

  25. I am going to Disney from 8/29-9/2, going to the parks, S,M,T,Th,F was planning MC on T & F, but looking at park hours it seems like the first party might be T & the second on F – I want to make sure I go to MC on a full day so trying to shuffle days so I can make dining reservations. I need to keep a rest/water park day in my plan so really struggling with when to go to the party and when to move my other MC day to.

  26. Since Jack and Sally are meeting during regular park hours, I’m assuming you still need a party wristband to get in line for them? We are going on the 27th to the party, but it would be nice to meet them while we are at MK on the 25th so we don’t lose party time.

  27. Great post Kenny, we are going to the Halloween party October 31. Couple of questions. Do they have the memory maker at all the characters? And my husband has a cape that goes to his calf’s, do you think they’ll allow it? And I have a dress that goes maybe 4 to 5 inches from the ground, do you think they’ll allow it? Thanks in advance for the answers!

  28. Want to clarify, can we purchase JUST the Halloween party tickets for admission to the party or do we have to purchase regular park tickets as well as Halloween party tickets to attend the party?

  29. I may have missed this somewhere, but I’m looking for clarification on the costumes – particularly accessories. Would a Captain Jake plastic sword and Kylo Ren lightsaber be out? Both wearers would be under 13.

  30. We are going on Thursday September 29th. If we line up for Jack and Sally around 4:45pm, how long do you expect the wait to be then? I have subscribed to your character locator and you say they come out around 5:30 to 5:45pm but I would like to know what to expect so I can plan the rest of the evening.

    Is it better to greet them when they first come out or late in the evening after 11:00pm.

    What about the not so popular characters like Aladdin & abu and Lotso, is it better to greet them late in the evening after the fireworks?


  31. Any idea how long the parade takes to get to the partners statue? And more importantly, the train station / city hall area? Thanks!

  32. We have annual passes and have a BOG lunch reservation at 2:10 on our party night (also have party tickets). Will they allow our daughter to enter that early in her costume? Her dad and I will have costumes that are more along the lines of Disney bounding – he has an Anger t-shirt and I have a Joy dress. Our daughter’s costume includes a wig for Disgust.

  33. In your experiences, how many kids do you see wearing non-Disney costumes? I have a child who is adamant about being a Pokemon this year, even though we are spending the holiday at the parks….

  34. Have a few questions about the character locator and the halloween party but don’t want to put it here in case people haven’t subscribed. Do you ahve an email where I can contact you?

  35. How busy is it for the NSSHP on actual 10/31? I’ve been to WDW on July 4th and Christmas week before, so is it worse or better crowd wise? We have two toddlers too. Thanks!

  36. Hi Kenny!
    Would you recommend a Sunday night, Tuesday night or Thursday night for a party?? Looking for the least busy… (Oct 16,18,20) thanks!

  37. Hi Kenny,

    I was looking at your character locator site and saw that it said that Jack and Sally would appear before 7pm, is that correct?


    • At every party but the first one last year, they appeared well before the party started. You’ll need your party wristband to line up early.

  38. Thanks for all the great info!
    Best night for MNSSHP? Sun 10/23, Tues 10/25 or Thurs 10/27? Also, we have CRT 5:30 reservations 10/25 & 10/27. Would it be better to do CRT on night we go to party or non party night? If on non party night we would likely do MK and after CRT make it an early night back to BLT.

  39. Hey Kenny! Could I get in line for 7 dwarfs before 6, and then have the rest of the family meet me right before the party starts at 7, or is this frowned upon? Same for Jack and Sally?

  40. Please help Kenny!! We have received conflicting information from two different cast members. If we have 6:40 reservations on a MNSSHP night, but no tickets for the party, can we still have dinner there? One cast member said we’d be escorted out after dinner and another member said we wouldn’t be allowed to keep our reservation. Which is it??

    I know we can’t stay for the party but I think it would be unfair to deny us a reservation when we paid until 7pm. Thanks in advance! :)

  41. Question, so with no masks of any kind does that mean no eye patches for pirates 14 & over as well as no icredibles mask for adults & 13 yr old? We were going to do incredibles but I’m bummed for no masks :(

  42. Hey Kenny! Love your site!!

    We are heading to the party on Thursday Sept 29th and had a few questions we’d love your help with.
    1. How bad do you think crowds will be?
    2. Any tips aside from getting in line early to meet Jack & Sally as well as some of the Disney Villains?
    3. What recommendations do you have for quick service meals during the party?

  43. attending the sept 8 party. we have dining reservations at Plaza rest. at 405. trying to figure out what are the best fpp to book? We might be in the park on our myw ticket before 4, so I am thinking we can do a ride before dinner. here’s what Im trying to decide between: Buzz, Haunted Mansion, PP, 7DMT, Speedway TIA!

  44. Hi Kenny! Do the special character greets typically sign autographs? Just wondering if it will be worthwhile carrying an autograph book. TIA! Deana

  45. Hello,
    I’m still confused about using Fastpass between 4 and 7 on the night of MNSSHP. I have tickets for MNSSHP on 10/4. If I use 3 Fastpasses that morning at HS, will I still be able to book 3 Fastpasses for 4-7pm with the MNSSHP ticket? I read that you can but you need a dummy MDE account or something of the sort. Thanks!

  46. How busy do you predict the September 11th party will be and how early will we have to line up for characters that night? Also, what exactly is considered a “layered costume”?

