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How to meet Beast at Be Out Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

How to meet Beast at Walt Disney World Magic Kingodm Be Our Guest Restaurant

How to meet Beast at Walt Disney World Magic Kingodm Be Our Guest Restaurant

When the Be Our Guest Restaurant began regular service at the Magic Kingdom, Beast was removed from regular meet and greets.  He used to offer meets with Belle wearing her blue smock in France at Epcot, but now it’s just Belle at that location.  Disney World wanted to create a unique experience for meeting Beast so they moved him to the DINNER and DINNER only meal at Be Our Guest Restaurant.  Again he doesn’t meet for lunch.  If you have any questions about where a given character might meet, be sure to check out my Master List of Disney World Characters or use the same feature on my Character Locator app using the little pirate icon.

Guests clamor for having dinner at the really beautiful restaurant and book their dining reservations 180 days in advance and often try for the last day of their trip and work backwards as you are allowed to book your check in date plus 10 days out.  Even with them being listed early in the morning 6 months before your check in date, they fill very fast.  If you’re unsure when your 180 day mark is, be sure to check my Crowd Calendar for your given month.  If you can’t find them at the 180 day mark, you might consider using Fetch the Dining Locator who is included in your Character Locator subscription.  He works best from 1 to 14 days out, but could find them at any time.

Once you’ve secured those all important reservations, you’ll make your way to the back of the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland area and check in here on the left hand side of Beast’s Castle.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

You’re given one of these beepers to notify you when your table is ready and a cast member comes out to meet you and escort you to the table.Be Our Guest Restaurant

You then make your way across the bridgeBe Our Guest Restaurant

And through these iron gates.Be Our Guest Restaurant

To the entrance to the castle.  It’s really well done and looks just like the movie.Be Our Guest Restaurant

Jordyn was given one of these lovely candles to take to the table with us.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

You make your way into the main ballroom area through this entrance.Be Our Guest Restaurant

It’s a pretty stunning view with snow falling in the windows in the back of the restaurant.Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant

We were seated this evening in the main ballroom, but you can also be seated in the West Wing or the other area to the right. (Photos coming later).  You’re given this lovely menu.  If you have any questions what’s for dinner or lunch, check my MENUS section.

Be Our Guest Restaurant menu Be Our Guest Restaurant menu

From time to time Beast will cross through the ballroom with a little announcement, so he can move into his meet and greet area to the right.Be Our Guest Restaurant

Napkins are tied like roses.Be Our Guest Restaurant (22)

I ordered the pork dish, which was tasty, but FAR to big to eat it all, especially since we wanted to sample desserts.  Speaking of desserts, they serve the same ones for lunch and you can just order a dessert for either meal if you wish, since it’s ala carte.Be Our Guest Restaurant pork

They bring a selection of desserts to the table so you can preview before ordering.Be Our Guest Restaurant desserts

We ordered the “Grey Stuff” and the Strawberry cupcake.  The Grey Stuff was delicious on the chocolate brownie type dessert.
Be Our Guest Restaurant The Grey Stuff

Be Our Guest Restaurant cupcake

We toured the castle on our own after dinner and here’s some photos from the West Wing.  It’s kind of dark and ominous.  Some younger kids may be a bit intimidated by the decor in here.
Be Our Guest Restaurant

The magical rose is present.Be Our Guest Restaurant (33) Be Our Guest Restaurant

Beast went a little crazy with the place.Be Our Guest Restaurant Be Our Guest Restaurant

Here’s a few pictures of the other dining area.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Be Our Guest Restaurant

I like this photo of chip the teacup.  He’s one of my favorite characters in a Disney movie.Be Our Guest Restaurant

After we toured the castle, we made our way over to meet the Beast.  He meets with every guest after they complete their dinner meal.  You can meet him at your convenience and he does not move table to table like “Character meals.”  As you can see, there is a Photopass photographer on hand and it can be attached to your Memory Maker account.
Be Our Guest Restaurant

Beast looked exceptionally happy to meet us this evening, but I was standing on the wrong side.  I guess I’ll have to go back some time ;)Be Our Guest Restaurant meet and greet Beast Be Our Guest Restaurant meet and greet Beast

It was a very positive experience and we really enjoyed dinner and desserts and meeting beasts is a little cool whip on top of it all.

