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Disney Character Interaction Tips

Disney Character Interaction Tips


Many guests who visit with characters merely walk up, get their book signed, take a photo and walk away.  The average time a guest spends with a character is less than one minute.  They are missing out on some great fun, Disney Character Interaction and maybe even funny things to say to a Disney Character.  Characters are always ready to play with the guests and may need a simple prodding to do so.   After reviewing the list, contribute things YOU say to a Disney Character!

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What to say to Disney characters

The Toy Story Characters DO NOT fall down when someone says, “Andy’s coming.” Just an internet myth. They would be lying on the ground all day with the number of people trying this.

Update:  Characters also aren’t impressed with the new #andyscoming challengea either.

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Aladdin & Jasmine

  • Refer to Aladdin as “street rat” and see how he will respond.
  • Ask them if you can take a ride on the magic carpet with them.
  • Ask Aladdin if you can see the magic lamp of the Genie.

Alice in Wonderland

  • Be sure to say “How do you do?” and shake hands.
  • Ask Alice what color are her favorite flowers? White
  • Tell Alice that today is your Unbirthday!

Anastasia and Drizella

  • Ask one of Cinderella’s Step Sisters to sing.
  • Ask the Step Sisters which is the pretty one.
  • If they are at the side of the castle, ask the stepsisters when Cindy will be   arriving.

Anna and Elsa

  • Ask them if they would like to build a snowman.
  • Show them some of your best snowman photos.
  • Ask if Olaf’s hugs really are warm.


  • Offer Ariel a new Dinglehopper fork.
  • Ask Ariel if you can become a mermaid.
  • When posing with Ariel, ask if she will make a “fishy face”


  • Ask Aurora if she likes to takes naps.
  • Ask Aurora what her favorite dress color is.
  • Ask her if Philip is a good kisser.


  • Ask Baloo to demonstrate how to use the claw to pick a pear so you do not prick yourself.
  • Bring a plastic pear to offer him as a gift.
  • Tell him you have been working hard and need him to demonstrate how to get the Bare Necessities.


  • Always great Belle with a hearty “Bonjour.”
  • Ask Belle for a book recommendation.
  • Ask Belle what book she is currently reading.

Buzz Lightyear

  • Tell Buzz he is a toy…a  T. O. Y. toy!
  • Ask Buzz if you can push his reset button.

Captain Hook

  • Stand behind Captain Hook and go tick tock, tick tock or call him a codfish.
  • If he is alone, ask him where Mr. Smee is.
  • Show him Peter Pan, Wendy or Tinker Bell’s signatures.

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Chip n Dale

  • Ask Chip/Dale if they are squirrels, gophers or rats.
  • Ask Chip/Dale which one are you.
  • Ask Chip/Dale who has the better dance moves.


  • Offer her a shoelace to keep those shoes on her feet.
  • Offer to trade her one of your shoes for her glass slipper.
  • Ask her how Gus and Jaq are doing.

Cruella de Vil

  • Tell her fur is so out of fashion


  • Propose marriage to Daisy or ask for a kiss.
  • Tell her she does not need Donald, she can have you.


  • Ask Donald where Mickey is.
  • Ask Donald why he doesn’t have as much stuff in the parks as Mickey.
  • Ask Donald why he doesn’t wear pants.

Dug and Russell

  • Ask Russell where Kevin is. Point and shout Squirrel to Dug.
  • Tell Dug that you do not like the Cone of Shame.
  • Show Russell your Wilderness Explorer call. Caw, caw, Roar.


  • Ask Eeyore where his tail is.
  • Show Eeyore your muscles.
  • Tell Eeyore “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you there.”

Evil Queen

  • Always bow to the Queen
  • She doesn’t like smiles
  • Ask her if she feels she is more beautiful than Snow White


  • Ask him if he is an ant. When he nods yes, ask him where the other two legs went.

Flynn Rider

  • Ask him to see what is in his “purse”.
  • Ask him to show you the smolder
  • Ask him how many frying pan hits the human head can take.

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  1. Hmm, I think it’s still possible to ask Baloo and King Louie about Don Karnage, Rebecca, and Kit from “TaleSpin” in spite of not wearing their outfits from the show. In fact they appeared with these characters in their Jungle Book forms in the past.

  2. If you feel up to it, challenge Gaston to an arm wrestling contest or a push-up contest.
    Tell him you think he is more handsome than the Beast, or vice-versa.

  3. I had a similar experience! When I met Jack, I had a big gold hoop earring, and he asked where I got it, and I said at the bottom of the ocean in a treasure chest. He stepped back, scared and hesitantly asked,” Are you a mermaid?” and I said “Of course” and he said, “but a nice mermaid, right?” and I said “oh of course” and he said “Oh then I can continue talking to you” and walked back closer to me.

    • My friends and I had a similar experience with Jack. One of my friends was wearing a golden carousel necklace and he asked if he could trade her for it. Then he did a similar thing with one of my other friends that had braces. It was great and made the whole thing a lot of fun.

  4. I like to call Buzz Lightyear “Mrs. Nesbit” and ask him where his delightful hat is. It’s funny, he gets all embarrassed.
    Ask Brer Fox how he lets a cute little bunny outfox him. His reaction is SO funny.
    Ask Captain Hook how a little boy is able to get the best of him. ALSO a funny reaction.
    Once I waited to see the Evil Queen from Snow White…when it was my turn, I went up, got down on my knees and bowed my head and kept repeating, “You’re the fairest in the land!” When she told me to rise in her regal voice she was so fun to interact with. She noticed I didn’t have a pin of her on my lanyard, but I told her I didn’t have a Snow White one either, so we were good.
    As you can tell, I love messing with the characters, especially the villains. They have the best interactions!
    I’ve coached my daughters to ask Tiana where her Froggy Prince was, Asked Ariel where Flounder and sebastion were.

    Just try to think of their movies and you can think of some really fun interactions.

  5. My dad lost his hands in an accident and wears a hook. When we went to Disneyland when I was a kid, he would say arrrrh to any kid who stared. But the highlight of the trip was when he and Captain Hook shook hooks. The pic is still proudly displayed in my parents’ house.

  6. Wow! All these stories are wonderful. My story made my life. I am a nurse and when I get burnt out (which is often) I always say I want to be a Storm Trooper when I grow up. They are so cool. At HS I was waiting for the march when one of the extras walked up to the little boy next to me to “recruit him” for the Empire. I burst out and said yelled ” I want to be you!!!!!!” Without missing a beat he leaned in and with his storm trooper voice said, “Copy that!” OMG I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day, the trip and even now months later. That is why I want to be a Disney Character!!!!!


  7. My son (six years old at the time) asked to crow with Peter Pan. Best picture of the entire vacation was Peter and my son in the classic crow pose!

  8. He told my 20 year old daughter to control herself because she was laughing. I whispered she isn’t capable. He got up in my face pointed and said yes she can. Hard to have that prerecorded. The whole experience was awesome.

  9. Kylo asked my daughter where the droid was. He got pretty close to her, but she was good. My youngest, 5 years old was fine. You can’t really have a conversation with him, the things he said were recorded.

  10. My kids met Kylo Ren and as we were leaving, my husband tried to get some compassion out of him and asked him if he missed his father. Kylo Ren said, “Questions raise suspicions.” And then he stared at us and stood in the exit doorway until we shut the door… He’s so intimidating, he literally filled up the entire doorframe.

  11. I don’t really think there’s too much ogle room for Kylo ren! I haven’t met him yet but a few friends of mine swore it’s actually Adam Driver’s voice and some how his mask or even gloves allow him to chose different pre recorded phrases.
    I can’t confirm that but after listening to some people’s experience with him it seems most of the things he says are always the same.
    But… like I said. I haven’t met him yet so I can’t really say if it’s true or not. Just the more than a handful of friends had the same impression

    • Umm, I’m not sure about that. He told my daughter’s service dog that they needed clever dogs like her in the first order.

  12. Say “Resistance forever!” Then get out quick. My daughter did it as we were leaving and (There was literally no one in line.) he chased after her.

  13. Thanks for the tips, it’s really fun to interact with the characters. A good tip is to Ask Anna to show you the reindeer pokey – that was great fun and we have some really good photos!

  14. We met tinkerbell a couple of days ago and spoke to her about Wendy – try telling her that she should be nicer to wendybird. She’ll tell you why she doesn’t like Wendy (she told us that Wendy never changed her PJs and smelt funny)

  15. On our honeymoon in December 2014, I asked Chip and Dale how was Clarice and which one of them was dating her. They spent a good ten minutes with us “describing” her and arguing back and forth about who was dating her and who she liked best.

  16. Hi Kenny-

    We are having dinner at 1900 Park Fare. I see questions and things to ask other Cinderella characters but do you have any tips on what to say or ask to Prince Charming or the Fairy Godmother?

  17. Hi Kenny, I’m new to your character locator, so sorry if this is posted somewhere and I missed it. I am a bit apprehensive about a meet and greet with Kylo Ren. I’ve heard he is way different than the other characters. My boys (6 and 3) LOVE Star Wars and we certainly can’t NOT meet Kylo. I just want to prepare them a little for what it may be like. I understand it’s not as jovial as asking MIckey to wiggle his nose, of telling Woody there’s a snake in his boot. I’m a little worried my 3 year old may cry (maybe) and Kylo will cut the greet short. Advice????? Thanks!

    • If you look at Kyle’s listing on Character Locator, you’ll find a video of how the interaction is dictated by him. He can be pretty intense.

    • We met Kylo twice. The first time my daughter was wearing Rey ears and he was upset that she favored the resistance. She asked to take a selfie with him and he walked away. We went back another day and she said she would fight with him. He let her take a selfie with him that time. He is a little intimidating. I think it’s because he’s so tall and wearing a mask. We had fun with him though!

  18. The first time I went to Disney World, Cinderella asked if my boyfriend was my prince, and how long we’d been together. She was very impressed by our 5 years.

    The second time I went to Disney World, we spent 5 days there, and made sure to meet as many princesses as we could.

    My friend was drawing every character we got autographs from in the line to meet them, and that led to some fun interactions, as everyone was very impressed by her artwork.

    Pocahontas was so impressed that she started flipping through the book to look at “her friends”.

    Elsa and Anna made a special autograph for my little sister’s birthday (she didn’t get to be there) and asked if she had 5 chocolate cakes, since she turned 5. Apparently in Arendelle, you get a chocolate cake for every year you turn.

    Rapunzel talked about art with us and said that she was trying to teach Flynn how to draw. So far, he can draw a square.

    Merida asked us where we were from and how long it took to get there. When we said 20 hours, she asked if that was by horse. We said, no, by bus, and she didn’t know what a bus was.

  19. A really fun, unintentional thing I discovered is meeting certain characters if you have fun colored dyed hair.
    For example I met Merida and I had pink in my hair, and she was concerned I had a run in with the witch, who’d put a spell on me.
    When I met Anna and Elsa, they took asked similarly if I’d had a run in with the Trolls. Both interactions were a lot of fun.
    Another thing you can always bring up with Anna and Elsa, is talking to them about chocolate, which they LOVE!

  20. I met Merida yesterday and meant to say that I was surprised she wasn’t coming in the olympics as I know she would win gold, and when I meant to say Scotland I totally said Ireland I was SO embarrassed. Thankfully I covered well with “I mean you would win gold in all the countries”!!! Even as an adult, I enjoy meeting face characters bc I swear they can play with you equally as much if not more!

    I also, saw Tinkerbelle completely go gah-gah over this woman’s Peter Pan themed nail air! It was ADORABLE

  21. In Epcot last year, my children met Snow White in Germany. My daughter was 9 and completely starstruck. Snow White is her favorite princess! My son was 4 and Snow white had him close his eyes so she could tell him a secret. When he closed his eyes, she grabbed both sides of his head and kissed his forehead. He had red lipstick on his forehead all day. It was the cutest thing!

  22. We’ve had so many great interactions.
    Ask the Mad Hatter to tell you a joke!

    My DD asked Dug and Russell where Kevin was and they started hunting for Kevin – hysterical

    FYI – The Tremaines do not like tie dye shirts …

    DD and Belle hung out waiting for the beast and talked about books for about 5 minutes (DD is a bookworm like Belle)

    Peter Pan is always a great time …. DD loves chatting with him and getting message to give to Hook is at the top of her list!

    For 8 years now we’ve been going and she still loves meeting and talking to the characters. I hope she always does.

  23. We just recently went and I think our best meet and greet was with Peter Pan. It was near the end of our vacation so my 15 month old nephew was feeling more secure with the characters. While Peter was talking to my niece, my nephew poked Peter which started a poking war with Peter.

  24. I usually go to Disneyland every year, but my favorite story happened last year. My sister and I were wearing tshirts that said “She’s my elsa” and “She’s my anna”, a friend of us was wearing a shirt that said “Im their Olaf”, so when Goofy saw their shirt, he went to a near tree and grabbed two little sticks, which he used in the picture as trying to be Olaf too. He is my favorite character ever.

  25. Last summer we met Chip and Dale at HS! My special needs son’s favorite characters ! Chip stole my sons magic band and tried to get on a ride. It was the highlight of my sons trip! They took extra time and played with him (it’s almost like they know he has special needs) chip signed his magic band and sale got mad and grabbed it and signed it too.

    We were leaving the next day for a Disney cruise, so we talked to Goofy about meeting us on the cruise he got excited and tried to leave with us

  26. My son used the light saber on my phone with a light side color and showed Kylo Ren at Disneyworld. Kylo Ren refused a picture and kicked my son out of the line. He did take pics with my other kids though. My son thought it was great.

  27. Genie loves little girls pony tail hairstyle. He points out if you match.

    Flik doesn’t like bug spray cans.

    Rapunzel likes green magic bands that remind her of Pascal.

    1st order troopers stop you if you’re dressed like a rebel

  28. I’m going on a cruise and one of the themed days is going to be Star Wars Day so they are going to have all the characters out at different times of the day. I don’t know which one but those are the ones if they are out and the only ones I want to see really since I’ve seen all of the other’s I’d want to see

  29. Last year, I was at Hollywood Studios wearing my tank top with the logo of punk rock band The Misfits on it and saw Sorcerer Mickey at the Magic of Disney Animation. Mickey noticed my top and flashed me the devil horns/rocker hands. I couldn’t help but smile and I got a picture of Mickey and me flashing the horns. It’s official to me, Mickey Mouse is a big fan of one of the most famous bands to come out of New Jersey!

  30. I accidentally called Donald Duck Daffy. His reaction was priceless. It was a sincere mistake, but I recommend trying it just to ruffle his feathers.

  31. Kids had the best interaction with Frozone and Mr Incredible when my son asked Frozone: “Do you wanna build a snowman?”, resulting in the two of them having a thumb wrestling match.

  32. My daughter (4 at the time), asked Snow White if she would twirl her skirt. Snow White replied, “Why, twirling is one of my favorite things.” She twirled her skirt. Then they joined hands and danced. While I cried. It is my favorite memory.

  33. Peter Pan and I had a like 20 minute talk (literally)
    about how my braces and glasses that Captain Hook would steal! Also Baymax Interactions

  34. I got GREAT character interactions with the following:

    – I asked Alice if she had any red paint so we could paint the roses red before the Queen of Hearts showed up (her character spot in Epcot is full of white flowers)

    – Mary Poppins and I spoke about our favorite types of tea and different ways to prepare it

    – Rapunzel and I exchanged stories about our pets and arranged for a hide&seek play date

    – I wore a statement necklace and asked Ariel if she liked the “sea glass” I had Scuttle fashion into jewelry for me

    – I asked the Tremaines if I could become their adopted sister since Cinderella moved into the palace.

    – I asked Gaston how he felt about the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train being built bigger and better than his tavern and fountain

    – I sometimes keep track of movie release dates and ask those characters what they are going to do for their “anniversary”. Example I told Aladdin and Jasmine “I know you two met in the marketplace 13 years ago this week (this was in November)- how are you going to celebrate your anniversary?”

    – I asked Cinderella what Prince Charming does while she is greeting castle guests all day and then asked if Fairy Godmother helps Tinkerbell with the fireworks

    – I asked Pochantas if her tribe knows/is friends with Princess Tiger Lily and if they have ever met before

    – I asked Princess Aurora if she could show me the proper way to curtsy and if she knew of any eligible Princes in nearby kingdoms

    – I talked with Princess Anna about who has worse bedhead and we acted out what ours looks like with our hands for our photo

  35. Russel and Doug did the Wilderness Explorer pledge with my girls this past Sept at Animal Kingdom. They loved it. :D

    Ariel had a detailed conversation with my daughters about their dinglehoppers at lunch in the castle. They also had to explain to her what a spoon was and how to use it.

  36. Last Year my 4 year old daughter was last in line to see Snow White ,Ariel and Cinderella in Disneyland. It was her first day in Disney and she was so excited. As soon as it was her turn she was so excited she ran into the pavillion and gave Ariel a huge hug and rattled on and on about everything in her singing voice. Ariel was so amazed that she just had to show her princess friends Cinderella and Snow White, so she grabbed my daughter’s hand and led her to Cinderella and from there an epic game of hide and seek was started because Cinderella asked my daughter what she loved to do. So there we were three princessess in huge dresses, my 4 year old, all the photopass castembers and the castmembers with the characters running in the pavillion playing hide and seek for almost half an hour. I cried. It was such an experience for my daughter, she still tells everyone she played with the princesses

  37. My daughter who was seven at the time of our Disney cruise ,brought a letter and picture for Cinderella. Cinderella hugged and thanked her. The next morning Cinderella left a handwritten card addressed to princess Amari under our cabin door! I still have no idea how they found us! For the rest of the cruise they would wave to each other, visit, and my daughter was addressed as princess Amari the entire time. I can still see the magic in her eyes as I remember this. The day at castaway cay, my daughter was in the dig. I was alone waiting to see Mickey. Cinderella was the escort for Mickey that day. I quietly said ” you’re Cinderella!!!” She replied ” no, I’m not. However, cinderella is my friend and had told me so many lovely things about princess Amari!” I was tickled by the magic ! Can’t wait to be in wdw in 26 days!

  38. I am 35 years old now and live with my parents due to my disability. Anyway, A couple years ago my mom and I went to Disney World with a friend and her son. Well, as we were headed to eat at one of the parks(I can’t remember which) I hear my mom’s friend tell her son “Wave bye to Stitch” as we were passing where he and Lilo were taking pictures. The first thing out of my mouth was “STITCH? Where?” and my mom points him out then goes “You’re not about to wait in that line. I chuckled and said “Watch me!” Well, I go over there and get my picture with them and as I am leaving, Stitch swats at the bill of the hat I’m wearing. I fix the hat and look back at him and he’s got his hand covering his mouth, pointing at me as if he’s laughing. It was SO cool.

  39. I asked Lady Tremaine how she got her cat Lucifer to be so evil, she had a very humorous response which prompted a discussion on how to cats can be trained to be good evil lackeys.

  40. I love this list. And I’ll be sure to use some of the things next 4th of July.

    My story is with Alice. It was my 12th birthday (I’m 16 now) and I was wearing a home made shirt that said: UNBIRTHDAY GIRL! Her reaction was priceless. She was so nice and really took the time to wish me a happy unbirthday. We did some weird poses for the picture and then I walked off with my mother.
    Later in one of the parades she saw me standing in the crowd and yelled that it was my unbirthday. I got it on video somewhere.

    Characters are the best way to make your Disney experience truly MAGICAL.