  47. Hi kenny, I posted a question on May 7th but didn’t get a response. I know you are super busy and you have always responded in the past so I apologize but I will ask again. We are between 10/4 and 10/6 in terms of party dates and wanted your thoughts on how bad you think 10/4 might be. Also, do you think either of those dates will sell out? Thanks as always!!! Your sites and character locator are the best!

  48. Hi Kenny!

    Family trip almost already planned for October, except for a very important question: Which date is better for MNSSHP, Sunday Oct 16th or Tuesday Oct 18th?


  49. We are headed to Disney the 3rd week in October and planning to visit the parks Mon-Fri. 3 of those nights are Mickey’s Halloween Party nights. We do not plan to attend the party. We will do MK on a non party day to enjoy the electrical parade and wishes. For our 2nd MK day, do you recommend a party day or a non party day? Wondering how these parties affect the crowd levels during the regular operating hours. Thanks so much!!

    • Party days very light. Non party days very busy. Everyone wants to catch the nighttime stuff. I’d spend a day elsewhere and hop into MK for night, if I had park hopper.

  50. Hello! We booked for oct 17-21 thinking oct was a less crowded time to go- planning to go to the party Tuesday the 18th and wondering how crazy busy it’s going to be!! is a sold out party like a regular busy magic kingdom day or is it still less crowded??

  51. Hi Kenny!

    We are planning on attending MNSSHP on Sunday October the 16th. To make most of the day, we’d like to take our 5 year old to a Character Meal, before entering the park at 4 PM.

    We are considering a 2PM “Chef Mickey’s Fun Time Buffet” at the Contemporary. Do you think this is a good idea? Or do you recommend something else?

    • I hope you have made reservations for Chef Mickey’s bcuz it is almost impossible to get a reservation this late, although still try. As an avid Disney World visitor I will tell you that Character Meals book up 180 days in advance. I hope you have a great time and have a magical trip!

  52. I think the best advise to give to anyone looking at ‘how scary’ MNSSHP is I highly recommend that you take the time to watch it all on youtube and judge for yourself, you know your kids better than anyone. You can also start prepping them by letting them watch. I agree with avoiding the Haunted Mansion. The Grave Diggers and the Haunted Mansion Dancing Ghosts during the Boo-to-You parade might be a little unsettling. Last year a male dancer actually came up to my son and held his hand out, as if he were asking my son to dance. It made for a great photo opt. a wonderful story to share with his friends, but still a little spooky. The dancer then smiled and bowed before returning to his partner.

  53. Hey Kenny!!
    So, we are just going to do the party one night and not use one of our park tickets. So my question is does the Fast pass work during the Halloween party or is that system not used during MNSSHP? Also , since the park tickets are on the magic bands , how will this ensure that they do not accidentally use one of our park tickets if we enter the park at 4pm? ( I’m thinking the Halloween tickets come on cards but wasn’t for sure and just wanted to check)
    Thank you for your help on this! and love your site!
    Carrie V.

      • Are you able to book the FP during 4-6 using the ticket in advance through MDE app, like other FPs? Thanks!

    • Hi Carrie V, Did you have any problems with this??? It makes me super nervous too! ;) I’d hate to show up on our last day for them to say, “Oh, sorry, that day you waited to come into the park at 4pm counted.” And be out of a ticket. :(

      • Party guests enter on the RIGHT side. Only those with valid tickets may use that entrance. Other guests enter on the left after 3:30pm.

  54. We have reservation at Be Our Guest at 7:25PM on a MNSSHP night. If we arrive at 7PM for dinner, will they allow us to eat without purchasing a Halloween Party ticket?

  55. Hello Kenny. We are thinking about going either Friday the 2nd or Friday the 16th of Sept. Which do you think will be the least crowded? Labor Day is Monday the 5th so do you think the 2nd might sell out? Thanks

      • Kenny, there is a price difference between 10/4 and 10/6, do you think that will mean a crowd difference too? Which date should be better? We prefer 10/4. Thanks!!!

  56. What is the policy for table service meals before the party starts if you don’t have a ticket? I thought you could have a reservation before 7, eat and then leave park. Now my BOG 6:20 reservations says I need MNSSHP tickets? Is this new?? We were planning to do MNSSHP ona different day…

      • I have a 6:50 CRT reservation on a Halloween party night. My reservation said I needed a ticket to party but I have called the reservation number 2 times and they told me I’m fine without a ticket. Second person checked with her supervisor to make sure. Just wondering where you found the info since its conflicting?

    • I’m wondering the same thing. In the past, the policy was always any reservation before 7 was fine. This year, seems like there is different information floating around and Kenny (as well as our travel agent) said the cuttoff is earlier. But, Lindy, who called has different information. Is there anything written re: this new policy?

  57. Hi Kenny!!
    First thank you so much for this site!! It’s amazing!!

    Second which date is better for MNSSHP Tuesday September 20th or Friday September 23rd?

    Third any news on whether Club Villain will continue into September?
    Thank you for all your help!! ☺️

  58. Truthfully, how bad do you think the crowds will be opening night on Sept 15??? It’s my Dad’s 70th birthday and we would love to meet him down there and celebrate!!!

  59. Hi Kenny now that it is May and you know everything Disney, any rumors of exact dates for when they will release the tickets for the MNSSHP ?