Have you had dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant?  Share your experiences in the comments below.


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  1. We are going in May 22-24 I have the 3 day park hopper but i cant seem to find an early dinner for 3 for BOG. The earliest is 8:45 which I’ve temporarily reserved. What are my chances of someone cancelling early and us being able to book? I really REALLY WANNA SEE beast but also dont want to miss the magic night firework/castle show :[ ugh. I dont know what to do! Any helpful ideas will help.

  2. Have a reservation for July and pretty excited; my daughter’s favorite character is the Beast so this is going to be something special for her; thanks for this info and the website as a whole; terrific job

  3. Going to Disney next week and I gave up my BOG dinner reservations so that I can enjoy all of MNSSHP. If I score a 3:30 or 3:45 lunch and am still inside at 4 will I be able to meet the beast? TIA

  4. On several occasions we have had luck scoring reservations the day before (when people are cancelling before the deadline) keep checking!

  5. We have been trying to get a reservation for 2 to go along with the rest of our family. To date, no such luck ( and I’m bummed because I love the Beast). If you can’t get in to eat, is it possible to walk in the castle to take pictures? Is there anyway to be able to go inside the castle to meet the Beast? And finally, can you buy the Gray Stuff anywhere else or can just buy it at the door to the restaurant? I would appreciate all your help because I really would love to meet him!

  6. Hello,
    we will be in the parks in April and have a reservation for 5 for the BOG on the 4th a Tuesday, intention has ALL to do with seeing and meeting beast. :)
    I noticed that you confirmed that upon meeting the beast you cannot then return to the dining room. How specific/rigid of a rule is this? We have an 8:40 pm reservation and some advice has been to make sure to meet him early so that he is still there. ??? so can I get up during my dinner and meet him, also if i tour the castle during in and around dinner and happen to meet him? how does all of this work? i have read that people tour the castle, so is it just a straight forward progression? ushered into our table , order, eat, get up and meet the beast tour castle at that time and then not allowed back to the table??? say for example we ate then went to meet the beast to guarantee meeting him by 10 with a fear of missing him, then wanted to go back to have dessert?
    some help please!??

  7. Hi, we’re hoping to book an ADR for BOG this year for the first time but my mum is really worried about us being seated in The West Wing, as she definitely doesn’t want to eat in there. Is there any way to guarantee we eat in the ballroom? Also, so glad I found your page! I didn’t know you could meet Beast here!

  8. I’ve just made a reservation for Be Our Guest on 4th April at 17:55. On my confirmation email, if specifically states ‘Characters are not available at this time of day’. Am I not going to meet Beast?

  9. Im going in Sept, will the beast be there, no one seems to confirm this>? Its during the Mickey’s not so scary parade

  10. Hi, im going in november this year, its still
    available to meet the beast??? i have my reservation at 7pm… sorry for my english… im from mexico :)

  11. Hello Kenny, thanks for the info. I have contacted Disney (before seeing this post) about Dinner at Be Our Guest and they have said it is not a Character Dining Location & meeting The Beast cannot be guaranteed. Is this true? I really want this reservation to be the whole package!
    PS… Who is Fetch?

  12. I just got a 10:45 pm ADR for November. It’s super late and I am wondering/worrying that the Beast will not be there. Thoughts on the Beast being there that late?

  13. Are there specific times beast is there or is he there the whole time dinner is scheduled for? Thinking of getting a late ADR to meet him and order all the desserts. I just don’t want the ADR to be too late and we miss beast.

  14. The fetch site has been under construction for awhile now…do you suggest any other sites to somehow get us reservations for May 2016???

      • Update to anyone worried about getting there too late to meet the Beast:
        You won’t be!! I was there even when the park was closing and he wasn’t going anywhere. They make sure that every guest gets to see the Beast, so don’t worry!

  15. Hi, I was able to score last minute reservations for both Be Our Guest and Anna and Elsa (Fastpass+). The dinner reservations are at 4:20 and A&A are from 5-6pm. Do you think we’ll be able to make it in time for the meet and greet? How long does dinner usually take, assuming we want to take in the ambiance and meet the Beast (though not linger too long at the table)? Thanks in advance

  16. Thanks so much. Will do. How late can you arrive for your reservation? Also, the fifth member of our party is 2 years old. Can we make a reservation for just 4 (that way I can get a later reservation) and then request a high chair when we get there? Again, your thoughts on this are appreciated.