    On July 4th my school planned a trip for the while school to go to Disneyland Paris (I live in the Netherlands.) and my current best friend has never been to Disney, where I have been 11 times in my whole life, and asked me to give her some pointers. These tips will be in those pointers!!

  41. My son’s first official word was “Daisy” standing in front of D & D at the All-Star Movie resort when he was 14 months old. He didn’t say another word for a couple more years. When he was six, he got to go on a DCL cruise (the first one on the west coast, actually) and he got to meet Daisy in person. We made sure to tell her, his first word was HER name and oh boy did he get some special lady duck attention.

    I’ve had Stitch and Lilo ‘teach’ me to hula dance.

    Called Baloo “Papa Bear” and that was awesome.

    Goofy & I ran away backstage once to “check on Max,” and he considers us “engaged” ;-)

    Last visit with my now teenaged son, Goofy got an earful about running away with me years before, and that led to an incredible interaction (all caught by the PP photog) with Goofy playing with my son.

    Rapunzel says I grew my hair out just for her (my natural blonde hair is past my waist, I will always leave it loose to meet her and have pics).

    Chip & Dale will pull my braids.

    Chip likes it when you say “chocolate chip” and point to his nose.

    I asked Chewbacca to “the prom” and he said yes!

    I managed to give Darth Vader “bunny ears” and the whole room laughed, he turned around and acted so mad!

    Tigger will bounce with you sometimes.

    Dug also plays with my braids like the chipmunks do.

    I had a rock star moment once with the chipmunks. I came upon them at the very start of the day (we had made rope drop) and my mom had just been to WDW about two weeks earlier with her hair streaked with turquoise; they are her favorite characters, so she always has several interactions. Well when I saw them coming, I did the “oh my gosh it’s CHIP AND DALE!!” and made a big fun scene about meeting them and so on. I then said, “My mom loves you and she was just here visiting, the little lady with the turquoise hair” and Chip very excitedly pointed at his chest and nodded very much that he remembered her!

    The chipmunks will also generally do the tandem cheek kiss pose if you ask nicely. (One on each side for a kiss.)

  42. I went with my Family
    At 1900 park fare I asked Mary poppins if she could be my nanny and she answered “well if that’s where the wind will blow me dearie”
    Also the evil step sister were fighting over my son (who was 2) asking if he was a prince
    And the wicked step mother wouldn’t touch my kids in the picture soooo funny

    Also we told snow white she was my daughters favorite princess and she asked what was her favorite part in the movie my daughter said when the prince kisses you and her answer was “that’s my favorite part too cause otherwise I would still me sleeping”

    So adorable Disney really hits it on the nail

  43. Oh! And on a cruise, my son met Peter Pan. He was nuts (my son, not Peter), and insisted on showing every single character his super speed. When he showed Peter, Peter noticed he had light up shoes, so they spent a while talking about them, and Peter asked if Tink was in there. Adorable, and so fun! Plus, I taught my then 4 year old to curtsy every time he met a princess, and he still does it :D

  44. My husband was wearing a shirt with a triforce on it (legend of Zelda symbol, from the video game) when we did the breakfast character buffet at DLR. Max Goof saw it and got so excited- he and my husband had a 5 minute conversation about the game. It was so awesome seeing my husband having so much fun with the character, not just my son (that same meal with tick-tocked at Hook, and it was awesome :P )

  45. Alrighty, so my story happened when I was 6 at Disneyworld. At the time, Jasmine was my favorite princess. We had been to a bunch of different parks trying to meet her but somehow we always missed her. Well we made it to Aladdin’s area but they said she had just left for the day. When my mom told Aladdin that Jasmine was my favorite princess and how we kept missing her he said, well maybe she’ll come back out in a few minutes. He then proceeded to ride the magic carpet with me and after we got off, the genie joined us and all of us were talking. Suddenly, Jasmine was there and she got down on my level and hugged me and talked with me and even helped me tie my shoelaces. I’m 15 now and my parents refuse to let me meet characters now because I’m “too old” which makes me upset. I’m not too old! So that’s really my only special Disney moment. I haven’t met a character since I was like 9.

  46. be careful when calling captain hook a codfish. i did it when i was younger and he chased me and my sister until the cast member told him he had to sign more autographs

  47. The first year we saw Mulan she made us Level I warriors. The following year, and every other year for that matter, we’ve reminded her what level we are and she shows us a new martial arts move. Then she checks our warrior bags to see what we packed to make sure we will be safe on our journey. It’s so cool to get to hang out with her like that! My children love it!

  48. this helped a lot with a report i’m doing on Why Visit Disney world i will make sure to give you guys credit!!! thanks so much!!!!!!!

  49. You could tell Maleficent that Jafar stole her outfit, or the other way around (if you’ve watched the Aladdin show at California Adventure, you probably know what I’m referencing)

  50. Have a few more ideas:

    Goofy- ask about Max
    Ask about “the perfect cast”

    Mickey or Minnie- show them your Duffy (both kissed mine) Minnie told me she sewed him

    Max Goof- sing the goof troop theme
    – ask about the perfect cast

    Chip and Dale
    -mention something about the rescue rangers or start singing the theme, they get very excited

    Uncle Scrooge
    -Offer him a dollar bill
    – ask about Huey, Dewey, and louie

    -tell him to be a good boy for his papa gepetto

    – ask how melody/ prince Eric/ max the dog/ king triton are doing


    Curious George
    -ask if he’s been behaving

  51. We’re getting ready to head back to WDW for our 2nd trip with our 2 kids and can’t wait to have some more fun with the characters. We had some great conversations last time with my daughter, then 4, being extremely talkative. Of these 2 stand out..

    On our last day (plane was leaving at noon), we were on a mission to find Daisy at Rope Drop. We ran straight back to Storybook Circus to be the first ones and all four of the characters were outside (Mickey, Minnie, Daisy & Goofy) in front of the big top excitedly waving us in and running with us to their spots. My kids felt so special

    The best had to be at 1900 Park Fare. My daughter ended up getting a cold on our trip which seemed to get worse daily. After waking up from a stroller nap just in time for our reservation, she started complaining of ear pain. We were already seated and the characters hadn’t made their way around yet. I told her we could leave and go back to the room for her medicine, but she wanted to see the characters and also had been refusing to take the nasty medicine that she hated. So we waited, after she lectured the stepsisters on their behavior and they behaved as stated above (their dialogue really was impressive and completely unexpected as I had never read this blog), Cinderella showed up. My daughter started to tell Cinderella how much her ear hurt and was starting to snivel, and how bad the medicine was going to taste. Cinderella got down on her level, gave her big hugs (even though my child was rocking the snot trail at this point) and was comforting her. My daughter kept complaining about the medicine and how she hated the blue kind. Without missing a beat, Cinderella asked her if it was Bibbidi Bobbidi Blue? My daughter’s eyes got so big and Cindy went on to tell her how that was the very best kind and was magical. Needless to say, we got back to the room and my daughter downed it in one gulp!! Thank you, CInderella!!!

  52. My son has a stuffed alligator and we happened to have him with us once when we ran into Captain Hook. He chased Captain Hook around the area with the alligator, shaking it at him, and I caught it on video.

  53. When we took my oldest daughter to Disney World for the first time, she had an early morning appt at the BBB in the castle. Once they finished making her look like a princess, she loved that all the cast members said hello princess all day long. We also ran into the Tremaines beside the castle and they were wonderful. She was dressed as Cinderella and they kept call her travel size Cinderella, I have the best photos.

    We met Tinker Bell and Charlotte asked her about Peter Pan and she said something about how he never grew up, and I said well few boys do. She starting laughing and said oh you must be a humor fairy.

    My middle daughter was 9 months old and fell asleep in the stroller while we were waiting for Pocahontas, I have the best picture of her and my oldest daughter pretending to be asleep too.

    We were lucky enough to be the only ones in the pavillion at AK to meet with Tiger, Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh. We got a picture with all of them, and Eeyore drew a photo in my daughter’s book and with a little rainy cloud and wrote Eeyore loves Charlotte. It was so sweet. :D

    We’re going back in September with my now 3 girls and I can’t wait for new wonderful Disney magic.

  54. We took two graduating high school seniors in February for their senior trip. My 17 year old son (who loves performing on stage) sang to each character we met including 9 princesses, Mary Poppins (twice-we LOVE Mary Poppins!), King Luis and Balloo, and Stitch. He sang songs from each or their movies, like Under The Sea for Ariel, and Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel for stitch. By the time we had dinner at the Be Our Guest restaurant at the end of the week, he had sung to 12 or 13 characters including Belle. When we met Beast after dinner, my husband said, “don’t tell him you sang to Belle”, which got quite a reaction from Beast. My son explained that it was not a love song, it was Be Our Guest, and Beast requested that he sing it for him! Well it was amazing, they danced almost liked it was planned and the crowd loved it!!! What a fun week and those character encounters were such a highlight for us! Even teens love meeting the characters!! All the characters were amazing, our son asked permission to sing to them every time, in case they were worried about taking too long, but all or them were so happy for him to sing, they really seemed to enjoy it. It’s on YouTube if you want to see… Danny sings disney. We love Walt Disney World!!

  55. We just got back from Disneyland & our 3 year old had the best conversations with several characters. The Evil Queen was the best, ask her for an apple!

    Merida (when asked about her brothers) told us her brothers were banned because they stole a churro cart.

    If you take props, they will use them! someone took Ariel a fork, so she taught everyone to use the “dinglehopper”

    It was terrific, with the exception of Sleeping Beauty, she was, horrible. I have contacted Disney to tell them about it, very upset with that interaction for our 3 year old!

  56. After the Pirates & Pals cruise a couple years ago my sons (ages 8 & 5) were the last in line to meet Peter Pan. They asked him lots of questions, but my favorite was when they asked him to show them how to fly. He said “you need 4 things, Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust & a happy thought…he said he had it all except the pixie dust”. Apparently Tink got mad at him, turned red & then flew to the top of Cinderella Castle with all of the pixie dust!! Peter Pan spent a really long time talking to our boys since there wasn’t anyone in line after us! Then as we were just about to walk inside the Contemporary Resort, Peter Pan runs up behind our oldest boy, taps him on the shoulder & yells…”Tag you’re it” and then runs & hides from the boys!!! They chased Peter around outside & then around the automatic doors going into the resort for a few minutes. Then he took off up the escalator at which point we chose to stop the boys from chasing him since they were being pretty loud inside the building…but it’s a memory our boys will have for the rest of their lives!!! Truly a magical ending to our day!!!

  57. When I met Anna and Elsa in Epcot , I gave them both sketches I made of them ,they loved it and then Anna offered me a hug , I couldn’t resist and then encouraged Elsa to give out one as well , she didn’t want to at first but I convinced her to do it

    With Rapunzel , I gave her a drawing of herself teaching Mickey how to use a frying pan and asked her if the pan came in handy during the rainy days , she stated it helps keep her hair dry by holding it above her head

    Another with Goofy was I asked him if Max was being a good boy , he gestured his hand in a way that implied a so-so meaning Max wasn’t being a good boy that day

  58. We went when my son was 3 and my daughter was 8. We had just gotten off the magic carpets and saw the photopass man standing in an area. We went over and asked and he said that Aladdin and Jasmine would be coming in about 10 minutes. We were first in line and very excited. My son found a stick on the ground and started doing magic tricks with it for the photopass guy. He loved it! So when Aladdin and Jasmine come out we get our pictures and are about to leave when he (photopass guy) tells Aladdin and Jasmine that our son can do magic. Aladdin and Jasmine had to see this amazing magician perform and he was rewarded a kiss from Jasmine at the end. Needless to say we have some of the best photos from that amazing encounter.

  59. We waited in line for Woody and Jessie today long enough for them to take 2 breaks. Right before it was our turn, a really fun Jessie and Woody were swapped out and a more serious pair took their place. My 3 year old son wanted to know where Bullseye was and all Jessie did was motion that he was eating. And then he asked where Hamm was and nobody knew who we were talking about, not even the cast member helper, I had to elaborate and explain that Hamm is the piggy bank, which I found very odd. We took our picture, got autographs and left. Kind of bummed about that.

    We did have a good experience with Donald today. We asked him to do the Hot Dog dance and he danced with my son for a few minutes, it was funny!

  60. I love checking back to read the stories and see if new interactions are recommended! Since my first trip to Disney World I’ve become fond of character hunting and I’ve been trying new things to ask and do with the characters. I’ve had some very personal and tearful moments and then I’ve had some that are worth noting for the laughs.

    Gaston – My most recent trip, I set Gaston up with this one. “Could I see your muscles? Could you flex for me?” And I acted as interested as I could. As soon as I could, I looked up, smiled, and dropped my question. “Did it hurt?” “Did what hurt?” “When you fell from heaven, you angel!” This led to three minutes of Gaston’s Favorite Pick-Up Lines. Trading pick-up lines with Gaston was amazing and I left gasping for air because I was laughing too hard. This is something I’d tell people to do!

    Princesses in General: I tend to wear my Disney-themed jewelry or a giant hairbow in my hair when I’m in the Parks and this is noticed. Aurora has literally pulled me over to look at my Jiminy Cricket necklace. Ariel loves bows because they “remind her of the bow Eric gave her”. If a piece isn’t going to annoy you while you’re walking in the parks, wear it. They notice and they notice in a big way. (Plus it’s a really nice ego boost. No really. Alice asking you to join her for tea because you’re already dressed for it? It’s a great ego boost.)

    Doc: He stopped a moment in the parade to greet the crowd and upon my quick uttering that he was my favorite all time character, I got a bear hug during Festival of Fantasy. I have learned if faced with your favorite character and they aren’t often around, say it. Say it right there. They will want to make this moment special for you. A special pose, a quick but meaningful hug, or something. It really made my entire life right there.

    Jack and Sally: They started going through my purse during MNSSHP. “You must have something awful in here!” “Yes, can we see!” “Uh, sure!” I pulled out a Tsum Tsum. They immediately screamed and declared how hideous it was and to put it away because it was scaring them. I’d recommend this.

    The Fairy Godmother: My first visit to Disney World when I was six left me lost in the (then) MGM Studios for about two minutes until the Fairy Godmother found me and ushered me to the side. She entertained me until my parents came. Flash forward to 2014, I’ve brought my nieces to Disney World and told them that I know the Fairy Godmother because she protected me once. We go to see her at her wall in MK and while I’m snapping pictures of the girls, she calls me over. With my nieces still there, I smile as I stand next to her. “Oh, I don’t know if you recognize me because it’s been so long, but do you remember me? When you found me lost in Disney World when I was six?” “Good Heavens, child? Is that you?” And that wonderful smile comes across her face. My nieces look at me and gasp. “You were telling us the truth?!”

    Of course the Fairy Godmother chimes in. “Of course she is!” I wink. “It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other in person! She has so many children she has to look after. And Cinderella, too!” I get the warmest hug and she tells me I’m doing a good job as a fairy godmother myself and sent with a knowing smile. I mean I know, it’s been a long time since I was six. For that moment just suspending disbelief to make my nieces really get that pixie dust feeling.

    I have had many moments with many characters starting with my first trip (Tweedle Dum gave me a flower and he was my first love, let’s get this straight for my biography!) all the way up to my recent trip. Here’s hoping the pixie dust lasts forever!

  61. What type of presents are acceptable to give characters? If I buy the chip & co. trail mix (with nuts of course) and give it as a present will chip and dale accept it? I thought it would be a funny thing and also a way to thank the wonderful cast members that make my trips so magical. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • They will accept anything that is factory sealed and the Cast Member assistant will be the one holding on to if after the meet.

  62. Last year at Disneyworld the green army man shook his head at my daughters choice of a pink sharpie and he took the green one I was holding instead. This made her laugh and say, “Boys”” as she shook her head back at him.

  63. About 10 years ago at Disneyland, I was walking up to Cinderella for an autograph and my flip flop came off and I said “Oh no,I lost my shoe!” Cindy said “I’ve done that before!” Best response ever!!

  64. when I go to Disneyland I love to find Brer Fox and Brer Bear. My brothers and I would tease them about not being able to handle a little bunny. Brer Fox gets SO mad. It’s hilarious!

    The only time I’ve seen the Evil Queen from Snow White, I knelt down on the ground in front of her with my arms out and just kept saying, “You’re the fairest one of all! You’re the fairest one of all!” She didn’t seem to know quite what to say, but I acted scared and just kept saying, “Snow White’s ugly,” and stuff like that. She was great. We had pins on our lanyards and she told us we needed to go buy one of her.

    When my daughter was 2 she spent like, 10 minutes with Tinkerbell. they explored Pixie Hollow and Tink said she had Rosetta make the flowers just for her.

    When my daughter was 5 we went to see Tink and Vidia was with her. They spent a good 10 minutes with her and my 1 year old daughter. My 5 year old’s autograph book had all the fairies on it and once Vidia noticed, she kept saying things like, “Who’s the best fairy? The one in purple! Who’s the prettiest fairy? The one in purple!” It was so cute. My daughter had so much fun.

    Hook does NOT like to be questioned about why Peter Pan keeps getting away, by the way. Priceless!

    We asked Ariel where Flounder was one time, and she went on and on about how he was in Atlantia and what he was doing and what Sebastian was doing. It was great.

    The Disney Characters are the BEST! I’m excited to try some of these interactions!

  65. Let me recall a few questions I’ve asked… (These did not take place at Walt Disney World, but at the other Disney Parks)

    -I asked where Jafar was, and she asked me why I wanted to find him, and if I was friends with him.

    -I asked him about his father, Cassim and he said that he was actually a prince before he became a prince because Cassim is the King of Thieves.

    -I asked why her hair was still long and she said there still was a bit of magic for it to grow back.

  66. I took my 3 yr old daughter to the Disneyland Halloween party last year and we met Anastasia. It was at the tail end of the night and they were trying to leave but she still sat there and had a 5 min conversation with my daughter about making sure she gets the Prince and that Princesses don’t clean. My daughter simply said, “But GOOD girls clean when asked nicely!” Anastasia had the hardest time keeping herself from laughing. It was such a great experience (even if my daughter won’t remember it)

  67. Disney cast members are fantastic! She still talks about it 2 years later. I think a Disney cruise is a great way to meet characters with minimal lines and lots of interactions. Since Anna & Elsa are joining the cruise, we may have to go again soon :)

  68. While waiting to meet Aladdin on a Disney cruise, the attendant asked my daughter if she had met all of the characters that she wanted. My daughter replied she wanted to meet Capt Jack Sparrow and couldn’t find him anywhere. The CM asked her name & told her Jack would meet her on Castaway Cay first thing in the morning. My daughter could hardly sleep because she was so excited. Early the next day we were the only ones waiting for Jack. When he came traipsing over the hill, he called out, “is that you, Valerie? I heard you’ve been looking for me!” Then spent several minutes asking about her favorite things to do. It was the highlight of her trip

    • I love that he addressed her by name. We had the same solo experience with Jack on the island, but he didn’t know we were coming :)

  69. What does happen if you ask Aladdin and Jasmine if you can take a ride on the magic carpet with them, or if you ask Aladdin if you can see the magic lamp of the Genie?

  70. At 1900 Park Fare my little sister and I asked Prince Charming why it was called Cinderella’s Castle if he lived there first and at first he rambled a bit about how Cinderella hosts many parties and he wants all of her friends to be comfortable and feel free to visit her, but his ending was the best, he finished with that “it’s always important to keep the princess happy.”