  60. Hi, I just found your site and I love it already! I’m torn between two dates for MNSSHP. Do you think the party on Colombus Day (Monday 10/10) will be crowded or would we be better off waiting to do the party on the next night (Tuesday 10/11)? Thank you in advance!

  61. We will be at WDW just in time for Halloween this year and are debating the party – my 5 year old isn’t a big fan of anything spooky (music, zombies, etc). Do you think it would be worth it under those circumstances? If so, which is a better day – Oct 30 or 31? Thanks!!

    • I have two kids that scare VERY easily. We basically can’t watch any movies, my daughter thought Shaun the Sheep was horrifying and they don’t talk,lol. Anyway, we attend the party every year and my kids love it. It could be that they are used to the party by now but I will tell you of the few things that have slightly bothered them. They don’t want to even look or walk near the Haunted Mansion on party night. They have scary music and effects coming from this area but it is easy to avoid, just look on the map and don’t walk past it. That would mean avoiding one of the trick or treat areas but there is plenty of candy elsewhere. The parade is awesome so don’t miss it but the zombie gravedigger part where they make music with shovels could be frightening to some (mine are ok with it oddly)…you could youtube this and see for yourself. I would just use distraction during that part, it doesn’t take that long for them to pass. The only other things is for some reason my daughter last year got nervous with the announcers voice that comes over and tells everyone that the party is beginning. She never had a problem with it when she was younger though (mine were 8 and 6 last party and have been every year since 4 and 2). I don’t find that part scary at all and most would not. We don’t watch the front stage shows (although, I would love to) for various reasons so can’t comment on those. If fireworks make your child scared these fireworks go on for a looong time! I love them and both of my kids do too now but the year that my daughter was afraid was pretty traumatic for her because there wasn’t anywhere to hide and they seemed endless, which normally is a great thing. The party is amazing and we love it. We have never been on a very busy night though like the 30th or 31st…that could be a bit overwhelming for some young ones.

  62. Any updates of when they will start selling the MNSSHP tickets for 2016? I am trying to get Oct. 30th since it is my son’s birthday :)

    Kenny thanks for all you do, it is a HUGE help with my family planning my son’s first Disney Magical Experience for his 4th Birthday in Oct. Your info pared with Linda Rapella from Mickey Travels Fantastic help it will be the Perfect Trip!!

  63. Can I assume MNSSHP will be sold out or close to it on Tues, October 23rd, 25th or 27th? I assuming these dates close to Halloween will be very busy. Am I correct?

  64. Can you still enter the park early with a party ticket, if you are dressed in costume (or enter early for dinner in-costume)? *I’ll be wearing Bride Dress, and my husband ~ a Groom/Ghost suit.

  65. This might be a silly question, but does Disney know to only subtract MNSSHP tickets from that linked to MDE account. Planning on having 10 day park tickets but want to go to MNSSHP on a non park day. Will it know to only take a MNSSHP ticket or will it take a park ticket too?

  66. Hey Kenny
    Two questions – 1. for 2016, when will they announce the dates for the Halloween party?
    2. Is it true you won’t be able to dress up if you are over age 12?

    • Only children are currently allowed to wear costumes, but we’ll see if they ammend it for parties later.
      Halloween dates: should know September this month and October next month.

      • Where did you get this information about adults not being able to dress up for the 2016 MNSSHP?

        Do you have a reference link for the MNSSHP on which dates sold out from year to year?

        Last question, did you know that Oct 2011 calendar is the same this year? This makes me wonder if the dates they used in 2011 will be the same for 2016.

      • Disney doesn’t allow adult costumes now. So it came from Disney.
        there’s a link on here sold out dates. Search sold out halloween here.
        We won’t know Oct 2015 until next month.

      • I’m really confused. Number 6 of your article says to wear a costume. But in the comments, it seems you’re not really sure that guests over 12 can wear one. I’m talking only about MNSSHP. I know adults can’t wear one on non party days.

      • Disney recently changed park rules for adults not to wear costumes. I’m waiting for confirmation that this would apply to parties.

    • HI Kenny,

      2 questions for MNSSHP 2016:

      1. I am a character locator subscribor and for 2015 party it shows some characters having start times for meets before the 7 pm party time. I know everything needs to be updated for 2016 when info is available, but should I assume that if a time earlier than 7 pm is listed for a party character in character locator that time is correct and that character will start meeting guests prior to 7 pm official party start time.

      2. I have seen lots of different views about purchasing tickets in advance or not. It sounds like the party has gotten very popular and sells out more now but I also see it goes on rain or shine. We will be there Oct 2-9, so I think we will have a few party opportunities (although dates aren’t out yet) but I would really like to go on that Tuesday if they hold it then (figuring less crowded that Thurs or Fri going into Columbus Day weekend). What’s your best guess about this date (10/4) selling out? Do you think I could wait until 5-3 days before the date and purchase after seeing the weather? Once I buy it, please confirm that I can’t switch to a different day (unless Disney cancels it).

      Thanks and keep up all the great blogging. I love character locator and your site! Your info is so on point and DEFINITELY worth the minimal cost – it made my last trip much less stressed and I’m sure will do the same for this one! Thanks.

      • All times on CL are correct and yes some did start before 7pm and they checked wristbands.
        If you don’t purchase in advance, you take the chance of your party selling out. I believe over 60% sold out last year. I won’t make sell out guesses in February :)

    • @ Sheri – When I booked my trip for Oct. 2016 the cast member on the phone said they don’t plan on banning adults from dressing up for the MNSSHP. HOWEVER, absolutely no pretend weapons of any kind and masks are not allowed.