  17. Hi Kenny
    Thanks for all the great tips. After searching countless websites, yours is the only one I rely on now. I was able to secure a 4:10 dinner reservation for 5 persons in July. However, I was hoping for a reservation around 5:00 to 5:30 p.m. If I try my search with less people I can get a 5:15 p.m. reservation. If I split my group into 2 (with 3 and 2 persons respectively) and make 2 separate reservations, can I request that we be seated together when we arrive? Thanks for any advice you can offer

  18. Now that they’ve added breakfast and lunch, does Beast show up at all or just the dinner. We went to dinner, my husband and me, and now my little sister may be going to Disney and just checking on the other meal times. My mom calle Disney and they made it sound like there were no characters any time at Be Our Guest, which seems odd.

  19. I have a reservation for this in Sept of this year and I noticed it no longer states on the Disney World website that you can meet the Beast. Did the meet and greet get taken away?

    • No. He is still there for dinner. People were confused about which meal, so they just removed the blurb.

  20. Meeting the beast was extra special for my 6 year old daughter. She had been to bibbidi bobbidi boutique earlier that day and was dressed like Belle. I have several pictures of my”beauty and the beast,” but my favorite was one of him bowing to her and her curtsying to him. It’s one of my favorite photopass pics ever :)

  21. Do you have the opportunity to meet Beast no matter the reservation time? As of right now Ive only managed to secure a 9:15PM reservation and just want to make sure we will still have the opportunity.

    Also do you know how big of a deal it will be that the reservation is for 3 when we have an infant under 2 as a 4th? I wanted 4, but 3 was my only option at the time. I know at Disneyland we had a last minute addition at Blue Bayou and they didn’t make a big deal about it.

  22. Am I right to say that if you do not dine at Be Our Guest Restaurant, there is a much slimmer chance of meeting the Beast at all? Also, does the Beast sign? Lastly, does he meet in his human form at all at WDW? Thanks

  23. Thanks kenny for the great helpful Restaurant tour.Looks like u and Jordynhad a nice time. Looks really nice i will have to make Resos there sometime.

  24. We enjoyed dinner at Be Our Guest last November in the West Wing and it was amazing. The atmosphere matches the anticipation of Belle’s “unknown” in the movie, Disney have got this so right! I loved the grey stuff – after all the dishes highly recommended it! Lol. And the French Onion Soup is to die for!!

    We head out again next November and I’m counting down the days to our 180 days out so I can try and get another ADR for Be Our Guest! Would love to relive the experience again

  25. I am so excited to be going the end of this month. I was unable to secure reservations at first but then I tried 2 and 2 and was able to get reservations this way. At first I was going to keep trying to get a reservation for 4, but then I decided I liked the idea of my son and I spending some time together and my husband and daughter doing the same.

  26. I have reservations in January! I am sooooooo excited. I got up way too early to get this reservation but hay a little lack of sleep is nothing when compared to finally getting to meet the Beast!

  27. I am trying! We had lunch there last year. But couldn’t get ADR when we we in February. Now we have decided to go in November but still no luck. Used Fetch today, hoping to get a text soon!

  28. Dang, Kenny, you’re a great advertisement for that place. Now I just have to get that reservation. My seven year old is being done up at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique as Belle in a gorgeous gown I am making for her. This would be the perfect stop between BBB and MNSSHP. I hope Fetch comes through for me. Nice doggie!

  29. We’ve eaten there twice for our anniversary. It’s really nice! They go all out to make you feel fancy too. One thing they make a big deal of telling you is once you meet the beast you cannot go back to the dining room.

  30. We’ve had dinner twice. First time was about 2 months after they opened-I did not know how impossible reservations would be to get after that. Recently we ate there with a last minute reservation. This is a tip i use for family, friends and often a way I score reservations for my TA clients. 24-48 hours prior to when you want to dine-start looking. Often a BOG reservation will pop up. Recently I had an evening to MK planned and took a look 2 days before-a reservation for 3 popped up at 8:20. Then about 3 weeks ago I would have been able to grab a reservation for a party of 4 at 6:20pm but I realized we had a conflict. Definitely pays to keep an eye out close to when you want to go.

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