    We also asked Anastasia and Drizella who was the oldest and both were so offended. Drizella flat out said “Is that even a question?” both said clearly they were the younger and more beautiful one.

  71. I have another one. This is for Peter Pan.
    – If you are graduating or just graduated, and Peter asks you why you are there, tell him. When he asks what graduation is tell him it’s a horednous thing that these evil grown ups called teachers, make you grow up.
    Thank you so much for your website it makes things so much easier to plan my trip. I love your character schedule, my only question is, will it be updated for 2015?

  72. I have some good things to say/ask the Evil Queen.
    – The magic mirror was wrong, you are the fairest.
    – Are you still jealous, or are you jealous of Snow White?
    I also have a question to ask Donald Duck.
    – Do you have anger issues. (If he says yes then ask him if he’s working on fixing it.) if he says no then argue with him until he gets mad. Then tell him he’s number one still in your heart.

  73. When I met Gaston he handed my autograph book to my husband, not me. He said “Never give a book to a woman! The last time I did, she ran off with a DOG!”

  74. Thank you for sharing! I’m sitting at my desk in tears… what a beautiful story! As a cast member (for a very short time) and having many friends and family who have worked for Disney let me tell you that those stories stick with us too. My sister’s fondest memories of being a photopass photographer for years are the times she got to work with the families who have stories like these. They makes us cry, but they hold a special place in our hearts.

  75. Ask face characters if they know any good jokes. Merida asked my mom and I how easy was it to turn me mom into a bear…. piece of cake. It was very amusing.

  76. As young kids, oh 15-20 years ago now, on our first ever Disney trip my brothers and I came across Tigger, Eeyore, and Pooh Bear. I took my pictures, one brother took his pictures, and then the other brother went to take his… we were later in the day and there were no other kids behind us. I don’t think I’ll ever know why, but Tigger and Eeyore backed my brother into a corner and pretended to beat him up! We were all laughing, and I took several photos one of which I still have. After they were done, they posed for regular pics and followed us out. Strange interaction! We are going together in January, and I am bringing my photo ‘evidence’ to hopefully have them sign :)

  77. We were at 1900 Park Fare and we were all wearing our Vancouver Canuck shirts and Mary Poppins complemented me on my great nanny trick and the ability it gave me to find my husband and kids.

  78. My husband has always said that if he ever runs into Mulan, he’s going to ask her whether she wouldn’t rather be out riding her horse instead of having to dress up like a princess. So one day I ran into her all alone at Epcot and asked her. She said that she would, but Khan got spooked by a squirrel when she was riding at the Animal Kingdom (although he claimed it was really a tiger) and now “they” wouldn’t let her ride anymore for her own safety.

  79. We’ve had Disney Princesses at Epcot use us to pass messages back and forth. We went to see Mulan with my daughter dressed as Belle. Mulan asked her if she was going to see Belle later, we said yes. Mulan said to remind Belle that she wants her Art of War book back, that it was only a loan.

    Similar thing happened with Anna & Elsa. I was taking a gazillion pictures, and Anna asks if I could make a new portrait for them. Elsa “Oh Yes, an Enchanted portrait!” I said I didn’t have magic powers, but that Belle had a lot of enchanted paintings. Anna “AND SHE NEVER TOLD US! A Whole enchanted castle you say?” So cute.

  80. Here’s a recent development I’ve noticed among multiple non-face characters now: They all have a Frozen schtick. I’ve taken my toddler in Frozen ensembles multiple times for character meetings. The first time it came up was with Dug and Russel. When Dug saw my kid’s Elsa shirt, he started doing the “let it go” arm movements, so I sang the song for him so he could continue acting it out. The same thing happened with Jake from the Neverland Pirates. ALL THESE CHARACTERS LOVE ELSA’S MOVES. It’s pretty funny.

  81. I did the alvin, simon theadore thing to chip and dale once at Epcot. They got so mad!
    ~My husband and I went to Epcot few months after our engagement, So mickey and minnie saw our ‘just engaged’ pin. I asked Minnie, were is your ring? “she pretended to cry.Then mickey shook his head. It was great!
    ~Also- if you have a ‘Disneyland’ shirt, and wear it anywhere in disney world, Mickey gets excited. My husband has a disneyland shirt, and mickey pointed to his t shirt and gave him a big hug. The cast member that day said “Mickey mouse is the boss of all Disney property- and he’s happy to see your a fan”
    One time (2005) i met captain hook and smee while wearing a tinkerbell t-shirt. They pointed to my shirt, and tried to run away.
    My husband asked Doug from UP if he liked the ‘cone of shame’ The character put his head down and walked away and pretended to cry. We were laughing- but the cast member said- “thats not nice to ask, doug does not like the cone of shame.” OMG it was great!

    Interacting with disney characters is the best experience EVER! it’s better in disney than anywhere else because it’s not just a picture, it’s an experience!

  82. My son’s autograph book has Jack Skellington on the cover. When Gaston signed it, he looked at the cover and then tossed it to some kid nearby, saying, “here kid, have a book.” Because it had someone on the cover that wasn’t HIM! He also made me step back and wait, because he hadn’t given me permission to approach him, and he was busy. Admiring his statue. Of himself, of course. He was probably my favorite meet. He even walked up to some random guy in the crowd and fixed his collar, because “he looked ridiculous.” Lots of fun.

  83. Thank you for this website! I am forever in search of new ideas/tips/tricks for the Disney experience!

    Adding to some of the stories. We have been super lucky in being able to go to Disneyland 3 times (soon to be the fourth) with my children. Being from Northern Alberta, it’s no small feat ;) Anyways, one of my favourite things happens to be the character interactions. I always tell people to take the time and enjoy it, because they make it so magical.

    One time meeting Buzz, my son had just bought a stuffed animal of Lotso. He said “I’m going to show Buzz” and we kept telling him that it maybe wasn’t a good idea since Lotso was the bad guy in the movie. But he insisted. When Buzz spotted the Lotso bear, he put his hand up in a “Talk to the hand” gesture to my son. We were all in stitches. Then he made motions about how Lotso “stinks” and we should really just throw him out. It was amazing, and even though my son got “the hand” he still enjoys telling people that story!

    Another fabulous encounter was with Brer Rabbit. I make these personalized character autograph books. Trying to get as many characters to have their own pages as I can. Well, because Brer Rabbit is -so- rare, and I have never seen him, I have never made his page. (I do have Brer Fox and Brer Bear though, which my children had no problem pointing out to Brer Rabbit.) Well was he ever mad at me lol He couldn’t get past the fact that he was the best one, and I didn’t have a page for him. So… he put me in the corner lol I wasn’t allowed to watch him interact with the kids. It wasn’t until I promised him I would make his own page, and never make that mistake again, that he gave me a hug, (And signed my backpack with a #1) lol we all still talk about it. (And he has his own personal page now ;) )

    In all honesty, I would say 90% of the character interactions I have had since bringing my children to Disneyland have been amazing. They are all SO wonderful. And hats (or Mickey ears!) off to those people. They are truly a HUGE part of the magic that brings us back every year.

  84. We met Merida and happened to have a stuffed Jose with us (from three caballeros). She told us we should show him to Donald and tell him to do his dance, and if he won’t, to tell Donald that we will get Merida to come after him. Well we couldn’t pass that up, so went to see Donald and when he saw Jose, he grabbed him excitedly and launched into a 15-20 second dance bit. Didn’t even need to mention dancing.

  85. Last year I went to see king Louie and baloo and had the best interaction of our trip! When it was our turn I walked up and shouted Louie! Baloo was instantly jealous. I told Louie that he was my 94 year old grandma’a favorite disney character. He then motioning asking where she was and I told him she was too old to walk that much. He instantly ran around making wheelchair motions. The cast member told him it was too hot but he wasn’t having any of that. Then I turned to baloo who took my autograph book and signed it. Before giving it back to me he stared at it for a few seconds then proceeded to wipe his butt with it. He covered his nose and handed it back holding it only on the tips of his fingers. When it came time for pictures at the last moment baloo jumped out in front of me and put his arm in front of my face! Easily the funniest picture of the trip! He later used my mom as a scratching post for his back. It was quite hilarious!

  86. I am so excited to try out some of these tips for my 1st trip in October from Australia. Planning a surprise trip for my 7 year old and we have been playing a game whilst driving what would you ask??? Some of these examples are great! She is hoping too meet Malificent during the MNSSHP and ask where beastie is!

  87. My daughter asked Ariel when she learned the difference between a Dinglehopper and a fork. Which I didn’t know she was going to ask. Ariel gave her the best answer! She told my daughter that her friend Belle told her that forks sing and dance so if they don’t sing and dance then they are dinglehoppers. I left smiling because it was such a wonderful interaction. My daughter was thrilled the rest of the day! She also gave my daughter some extra glitter since she was dressed as a mermaid from Pirates League.

  88. For Duffy he also enjoys when you talk about his oversea friends like Shellie May and the newly announced Gelatoni

  89. My son gave Anastasia a ring pop. When Drizella noticed it a fight broke out and Lady Tremaine had to tear them apart! So funny!

    • We had our first interaction with them in October 2013. I had whistled like always out of habit and was walking by. They started shouting that someone was whistling at them and they argued which one of them it was for. It got iur attention and we watched for a while. YOU MUST ask to see their, “Fast walk.” Funny stuff! Had my stomach hurting!

  90. I got to meet Tink when the fairies were in the big top, and Tinker Bell asked me if I flew that day and when I said no, she rubbed some of the glitter off ofnher arms onto mine and said, “Terrence gave me extra pixi dust today, so I can share with you”
    And during the electrical parade thr donkey boys made a big deal of coming up to me and messing with/hugging me.
    And I got to go to mk and epcot for my birthday a few years ago, and Pooh and Tigger fought over who got to hug me first and in line for Pirates of the Carribean the casr members made sure to call me captain because it was my birthday.

  91. Valuable information. Lucky me I found your site by accident, and I am shocked why this accident did not happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

  92. I was at Tokyo Disney last year, and I asked Esmeralda where Phoebus was, and she replied with something like, “If I knew where he was, I’d tell you.” Haha. She later asked me if I could see Quasimodo at the top of the castle. I also asked Mad Hatter where Mary Ann was, and he replied that she was stuck in the house with Alice. And I just had to ask Cinderella’s Prince Charming what his name was and he said, “My name is Charming.” I also talked to Aurora about Maleficent and Diablo the raven.

  93. When our daughter was 7 we took her into the interactive adventure with Crush and she was picked to ask a question. The first thing that popped into her head was, “Do you like turtle soup?” talk about funny. His reaction was priceless. He replied “I don’t know do you like human soup?” We still laugh about it.

  94. I once wore my red, Captain Hook inspired pirate hat to Disneyland (yes, I’m an adult woman who owns several pirate hats) When my friends and I walked by Captain Hook, he was overcome with love for me, dropped to one knee to ask for my hand in marriage. He then rounded up witnesses and asked Prince John from Robin Hood to conduct the ceremony. We had a full pantomime wedding right there in the park. My friends were in stitches, and the onlookers were very amused. Several years later, my now husband also proposed to me at Disneyland, I said yes of course, but I did check to make sure Hook wasn’t watching ;)

  95. The last time I was at WDW we had seen Lilo & Stitch together. At the time I use to wear a lot of those jelly bracelets on my arms. Stitch kept playing with them and intertwining our arms to the point that Lilo got jealous. I think she was mad at him before we left I made sure to give her a hug too :). Me and my mom still laugh about that trip.

  96. When we met Mr. Incredible yesterday, my 4-year-old told him that he was faster than Dash. Both Mr. Incredible and Frozone started chasing him and then raced back and forth with him across the room. It was great.

  97. When meeting Snow White, ask her if she’ll share her recipe for gooseberry pies.

    If you are lucky enough to meet Bert, ask him what his favorite job is.

  98. When we went to see Phineas and Ferb last year, my husband was wearing blue Chucks– and both the boys thought it was great (Phineas and Ferb’s shoes look kinda like Chucks – and the picture of the three of them is awesome!). Also, my daughter was wearing her “I <3 Platyppi" tshirt with Perry on it, and Phineas made a big deal out if her, pointing to her shirt and giving her thumbs ups and trying to make sure Ferb saw it! It was a lot of fun!!!
    We noticed that sometimes even the color of your clothes or personal features can get big reactions out of characters. For instance, the day we saw the fairies, my husband and I happened to be wearing green, and there was a whole lot of discussion going on about how we "must" be tinker fairies and questions about if my husband had "tinkered" the book that he was having characters sign. And with Aladdin and Jasmine, they tried to tell my husband that he must be a sultan because he had a beard and only sultans can have beards. Then they changed their story that because he was wearing blue maybe he was a genie instead- then they saw his wedding ring and were sure of it and wanted to know who he was bound to!
    I had a photo mat that I was having characters sign, and several of them played with it, posing or trying to size up a photo of someone else- it was a lot of fun and made for a couple of really cool pictures! Even things as small as pin trading pins made a big deal to some of the characters- Jessie was enamored with my husband's pin of her, and Woody got really jealous when my husband wanted a picture with just Jessie- he even walked off and sulked!
    I think the character meets were our favorite part of our trip!!

  99. We have a stuffed toy (sock monkey) that travels with us everywhere and we take photos with him. We went to pose with Dug and Russell. Dug not only licked the sock monkey, but he held him in his mouth for the photo. We didn’t even have to ask.

  100. We took our daughter 4 & son 2 to WDW for the 1st time at the end of Sept 2013. They were so happy just to hug every character & fist bump them. Some of the characters didn’t know what it was, so my kids “taught” them how to fist bump. We had some great interaction with the Queen of Hearts in the Celebrate a Dream parade. As she approached us, I looked right at her & said ” Off with your head” while motioning the same. She did it back to me, I repeated & then she motioned she’d be watching us as she moved along the parade. During the Electrical parade, as Captain Hook approached, my kids did their arms in a crocodile fashion – Hook glared at us & then hid behind a barrel & then went on with his Peter Pan sword fight – we did this for 2 parades. Goofy started playing with me after signing my kids’ books – he tried to give me the pen back & then would pull it away as I went to reach for it – multiple times! Both kids thrust their books with pens at Tigger. He then put 1 pen in his mouth like a bone to the amusement of my kids & then they bounced together for a while. Wendy & Peter Pan had constant dialogue while signing & then “flew” with my kids. Mary Poppins was reminded of Jane & Michael when she saw my kids. My son wore a Donald Duck costume 1 day in Epcot Visa picture meet. When he waddled in, Goofy fell on the floor slapping the ground & Mickey was just tickled. At Chef Mickey’s that night, great reactions from all characters – Minnie was in love & Donald just kept rubbing his eyes like he was seeing double. Then my 2 year old son tried to help him rub his eyes too. He wore a jungle adventurer outfit while at AK – lots of interaction from characters for that too. My daughter dressed as Minnie or Jasmine or Cinderella didn’t garnish anywhere near as much interaction as my son did with his outfits. I guess girls dressing as princesses, etc is so common now.

  101. My favorite memories of the Characters were meeting the Step-sisters and the Step-mother. They asked my 5 year old who was dressed as Belle, “So, where’s your Beast?” My daughter answered, “He’s a boy, now.” They twirled her around and joked with her. They never broke character, yet they didn’t scare her.
    The other is when we met Mickey and Minnie. Minnie was all over my husband and Mickey was getting very upset. There was some pointing at the finger, showing a lack of a ring. The cast members started singing “You should’ve put a ring of it!” So very funny! They also brought up the time frame of how long Minnie has been waiting for her ring. I thought they said 85 years. Poor mouse!

    • When my family was in Disneyland around 2005, my daughter was absolutely obsessed with the Disney movie “The Black Caldron” and was devastated when she found out she couldn’t meet Ellonwy or Taran. Our little princess voiced this complaint many times and eventually a cast member overheard and started a conversation with my 4 year old daughter over this tragedy and told my daughter when she was older and if they ever brought Ellonwy back to the parks that she would be perfect to be a friend of Ellonwy. She still remembers this and has told me on many occasions that she would love to work at a Disney park.

  102. If you’re with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse character (and there’s room) start singing the Hot Dog song for an impromptu dance party.

  103. I’ve never been to Disney, but I have some ideas of what to ask Anna and Elsa from Frozen and would love to see what the response would be…

    -Tell Elsa that it’s nice to see her out of her room.

    -If Anna is alone, ask her if Elsa shut herself in her room again.

    -Ask Elsa if she wants to build a snowman.

    -Ask Elsa if she’ll show you her snow powers.

    -Ask Anna if Kristoff asked her to marry him yet.

    -Ask Elsa if she ever went back to her ice castle to get her crown back from Marshmallow.

    -Ask Elsa: What happened when you realized you didn’t have any food in your ice castle?

  104. When my family went to Disney World a couple years ago I got to meet my favorite character, Marie. I met her in the Paris area of Epcot’s WS. It was really adorable because I had just bought a tiny Marie stuffed animal (I collect them) and I showed her it. Her reaction was the cutest thing ever!

  105. on our honeymoon in 2011-I had Belle tell me that my husband was hairy like the Beast! lol, we spent a good 15 minutes with Minnie and Mickey mouse, Minnie kept pointing to my ring and showing it to Mickey.

  106. My daughter is very outgoing with the characters & has been since she was 2. Her first time meeting Minnie & MIckey she would not leave them and they just kept hugging her and holding her forever. That same trip she had the best time with Snow White and The Prince. They were last in line at the meet & greet and saw her watching them from the line so they came over and talked to her. The prince tried to get my, much more reserved, son to play hide seek with him (it was MNSSHP and my son was dressed as Dracula so they both had capes to hide behind) he wasn’t going for it but Snow spent so much time with my daughter before we were even out of line. When we got to them officially she tickled her and talked even though my DD said nothing. She teased her about having a friend who didn’t talk either then she finally hugged her goodbye (I have the best pic of this moment!) and my DD said goodbye and Snow said “She really can talk!” We have it on video & I still love to watch it. Last time we were there she was 4 and she sang to Ariel which Ariel loved! She also dressed up as Vanellope Von Schweetz complete with “candy” in her hair which Vanellope noticed and mad a huge deal about. I don’t know what goes into training the cast members for being a character but they are all amazing! I wish I could meet the girl who played Snow during that visit. I would love to give her a hug and thank her for giving us one of the most treasured memories of our daughter!

  107. I went to Hollywood Studios last year and I was with my friends we were where the green army men are and one of them came over and started flirting with me I was laughing so hard and very embarrassed and then he went over and kissed my friends hand and then we went to a ride and came back and the were still there and one of them was following us hiding behind a tiny leaf it was so cute!!:)

  108. We took my son to Disneyland when he was 5. We were at California Adventure and Woody was doing a meet and greet right by California Screaming. My son has always been afraid of loud noises and hated when the coaster started and so he had his fingers firmly planted in his ears when it came on the track. Woody was so patient and waited with my son till the coaster left, even putting his own fingers in his ears and checking the track. It was so sweet and I have the best pictures from that moment. I can’t wait to go back next month!

  109. Hi. I was wondering if I could give gifts to Characters when they don’t have meet and greets (for example Maleficent is out for the show but does not have meet and greet)?

  110. I just got back from Disney World with my 5 and 3 year old daughters. My 5 year old met Gaston while wearing her Belle dress. Gaston asked her to marry him and she said yes! So he took a “Just Engaged” pin out of his boot and signed his name on it. Then he walked her around his area and showed her off saying “she said yes!” He showed her a statue of him and Lefue and told her he would replace Lefue with a statue of her massaging his feet. She loved it! She spent the whole rest of the trip talking about her wedding and drew a wedding dress in her autograph book.