      In the past those who dress inappropriately (showing things children should not see including bloody gore etc) were asked to leave.

  67. Thanks for the tips with Not So Scary. I managed 11 meets, all the shows and some trick or treating at the end of the night on Columbus Day all because of you Kenny.

  68. My mom is joining us last minute. I went to buy her ticket for November 1 only to find out it sold out the day before. Is there any way I can buy a ticket? Someone somewhere must have one they can’t use? Thanks!!

  69. KTP,

    My mom & stepfather only have 3 day tickets & a MNSSHP ticket attached to their Magic Bands. We’re attending the party the first night of our trip. (We will drive on Saturday, stay off site & attend a Sunday party.) I just want to know how to ensure that their party ticket is used for entry on Sunday afternoon & not one of their regular park days.

  70. Does anyone know what time Jack and Sally come out? I think I read somewhere that they start meeting earlier than 7:00. Additionally, is the line for Cruella long?

  71. Our 10 day ticket and our MNSSHP tickets are linked to our Magic Bands. If we enter at 4p on the night of our party, how can we be sure our MNSSHP ticket is being used and not one day of our 10-day ticket

  72. Would Tuesday Oct 13 OR Thursday Oct 15 be better for MNSSHP? Buy tickets in advance or wait til closer to that date? Thanks in advance!

  73. I ate at BOG for dinner last night. 8:55 reservation, sat at 9:20, and left the restaurant around 11:15. They were a half hour behind reservations and they were very busy. Excellent food but NOT worth missing most of the party for. I did all 3 BOG meals on this trip and lunch was our favorite experience by far.

  74. Hi, thanks for all of the information you provide here! This helps so many people plan their vacations well.

    We are going to MNSSHP in October. I can’t decide which night is best. Thursday Oct 22 or Friday Oct 23. We will be driving to Orlando on that Thursday. Will both days most likely sell out? I would like to go on the least crowded day. This will be my husband and my children’s first trip to the Magic Kingdom. Thanks in advance!

  75. If you already have 3 booked during the day, you can’t book an extra 3 from 4-7pm. People that have fpp from 4-7 either aren’t using any during the day anywhere or they bought the tix on a separate account. you could use 3 during the day and then try to add fpp 1 at a time at a kiosk after 4pm, but I bet your pickings would be pretty slim by that time.

  76. Hello! We are in Disney now and attempted to go to MNSSHP tonight, 9/15/15, but it sold out unexpectedly. We were holding out buying our tickets because of the weather forecast and wanted to wait to see what the rain was going to do. I was pretty shocked that the party sold out. Last year this time of year the party wasn’t busy at all. Did something happen to make the first party in September, a Tuesday no less, busier than all the years before it? A special Disney promotion or anything….did they let cast members buy tickets at a discount perhaps? We will still be in town this Friday and could go then but I was assuming it would be busy; but everything I thought I knew, I don’t. Besides wanting to know if you have any information on what made 9/15 sell out I would also like your opinion on if we should attend Fri. 9/18 or Tues. Oct. 27th? (Those are my only other two choices). Thank you so much!

  77. Hey Kenny. I’m going to MNSSHP Oct 31st and Nov 1st. I was really hoping to meet Frollo and knew get met at Club Villain dance party. Is that not happening this year?

  78. We have reservations at Cindrella’s castle at 7:10and that is the only time we could get one. Is it worth missing some of the party for?

  79. We’re going to the party two nights and I have FP+ for both days between 4-7. However, We are not attending any other parks those days so I think maybe that’s why I was allowed to book them. If you use those three earlier in the day, I would assume that you would still be entitled to your additional fast passes so once you get to MK for the party, find a kiosk and try to book something.

  80. I’m really confused. I just called WDW and was told that you cannot book fast passes between 4-7 on party nights. But I keep reading on here that you can and that people have done it!! We are attending the party on 10/22, we already have passes booked for earlier during the day, so can we book 3 additional ones between 4-7? and if so, when and how can i do it? Tried on MDE and it said it would erase my previous selections. HELP! :)

  81. KTP…in 2014 at Hollywood Studios they had the Villians during the summer. Was that a one time thing or will they do that again in the future? They weren’t there this summer. reason we ask is we have to go in the summer as my wife is a teacher

  82. KTP, curious what you do about food on MNSSHP nights, or would recommend with children. I know there will be tons of yummy snacks, but don’t want them completely filling up on junk, and I don’t want to waste party time eating… But also need an afternoon nap! Thinking pool time 10-12, nap 12-2, eat at Contemporary at 2:30 then walk over to party at 4. What do you think?

  83. Hey Kenny,
    How long do you think the Hocus Pocus Spelltacular will be? Wondering if we could watch at 8:00 and then make it to a spot for the parade at 8:35? Thank you SO much!!!

  84. Any tips for fireworks on a crowded party night? Specifically, what time should we stake out a spot to stand somewhere on Mainstreet near Mighty Casey’s? That’s my priority thing for the night because we watched from the back of the castle the last time we did the party and were so disappointed – just not the same experience at all.

