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How to meet Beast at Be Out Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

How to meet Beast at Be Out Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

How to meet Beast at Walt Disney World Magic Kingodm Be Our Guest Restaurant

When the Be Our Guest Restaurant began regular service at the Magic Kingdom, Beast was removed from regular meet and greets.  He used to offer meets with Belle wearing her blue smock in France at Epcot, but now it’s just Belle at that location.  Disney World wanted to create a unique experience for meeting Beast so they moved him to the DINNER and DINNER only meal at Be Our Guest Restaurant.  Again he doesn’t meet for lunch.  If you have any questions about where a given character might meet, be sure to check out my Master List of Disney World Characters or use the same feature on my Character Locator app using the little pirate icon.

Guests clamor for having dinner at the really beautiful restaurant and book their dining reservations 180 days in advance and often try for the last day of their trip and work backwards as you are allowed to book your check in date plus 10 days out.  Even with them being listed early in the morning 6 months before your check in date, they fill very fast.  If you’re unsure when your 180 day mark is, be sure to check my Crowd Calendar for your given month.  If you can’t find them at the 180 day mark, you might consider using Fetch the Dining Locator who is included in your Character Locator subscription.  He works best from 1 to 14 days out, but could find them at any time.

Once you’ve secured those all important reservations, you’ll make your way to the back of the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland area and check in here on the left hand side of Beast’s Castle.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

You’re given one of these beepers to notify you when your table is ready and a cast member comes out to meet you and escort you to the table.Be Our Guest Restaurant

You then make your way across the bridgeBe Our Guest Restaurant

And through these iron gates.Be Our Guest Restaurant

To the entrance to the castle.  It’s really well done and looks just like the movie.Be Our Guest Restaurant

Jordyn was given one of these lovely candles to take to the table with us.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

You make your way into the main ballroom area through this entrance.Be Our Guest Restaurant

It’s a pretty stunning view with snow falling in the windows in the back of the restaurant.Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant

We were seated this evening in the main ballroom, but you can also be seated in the West Wing or the other area to the right. (Photos coming later).  You’re given this lovely menu.  If you have any questions what’s for dinner or lunch, check my MENUS section.

Be Our Guest Restaurant menu Be Our Guest Restaurant menu

From time to time Beast will cross through the ballroom with a little announcement, so he can move into his meet and greet area to the right.Be Our Guest Restaurant

Napkins are tied like roses.Be Our Guest Restaurant (22)

I ordered the pork dish, which was tasty, but FAR to big to eat it all, especially since we wanted to sample desserts.  Speaking of desserts, they serve the same ones for lunch and you can just order a dessert for either meal if you wish, since it’s ala carte.Be Our Guest Restaurant pork

They bring a selection of desserts to the table so you can preview before ordering.Be Our Guest Restaurant desserts

We ordered the “Grey Stuff” and the Strawberry cupcake.  The Grey Stuff was delicious on the chocolate brownie type dessert.
Be Our Guest Restaurant The Grey Stuff

Be Our Guest Restaurant cupcake

We toured the castle on our own after dinner and here’s some photos from the West Wing.  It’s kind of dark and ominous.  Some younger kids may be a bit intimidated by the decor in here.
Be Our Guest Restaurant

The magical rose is present.Be Our Guest Restaurant (33) Be Our Guest Restaurant

Beast went a little crazy with the place.Be Our Guest Restaurant Be Our Guest Restaurant

Here’s a few pictures of the other dining area.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Be Our Guest Restaurant

I like this photo of chip the teacup.  He’s one of my favorite characters in a Disney movie.Be Our Guest Restaurant

After we toured the castle, we made our way over to meet the Beast.  He meets with every guest after they complete their dinner meal.  You can meet him at your convenience and he does not move table to table like “Character meals.”  As you can see, there is a Photopass photographer on hand and it can be attached to your Memory Maker account.
Be Our Guest Restaurant

Beast looked exceptionally happy to meet us this evening, but I was standing on the wrong side.  I guess I’ll have to go back some time ;)Be Our Guest Restaurant meet and greet Beast Be Our Guest Restaurant meet and greet Beast

It was a very positive experience and we really enjoyed dinner and desserts and meeting beasts is a little cool whip on top of it all.

Have you had dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant?  Share your experiences in the comments below.

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Srbui Vartanian

Sunday 21st of April 2019

We are going in May 22-24 I have the 3 day park hopper but i cant seem to find an early dinner for 3 for BOG. The earliest is 8:45 which I’ve temporarily reserved. What are my chances of someone cancelling early and us being able to book? I really REALLY WANNA SEE beast but also dont want to miss the magic night firework/castle show :[ ugh. I dont know what to do! Any helpful ideas will help.


Monday 26th of March 2018

How long does it take to eat at BOG? We have a reservation at 455 on mnsshp day. TIA


Monday 26th of March 2018

I allow 90 minutes for table service meals

John Chamberlain

Tuesday 13th of February 2018

Have a reservation for July and pretty excited; my daughter’s favorite character is the Beast so this is going to be something special for her; thanks for this info and the website as a whole; terrific job


Saturday 26th of August 2017

Going to Disney next week and I gave up my BOG dinner reservations so that I can enjoy all of MNSSHP. If I score a 3:30 or 3:45 lunch and am still inside at 4 will I be able to meet the beast? TIA


Sunday 27th of August 2017

Yes, but you'll give up meeting other priority characters at MNSSHP


Sunday 23rd of April 2017

On several occasions we have had luck scoring reservations the day before (when people are cancelling before the deadline) keep checking!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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