  111. wow these stories are incredible. I actually live in orlando and as a result have been to WDW several times over the years. I never bothered with the meet and greets because even though i thought it would have been cool it seemed like a lot of wasted time for just a picture and autograph.i have 4 kids now and the next time we go i wont turn them down if they want to do a meet and greet. We will definintly have to try some of these.

  112. In 2010 I took my son Jake to Disney for his 5th birthday and he had a SpongeBob shirt on when we went to go see Ariel and Eric at Magic Kingdom. Ariel commented about it saying it looked just like one of her ocean friends and then Eric drew a jellyfish in my son’s autograph book. Ariel asked Jake what his favorite animal was and she had Eric draw it in his autograph book. My son was ecstatic. When we found Aladdin and Jasmine, also in Magic Kingdom, Jake wanted to run off with Jasmine and Aladdin got jealous. I have a picture of my son with a big lipstick print on his cheek from where Jasmine kissed him. He wore it proudly until he sweated it off. He hugged Terk a couple times at Animal Kingdom and ended up kissing Terk! All the characters we came across was wonderful in some way and my son had a great birthday that year.

  113. When my uncle was a young kid, he punched Br’er Bear during the parade. This was in the 70’s where you wouldn’t get thrown in jail for life for a punch.

  114. In 2008, the extended family and I went to WDW, I was on the hunt for Peter Pan. My mom and I separated from the family and found him in a corner behind Philhar-magic, it was great because we were the only ones there! When my aunt called me, Peter took my phone and started asking her where she was. She didn’t believe it was him! My favorite picture is him having me hold the phone up to his ear while he talks to my family :)

  115. My family and I had a great experience with Tiana and Prince Naveen. My 2 daughters (5 and 10) were engaged in great conversation and the topic of dancing came up. My 10 year old is in a STEP class at school and Tiana and Naveen were very interested in what exactly STEP “looked” like. So she did a quick demonstration for them and they thought it was the greatest thing they had ever seen! It was soon time for them to take a break and as they walked away, they referred to my DD as their great stepper! About an hour later, we were walking by and they looked in our direction and yelled, “Hey! There’s our great stepper!” We were blown away!

  116. I have 2 from many years apart. when I was 3 we were at Disneyworld for Christmas (late 1970s) and during the parade I was sitting on the curb and stuck my tongue out at Stromboli on his float, he saw me and shook his fist in the air. scared me to death he was going to find me later in the day LOL. and 2 years ago, my parents and I took my daughter for her first trip there shortly after her 3rd birthday. Her favorite character has always been Mary Poppins and she would watch the movie over and over. Her little brother had passed away just after her second birthday so we wanted to do something special and fun for her (and us) the following year. She wanted to meet everyone but begged for Mary Poppins every 10 minutes, and unfortunately she wasn’t going to be in any of the parks we had tickets for. But suddenly at MK, watching the parade, there in front of us on a float was Mary Poppins and Bert! Seeley was sitting on my lap screaming “Mary Poppins Mary Poppins I love you! I want to HUG you!” and she turned and waved and blew a kiss to my daughter. The floats had stopped, they were singing and characters were dancing with kids, Mary Poppins came down and took my little girls hand, they twirled and she got down level with my daughter. Seeley hugged her tight and spoke to her. she kissed her on her head, stood up with tears in her eyes, and raised her umbrella high, then got back onto the float. “Mommy, I told her I missed my baby brother and asked her to take him a hug from us when she flies back up on her umbrella” She still at almost 5 watches that movie and talks about her meeting Mary Poppins at least once a week

  117. This past summer, our 7 year old was more excited about meeting the characters and getting autographs than he was about going on rides. His favorite meet and greet had to be with Mr. Incredible and Frozone. He raced up to them and gave big hugs. He said he thought he was as fast as Dash. So they had races to see who was the fastest. Very, very cool experience for him. He still talks about it!

  118. We went to WDW with our daughter (5 yrs old) and our best friends who’s daughter (6 yrs old) was fixing to go into the hospital to wait for a heart transplant. Both girls have severe heart issues. Our trip was magical and unexpected. We were surprisingly met with a full trip to Bippity Boppity Boo to get the girls in full princess gear. The girls loved it… Almost as much as their moms!! Then we were able to meet a ton of characters. With the best interaction being a private meeting with Cinderella. She taught the girls how to dance and how to act like a princess for almost an hour. Just the girls and Cinderella. It was an awesome experience. The people at Disney went out of their way to give both girls a day they will never forget. It truly was magical!!!

  119. Tell Mike Wazowski, “I’m watching you Wazowski, always watching,” in your best nasal, sick voice. That is one of the best parts of the movie.

  120. When my daughter was 5 we went to WDW. She was dressed in a Cinderella wedding dress. While walking away from meeting Cinderella, my daughter walked out of her shoe! Without missing a beat, Cinderella said, “That happens to me all of the time!”

  121. My 12 year old wore a Pokemon t-shirt to MK one day. I didn’t think anything of it, but he was harassed sweetly by the characters all day. Goofy even pulled him around to the other characters while they all tried to decide what he was wearing. He loved it!
    My 16 year old daughter was decked out in Mickey gear and when she went to get Minnie’s autograph, Minnie made clear that Mickey was HER love and she would be keeping her eyes on my daughter. It was so cute and fun.

  122. I was having a bad day & decided to go to Disneyland for a couple of hours. I was at Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree watching all the kids interact with the characters when Mickey came right up to me & gave me a hug. He then made a heart with his hands & pointed at me … that’s when I realized he had notice the t-shirt I was wearing which said I <3 Mickey! I really needed that! Love all the stories everyone's sharing … keep them coming!!!

  123. Back in 2006, I went to WDW with my then boyfriend. We met Goofy and had some fun interaction. Goofy hugged me, didn’t let go, and I heard him snoring on my shoulder! Then as he was about to sign his autograph for us, my boyfriend told Goofy not to write his phone number down since I was already taken. Goofy paused for a second then for this autograph wrote 1-800-Goofy. We laughed about that for quite awhile afterwards!

  124. When I was 23, I went to WDW for the first time, and I got to take a picture with Goofy. After the picture was taken, I started to leave but he held on to my arm and wouldn’t let me go until I gave him a kiss on his cheek.

  125. On the last day of my trip this year I met the fairy godmother and the tremaines in the magic kingdom! The fairygodmother asked me who I was going to see next so I said lady Tremaine, she then told me to tell her ‘tag you’re it, no tag backs’! When I told lady Tremaine this she was not impressed and Anastasia asked did she have her wand with her, I said no and she replied, well that’s because I have it! To which lady Tremaine patted down her dress and was like oh my goodness you do have it!! I was in fits of laughter! Basically all the characters gave me a message to give to the next character I was going to see! Ill never forget this day of playing a giant game of tag with all the characters!

    I also asked lady Tremaine who her favourite daughter was at 1900 park fare. At first she was like ‘nuh uh, next question’ and after much stalling, just as I was walking away she grabbed my arm and whispered ‘by the way it’s Drizella’ :)

  126. I love all of these stories and look forward to trying some new interaction tactics at both of my visits this fall.
    My favorite was when I took my son for his 10th birthday last year to WDW. My 8 yr old daughter is a HUGE fan of the princesses but not my son. Add to that the fact that he is autistic and lets just say it took a lot of convincing to get him to “allow” her to wait in the long line. He made us swear that we wouldn’t make him take his picture with them.
    When we finally got to the room we 1st met Aurora followed by Ariel and then Cinderella. My son was wearing his happy birthday pin but was staying against the back wall because he wanted nothing to do with them. So when we got to Cinderella she noticed him and then his pin. She walked straight over to him and asked him to take his picture with her for his birthday. He said no and she grabbed his arm and coaxed him over to where she stands and he reluctantly took his picture with her. The look on his face is priceless because it so clearly reads “OH GOSH!!! I do NOT want to do this”. But she told him that he HAS to take his picture with her on his birthday because she is Cinderella and she gets whatever she wants. lol It was hysterical…although he was more embarrassed than anything and to this day we still can not mention it and we have had to hide the pictures. lol

  127. My suggestion is to always sing a song from the characters movie.

    My sister and I were walking through UK and we saw Mary Poppins signing autographs and as we were passing by we started to sing “Spoonful of Sugar” Mary Poppins asked if we could sing louder! It was too much fun. We weren’t in line but we still got an impromptu interaction.

    Once my sister and I had been drinking around the world and we ran into Aladdin. So of course we started singing “whole new world”. When he was done interacting with the guest he turned to us and posed for a picture. This may have been a little rude but we had a “few” drinks already and did not realize it at the time. It was still fun.http://kennythepirate.com/disney-world-character-schedules/character-interaction-ideas/#comment-form-load-service:Facebook

  128. At our Disney Cruise pirate night, we were posing for photos with Captain Jack Sparrow. My daughter happened to be wearing a necklace that looked like the cursed pirate doubloon from the first POTC movie. When she showed it to Capt. Jack, his reaction was perfect. He jumped about 3 feet back and refused to have anything to do with it.

  129. I just got back from my trip today and had fun interactions with the characters. When my dad and I went to Epcot on the first day, we were in line for Chip and Dale. I had my autograph book out and brought out five different color pens: red, orange, green, blue and purple. The blue pen was the most popular color for the characters I’ve met. I handed Chip and Dale to pick a color pen and all of a sudden, Dale grabbed all of the pens and played with them. Chip scolded him and took the orange pen. Dale played with the rest of them and the handler told him to pick one. He picked blue and wrote an extra note on my book. He wrote his name and then added Handsome! on the other page.

    In the Morocco pavilion, Aladdin and Jasmine were supposed to be finished for the day, but they had an extra set due to many people waiting in line. When it was my turn, Aladdin loved the shirt I was wearing and Jasmine loved my fingernails because I had a manicure with the color purple which was Aladdin’s favorite color. He called my ” princess of Atlanta” because I told him I’m from Atlanta, GA.

    Another great interaction is wear clothing with a character on it. At Hollywood Studios, I saw Mickey as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I was wearing I Love Mickey shirt and he did go nuts with the shirt by giving me a kiss two times.

  130. My second trip to DL was in 2007 & I barely turned 21. I was walking I believe down by Main Street when my friends told me I was being followed…by Captain Hook! I tried running away from him but he kept up. He started shaking his hook at me at first, and I freaked out a little. ( I have a strange fear of mascots/masked people). I think he noticed that because then he started to flirt with me and even kissed my hand! My friends cracked up and teased me the rest of the day about how much I blushed when he did that. He gave me a hug afterward and pretended to be disgusted and walked away. Fun times.

    • Hahaha I have the same fear! I’m going to disney in january though, and I’m determined to see all my favorite characters regardless, because I was always too scared to

  131. This year, my family and I went to Magic Kingdom three times in six months, two of those times were within three weeks. For my 25th birthday, our group waited in line to see Merida for a good hour. She was easily the longest wait that we had all day. But it was worth it because my 20-year-old brother had a thing for her. Ha ha ha! He acted like seeing characters was way too childish for him to do, so I told him that since he didn’t get me a birthday present, all he had to do was a get a picture with her and I would stop teasing him about it. When we got in, Merida was adorable! She looked absolutely perfect and my brother went red when it was our turn to take pictures with her and she said that he could stand on her other side. He thought we all forgot about the picture he had to take with Merida when no one said anything about him jumping into the group shot. Thankfully, he’s on one side of Merida by himself and everyone else is on her other side. Once the pictures were developed from our trip, I had this one blown up to a 8×11 and cut the rest of us out, framed my brother and Merida, and showed it to him. He always gets red when talk about her. We all have a copy and mine is on my desk at work. Ha ha ha!

    The second time, we visited Ariel next to her new ride in New Fantasyland. She was SO animated! My mom and I wanted a picture with her, so we sat on either side of her. With no prodding, Ariel asked us if we had been on her new ride and when I told her that we had and that it was rapidly climbing my list of favorite rides in the park, she and I went into an in-depth discussion about the whole ride. The whole time Ariel and I were telling each other our favorite parts, my Mom is just staring at the two of us in awe with her mouth open and a smile on her face as she’s looking from me to Ariel as we gabbed away. Afterwards, she was like “WE JUST TALKED TO ARIEL!!!!” Ha ha ha!

    Right outside of Splash Mountain, Woody and Jesse were signing autographs, so Dad and I hopped in line to take a quick picture. I wasn’t big with taking a picture with Jesse because I was there strictly for Woody. So, I told my Dad to stick close to Jesse so I could stand next to Woody. After the picture, we asked Woody to lift up his boot so we could get a picture of “ANDY” written on his boot. When he shook his head “No,” I asked how I could know for sure if he was the REAL Woody. He motioned that with all the walking around he does, the name was scuffed off.

    The last time we went, we decided to talk pictures with Tinker Bell in Pixie Hollow because a friend’s daughter was having a birthday party the following week and we knew she would love to see us with her. I’m a huge fan of Peter Pan, but I don’t know all the Pixie Hollow fairies by name. Luckily, Rosetta introduced herself to us first and we could play along that we knew who she was all along. We mentioned that we had been on Peter Pan’s Flight and she told us that she loves Mermaid Lagoon and that when we talked to Tink we should ask Tink how to dance the mermaid dance. We then get in line to talk to Tink and she starts talking about the colors of the fireworks on my Tshirt and how she has to mix all the colors before the show every night. I felt bad about interrupting her, but I was more interested in the mermaid dance. When a friend and I told her that Rosetta wanted to see her do it, she yells at Rosetta to watch her and starts jumping around with her feet stuck together in a big circle. We all laughed and laughed.

    My only disappointment was Gaston. In three trips, I was never able to see him outside his fountain in the middle of Belle’s little village in New Fantasyland. We went at 10am and waited for twenty minutes for him to appear, but he never showed up all day. We asked the cast members working in the souvenir shop there and they said that it was typical Gaston…making the ladies wait for him. The explanation was perfect, but I still didn’t get a picture with him. Bummer!

  132. These stories are so fun!

    I went last year at Christmas for the first time, and Ariel is my favorite character. I was 13 at the time, now I’m 14.
    My sister was 25 at the time, and getting her PhD in finance. We were at Ariel’s grotto at WDW, and she was one of the first characters we met. I went first and she was so sweet and I was just in awe. After I got up, my sister wasn’t moving fast enough, so Ariel said, “Come on, slowfish!” and my whole family started laughing. One of the best memories from our trip. We still call her that sometimes.
    My dad’s favorite character is Tigger, and when it was his turn to meet him, my dad seriously almost tackled Tigger.
    Mickey is my mom’s favorite character, and she started crying and he was so sweet.
    During one of the parades, a mouse came up and got right in my face, and scared me to death.

  133. My adult daughter and I met jack sparrow at MNSSHP last fall, and it was one of the best interactions we’ve ever had! He spent probably 10 minutes with us, was very disappointed we had no booty in our trick or treat bags (we hadn’t been to any of the candy stations yet). But the best part was as we were getting ready to leave, he noticed by daughter’s bag on her back, and began looking through it. He pulled out a paper, which was actually her ticket, and began to read, saying its a love note, “dear captain jack, I’m in love with you” then he said he couldn’t read anymore aloud, because this was a family park! My daughter got just a little red at that!

  134. I went to DL in 2008 for a band trip for my senior year and I was pregnant. My friend and I went to see rafikkie and my camera wasn’t working so while waiting he gave me a kiss and rubbed my belly. It made me so happy because I wasn’t able to ride any rides but that made my whole trip

  135. It was nice reading all of the stories. I’m going to DisneyLand in a few days and I can’t wait to talk to my favorite characters! I was always shy and quiet when I was a kid talking to the them. I remember my first time going when I was 7. My dad, little sister, and I were eating breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen and disney characters were gathering up kids to play with pots and pans to make music. Aladdin came to our table and told my sister and I to come up but, I was too shy and just shook my head no.

  136. When I went for graduation last May I had on the graduation Mickey ears and a graduation pin. We met Peter Pan and he noticed and asked me what that meant. I stared to explain and he stopped me and asked if that meant I was growing up. He had a disappointed look on his face. It was priceless.

  137. When I was 5 and visiting Magic Kingdom for the first time there is a picture of the Sheriff from Robin Hood chasing my cousin and I around and in the posed photo he has bunny ears over my cousins head. And in a photo with Chip/Dale (not sure who it is) he stole my little mermaid hat and put it on his head. Planning a trip for September and will be sure to use some of these tips.

  138. Also, I forgot about this…if they do the pirate training school with Jack Sparrow, one year we made a sign that said “We Love Jack” on one side and “We Love Mack” on the other. The pirate that does the school with Jack is named Mack. So when Jack wasn’t looking we’d show the Mack side and when he’d look over we’d quickly turn it around. It was a surefire way to get attention from both and for my kids to get picked.

  139. I have two that I haven’t seen mentioned above, but I didn’t read all the comments. When meeting Buzz by his ride, my son always tries to wear a Buzz shirt because he will pull out a very large wooden arrow and use it in the picture to point to himself on the shirt. The second one we’ve done many, many times. At Turtle Talk with Crush. If your child can get called on, have them ask Crush what his favorite food is. After he tells you, he will ask your child what his favorite is and you have him say fish sticks. The reactions from Crush have been different each time but always HILARIOUS!!

  140. We just got back from our Disney trip!! It was mine and my husbands late honeymoon, we had our happily ever after pins on and Ariel was signing my sons book noticed the pin and said ohhhhh you found your prince?! Did he teach you how to dance? I said no he has fins for feet when it comes to dancing! She laughed and said prince Eric was a fabulous dancer! During one of the parades, my husband blew a kiss to Mary Poppins, she caught the kiss and smiled! We met Pluto and Mickey, Pluto licked my hand and high fived my husband. My son met Jake and jake wrapped his arms around him and started dancing! My son is shy around characters and it was just the cutest thing!

  141. In 1992 we went to Disney World for our honeymoon and met Prince John, when I asked for his autograph he rubbed his thumb and finger together like he was asking for money, after I told him I had none he pretended to pout and suck his thumb! 12 years ago we met Jafar and when I had my picture made with him I had my hand on his arm, after the picture he brushed his sleeve like he couldn’t believe I had touched him! He was awesome!

  142. My parents made their first trip to WDW in 1972 for their honeymoon. We went down a few years later when I was just a little shaver. Since then, we have gone, as a family, many times. We love the little things that the characters and cast members do to make trips special. I’ve read this whole list, and I’m reminded of so many great times.

    I took my girlfriend and her daughter, who was 5 or 6 at the time, and Emily really loved Pocahontas. We tried all week to find her, but we kept missing her. On the last day, we got to the car barn in MK just as the rain started pouring. We asked about Pocahontas, and the cast member said that she had just left to go take care of her animal friends. When she saw the sad look on Emily’s face, she told us to wait and she would see if she could find her. The cast member came back shortly and said that she put the word out through the forest and heard that Pocahontas was on her way back. Sure enough, in about 10 minutes, she came walking through the door and asked for Emily by name. She then spent several minutes with her. My guess is that the girl playing Pocahontas was already out of costume and had to change back into it. That’s one of the reasons that I love WDW so much.

    My own kids still laugh about the time that I got pulled up on stage at the Hoopie Dee Doo Revue and was made to play the angel in the their little play. Complete with fairy wings and a tutu. The pictures didn’t turn out so well, but we have the great memories.