  85. Hi Kenny – You are a Disney Prince – Can you please answer our questions? :)

    How does the MNSSHP affect normal park goers? Does the park close early throughout end of Sep\Oct for the party?
    Are all fireworks (eg Wishes) replaced with Halloween fireworks throughout the season?
    We’ve heard you have to pay for a MNSSHP ticket just to use the Be Our Guest restaurant, regardless of having park tickets already – is this true?
    How many parties would you recommend for 2 adults to do everything on offer?

    Most appreciated, thank you :)

    • Park closes at 7PM for non-party guests and you’ll be asked to make your way out of the park. Park hours are listed on my Crowd Calendars.
      Halloween fireworks are only on party nights. You can only see them with music from the Poly beach or TTC with no party ticket. Fireworks and parade schedules are also on Crowd Calendars.
      You cannot book a dinner reservation beyond 6:20pm without party ticket on party nights.
      Depends upon what you want to accomplish. Most guests only do 1 party.

  86. Kenny,

    I finally was able to get a dinner reservation for Be our guest, problem is its at 7 the night we are attending MNSSHP. My fiance and i are traveling with our 4 children (2,5,10 & 12). Do you think we should keep the reservation and hope to see beast, or cancel and enjoy more of the halloween party? We have never attended either and I am not sure what is the better option. Thanks!

  87. I know it says “not so scary” but I’m still not so sure about my son going. He gets scared when cars chase each other in the Cars movie and even gets scared during Winnie the Pooh while Pooh is dreaming of Hefelumps and Woozels. He doesn’t like seeing the witch at the end of the seven dwarfs ride and turns away. It almost makes him not want to ride the ride. I have had to talk him into it. He’s 4 by the way. So I’m wondering what you think? Will it be a bit too scary?

  88. We have tickets only for MNSSHP. I know Fast Passes aren’t allowed after 7pm but since we can get into the park starting at 4pm, can we use them from 4-7pm? If so, how do we make reservations. Thus far, I haven’t figured out how to make them only with the special event tickets using the My Disney Experience site. But I have heard that others have been successful at doing so. Thanks for the help!

    • If you can’t get it to work in MDE, you should have no issues in the park from 3:30 to 6:30. Make sure the ticket is added to your account as well. Some have told me it works better from computer than mobile.

  89. We are going to MNSSHP on Sept 22 & was wondering about our childs halloween costume. We already have it :) but didnt know if we should let him wear regular clothes when we first get there for the rides, shows, etc then put it on him for the candy part later ,( i read where you said to wait for the candy so you wouldnt have to carry it around :) )

  90. Sorry for the double post. Do you mean once i’m in the park at 4pm I can make my FP+ there, but not in advance? There probably won’t be much available.

  91. we are going 10/25.. i’m booking FP+ and as of now i have a park day and 3 FP+… i linked my MNSSHP tickets but i don’t see any additional 3 FP+ for 4-7pm. I was going to drop a park day since i’m not getting any extra 3 FP+’s but then the CM today said that if i drop a park ticket day that i’ll get an email saying that my FP’s will be gone. I’m confused b/c i read about others saying they got 3 for the day, 3 for the 4-7pm window.

  92. we are going 10/25.. i’m booking FP+ and as of now i have a park day and 3 FP+… i linked my MNSSHP tickets but i don’t see any additional 3 FP+ for 4-7pm. I was going to drop a park day since i’m not getting any extra 3 FP+’s but then the CM today said that if i drop a park ticket day that i’ll get an email saying that my FP’s will be gone. I’m confused b/c i read about others saying they got 3 for the day, 3 for the 4-7pm window, thank you

    • You’ll be able to use the party ticket once you arrive at the magic kingdom. I wasn’t able to pre book with party ticket either.

  93. I by am no means an expert here like Kenny is, but everything I’ve been reading here and elsewhere is that if you want to do the meets for the characters, especially the popular ones like Jack & Sally and the Dwarves, is that you’ll want to be in line for your first one by around 5-5:30. Of course, it’s really just dependent on what you want to accomplish during MNSSHP. This will be my first one as well, but my plans are to hit the big characters since this is the only time they are ever out, ride Haunted Mansion once or twice and do a bit of trick or treating. Dinner at BOG would just cut into the time I’d have to accomplish that goal, so we’re going there another night. Again, this is just my humble opinion.

  94. My husband and I are going to MNSSHP on Tuesday Oct 27th…we have dinner reservations at BOG at 6:40…are we going to miss anything have a reservation so close to the 7PM start of the party, we don’t want to miss anything this is our first MNSSHP? We also have BOG reservations for Wed Oct 28th at 9:20 (MK open till midnight) but thought that would be too late for dinner. Should we keep the 6:40 on Tues or the 9:20 on Wed.? Of course I will keep trying to change up until we leave. What is your suggestion?

  95. I just chatted with a cast member that said Jack Skellington will not be at the party! Can you confirm? Please tell me they are mistaken!

  96. We have a 7 day pass with no park hopper. We bought a MNSSHP ticket for day 7(Friday). We were hoping to go to AK in the morning and the Mickey Party at 4. When it was FP time, the only time we were able to,secure Anna and Elsa was Friday from 4-7. Do I have this FP through my park ticket or my MNSSHP? I’m scared I will go to AK in the morning and not be able to use my FP scheduled for ANNA because I already used my park ticket for the day and all I have left if party ticket. Do I need to make Friday my MK day to be sure?

  97. hi kenny we are going to the halloween party 10/1 and i was wondering when the map and schedule would be released? we went last year but i cant remember if it came out before the first party before. thanks!

  98. Hi Kenny,
    Thanks for all the info. We are taking our son for his first trip the last week in October. We have MNSSHP tickets for 10/27. Do you think we will be able to get to see most everything with an almost 3 year old in tow or should we consider doing the party 2 nights during our trip? Our top priority is Jack bc my son is quite literally obsessed but I’d like to get to the Seven Dwarfs as well.

  99. Hi Kenny, What would you suggest to me: buying tickets for MNSSHP 2015 party on monday (10/12) or tuesday (10/13)? This are the only days that I will be at Orlando with my 2 boys of 8 and 10 years old. So I am wondering if one day would be better that the other (like parades schedules or other things to happen on these 2 days). Many thanks. Celia

    • Tuesdays are usually better, but that is a busy week, so both could be sell outs. Schedules are the same for every party.

  100. If you have a disney resort reservation and a MNSSHP ticket you can book FP hetween 4-7 without a park ticket. I just did so for September 25!

  101. Hi Kenny- will fast pass selections need to be made in the park from 4-7, or can they be made in advance? We have our tickets for September but it does not look like I can make an advance FP reservation using our party tickets. are we not eligible for 3 selections using our party tickets if we select 3 FP for MK using a regular ticket earlier in day? Thanks for all of your wonderful tips!

  102. Not Yet, but I was definitely thinking about it I was going look into that further while I’m at work instead of on my phone. It’s sounds like it would be a huge help especially for our first party!

  103. So excited!! Looking forward to using some of your suggestions. We went to our first parities 2012. We are splurging for two parties during this trip as well first party we are going big in the costumes I made and focusing on shows and pictures with characters. Second party we’ve got reservations at pirates league and plan to ride more rides. Here is my son and daughters costumes that I finished :) we’ll be there on October 15th in these! http://youtu.be/4kp_98OdaGs

  104. I am attending my first MNSSHP on the opening day (Sept 15). Do the Princesses still meet with their Princes, and if so which ones? My priority is meeting rare characters (ie Jack/Sally, 7 Dwarves) and want to get a plan together in order to make the most of my time.

  105. We’ll be at Disney Sept 19-24. It will be our first MNSSHP and trying to decide on Sunday, Sept 20 or Tues, Sept 22. Will there be much of a difference? Pictures with Jack and Sally are the highest priority for my daughter. Which dates and what would you recommend? Thanks

  106. We are thinking of attending the MNSSHP on Halloween night (we have a few school days off right after halloween). We have been to the party twice before in Sept and find the crowds to be kinda heavy. Do you think we would be blown away by the crowd on Halloween night? I believe one time the party was sold out when we were there and one time not but I didn’t notice a difference in crowd level based on trying to find a spot to watch the parade and fireworks. Any tips on that other than waiting for the second parade? We always look early but apparently not early enough. We don’t meet characters anymore. Basically there for atmosphere, 7dwarfs minetrain, big thunder, parade, fireworks and maybe hit a few trick or treat stops. Last year we took up 80 min waiting for Elsa so that won’t be happening again! 7dwarfs ride was 60 minutes as well.

    • If you think Sept mnsshp is heavy yes. Halloween is always a sell out. I personally don’t find any party that busy, but I use my touring plans :) I met frozen sisters last hour of party with 8 minute wait.

  107. Any rumors about characters for this year’s party? Will the princes be back? Will regular ticket holders be able to meet all the villains?

  108. I am wondering if I watch the 2nd parade in front of City Hall, will I have enough time to get in line for Jck & Sally or am I risking the line being closed as it will be around 11:20 when the parade is finished?

  109. Hi Kenny! Do you think attending MNSSHP would be unbearable on 10/31? It’s my daughter’s actual birthday and trying to decide if we should do the party that night or another night. Do all the resorts have trick-or-treating?

  110. Heading to Disney Oct 18-25 which Halloween party would be the least crowded? Best day? I know it’s closer to Halloween so I assume they are busier

  111. Your site has been so educational! I feel much better equipped for our upcoming FIRST FAMILY TRIP this October! <3

    We are going 10/11-10/17, and there are MNSSHPs that Monday (Columbus Day), Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. My initial plan was to get a ticket for Monday night, but I'm wondering if you think that would be more crowded being a holiday? Should I wait until Tuesday night? I think ticket prices increase for that Thursday and/or Friday, so Mon/Tues are probably our more likely options. Any thoughts on which would be the best night for the party? Thank you!!

  112. Hi Kenny we r wanting to do the MNSSHP and was woundering what would be the best day you think to go crowd wise….either Sun Oct. 4th, Tues Oct. 6th or Thurs. Oct 8th? Thanks!

  113. Hi Kenny – we are traveling to WDW Oct 8 – 12 (Columbus Day Weekend) , would it be better to go to MNSSHP on Thursday the 8th (the day we fly in) or Friday the 12th? Also, last year MK had EMH until 0200 on Saturday of Columbus Day weekend. Do you foresee them doing this again?

  114. Hi Kenny.
    We ‘re from the UK and will be in Orlando from 21st October to 4th November 2015. Which party do you think would be best for us / least crowded?? I’ve read that Orlando schools have a small holiday 22nd to 26th October, I’m guessing this might impact on the numbers? My kids will be 13 and 10, are they a little old?