    We’re going again in December of this year, and my kids are almost to the point where character interactions won’t be fun for a few years(in other words, they’re getting to the teenage years), so I can’t wait to try some of these tips.

    Thanks for putting this collection together. It means a lot to us Disney Geeks.

  143. Wow! I never knew that the characters talked! The reason I say this is because I’m Deaf and I would just smile and wave at them. Sometimes I would use the “I Love You” sign language to them and a couple times they would sign back the same sign.

    • The human or “face” characters can speak, but the fur characters aren’t able to speak. Mickey did do a test that allowed him to speak in meet and greets and they have characters that mimic the songs in the Welcome Show, Castle Show, Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo

  144. My friend has these cards that I’ll be giving to some Disney characters when i go in 2 days. They say, “Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I find you to be very attractive. Please pass this on to the next attractive person you see.” I plan to give one to Gaston and Peter Pan and I’m not sure who else! Can’t wait to see how they react :)

  145. When my daughter met Snow White, she asked her ‘Who is your favourite dwarf?’. Snow White replied that it had to be Grumpy that day because he went out and picked gooseberries for breakfast. My daughter said her favourite was Dopey, so Snow White said I have a funny story about him ‘Last night when we were washing our hands for tea, he ate the soap and was burping bubbles’. My daughter loved it.

  146. My son was 3 on our first trip to Animal Kingdom. Honestly, there wasn’t much he could do being so small and he was getting cranky waiting for his big sister. Thankfully, we stumbled across Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger. He patiently waited in line only to have the characters start walking away when he was close to the front of the line. He wanted to meet them all but Tigger was his favorite. When he finally got to meet them, he hugged all of them but BOUNCED all the way to Tigger – and Tigger started bouncing with him. Made his day! It was wonderful how they made him feel special.

  147. My daughter was 4 on her first WDW trip. The night before we visited MK, I purchased her a Disney princess charm bracelet at downtown Disney. When we reached Tink’s fairy garden, Rosetta noticed the dangling charms and called all of the fairies over to inspect the “lost things” she was wearing, it made for wonderful photos and a great interaction, especially when Vidia quipped “Look Tink, you’re a lost thing!”

    The princess we were most excited about was Tianna, but by the time we found her, my poor child was lethargic and fighting to stay awake in her papa’s arms (the excitement + that FL heat). So I waited in line to get she and Naveen’s autograph. When I got to them, they asked me about her and I pointed her out. They both left their pavilion to go over and sit on the bench with her for a few pictures! It’s the little bits of magic like that which make it soooooo worthwhile!

  148. My best friend and I played hookie in high school to spend all day at DL. While we were hanging back waiting to meet Tigger and Eeyore, Tigger noticed the shirt I was wearing and came over to see it better. He made a show of reading what was on it (repeated lines of text saying: I will not tease the boys, I will not tease the boys) and made a big snapping finger gesture like he was disappointed or pouting. I started laughing hysterically, too amazed to even react. And then as my friend is trying to take a picture, Tigger turned his head and purred in my ear! It was so awesome and unexpected it absolutely kept us smiling all day. And props to that cast member for remembering that the adults (and teenagers) love a little flirting from our favorite characters just as much as the toddlers getting Princess kisses do!

  149. Some characters know the Kingdom Hearts series. Call Mickey “King” or refer to him as “Your/His Majesty” and bow/curtsy respectfully. See how he responds. I wore a Kingdom Hearts shirt when I saw Aladdin and Jasmine with a friend in Epcot. And Aladdin knew the game INSIDE AND OUT. I quote “Hey look! It’s Sora! He hasn’t visited in a while..But when he does, those strange black things show up…Then we have to save Jasmine…It’s a process.” I told him as I left that I’d send a letter to Sora saying that he should visit Agrabah sometime. Al’s response “He’s welcome any time.”

  150. So last year my sister and I went to Disney as her graduation trip, and when we went to Epcot we waited for Stitch to get him to sign our books. I had gotten a pen with a little Stitch on top holding an ice cream cone that waves his arms and legs whenever you push down on the tip. Needless to say once Stitch saw my pen he tried to eat the ice cream cone, and then tried to steal the pen. My sister has pictures of me chasing him down and trying to get my pen back, it was hilarious!

  151. Last time I was there, I met the mad hatter. I was wearing sunglasses and he referred to them as goggles! And curtsy like Alice.

  152. I went to Disney World last year, (I’m 16) and I met Winnie the Pooh. I was taking pictures with him, and he gave me a big hug, and a kiss on the hand! :D
    I was so happy, because I was in love with him when I was little :D

  153. Here’s a good interaction for Dug and Russell, Lady Tremaine and the Step Sisters, and Gaston.

    My 3 year old can quote much of the movie Up, so she told Russell and Dug “my knee hurts, my ankle hurts, I need to go to the bathroom.” “I ask you that 5 minutes ago.” “But, I didn’t need to go then.” When they heard that, they both about fell over backwards laughing. It was our longest meet, and Russel personalized our girls’ mat boards with “My knee hurts” on one, and “I didn’t need to go then” on the other.

    Only our 3 year old met Lady Tremaine and the step sisters, but we got our oldest daughter’s mat board signed while we were at it. When asked where she was, I responded that she was riding Space Mountain. They said they felt snubbed, and knew how she was. They then asked my 3 year old if her older sister was the bossy one, and she said “yes.” But Lady Tremaine, said she had good authority to know the younger sisters are bossy. About 4 hours after the meet, they saw my 3 year old along the parade route, and recognized from the earlier meet instantly. They came over and told my older daughter how much they felt snubbed by her, and how rude she was by not coming to meet them, and how they heard all about her being the bossy one. It was so great. They left our 6 year old in total shock!

    Leave gettin Gaston’s autograph towards the very end. He couldn’t believe our girls’ wouldn’t want his autograph first. He then proceeded to sign by Belle’s name on one board that made it say “Gaston loves Belle,” while on the other board he signed it where it said “Belle loves Gaston.” Our 3 year old gave him a kiss on the cheek, and he was nothing but smiles after that! It was so cute!

  154. I went to WDW a few years ago with my high school dance team and most of our families when with us. One of my best friend’s little brother (probably 14 at the time) was sleeping on the curb waiting for the wishes parade. As soon as the evil stepsisters saw him, they waddled over to him and started talking to all of us about how rude it was for him to be sleeping. They then yelled “GET UP” to him and preceded to lightly kick him. His face when he woke up was priceless. Then they threatened him not to sleep in WDW again. I wish we could have videoed it! It was hysterical!

  155. When I was about 3 years old I went to Disney. I had a sippy cup and I showed it to Donald Duck several times. One time he grabbed it and ran off as I chased him down the road haha. He also grabbed my binky once too. I’m going back to Disney in July and even though i’ll be 20 I can’t wait to see all the crazy characters again!

  156. I am soo glad I found this! My husband and I are taking our 4 children (9, 8, 6, & 4) to WDW in October. We will DEFINITELY be trying some of these things out. So disappointed the Toy Story characters don’t fall to the ground now when you say “Andy’s coming!” but it makes sense as to why. LOOOOVE reading all of these stories…

  157. This list is fantastic! We will have to try these out in September! When my son was 4, he played cars with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee! It was so cute. Donald Duck also had fun playing with the toy story cars as well :) When we went 2 years ago, Rafiki had fun playing with both kids at Camp Mickey and Minnie, he even tried to keep my son’s autograph book! Thanks for the great ideas!

  158. The Queen of hearts DOES NOT like it when you say the rose bushes should be white. It may or may not result in “an off with her/his head” retort. Great Fun!

  159. I have been to WDW around 13 times with my Family. I have never thought about doing any of these. Thank you!

  160. 16 years ago was my daughter’s first trip to WDW at the age of 4. This was back when Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto were all in the big top tent for meet and greets. First we met Mickey, my boys LOVED meeting him but my daughter was shy. Next was Minnie and she was in love with her, but very shy. Next was Pluto and the boys were off to see him. Minnie hung back with me where I was holding my daughter. Minnie began to play peek a boo with her and slowly won her over. Minnie then took her from my arms and my daughter gave her a big hug. She carried her over to Pluto where they “petted” him and made him wag his tail. Then Minnie took her over and introduced her to Goofy and they all began dancing together. The boys soon joined in the fun, as did the rest of the characters. We were very lucky that is was during the slow season and during a parade, so we basically had the characters to ourselves for an extended period of time.
    Fast forward 15 years. My husband is retired military, but works as a contractor and was overseas. For our Anniversary, my daughter and I went to Disney. I had my “Happy Anniversary” button on and a matching one for my hubby in my pocket. We went to the Epcot Character Spot. Mickey was “asking” where my husband was. I explained he was overseas. He got a 3×5 card and pen from his handler and wrote a special note to my husband thanking him for his service and for continuing to support our military. It absolutely brought tears to my eyes. Not to be outdone, all the characters posed with us for a picture that they told me was for my husband.
    LOVE Disney!!

  161. When I went to WDW a few months ago, I had a lot of great character moments; but my favorite definitely would have to be the second time I met Aladdin and Jasmine. We (mom, brother and I) waited in line for a while, and then we finally got there. Aladdin immediately turned to me and greeted me and called me princess. Also when he did this, he put his arm around me, and didn’t move it until we left! Boy was my heart going crazy! Totally made my day!!

  162. My daughter’s first trip to WDW was when she was almost 5 years old. At the parade, we saw the Army men from Toy Story and I told her to salute. I was hoping one of them might notice her and salute back. Imagine my surprise when, over the loud speaker, a voice said “yes, Holly – salute”. He called her by name from the top of the tank!

  163. When my daughter was 3, we met Chip and Dale at the campfire and outdoor movie at Fort Wilderness. They played games with the kids and were really sassy – shaking their tails at people, fighting with each other. My daughter had some marshmallows and she offered one to Dale. He was so excited, and when he took it, he paraded it around in front of Chip, before “eating” it.

    When she was 4 years old, she took her stuffed animal Stitch to the parks with her. Most of the characters would snatch him away and dance around with him or pretend to run away with him or pose him on her head in the pictures. But my favorite was when we met Stitch, himself, and he saw “baby Stitch” – after throwing his hands up in surprise, the usually rambunctious terror suddenly became very gentle as he held the baby and rocked him. It was so sweet watching my daughter watching him.

  164. During one of our first visits to DL with our two young kids, we were standing in front of the castle when Mary Poppins & Bert came strolling by. They signaled for our kids to follow them so we did to an empty pavilion. Mary Poppins & Bert took our kids (plus about 10 others) & sat them on the stage where they proceeded to open up pouches filled with crayons & chalk. For the next half hour, they colored in the kids books & told them stories. It was the most magical time; one none of us will ever forget!

  165. I forget when this was. It was a couple years ago. I am really shy and don’t like dancing in front of people. We went to this dance party with goofy chip and dale in tommorow land. Chip and sale came up to me and tried to get me to dance and naturally me being me I began refusing. They took my Mickey Santa hat and ran off and the only way I could get it back was to dance with them. My mom got it on video. It made my week.

  166. On my first trip to WDW when I was 12, I saw Goofy at Epcot. He kept pointing to my Zoo Crew pin on my jacket as if he wanted it. I took it off and gave it to him. He then grabbed me in a bear hug and wouldn’t let go. For the rest of our trip, my 2-yr-old brother kept repeating that “Goofy taked it!”

    Then one trip I had my daughter, 2 at the time, in line to see Turk at AK. She loved the other characters, but as soon as she was next to meet Turk, she ran off and hid under a nearby table. I chased her, but Turk reached her first. Turk dropped down partially under the table to get my daughter. I will never forget that!

  167. Our favorite interactions were when my kids have dressed as the characters. When Alice saw my daughter (dressed as Alice) she said, “It’s almost as if I’m looking at a looking glass! What’s your name?… Oh, I would’ve thought it was Alice.” When she dressed as Jasmine, Aladdin mistook her for the real Jasmine and tried to take her away to find Abu. When Belle saw her in the Belle dress, she gave her a dancing lesson for her to dance with Beast. Meeting Lady Tremaine and the stepsisters was fun in the Cindy dress. My daughter was nervous to meet them. They said WHO made your dress? And she whispered “my mommy”. They said “well, I’m sure she is a much better sewer than our stepsister’s. She got RATS to help her and we simply touched it and it fell into pieces” Woody made a big deal of her Jessie outfit (even though he couldn’t talk). He kept pointing to my daughter and then to Jessie and motioning for everyone to see the bobsy twins. Similarly, Goofy was tickled to see my son dressed as Goofy. I really like these special interactions.

  168. I love these! When my daughter was 4, she was decked out in a really good Snow White costume, and when Goofy saw her at the entrance, he bowed and walked her all the way back to meet Mickey and put her at the front of the line. All day the characters kept bowing to her, and she would touch the top of their heads with her sceptor as if she had approved of them. All the characters stopped in the parade to bow to her, and several people stopped us for her picture–by the end of the day, she truly believed she was a real princess. Priceless. We’ve done Disneyland 3 times and the characters are by far the highlight. Taking the kids to WDW for the first time next week for our 20th anniversary–we honeymooned at WDW 20 years ago so it’s perfect to go back with our kids (12 & 9) now. The characters are absolutely what makes Disneyland or WDW magical.

  169. Most of my family’s isn’t terribly specific. We have some great pictures of Pluto playing with my son and nephew (ages 4 and 7 at the time) on the floor at Ohana. More of Pinocchio playing “follow the leader” with them.

    When we went to Pirate lesson once they picked my nephew, but not my son for volunteers and my son looked truly devastated and began to cry so Jack Sparrow pulled him up on stage.

    My youngest nephew was about 7 months old on this trip, but already LOVED Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. As soon as he was close to Mickey to have his picture taken with him, he proceeded to give Mickey great big sloppy kisses on his nose. I’m fairly sure this was at Tusker House.

  170. When I went to Disneyland with my Highschool last year (during my birthday week) I had a birthday pin on. Me and my friend where getting off the train at tomorrowland and we ran into pluto! and he had no line! I was so excited. He saw my birthday pin and he danced with me! It made me so happy

  171. When my son was 3 and met Pluto, he asked “Do you want to sniff me?” Pluto and the Disney guide started laughing….

  172. I wore my Ohio State shirt one day and when we posed with Donald he automatically put up an “O” so the other 3 of us did “H” “I” “O”. Picture turned out awesome! Guess he was a Buckeye fan :)

  173. when we met Tinkerbell my niece who was 4 at the time was wearing a red dress with white polka dots. Tinkerbell asked if she was a ladybug and that she must be new because she didn’t remember seeing her before. When my niece said that she was from Pennsylvania Tink asked if that was where all the pens and pencils were from.

  174. Wow it’s 2:17 am and I finally finished reading all of your stories! Pure awesomeness!!! My story is when my husband and I went to the Long Lost Friends event at Disneyland. We met the Robin Hood gang and they were so much fun! Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham saw my husband lanyard full of pins and stole it from him! Prince John hid it under his robes! After we took the picture Friar Tuck scolded them and made them give it back. It was so funny!

    Also, when we met Peter Pan and Wendy, Peter noticed my Big Baby pin on my lanyard and said that Wendy wanted a baby like that. But he said her baby was going to be just as ugly as big baby. HAHAHAHA. Wendy was so mad!

  175. Hey everyone! Thanks so much for sharing your stories. Some have made me laugh and some brought a tear to my eye, or was it the onions in the chili? Well, anyway, I’ve updated the list with all the character interaction tips that I list all over the site. There’s 177 now! I’ll dig through some of you ideas and add them to the list later. Keep on sharing!

  176. My 5 year old daughter loves Merida. She drew a picture of herself with Merida before leaving for Disney World. When we finally got to meet her, my daughter excitedly gave her the drawing. Merida told her what a “lovely tapestry it was,” and asked her to tell her all about it. She spent a good 5-10 minutes just talking to her. It was fabulous!!

    Also, if you get a chance to go to “enchanted tales with Bell” in the new fantasy land section, DO IT! Have your daughter practice her growl before going because they will pick someone to be the Beast. My daughter was picked and got to dance with belle! I still tear up when I watch the video and look at the pictures!! I love Disney!

  177. We took,my niece to DW three years ago. It was our first time and she was only 5-yo at the time. She was getting her picture taken with Eeyore in AK. As I clicked the picture, Tigger jumped right in front of both them like “Tada!” My mom is off to the side with a look of shock on her face. When my niece met Tigger a minute later, I took a picture of her scolding him for jumping in the picture. They both have their hands on their hips.

    My niece had a pen that lit up for the character’s to sign autographs. Goofy tried to steal it by hiding it under his hat. Stitch licked it (and her autograph book). When she met the fairies, Terrence said “Tink is going to love this!” And when Tinkerbelle saw it, she asked my niece in all seriousness “Are you a Light Fairy??”

    We can’t wait to go back this fall with my niece and two other nieces and a nephew. My youngest niece (who will be 4 at the time) loves Tinkerbelle as much as I do and made me buy her wings for Christmas so Tink could teach her how to fly. And my other niece (who will be 7 at the time) and I have a plan to steal Flynn. (I am 39 and have a crush on him. haha). She is currently in seriously search-mode for a suitcase to fit him in. LOL.

  178. Okay, I’m a little older so some of you might not remember the Big Bad Wolf at Disneyland. I was about 5 yrs old and we spotted BBW in the middle of a circle of kids. He went around the circle shaking hands and he almost got to me when someone on the other side called his name so he turned his back to me and interacted with them. I was so mad he ignored me I picked up his big tale and pulled. I was laughing to my parents about what I did and suddenly found myself suspended over BBW’s mouth as he was about to eat me for pulling his tail. I have hidden from him ever since!!

  179. My daughter and her friend were getting Princess Tiana’s and Prince Naveen’s autographs. My daughter’s friend had on a necklace that had a volleyball on it. Prince Naveen kept calling her “Volleyball”. As we were leaving he called out “Bye Volleyball”. Princess Tiana scolded him-“Naveen, her name IS NOT VOLLEYBALL!” Every so often we still say to her “Naveen her name is not volleyball”!

  180. I remember going to Disneyworld when I was 7 and getting my picture taken with Chip and Dale. I had my hair in pigtails, and as my parents were trying to take the picture, one of them would pull on it. As I turned around they’d both be pointing to each other, this continued a few times. It’s one of my favorite memories. I can’t wait to do these suggestions when I go next year!

  181. My favorite Disney experience was with Tinkerbell. My littlest sister was on her Make-a-Wish trip and she had made a wish to see Tinkerbell who is her favorite character. Tink flirted with my younger brothers while my sisters were talking to Rosetta. They were so red in the face!!! It was HILARIOUS!!! But my absolute favorite part was when Tink knelt down beside my sister’s wheelchair and my sister told her that her wish was to see her. She signed the autograph book and gave my sister a big kiss on her cheek. Then Tink told her how glad she was to be able to make my sister’s wish come true. Best Disney moment EVER!!!

  182. My sister and I posed for a picture with Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb, my sister and I next to each other and them on the sides of us like a sandwich, and my parents where taking way to long to take it and they ended up squeezing us out of the picture. It was pretty fun :)

  183. I am a huge disney fanatic and have so many stories but my personal favorite was when I was on the Disney Cruise. The year before the cruise my high school band went to Disneyland and my parents bought me some Goofy ears because I love him. So when we went on our cruise (which was my high school graduation present) I wore my Goofy ears and went up to him for an autograph. Goofy then proceeded to take my autograph book and run away, turn around and run back and ask me for an autograph. It was great. Then he leaned on top of me and took a picture completely ignoring my older sister. She acted offended and he made up for it.