  115. If your package isn’t paid in full yet, you should be able to drop them down to 4 day passes and have your package price reduced. Then you basically could use that money toward the MNSSHP tickets.

  116. I bought the party ticket today but I was referring to the base pass really.. Are you able to go to MK on a base pass in the morning then leave and come back to the same park using the same base pass in conjunction with the party pass?

  117. If I have a base ticket and choose to spend the day at the park but then leave to go back to my off site hotel to clean up before the party, am I able to return using the same ticket?

  118. MNSHP
    I have the possibility to do it on Tuesday September 15th ( which is the 1st day) or Sunday September 20th – Which one will you recommend ?

  119. KTP – What would you recommend? We are aiming to go to MNSHP on Sept 15th – We will be doing Blizzard Beach wich is across from our Resort that day .
    We can do
    CRT -at 4:25 or move it to 5:35pm – Which is a better time?
    Is not our first time doing MNSHP
    We will be doing MK another Full day and probably 1/2 day
    Thanks so muchhhhhh!!

  120. Kenny, will we get extra fastpasses for the Halloween party or just the normal 3 for the entire day? And can you fastpass any characters at the Halloween party?

  121. Hi Kenny I have a 5 day pass and only planning on going to the parks on 4 days, I read somewhere that I could use that extra pass to pay for the Halloween party tickets is that true? Thanks

    • No, it’s not true. Halloween Party is a hard ticket event that requires a separate purchase. Sorry for the bad information you were given. You also cannot use a second day to park hop. You must have a park hopper option to do that.

  122. Kenny, I see that Disney has just released the dates for MNSSHP, but 3 dates that MK is closing at 7pm were not included. 9/1, 9/7 and 9/12. Does this mean there will be no MNSSHP on these dates? Do they ever add more later? If they don’t add parties for these dates, will the park still close at 7pm or will that be updated? Thanks!

    • 9/12 would be Night of Joy. The others could be private parties or errors. My dates page for this set reflects the dates Disney announced.

  123. The way I read CJ’s comment “with normal daily passes and just giving them wrist bands for that evenings party”…..if that’s true, I would agree….I paid $$$ for the party and these people are being given free wrist bands? But I thought before 7pm, the wristbands could only be picked up at the designated areas (we used the one across from Pirates to get our band a little after 4pm, and had to have our wrist bands scanned for our party ticket again, even though we’d scanned it for entrance already). So I’m wondering if CJ did not quite understand what they were seeing. At 5pm the wrist bands weren’t being given at the gate were they?

    • NOPE, that’s incorrect. Regular tickets may enter before 7 and must leave at 7, but don’t get wristbands. That statement is wrong.

  124. I went to one of the last parties and they were letting in guests at 5p with normal daily passes and just giving them wrist bands for that evenings party. I find this unfair for those of us that paid for the party. I know it was probably a small hand full but this really ruins it for the rest of us that paid.

    • Not unfair because they allow guests to enter a park until closing using a valid ticket and the park doesn’t close until 7pm, that’s why they allowed usage at 5pm.

  125. I know its a gamble either way with no way of knowing next years schedule. What kind of (ballpark type) odds do you think we would have of getting to do Halloween Party next year booking a trip Labor Day weekend (Thurs-Mon)? There’s some truly awesome deals out there and want my cake and eat it too. Worried that Night of Joy will be that weekend. Do you think its highly possible that they will start on the 1st (Tues) again and if so skip that following weekend again?

  126. I have a 4 and 2 year old. Can my husband get online for the 7 dwarfs at 530 and I take the kids on a ride then come back and jump on line with him? They will never make standing in line that long but I really want to meet them.

    • No. The outline stays the same. The only thing that really gets affected is the second parade can be a little harder to find a spot.

  127. Hi Kenny,

    Do you have a suggested plan to see some of the characters (Seven Dwarfs, Jack and Sally, Captain Jack and hit up the Monster and Villain dance parties, catch one parade and Halowishes and do the trick or treating? Thank you

  128. Hello! First thank you so much for all that you do! :)

    2 quick questions. We are going to MNSSHP on Friday. Right now the weather looks like it will be wet, wet and wet. Do the characters still meet in the same location even if it is raining? We are only worried about the 7 Dwarfs.

    Also, we have full day tickets in addition to the party tickets. We are planning on getting to MK around 2:00. Can we be dressed in our costumes at that point or should we bring them to change into at 4:00. THANK YOU!

  129. Kenny we are going to MNSSHP on the 28th. My tickets are linked to our magic bands. We are going to AK earlier that day and have FP+ reservations for the morning. I clicked on FPs on MDE and chose the 28th trying to add FPs at MK for between 5-7pm. However I get a message that my current FP+ selections will be replaced. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

    Thanks so much for all of your help and tips. I’m looking forward to using your character locator during the upcoming trip!

  130. Hi Kenny, I have a 4 yr. old who is dying to see Maleficent! (She’s even dressing up as her) I’ve seen from some different threads & websites that she’s pretty hard to see, but I’ve also seen that she’s going to be in Fairytale Hall. Just wondering if you know what’s true & if you have any suggestions? Thanks so much!

  131. I used the app for my trip back in June and met almost everyone that I had planned, without worrying about major lines, missing the time, and things like that. I’m going for MNSSHP on the 21st and was wondering if it was possible to meet many of the characters during the party.