  184. I told Mrs. Incredible that I liked her boots and she did super hero poses with me for a few minutes! It was so much fun! Her character helpers told me that she must have really liked me because she doesn’t usually do that. :)

  185. My girls were 22, 16, and 15 They were in the chartarer pavillion when a storm started not many people were there so for about 45 minutes they had all the characters to themselves. They video taped the whole thing they still talk about how much fun they had because all of the characters were trying to get their attention. One of they funniest parts to me was when Aladin strutted across the room and said to them “I saw you looking at me from across the room”. Then when they were trying to get a picture with Pocahontas— Goofy, Chip, and Dale took turns jumping in front of them. This video is priceless to me because I can still see the little girls in them when I watch it.

  186. I am obsessed with faeries. One day we went to Magic Kingdom and i had dressed in a faerie shirt and had about 20 tinkerbell pins on. When i met Wendy, she said i must really love tinkerbell and i agreed. She stared taking about how tink was always so mean to her and we had this long conversation about weither tink was really mean or just misunderstood. It was awesome.

  187. We went to Disney for our honeymoon in September 2011 and when we met Mary Poppins she asked us if we needed a nanny!! And when we met Alice I was wearing a key necklace and she said that it would have been handy when she was three inches tall, and several princesses commented on it and asked if my Prince gave me the key to his heart. It was a wonderful trip.

  188. My nephew, upon meeting Captain Hook and Mr. Smee, told them that he had just met Peter Pan and Wendy. Hook and Smee wanted to know which direction they were and were pointing in all different directions. My nephew didn’t want Hook to capture Peter so he kept pointing in the opposite direction of Hook. With all the finger pointing, Captain Hook and Smee broke out and did the YMCA. It was hysterical!

  189. My children’s first trip to Disneyworld in 2011, my daughter was 18 and my son was 11. We had lots of interesting character experiences.

    At Cinderella’s Royal table Ariel was the best, she wanted to know what my daughter’s celebration was and when my daughter explained we were there because she graduated high school, Ariel said “I don’t know what that is but Congratulations anyway”
    Aurora flirted with my son and he was so embarrassed.
    I noticed that each and every little girl that was dressed as a princess received extra attention from that particular princess…it was so sweet.

    When we met Stitch, all us girls kissed him on the cheek and he threw his hands over his eyes…he was so embarrassed…lol

    At the Animal Kingdom, Donald almost knocked my daughter over trying to get to her…he lost his sombrero along the way.

    Dinner at Chef Mickey’s is awesome too….the fab 5 come to each and every table….just be patient.

    Chip and Dale were true to form and picked with the kids a lot. My daughter’s autograph book had stopped making noise when it opened so they opened and closed it a dozen times trying to make it work, then when my son’s worked right they were like “see this is what it’s supposed to do”

  190. When I was eight years old, Hercules had just come out. I was so excited I colored pictures of the characters, and took them in with me. I was exstatic when I ran into Megra and gave her the drawings. She signed my autograph book, and later when I ran into Cinderella, she told me that Megra had been showing off all of my pictures, and they were very beautiful. My life was made at that point, and I can’t wait to meet Belle next time. She is my favorite. :)

  191. When I was about 5-ish, I went to Disneyland in the FULL Snow White costume. At the time, there was a snow white and the seven dwarf show. It was extremely crowded, too. I remember there being lots of other little girls with princess costumes on, yet I was the only Snow White. All of the characters and workers called my family and I up to the front ofthrlle crowd, and gave us all expensive front row seats for free. They kept calling me “princess” and being all nice. After the show was over, and we had already left the place, a worker along with a dwarf came running up to me yelling “Princess! You forgot something!” They then gave me a balloon apple with a worm drawn on it. That is my favorite DL experience.

  192. Ask the princesses what their horses names are. They will all tell you although Snow White I think doesn’t have one so she tells you the name of prince Phillips horse.

  193. If you see Flynn Rider (not in Disney World but maybe DisneyLand), ask to see what’s in his satchel. It’s a replica of the crown from Tangled. He was quite eager to point out all of the expensive details.

  194. Characters interactions are so much fun. Back in the 90’s (yes I’m old) I was 8ish and my parents decided we needed a ditch day so we stayed home from school an work and went to DL. We got there when it opened and because it was really early and the middle of the week it was quiet so when we went in a bunch of the characters were right inside well I had a hat on and I went up to capt hook and asked for is autograph and he shoved my hat over my eyes so I went to the next character who I think was the bear from the big County jamboree and he hugged me and fixed my hat. This went on for I swear 5 min then tigger rescued me. The best time to go is real early or do the breakfast or separate interactions to get one on one time. It’s totally worth it.

  195. I have only been to Disney world once, and that was when I was 7 (I’m 16 now). I don’t remember very many things about the trip, but there are two thing I will always remember.

    1) When I was taking a picture with cruella de vil my grandpa started telling her about our dogs at home. well, she became VERY interested in my dogs and started asking questions about their breed, what kind of coat they had, and if I thought they would make good coats. well, little 7 year old be became upset and started crying and she said not to worry, i dont want your dogs, I only care about dalmations…..do you know where i could find some dalmations?

    2) I remember I was wearing overalls the day I went to see captain hook. When I was taking my picture with captain hook, my grandpa decided to ask captin hook what happened to his hand. well, he became very upset at this and picked me up with his hook by my overalls.

    Those are the two things that I remember most about my trip to Disney world.

  196. I have heard that if you say “Andy’s coming” all of the Toy Story characters will fall to the ground and pretend to be a toy.

  197. I don’t know if anyone stated it already, but if you tell any of the ones from Toy Story that Andy is coming, they drop and pretend to be toys.

  198. We’ve been to Disney many times, and seen or done many of these! Interacting with the characters is one of the best things!
    The Qyeen of Hearts prefers if you curtsy while you talk, it saves time.
    Captain Hook has chased and ‘threatened’ me for ticktocking at him.
    I once asked the Mad Hatter, ‘how is a raven like a writing desk?’ After he stopped hollering at me for being stark raving mad, he actually knew the answer!
    My sister and I have red hair. Obviously, Ariel had a field day with us.
    I let King Looie eat bugs out of my hair.
    Alice in Wonderland named me Katie Flowers (I had them on my dress?) and remembered me at the parade.
    I hope everyone on their way to the happiest place on earth has the best time of your lives!!

  199. Ask Flinn Ryder to show you the smolder. It’s really entertaining. Also my husband and I had a really great interaction with Mike and Sulley. They made my husband get down in one knee and propose. Also if you can meet the princess with her Prince it’s fun to take couples photos.

  200. The most memorable moments of our Disney trip were meeting the characters, something we thought at first about skipping. We asked Mr Incredible and Elastigirl to show us their best “hero” pose and did ours as well, Goofy danced with my daughter & was a hoot every time we saw him, & the princesses were just magic; chatting with her and commenting on my Tiffany necklace (“It looks like you already have the key to the kingdom” Cinderella told me and I squealed like a child). I could go on and on & i urge everyone to seek them out. It makes for grin inducing memories, I promise;)

  201. I have spent several weeks online trying to find a list like this. Thank you! I have been to WDW several times, but never knew to do any of this. I have a trip planned with my daughter & her HS band for March 2014 & we can’t wait to try your suggestions.

  202. When we were eating at the Castle, Belle (my granddaughter’s fav) came to our table. My 3 year old granddaughter started singing ‘Little town, it’s a quiet village’ and Belle joined in! They sang a few more lines and my granddaughter clapped her hand over her mouth in excitement. Best. Disney. Picture. Ever! Also many years ago, my daughter mentioned to Aladdin that she was from Minnesota and while we were visiting Florida it was snowing at home. Aladdin proceeded to tell her about Jafar sending him to a snowy place and how cold he thought it was. It was great!

  203. When I went to Disneyland in 08 my best friend and I stood in line to meet the princesses. They all noticed my engagement ring and asked how I met my prince, but Ariel was the funniest. She kept telling me how beautiful I am, and that she liked my glasses, and I asked if she wanted to try them on. She did and said it was like getting your land legs (I have terrible vision) then we all posed and did fish faces for the camera. It totally made the trip.

    Also when my husband and I went to Disney World for our anniversary they had the mice from Cinderella out, and I had never met them before, Cinderella is my favorite movie, anyway we waited for them to come back and when they and a bunch of other characters came back from their break they were so happy that I only wanted to meet them, we were the first people there and they danced with me over to the spot where we took our pictures.

  204. One year for MNSSH I dressed as Minnie Mouse. When I met her she threw her arms up offended we had on the same dress. I told her I can’t believe you stole my outfit! She bucked up to me, got in a boxing stance and we got in a slap fight. Sooo hilarious! No one had a video camera to catch it. The photographers were laughing so much they didn’t get many pictures. And Micky stepped back…when it was over he rubbed her shoulders.

  205. Always be very polite to the characters. My family was at WDW in January and I decided you are never too old to get autographs, so I took my young cousins around to meet all the characters. After we got Buzz Lightyears autograph, I said “thank you so much!” He took my autograph book back from me and made a big show of kissing the page he had just signed. He handed it back to me and then kissed my hand. It embarrassed my 8 year old male cousin but it made my day. Most of the other characters will do something a little extra for you too if you have really good manners.

  206. ohmigosh I love these!!!! i’m going to Disneyland for the first time in july!! im soo excited,, im 16 but I don’t care I am soo trying some of these!! anybody have any other good ideas??? Mickey and Goofy are my favs but I love them all!!

  207. When my husband and I went to WDW for our Honeymoon in August of 2009, we got a great picture with Captain Hook and Smee (we were wearing buttons that said “Just Married”, btw and they saw the pins). Captain Hook placed my husband next to Mr. Smee, then he linked arms with me, and guided me up to them. Then the photographer took a picture of Mr. Smee acting as the minister using our autograph book as the “bible” and pretended to marry us. We enjoyed it. THey were great!

  208. My son’s first trip to WDW was at age 2 and a 1/2. He waited in line patiently to meet Cruella. When he got up there. He shook his finger at her and said in his little 2 yr old voice, “Woo weave dose puppies awone!”. I think he caught her off guard to some degree. She ‘reprimanded’ him for shaking his finger.

    And he loved the Aladdin .movie and wanted to meet Jafar. When it was his turn to see Jafar, he walked up, leaned in and roared, “RRRAAAAARRRRR!!!!” then simply walked away. lol!

    But my favorite was at MNSSHP, he dressed as Peter Pan and had the styrofoam dagger hanging off his belt, and he met Smee and Hook. Smee “captured” Pan, put his hands behind his back, gave Pan to Hook, then Smee took his dagger. My son laughted thru the entire thing. Smee and Hook danced and were all excited that they had “finally caught Pan”.

  209. My daughter was wearing a belle dresse when she went to see belle. Belle asked her if she had been visiting her closet. On the same trip Aurora pretended to give a little kiss on the cheek to a little boy (about 8) He rubbed off the kiss. She told him, you can never rub off a kiss from a princess when you rub it it just goes deeper and deeper straight to your heart where it stays forever. lol.. his look was priceles

    • Snow White ALWAYS gets my son… cheeck or forehead w/ her big, bright, red lipstick. same thing.. “it doesn’t rub off.. it only rubs in”. …how fun would it be to play a character?!

  210. This pastChristmas while at MK my 3 year old had a blast with Donald and goofy! With Donald he would kiss the tip of her nose and she would giggle out of control! Then she would kiss him and he would fall to the ground like he was in love! Then beside him was goofy and he was waiting patiently on her so they started playing peek a boo! This picture taking episode went on for 30 minutes between the 3 of them and before I knew it the cast members pulled their managers out and we wer surrounded by cast members laughing! They has their phones out taking pictures of her and the people patiently waiting in line were even taking pictures of her! They said she was the cutest, funniest most interactive 3 year old they ever seen and they were disappointed the couldn’t capture the sound of her laughter in the pictures! God I love disney!

  211. When I was almost 8 I asked Smee where captain hook was, a and he said “I I I …I don’t know” in the exact right voice. I was a very logical child, so I pondered for a long time trying to come up with a question that that answer wouldn’t have fit.

  212. A friend of mine says that if you go up to Woody or Buzz and yell, “Andy is coming!” They drop to the ground. I am trying that and many of these things on my next trip!! :D

  213. If you tell Woody and Jesse that “Andy is coming” they will fall on the ground and lay still like they’re toys.

  214. Sully is missing and my 3 year old did the best of things he ran up to him and scared him, then sully shook and hugged him, everyone around was clapping, it really Made his day

  215. I was in toon town one time and Goofy had this long line of kids and parents waiting to take pictures with him. Now Goofy is my favorite and I couldn’t let the moment go by. At the top of my lungs I yelled “Hi Goofy!!” and waved like a maniac. He totally stopped what he was doing looked at me and waved back. Made my year!

  216. If you have a baby, take the bottle for your pic with Stitch. (In the movie he steals a bottle from a baby in a shopping cart.) He will take it and pretend to drink it.

  217. My 3year old daughter loved asking the MickeyMouse Clubhouse gang to do the “hotdog dance”. Also, when we ate at 1900fare, every time the step sisters would come over, she covered her necklace. I asked her why, she said she didn’t want them to rip it off her like they did to Cinderella. (She came up with that all on her own). The sisters played It up and started blaming each other

  218. My husband and I went to Disney World a couple years ago and stopped in MK to watch the Pirate Lesson show they do in Adventureland. My husband felt someone tugging on his backpack and when we turned around, Capt Jack Sparrow was going through the pockets! When we caught him, he turned away quickly and acted like he was doing something else. We also took our 2 year old in Feb, and he got an ear infection the first day and felt horrible the whole time. At our character dinner at the Garden Grill, Chip scooped up our son and rocked and kissed him. It was so sweet! We love Disney, and can’t wait to go again.

  219. If you yell, “Andy is Coming!” around the Toy Story characters, they will stop what they are doing and fall on the ground.

  220. Ariel asked my four year old son his name. When he replied “Sebastian” she totally flipped out saying “i have a FRIEND NAMED SEBASTIAN!” A hilarious conversation ensued about how they were different/alike.

  221. When we met Capt. Hook, my daughter was wearing a shirt with skulls on it. He loved it and put her book on her head to sign it. She’s never forgotten that. :)

  222. This post has given me so many ideas for my next trip!

    My favorite interaction by far took place a couple years ago, with friends we dressed up in the fashion of characters we liked (mine being Winnie the Pooh) and I was carrying around a lightsaber, because lightsabers are cool. When it came to taking a picture with Pooh, he motioned to my lightsaber, and spent a good 3 minutes playing with it and showing off his moves before taking a picture with me. It is my most favorite memory and the reason I always carry my lightsaber with me.

  223. Captain Hook threw my kids autograph books on the floor after signing them, my kids loved that, tinker bell just about showed my kids inside her house but closed the door quick and said it was a mess in there :), the evil queen heard my daughter day she looked evil and glared at my daughter , Alice and the mad hatter waved and waved to my kids while waiting in the castle for the parade to start, tigger jumped with my kids and max showed them how to break dance, chip and sale covered my kids eyes , it was an amazing trip!!!

  224. When we went to Disney this past summer, we were fortunate to be able to meet Merida from Brave. My daughter was ecstatic to meet her because she is her favorite princess by far. My daughter had a pen for autographs that had different colors to choose from and every character we met would always choose a color that matched them or their favorite color. But when Merida saw the pen she told my daughter, “What a strange thing? Is it full of magic?” They had the triplets as bears there as well and she mentioned that they like strange things and showed the bears the pen. The reaction from the bears was awesome too since they are animatronic style bears and they went wide-eyed at the pen. Then Merida couldn’t get the pen to work so my daughter showed her how too. I mean, this was worth the wait in line we did for Merida because it was one of the memories my daughter still talks about. She even was able to shoot an arrow from Merida’s bow afterward. Can’t wait to go back in the future and try some of these things out.

  225. Also, if you tell any of the Toy Story characters “Andy’s coming!” They’ll stop what they’re doing and collapse on the ground

  226. In 2000, when I was eight, I went to a Hundres Acre Wood breakfast at the Wilderness Lodge at Disney World and got to meet all the characters throughout the meal. They’re so much fun to interact with there because it’s more relaxed and you can have more time. Eeyore kept trying to see what I was eating over my shoulder. I was so excited to meet Tigger that I about cried. He was so excited because I was! He even tried to swing dance with me and steal me away from my brother and parents! Everyone from the other tables was watching.

    Last year when I was 20, Pluto kept giving me kisses and Goofy tried to steal my film camera. Donald got excited when my best friend told him her fiancé is in the Navy and gave her extra hugs!!!

  227. My favorite character interaction by far was at California Adventure. A man that was in line in front of us waiting to see the Toy Story Characters (Jessie, Woody and Buzz) yelled “Andy’s coming!” And all the characters dropped to the ground and laid there for a minute. Really cute and my 3 year was so ammused by it.

  228. When going in to meet tink and the other fairies where youre supposed to have “shrunk” to be able to hang out with them, if youre tall ask why you didnt shrink enough or if youre short or a kid can ask why you shrank so much.

  229. We took my baby sister for her 2nd birthday last year. Upon meeting goofy my mom mentioned that Katie loves the hot dog dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he totally did the dance with her. Priceless.

  230. at the not-so-scary-halloween partyin 2012 my husband and I were dressed as Flynn and Rapunzel. When we met them there was some debate between us on who the “real” ones were. So we asked Flynn if he had the crown in his bag-and he told us to come close and he opened his satchel and he showed us the crown!! THEN he let me try it on. It was amazing! Not sure if that’s something you can do all the time (especially because Flynn isn’t often greeting guests) but it’d be worth a try if you see him!

  231. This actually happens! Around the Toy Story characters, yell “ANDY’S COMING!” they will fall down like in the movies!!!

  232. We did character dining and the hubs asked my daughter to show goofy the hot dog dance from Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Since she was too shy goofy went into an all out animated rendition of the exact dance he does on the show! We cracked up.

  233. im going this week for my first time and i am so excited… im gonna do all of these things :) thank you so much for the list :D

  234. When I was little I had just gotten a makeover at bibbiti bobbiti boutique and I had a huge Cinderella dress. We went to go see the evil stepmother and she refused to take a picture with me! I then said “well you’re just grumpy cuz Cinderella got rich when you just got old!” ( because I was a sassy little girl) and the stepsisters where just dying of laughter.

  235. While waiting to be seated at the castle for dinner Cinderella unexpectedly showed up. My daughter who was a little shy walked up to her and said hello, Cinderella sat down to be more on her level and her shoes were showing. My daughter said “oh, l like your shoes”. Cinderella proceeds to tell her how her grandmother sewed on the straps so her shoes wouldn’t fall off – so sweet – My daughter talked about that the rest of the trip!

  236. My fiance and I are planning on going to Disney world for our Honeymoon, and I can say,with out any shame, that I am so going to do all of these! I think we are both more excited about the honeymoon than we are about the wedding. We are kids at heart :)

  237. I know for a fact that Chip n Dale aren’t fond of being asked who is who or being legit called Alvin or the others. It shows you don’t know who they are and that you’re probably just there cause you see big rodents walking around and want their autograph. But the nutz idea is adorable and if you want to get a rise out of them you can either tell one that the other is more handsome or stronger, or you can ask who Clarice likes better.