    My number one priority would be Jane and Tarzan, although they aren’t always together. Preferably I’d also like to see Aladdin and Abu or Jasmine and Genie, but I don’t need to see both. And I’m going as Maleficent, so is there any possibility of meeting her? On one page I saw the Headless Horseman was listed from 10:25-10:30, then elsewhere I saw you saw him during the parade (sometime between 8:15 and 8:52). All of these characters seem to meet between 9:45 and 10:45, so I’m just worried I won’t be able to make it to all of them.

    Your touring and character guides are super helpful, so any advice would be welcome!

  132. Hi Leslie,
    I have my tickets printed out, so when I put the number in MDE it tells me my tickets have already been linked…I am so lost lol!!!

  133. Hi Kenny,
    I thought I read on here somewhere that you can link your MNSSHP tickets and get fast passes from 4-7…How can I do this? My tickets show up on my reservation page, but nothing happens when I try to link them. Can I go to AK during the day, use my 3 fast passes and the pick some more for MK before the party starts with my MNSSHP tickets? Please help!

  134. We have attended the party once in the past and our must do list only consists of Celebrate the Magic, Hallowishes and the 10:30 parade. Can you advise me of when and where we should stake a spot? I don’t mind if we stay in one spot or is it possible to head to Frontierland and find a spot for 10:30 parade over there after Hallowishes ends? We have a six year old so I want her to be able to see the parade as easily as possible. Thanks!!!

  135. I just wanted to say ” Hi” and thanks so much for the reporting you did while you were attending the first MNSSHP this Mon 9/1. As always I will continue to send people to your site for awesome help
    Ruthie aka Dis friend Luvchefmic

  136. Hi Kenny,
    I know that Maleficent and the Evil Queen are now at the Villains Soiree, but I was wondering if they still perform as part of the Castle Villains Show?

  137. Hi! I plan on arriving around 5 to the MNSSHP. I know fastpass+ it’s not available once it starts at 7, but can I use fastpass+ from 4-7? Will passing my magicband discount me a day from my regular package tickets even if I entered via the MNSSHP ticket? I am worried to lose a day if I do.

  138. Can’t thank you enough for your information and app. Has helped me dearly in past trips and planning this one.

    Do you know how early Mickey changes into his Halloween Costume for the Party in Town Square. I have a FP for my Mickey obsessed DS2 530-630p and was curious if he might have his costume on during that time or only when the bell tolls at 7p. My plan was to use that FP around 550pm and then get in line for Jack and Sally around 6 for my other DS4.

  139. Kenny….love your site and all your amazing information. We are going to the Halloween party on Sept 16 (our first time) and then we are going to Halloween on the High Seas on the Disney Dream on Sept 21. I’m wondering if it would be easier to meet Jack and Sally on the cruise rather than wait in line for them at the party? Which characters would you say are a must to meet during the party? I want to maximize our time and don’t want to waste time meeting characters I could meet during the week. Thanks.

    • If you see them with a reasonable line at MNSSHP, then meet them there, if not, try the ship. The characters that don’t make regular appearances in the parks/ships and special costumes would be the ones I would shoot for.

  140. Hi Kenny! Awesome info here! I was wondering…will Elsa and Anna be available for meet and greet during this years MNSSHP?

  141. You became the greatest possible source of information on my may trip. Turns out I’m in Florida last week of August and am planning to hit Hollywood studios for the frozen stuff on August 31 and mk sept 1 for the Halloween party. Since sept 1 is the first one of the season, am I basically sol since you won’t have had one in the books to report on or is it possible you will be able to have done advance info for me to rely on before sept 1 Halloween party?

  142. Just booked a one night stay so I can go to the MNSSHP on Sept 23. Very much looking forward to it. I plan on getting in line for the 7 Dwarfs first then after the Villains show I’ll get who I can there. Other than that I have an open schedule. (not sure if TSA will allow my travel tripod in my carry on so I can get good fireworks pics, but I do plan on seeing the parade) Doing this one solo. I’ve done 2 MVMCP’s, this will be my first MNSSHP.

  143. I know at Christmas time Mickey is in his holiday outfit at Animal Kingdom, does he wear at Halloween outfit anywhere besides during the MNSSHP? Thank you!

  144. I am looking to do the Halloween party on the 20th. Between Jack and Sally, 7 Dwarfs, Mickey and co, and Princesses I am not sure the best way to attack this scenario. Still wanna meet a villain and see parade and fireworks too. Rate the difficulty of this? Also did you get my Doc Mobile info I emailed you?

  145. Any update on which characters will be out and their locations? Do you know if Rapunzel and Eugene will be there this year?

    Thank you! :)

  146. Hi Kenny. Great work! This will be our first year for MNSSHP. Kids want to meet Jack and Sally, 7 Dwarves, and Jack Sparrow. Is it possible? What’s the best strategy?

  147. If I get in the 7 Dwarves line at 5:30 (while the husband and kids ride rides), is it possible to get our picture with them, Pooh & friends, and Donald & Daisy before the 7:45 Villains Mix and Mingle?

  148. Hi Kenny. Hope you’re doing fine. Kenny, I’m going to try to make it to the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year if I can, and I was wondering if you knew off hand what characters are going to be there this year. This is one of the things I always look forward to. I had a wonderful time at the Long Lost Friends Week three weeks ago, and glad I finally got Robin Hood this time. Take care and have a magical weekend. Jason.

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