    • I agree, I have been around them hundreds of times and especially the Alvin thing gets a bit overly much sometimes. Although the “who is who” one is overly done, it can be fun. Not everyone remembers “Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers” especially an older adult or a small child. Especially for the little ones Chip and Dale can make the identity game special. But if you REALLY want to make their day: do your homework before and tell them who is who. They LOVE those who really know who they are! :)

  238. I have been to Disney 20 plus times and have never done any of these. We are taking my son for his third birthday in April, I can not wait to try these! Thanks

  239. I would like to add that the Mad Hatter asked my sister: “What’s your name?” and she said “Kailee.” He said “Are you positive?” and she said “Yes.” He said “Well hello, Positive!”

  240. When my 4 year old granddaughter met King Louie and Baloo the Bear, she walked in singing,”I’m the king of the jungle…a jungle VIP. King Louie threw himself at her feet. He started bowing and making the I’m not worthy gesture to her. Baloo grabbed her and taught her how to scratch her back on a tree, only after he got her to sing, the Bear Necessities! So much fun!

  241. When I met Chip and Dale the first time, I had a backpack on… They went through my backpack, examining the items in it, until they found a deck of cards I had inside…. They played with them for a couple minutes (I still don’t know how, with those costumed hands, they were able to mess with the cards!) and then they made me do a 52 card pickup on the spot… just threw them EVERYWHERE!

    The last time I went, we had my daughter (who was, like, 4?) and my 70-some odd year old grandmother, who was in a wheelchair, with us. My daughter was so excited to meet Goofy, but he ran straight to my Grandmother and started giving her bunny ears and playing around with her sun hat, and being all around Goofy with her. (ha!) My daughter thought that was hilarious.

    • I remember meeting chip and dale they all most choked me trying to put the hood of my poncho on. My brothers had the most fun with them we were with them forever it seemed cause we were the only ones in the room with them.
      I can’t wait to take my son I’m on a mission to meet all the princesses. And interact with them.

  242. My husband and I met lilo and stich one year and i walked up and gave stich a hug and told him i loved him. He grabbed my arm and walked me away from the line as if to say lets run away together. Was hilarious and so memorable.

  243. Over the years my kids and I have experienced some amazing interactions with the characters. On my daughters first trip at 7 months, a bunch of characters just loved her. Cinderella’s mice both got down on the floor and had me put her in their arms so they could rock and cuddle her, it was precious. Minnie Mouse also got on the floor and held her and then when I sat her on the floor off to the side to put my camera back in my bag, I turned and there was chip, dale and minnie all sitting on the floor playing with her…. On her 5th birthday at WDW she was dressed as Snow White and we were at MNSSHP and she had her pic done with the Evil Queen, it was priceless as the Queen was telling her to stay away from those 7 little men, 2 years back my daughter and niece had a wonderful time with Rapunzel as they both carried bags and Rapunzel was asking them if they carried frying pans in them and how useful they are! So many more I could mention but those are the ones that really stick out!

      • I made a longer post about this earlier. They USED to do it, but it caused security risks for the performers. They could hurt themselves, they could dirty the costumes, and their heads could fall off. Imagine Buzz, with his hard plastic head, falling down anytime anyone yelled it. See where I’m coming from here? There’s a video online explaining all of this. I could provide a link if you like?

      • I think because of safety/liability issues, they had to stop that. Apparently, too many people were getting hurt (tripping over them?) that’s what I read anyway.

  244. I LOVE Peter Pan, so a few years ago, I decided to let him know how I felt (yes I know he’s like 12…) I went and met him with a friend and told him “I love you, Peter”. He promptly responded, “what’s not to love about me?!” He went on to list the reasons he was loveable, word for word, “I’m charming, green, I can fly, I’m strong, funny, handsome, I have nice calves, these comfy shoes,…” At this time a father in line chimed in saying Peter was very modest! Which he replied “I’m modest, yes. I’m a 12-year-old boy who can talk!” It was all in good fun. He finally took a picture with us and as I was walking away, Peter calls out to me, “oh! And I love you too!” The whole experience warmed my heart. And because of it, I never go up to a character without having something to discuss with them. I love this list, provides me with a whole world of new ideas to utilize next time I’m at the park.

  245. My parents have this on video, when I was three maybe? We were sitting watching a parade at disneyland, captain hook came up to me with a teddy bear and stuck it out like he was going to give it to me, I was hesitant but he kept it out like “take it, take it”. When I went to go get it, he snatched it from me and skipped away. At the time, disneyland was NOT the happiest place on earth for me. 20+ years later, I have yet to run into captain hook again.

  246. My cousin sent me the kink to this page. We tried a bunch and they all worked. It made it OoOoO much more fun. Oh, and Ariel and I are going snorkelling together…lol. Even got a step sister to accept my son’s hand during the electrical parade! Thanks for the ideas. Here are some we made up: Ask Woody & Jessie where Bullseye is. They point yonder and gallop! Also, we asked Tink to help us fly, and we had a flexing contest with Tigger, Eeyore, and Pooh in the Crystal Palace at lunch!

  247. My grandma bought me two tickets to Disneyland and Cali Adventure and a night at the Resort for my birthday back in 2008. It was during the week and not very crowded. On our way out of the Tower of Terror (there was no one else really around) we ran into Goofy and his handler headed back for a rest. I grabbed the boyfriend’s hand and said. “Oh my goodness! It’s goofy!” Goofy heard me and ran towards me and gave me a big hug and then kissed my hand and looked back at the bf and gave him a thumbs up. Unfortunately, we didnt have the camera out, but its still an awesome memory!

  248. We had my little girl (18 months at the time) in Disneyland and she was all dressed up in a tutu looking like a little princess. When we met the evil queen she asked if our daughter was a princess and we assured her that no she wasn’t and the evil queen was pleased and said that had she been a princess she would of had to feed her some applesauce! Can’t way to go to Disneyworld in May as our daughter will be just about 4 and is dying to ask Cinderella to dance with her.

  249. Ask the queen of hearts how many heads she’s had cut off lately. My mom made me ask this at a character dinner when I was ten. The queen of hearts pointed and me and then did the head chop off motion… I spent the rest of the dinner running away from her as she chased me around with a butter knife… she cornered my younger sister who escaped out from under her skirts…. and my mom had to call her off by shaking her finger at her… all of this was caught on tape, and I’m still terrified of the queen of hearts (i’m 23)… but it’s definitely a good reaction

  250. I went with my family a few years ago for the Star Wars weekends since we’re all crazy about it. They have the basic Disney characters plus the Studios park is full of Star Wars characters. I went to get Darth Maul’s signature and he spent a good minute just stalking around and staring at me. Finally, I said “would you please just sign my book?” He slapped it out of my hand.

    • Darth Maul gives me the creeps! He did the same thing to me a few years ago. Haha…I actually made friends with Darth Vader because I told him I was going to sing for him at the American Idol thing and I loved a man in black. He was like shaking his head approvingly.

  251. When I was 14, my family went and at the MK we met Alladin and the Genie. Alladin commented that my brother must be a prince and that my dad and I must be his servants (my brother is disabled and he was in a wheel chair). This annoyed me and I told him outright that I was NOT his servant. So we posed for pictures and as we were leaving he said bye prince to my brother and with my back turned, he’d gotten right up into my ear and whispered bye princess. I about died of happiness! I still squee over it to this day (I’m 22)

  252. My husband and I went on our honeymoon the week after Thanksgiving in 2010 – the parks were so quiet which was amazing and the Christmas decorations were amazing!

    We got to see several characters because the lines were so short – and they took notice of our “Just Married” buttons:

    Flick: He did a ceremonial ring blessing of our wedding rings!
    Chip and Dale: After several high fives and hugs – they did a ring blessing too!
    Minnie: Took my hand and had a fit over my rings! She pointed at Mickey and then the rings and back at Mickey – her handler told me that Minnie wanted me to show them to Mickey and “give him a hint”!
    Goofy: Gave me a huge hug and an exaggerated kiss on my cheek to try an make my husband jealous… and then he saw the picture from Expedition Everest in my hand (I was screaming like a baby!) and he started making fun of my face in the photo and showing it off to others in line!

    Another interaction aside from Newlywed ones:
    Green Army Man: My husband saluted him before walking up and he did the same! They then did various military poses for the pictures.

  253. My daughter asked Alice where the Cheshire Cat is. Alice pointed to the roof of a nearby building and said, “Oh, I thought he was up there, but he has disappeared!”

  254. I have a story about an involuntary character interaction, my family and I were at the United Kingdom part of Epcot and I was getting a picture taken with Pooh and Tigger, I was about 13 or 14 years old, and after the pictures Pooh grabbed one of my arms and Tigger grabbed the other and started walking me away from the area to the cast member area, attempting to “steal me”, It was a hilairious moment that my family and I will never forget

  255. I brought my daughter to Disney World when she was 3 1/2. She wore her Disney Cinderella gown, glass slippers, gloves, and crown. During the parade, Gapetto, took her out of her carriage and danced with her through the streets, she became part of the parade, he returned her to me and told me she was the most beautiful “real girl” he had ever seen, kissed her gently on the head, and autographed her book.
    Later, when she met Cinderella, she said, “Oh my! It is a good thing my Prince is away on a hunt this morning! He would be so confused!!!”
    Stitch drooled on my daughter’s head and licked her hand.
    Rafiki held her up like the scene in the Lion King…
    She got to be part of the Lion King show at Animal Kingdom.
    Tink took her flitting through the garden where we met.
    Alladin held her hand and asked if she trusted him! It was wonderful, and even if she doesnt remember all of the events, I do, and have the pictures that are worth a thousand words. Perfection is the Disney World Experience.

  256. these are fun! i will always remember my first trip, i was three and obsessed with tigger. I had tigger shorts, tshirt and hat on walking around the park. went to take a picture with tigger and he stole my hat! still have the cutest picture with him!

  257. This was an accidental interaction, but while we were waiting for Aladdin and Jasmine to come out for their greet in MK, my DD (who was almost 4 at the time) discovered the fake gems and coins in the cement around the area. She’s never one to pass up “money” she finds on the ground, so she was crawling all over the place (in her Cinderella dress and full BBB princess makeover glory!) trying to wrestle the coins out of the cement. Imagine her surprise when she looked over to see Aladdin on his hands and knees next to her trying to help her get a coin loose! They had quite a long conversation on their hands and knees trying to pick up spare change :)

  258. My boyfriend and I met Aladdin and Jasmine on our trip two years ago and while I talked to Jasmine about her being my favorite princess growing up Aladdin asked my boyfriend if he and I were dating to which my boyfriend quickly replied “Yep, not sure how this street rat got the princess, but it happened.” Aladdin loved it and Jasmine told me he was a keeper.

  259. We took our son last November, he was 13 months old. We happened across Pluto with a short line so we waited. Our little guys couldn’t quite walk on his own yet, so I held his hands while he staggered over to Pluto. Pluto immediately got down on all fours and wagged his tail. We spent almost 10 minutes with him, scratching his ears, rubbing his belly when he rolled on his back, laughing at him wanting to chase Marie who was nearby. It was great.
    When we met Mickey and Minnie my little one was wearing socks with Mickey on them. Mickey acted all bashful. Mickey made a big production of wiggling his nose and kissing the kiddo. We have wonderful photos of the interaction.
    Probably the best character interaction was with Ariel at Cinderella’s Royal Table. She played “Peek-a-fin” and told him not to ever eat fish, and good luck learning to walk, she knows how hard that is!
    During one of the parades Cruella DeVille stopped and asked my husband “Are you flirting with me???!!!” Taken aback, he replied No! Her response: “Well, why not???!!” His jaw dropped.

  260. In May 2012 my 5 year old son, who is a magician, met Mickey for the first time at MK. The set up is something like backstage at Mickey’s Magic Show. My son was so excited when he saw all the magic references and did a magic trick for Mickey and Minnie! They had him do it a few times and then some of the other cast members that were watching gave him high fives and one even did a few magic tricks for my son. It was great!

  261. I loved reading all of these interactions. I’d never thought to do this but I have a share too. We were last there when my son was almost 5. We waited for-ev-er to see Chip and Dale. When my son finally got his turn they pounced on him and tore off his little Lightening McQueen backpack and went through it looking for a snack! It took him a second to realize what was going on. He was furious until he got the joke. It is a great memory we still laugh about 2 years later. I’m so glad I wasn’t laughing too hard to get pictures. We show them to guests any time Disney comes up at our house.

  262. The summer after graduation my husband (my boyfriend at the time) and I went to WDW for the first time. The very first characters we met were Chip and Dale. I wanted my picture with Dale so I told my husband, “You go get the picture and autograph with Chip, Dale’s all mine!”
    After we walked away I felt a tug on my backpack…it was Chip! He had chased me down main street, grabbed my backpack and literally hauled me back to the handlers and made me get my picture with him! he gave me a big ole kiss, too! My best Disney memory EVER!
    Another great one was Prince John from Robin Hood…I made fun of him and sucked my thumb and pulled on my ear and he got offended, but joined me in the pose for the picture!
    Next spring (16 years later) We’re bringing our kids for the first time!

  263. I really loved reading all of the stories on here and I hope and pray that someday my family and myself can afford to go to Disney world that would be a dream come true, for all four of us. maybe one day ya’ll will get to hear my story.

  264. When my husband and I went for our honeymoon in Sept. 2012, we were watching a parade in MK and were very close. When Capt. Hook walked by I wanted him to look at my camera so I started chanting “tick tock, tick tock”. He turned and shook his hook at me and I got the perfect picture! Will never forget that.

  265. During our honeymoon, DH and I had dinner at 1900 Park Fare.
    Anastasia came over and asked me how I met my prince (she wanted tips).
    Well, DH and I met during a tornado watch in Kansas, when we both went out to watch for it. So I said something to that effect, and she immediately screeched “IN A TORNADO!!!!!” and went on about how she didn’t want to meet a prince that way.
    The whole room went silent from her outburst.

  266. Last year, my friends and I were at Epcot and found Aladdin & Jasmine. Aladdin is my absolute favorite Disney movie, so I was like a little kid on too much sugar (I am 33). When it was our turn, Aladdin saw my Stars Wars shirt and asked what a Stormtrooper was…that sent my friend off on a long winded lesson on the Jedi, Stormtroopers and Darth Vader. Aladdin & Jasmine were enthralled and even asked questions. Aladdin asked if Darth Vader was anything like Jafar and offered my friend tips on getting rid of Vader. I was floored with how well they stayed in character! It was the highlight of my day getting to have my picture taken with the two of them.

  267. My son, when he was 6, told Snow White she was his favorite princess… she gave him a big kiss on his cheek… he was so proud and embarrassed of the bright red lips on his face! I made him keep it all day… I told him that getting a kiss from a princess is the best thing that can happen to you in Disney!

    • Same thing happened to my daughter when she was 3&1/2. She walked around all evening, looking at herself in the windows and mirrors saying, “Snow White kissed me? She leaved her lipstick?” It was definitely my daughter’s magical moment!

  268. My family and I choose a ridiculous lyric or saying and see who can get a character to sign that phase…this last trip it was “Drop it like it’s hot”

  269. I just wanted to add one for the green army men! =D my husband went up to one when we were at Disneyland and said to him “Navy is better!” the green army guy responded with “well, that’s great. I’m a TOY!”
    It’s one of the best stories we’ve come home with.

    • Oh I plan on doing this. I’m going to Disney World next week and I just got home from service. Your husband is right. Navy is better!

  270. We had gone to EuroDisney a couple years ago, and just got back from DisneyWorld. While at EuroDisney the Eeyore and Tigger characters weren’t able to sign their names at the character breakfast, but at the breakfast in Disneyworld they did. I mentioned how cool it was that Tigger learned how to write his name since the last time we saw him in EuroDisney and Tigger LOVED it! He started bobbing up and down, gave me a high five and a thumbs up. It was really cute.

  271. Last year my family went to the magic kingdom, about a year earlier by little brother was diagnosed with leukemia, while at the park he had to wear a snow beanie to protect his head and a face mask, he and my sister went to visit rapunzle and he was not a huge fan, however upon meeting her she asked if he was a good prince or a bad prince because of his face mask, he replied with a “good prince” response and she had a really cute conversation with my 6 year old brother and 4 year old sister, after their meeting they were both raving about how awesome she was. I was incredibly impressed with how engaging she was with them. At the magic kingdom they have recently built rapunzel’s tower and are creating a permanent meet and greet spot that should be done this year.

  272. The first time I went to Disneyland I was in 6th grade I am now 23 and still remember asking goofy if he dances suddenly music came on and he grabbed me spinning me around and around dancing in the middle of a giant circle that had formed! Best day of my life as a child! :)

  273. I’ve seen a funny video on YouTube where the girl asked various characters if they had a Twitter. She got some hilarious responses in the characters’ efforts to not break character.

  274. When we went in 09 I made a point to seek out Goofy. I got my pic taken with him and told him that he was my most favorite character, and he hugged me and started to jumping up and down, and he even picked me up! I loved it, and I was 28 at the time.

  275. My friend and I went to Disneyworld mk and sat on the curb I decided to take my shoes of because I had been walking all day well multiple characters noticed Alice and Pete from puff the magic Dragon, I think that’s his name, asked me if I was looking for a prince but the best interaction of all was when on the parade float with prince charming and the resisters came by prince charming winked at my friend and me well Anastasia noticed and stood mouth gaping and looked right at us it made the whole trip

  276. Is there a Gaston character? The week after my high school performs “Beauty and the Beast,” I will be going to Disneyland. My role in the play was one of the Silly Girls and I think it would be funny to flirt with Gaston.

  277. We sawa Mr. Incredible at the Animation Studio and asked him to arm-wrestle my daughter – he didn’t want to but they did thumb wrestle!

  278. I’m in my early 30’s and my husband and I visited Epcot for a one-day cruise excursion while on ourhoneymoon. I LOVED playing with the characters!
    I asked Mulan if I could call her Ping. She replied that no one called her that since her days in the army. Ha!
    Aurora and I posed with “princess arms” on which she complimented me. I answered, “Girl, I’ve been working too damn long on that!”
    Belle and Beast posed with my husband and I. Belle actually asked Beast’s PERMISSION to take my husband’s arm!
    Stich gave us ‘hang ten’ poses and then left us and proceeded to rifle through a woman’s purse, trying things out. Typical Stichery! :)
    So much fun to carry on with these characters– at ANY age!

  279. I was taking a picture of my two sons with the Mad Hatter, but I couldn’t fit his hat in the frame. When I told him his hat was too big, he got very offended and said, “Did you ever think your head is too small?!” My boys couldn’t stop giggling.

  280. Flynn Rider & Rapunzle- Ask Rapunzle if she likes Eugene or Flynn better. Rapunzle asked my cousin and I to settle an ‘arguement’ they were having over his name. =D It was very funny

  281. When I was four my parents and I went to Disney World and one morning at breakfast Goofy was wondering through the tables and my mom asked if I could get a picture with him. Apparently I pulled his ear and when my mom went to take the picture he lifted up one of my braids. It made for an interesting picture.

  282. Last year, I was with my big family at Disney land. It was me, my four younger sisters and my little brother was three at the time in line to see the princesses. We saw Tiana, and Ariel who all loved my little brother. But Belle was flirting up a storm with him. She made him a promise to wait for him till he was old enough to marry her. It’s been a year but he still talks about how Belle is his girlfriend. :)

    • When my daughter was 9, she was obsessed with Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell asked her what her favorite ride was and she told her it was the Peter Pan ride. Tinker Bell said that every morning she pours fairy dust on the ride so we could fly on it. My daughter loved it! Totally made the trip for her.

  283. Here are some things I’ve never tried, but would love to hear the outcomes:
    -What would happen if you called buzz lightyear Mrs. Nesbit?
    -How would any character from, “Bug’s Life” react to somebody carrying bug spray?
    -What would happen if somebody gave Ariel a tutorial on how to use a fork?
    -How would Pluto (or Goofy) react while in the middle of a conversation, the person yelled, “Squirrel!!”
    -See what happens if you bring a roman candle to rapunzel.
    -Tell a character from “Finding Nemo” that you either had seafood for lunch, or fish (describe with great detail)
    -Ask Mr. Potato Head (from Toy Story, but I’m not sure they have one in the Parks) if he likes french fries, or ask him if he would like fries with that
    -Ask one of the army men to “drop and give me twenty!!” see what they do
    -Ask one of the evil stepsisters what size shoes they wear
    -Ask Sleeping Beauty for mattress recommendations
    -(before entering the parks) go online and order M & M’s that say things like: eat me, give me away, give to a friend, get happy. Give Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) the whole bowl, and see what she does
    -Ask Alladin or Flinn Rider what they think of the other person
    -Give Alladin a piece of bread
    -Ask Tiana for her Gumbo recipe
    and finally…..
    If you ever see a group of villains together (maybe at the halloween parade?) Ask them which is the most evil, or horrendous, and try to see if they get into an argument

    *Sorry if this list was very long, but if you read it, you’ll enjoy the imaginary outcomes*

    If you completed any of the ideas shown above, please write about them here…..Thanks:)

  284. We took my daughter to Disney when she was learning to walk. We were in AK and Pluto was waiting for the rope drop at Camp Minnie and Mickey. He saw me walking her holding both of her hands and motioned for me to give him her hands. I asked him if he was taking her for a walk and he nodded :-). A great picture and a great day!

  285. We went to dinner with the princesses in Epcot, and Belle suggested to my cousin Claire a book about “how to teach fish”. Also, after we talked with Ariel and took pictures, she told us to “Have fun on our feet today!” Being a Disney princess must be the best job in the world.

  286. When I was 6 my family went to Disneyland. Well about 4 days prior to our trip I was in a kids folding chair when it collapsed and almost severed 2 of my finger tips. Not being able to cancel the trip, due to my parents saving for a long time for it, I put on my brave face and wore a bandage on my hand after my surgery and put my arm in a sling. My hand hurt and the sling was huge and covered my hand. My parents convinced me I wanted good memories and not to mope. I tried to not mope but was failing miserably. So we wound up waiting for photos with Chip and Dale. They made it worth while! My mom kept trying to get me to smile and when I wouldn’t. They both started poking me. In defiance I waved my bandaged and holstered arm at them. At which point they acted very shocked and kept looking in the sling trying to find my hand! When I finally started relaxing they started acting out what they though happened. It was fun. And even though they were grabbing what I am sure they knew was an injury they did it very gently and in a way that turned a rather bummed child into one who began to enjoy her stay.

  287. Flynn Rider- call him Eugene! He will either act really embarrassed (as in hiding behind a nearby curtain) or “discreetly” ask you to “keep it a secret”.

    Rapunzel/Ariel- if it’s a holiday, ask them how they are going to be celebrating (these two are the least knowledgeable of our customs)

    Any/all- ask them about other chars!!! (Flynn and naveen have especially funny opinions of each other).

  288. I work for and orthopedic surgeon and while trying to ease a four years olds fears getting her cast off she told me her favorite princess was Rapunzel. Two weeks lateri was at Disney world and asked Rapunzel to help me out. She half a sign saying merry Christmas Kendall
    Made her day at her next office visit. Thanks Rapunzel

  289. My sister and I (both in our 30s) met up with the 2 ugly stepsisters and their mother early in the morning and had a talk with them and posed for pictures. Later in the day we saw them on one of the floats during the parade and they remembered us!! They loved my sister’s pink jacket.

    We were in line to get Turks autograph and he saw my stepdads birthday button..stopped everyone and sang Happy Birthday to him.

    Also I was just about mauled by Goofy on the parade route…I had my hand out thinking that he would just slap it on his way by. Boy was I surprised..he pretty much grabbed me in a huge bear hug and smacked me with his hard nose in the face…ha ha.

  290. I took pics with Chip and Dale and had them sign a picture for me. The pen had Donald on it. They didn’t like it too much. They pretended to punch the pen.

  291. My two sons and my nephew were in our group that meet up with Chip & Dale. They all started playing pranks on each other and doing funny poses? It was a good 20 min that the characters played with us! They were great!!! Love that world!

  292. As someone who spent four years of her life knowing several of the characters “inside out”, I can tell you that most of these suggestions are really great and the characters really appreciate the guests who go that extra mile.

  293. Omg, we had so many completely unintentional personal interactions with the characters! :-). Some of the most memorable were…

    Duffy – my daughter had a Duffy bear that she was carrying when she met him. Of course Duffy made a huge deal out of it, playing with it and then posing for a pic with my daughter with it.

    Chip and Dale – my daughter had her Duffy bear with her here also and chip and dale kept putting it on her head and being silly with her.

    Prince Phillip – my daughter was wearing her sleeping beauty T-shirt and prince Phillip pointed at her shirt and said, you’re wearing my princess!

    Alice in Wonderland – my daughter had a Hello Kitty doll we had bought in Japan while in Epcot. We had also bought a very Alice looking outfit and put it on the doll. When Alice saw that, she had a long conversation with my daughter about her cat Dinah and what pets my daughter has, etc.

    Doug and Russell – we were the last in line before they had to leave, so after spending a lot of time with Doug trying to lick my daughter’s Belle doll and my daughter’s head, when they left, Doug offered his hand to my 4 yr old nephew and the two of them walked off together hand in hand until Doug reached his door to the cast member only area. Made for some very sweet and touching pictures!

    Merida! – my daughter had dressed as Merida in a handmade dress my mother had made, with the bow and arrow set and the Merida shoes from the Disney store. When we came up to the garden where her meet and greet is in the magic kingdom, we found out that she would be returning in 30 minutes. Since we had waited in that line for over an hour the year before for Rapunzel, we asked to wait. When Merida returned, we were first in line when they opened the doors. Merida saw my daughter, ran down the ramp to meet her, and walked hand in hand back to the top. She showed my daughter her bow, had a little session where she showed my daughter how to hold her bow, let my daughter wake up the bears, had a long chat with her, then signed her autograph book with ‘Emily, be brave lassie! Merida’. Such a magical experience for my little girl!

    And there were so many more in addition to these. Remember, the characters and cast members know how to (and want to!) make everyone’s trip magical! Just give them the opportunity and watch the magic! :-)

  294. My son is 4, and we just had our first trip to Disney World. He has a Toy Story hat that has a large Buzz Lightyear on it. He’s worn it so much, that it’s nearly worn out. When we met Buzz, my husband showed his “helper” the hat. Now, Buzz has fat, stuffed gloves so he uses a stamp in the book. Well, when they saw how worn and loved that hat was, he went off to the side and used a Sharpie in those fat hands and signed under the brim for my son. It was so awesome, and now my son has a unique souvenir from his first trip. It really meant a lot to him, and I was seriously impressed at how neatly Buzz wrote his name with those giant gloves on!

  295. We had a great interaction at Disneyland this year at the Plaza Inn Minnie and friends breakfast. Captain Hook was one of the characters walking around and my 3yo daughter was really scared of him. We kept telling her he wouldn’t come to our table and just as we were about to leave he started coming our way. It just happened that Dale was right beside our table and over heard us telling our daughter that it would be ok… Well Dale started to protect us from Captain Hook and acted very tough to scare him away… When that didn’t “work”, Dale then made crocodile motions with his arms and Captain Hook went running in the other direction until we could make it “safely” away! Haha. It was soooo cute and fun to have that special time and attention from the characters!

  296. Wicked Witch – Ask her if she knows Snow White, or tell her how much you like Snow White. We were going to a Princess Lunch when we ran into her, she was very unhappy we were going to eat lunch with Snow White. :)

  297. We went for the first time with our 7 year old daughter last fall. I have a few tips that made our character interactions AWESOME!

    -Frozone/Mr. Incredible – ask them who is the better bowler… they pointed to each other, and when Mr. Incredible turned around to sign my daughter’s autograph book, Frozone came over, tapped my husband on the shoulder… pointed at himself, and put his finger to his mouth as if to say “Shhhh!”

    -Mickey Mouse – ask him to wiggle his nose – and he will do it! (I have NO idea how!)

    -Naveen/Tiana – ask them where Ray is – this was one of our daughters favorite things – they told her that at night, if you look at the top of the castle – you will see a light …. on the “steeple”… and that is where Ray hangs out because he doesn’t like to be around too many people, but likes to see what is going on. She looked for “Ray” every single night that we were there!

    -Jake From the neverland pirates – ask him if he has any Gold Deblumes… and as your kid is giving him a hug (and can’t see what’s going on)… his “helper” pulls one out and he gives it to Jake who then gives it to your kiddo

    I created an autograph book that has each characters picture and name on it. The characters thought it was AWESOME to have their OWN page. (Possibly able to share)

    That’s all I can think of for the moment, but let me say … this website helped us TREMENDOUSLY…
    Thanks Kenny!

  298. This past December – alot of the characters would wear my boys Mickey ears. :) But my favorite was with Chip and Dale. We waited for them to take a quick bathroom break. They were playing with my 2 boys and then Chip sat in my son’s stroller and my oldest boy pushed him around alittle. They thought it was so funny. Everyone in line got a kick out of it. Sully had alot of fun with my boys too – he took my son’s Mickey hat and held it up so they couldn’t reach it – so we have photos of payton trying to jump up and grab it. :) Then he put it on Mike. :) They were both laughting so hard at those two silly monsters. :)

    • We went for my cousins graduation a few years ago and during one of the parades I was yelling for stich so loud that he jumped off the float and came and gave me a kiss ( but it looks like he is trying to eat my head) best Disney memory ever!

  299. my family went to Disney California adventure a few years ago. while walking through the park we saw goofy posing for pictures. we were going to wait but my aunt said it was too long of a line we would come back later. goofy heard and didn’t like it, he proceeded to chase us down grabbed my aunts arm and dragged her back and made her stand in line. then when it was our turn he came over and herded us all over but when my dad and uncle stayed behind to take the pictures he made them join us by spanking their bums in a way to say move it. it was hysterical.

  300. While getting my picture made with Donald Duck, my dad said “Smile and say I like Peking Duck.” Donald reacted instantly, by marching up to my dad and indicating that he was “watching him.” It was extremely entertaining.

  301. This past December at 1900 Park Fare, my brunette sister wore green and blue, and I (a red head) wore pink and curled my hair. The stepsisters took notice. It was a lot of fun.

  302. When I was a lot younger my family and I went to Disney world and my mom went to take a picture and all of a sudden my stroller started moving and when I looked back Chip and Dale had stollen me.

    Another fun story is when I went to meet Alice she asked for my name and told her it was Allyson and she said oh just like mine “Alice in” Wonderland that made my day so much better.

    • Chip and dale did the same to me when I was little. My parents have pictures of them taking me away and skipping down the sidewalk to the playground that was in toon town and playing with me there.

  303. In 2009 my family went the first week in December. We were meeting Goofy in Santa outfit and I said to my son “Elijah I bet Goofy is hot in that suit”. Goofy stepped out, waved at the line waiting, pointed at me, then pointed at himself and fanned himself like saying “Hey this lady thinks Goofy is HOT!” My son still remembers and laughs about that one.

  304. I can’t believe I didn’t find your site until two days before my trip. All of this is wonderful. Thank you for the time you put into this!

  305. Just back from our first family holiday to disney and my 3 year old son loved meeting on the characters. He offered chip n dale nuts and they accepted each time he loved it. He really wanted to meet caption hook and mr smee and we were fortunate to meet them at DHS at the character palooza. He tried to hug captain hook, who stood shaking his head the cast member said he didnt do cuddles so my little one then asked is that because of the crocodile. Captain Hook then got very animated cause Lucas had mentioned it, he then said said ‘dont worry captain hook I have killed the crocodile’ to which he then got a hand shake and high five from captain hook made my sons holiday. My embarressment came from Jessie and Woody, I didnt want ine picture with them at MK but they insisted, jessie came and put her arm around me and made woody chaseme round in a circle till i got in the photo very funny and slightly embaressing

  306. I have a friend whose 6yr old son was posing with Tiana. She went to kiss him on the cheek and the boy started squirming and pulling away from Tiana. He put his hand up in a stop motion and with the most serious look on his face said, “there is no way you are kissing me, I dont want to be turned into a frog!” Prince Nivian doubled over laughing.

  307. Great list! My 4-year-old asked every princess in the park about their favorite color. Just an easy icebreaker for a little kid. On another trip, my son was wearing a Pirates of the Caribbean shirt so Tink was afraid of him and asked him if he was a pirate. Soon after, we saw Captain Hook. He saw Tink’s name in the autograph book and stomped and turned his back on us. Very funny guy for a silent character. He offered his hand for a high-five and then pulled it away. Repeatedly. Older 2 kids thought it was funny but it made my 2-year-old cry. Upon seeing her cry, he got dismayed and jumped over a rope into a garden and picked her a flower. She still wasn’t sure about him but the rest of us will always remember him as our favorite. There should be a lot more bad guys in the parks. We can’t wait to meet the Tremains this time. Not sure if I want to hear their singing though.

  308. One of our favorite character interactions was with Flik. My six year old daughter asked him, if he was an ant, why he didn’t have 6 legs. He motioned that a child plucked off two of them.

  309. If you’re at Crystal Palace, you can ask Pooh why they serve pork on the buffet line. Usually he giggles. Then you can tell Piglet that Pooh thinks it’s funny that there’s pork on the buffet.

  310. We have way too many to count. My daughter is bigtime into characters! She is also autistic and her lack of filter often provides for great entertainment!

    She met Ariel in mermaid form in her old grotto when she was 5 1/2….ran right up to her and with much delight and all seriousness said…..”nice shells”. Ariel and the CMs got quite the kick out of it….

    She loves Minnie so for many greets, she will unintentionally ignore the other character. Mickey played it up and started to cry. My daughter ended up hugging and dancing with him. It was such a great interaction….

    But our best is Prince Naveen last summer when my daughter was 8.By far he has been the most magical for us. Last August, my daughter ran into him after the first night, she was hooked (and so was I!). He remembered her every night, greeted her by name and said how he missed her. She is not a kid who goes up, poses, asks for an autograph and walks away. She talked to him about making gumbo, the swamp, what it was like to be a frog and dancing. Our last night he asked her to stay and in between other guests, my daughter and Naveen danced and talked and waved to the parade….pure Disney magic!

  311. This interaction wasn’t vounltary, but it’s definitly the most memorable:
    Picture this; An 18 year old girl walks up Tigger and Eeyore outside the hat at DHS. She tells Tigger “You’re my favorite!” Eeyore then proceeds to run away to the corner “crying”. It takes the 18 year old literally two minutes of apologising and several hugs to get Eeyore to come back and take the picture. As she leaves, Tigger is showing off for the next guest. A cast member says to her, “We think you may have given Tigger a complex!”
    That is my story. I was that girl.

  312. When we met Chip and Dale last year, my son (not yet two) was carrying a snack trap with crackers or something in it and the handler told him to be sure not to let Chip and Dale try to get his snacks, so being the mischief maker he is, he would hold a cracker out and then pull it back when they went for it. :-)
    And when we were next in line to see Donald (at AK) and he had to take a break, we were told he was taking a call from his lawyer because Daisy had run up the bill on his credit card again by buying too many shoes.

  313. Have you heard if anyone has ever asked one of the characters to sing with them?? We’re going for the first time in Sept and I would love to sing with Mary Poppins the lullaby song from the movie that I sing to my girls (Stay Awake…) , but don’t know if she’d do it…

  314. I was thinking of bringing a slice of bread with me and whenever I see Aladdin I would tell him ‘Today you will not get in trouble’

  315. I have a cute story regarding Jessie. When I met her I gave her two options to what page she could sign in my autograph book. I said she can get her own page or she can sign on the page Buzz signed on. She was so cute debating between the pages. Finally she picked the page that had Buzz’s autograph. She covered the page with hearts!! Later that day I showed the page to Buzz and he loved it!!
    Another thing you can do with Peter Pan is ask if you can be a lost boy or if you’re a girl you can ask if you can be his mother. Then you get to audition to be his mother!! Make sure you have a good short story to tell him!!

    • Always bow or curtesy to the queens and say your highness. They love it and usually intreact better. Ask Jefar where diago is? When you see Malificent tell her she is always welcome to your parties anytime she can pop in. When you see king Louie you will need to people for this pic. He does see no evil hear no evil speak no evil photos so his hand usually go on his choose then you do the other too it’s
      A great photo memory. Ask Tarzan to teach you to pound your chest and chant ahahahah. Let him inspect your bugs for hair. Tell him it was a jungle to get into to see him tonight. When you see anyone toy store characters yell out loud every watch out Andy is coming. They should Lay down on the ground. You lay with they take a pic and then someone yells all clear false alram! It’s a great fun!

      • I tried the toy story, “Andy’s coming!” With Jesse last week in California adventure park, and the assistent nearby said Andy doesn’t own them anymore, so I think what every the girls name that he give them to at the end of the 3rd movie would work

      • They are not allowed to do that anymore..I guess too many people got hurt or started messing up the costumes but no matter what name you yell Andy or the little girls they will not fall. There will be no reaction with any of the characters

    • Laura the best way to interact with the villains is to get cheeky!! We went to the party at DL last year. They love it when you’re brave and stand your ground! If they try to scare you sniff in sustain and tell them ‘it will take more than that!’ They then up the anti and that’s when it becomes REALLY fun!! I won’t give anymore away. But still curtsy and bow at the beginning :)

    • We went to the Halloween party at DL last year!
      The best way to interact with the villains is to get cheeky!! They LOVE it!If they try to scare you, sniff in distain and tell them ‘you’ll have to do better than that to scare me!’ After that they up the anti and that’s when the fun REALLY begins!! I won’t give anymore away! But still show respect when you first approach. Enjoy!!

    • On first visit to park, I booed Captain Hook in the parade. I was sitting on the curb at time and he walked over and popped the Mickey balloon I was holding with his hook. Totally shocked me but I was an adult so he didn’t have to worry about me crying.

  316. Last year I had my son go up to Lady Tramaine and the Step-Sisters and tell them they needed to be nicer to Cinderella. It was too cute! They were in shock that he would ask such a thing and kept saying that they were ALWAYS nice to her. The sister in blue said that Cinderella was the one who wasn’t nice and that Cindy had put a mouse in her tea. My son thought that was hysterical!

  317. You have now give Hubby a mission for this trip – ask the craziest questions possible to embarass the daughter and her BFF! Thank you! It may beat my idea of having the characters spell out her name for pictures on the wall.

    • I love your idea! Our little one is still a bun in the oven so it will be a few years before we go again, but I will definitely be having them spell their name out.

  318. At character dinners, especially ones where all of the characters are from the same story like at 1900 Park Fare, I like to ask all of the characters how old they are or how old Cinderella and Prince Charming are. It’s funny to see the huge array of answers they will give. Obviously the age of the characters is not something that they go over in the character training ;-)

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