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Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom is implementing a new lunch time policy

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Be Our Guest now requiring return time cards or Fastpass+ reservations for lunch

The Be Our Guest Restaurant has been unbelievably popular since it opened.  Guests book dinner reservations 180 days out from their upcoming trip and line up an hour or more early for lunch in the blazing sun.  The Magic Kingdom has even loaned free umbrellas to guests so their Florida tan doesn’t turn into a nightmare sunburn.

The new policy for LUNCH will require guests who don’t have the Fastpass+ service for onsite guests to stop by Be Our Guest early in the day to pick up a return time card, like they are using for the Frozen Sing-a-long.  Once all the FREE return time cards are all distributed for the lunch period, remaining guests will be turned away for that day with no further stand by permitted.

The LUNCH Fastpass+ reservations are only for Guests staying at Disney hotels.  Guests staying at these hotels are usually invited via email to participate in the system and are even allowed to book their meal choices before arriving to expedite the process.  Lunch at Be Our Guest is considered Counter Service for the purposes of the Disney Dining Plan.

DINNER will continue to be a Table Service meal with reservations required.  If you are struggling to find reservations for Be Our Guest, you might consider trying our Dining Locator – Fetch who helps guests find difficult reservations.  He’s bundled with a subscription to Character Locator and can be found on the Menu page.

I still find it funny that they moved to this multi-billion dollar electronic Fastpass+ service and they are still testing handing out paper cards.

NOTE:  There’s no confirmation if this is just another test like they did for Anna & Elsa and Soarin or it’s a permanent change at this point.

What do you think of the new policy?


  1. Any word on what time they start handing out the standby passes? We are coming from the UK and want to eat lunch here on our first day. Due to jetlag we’ll be wanting an early lunch – probably as soon as they open and so I’ll need to be there as soon as they start handing the cards out. Don’t want to waste my time waiting for the card giving people to turn up though.

  2. If I want to try and get a return time pass for lunch @BOG for a party of 13 for our trip in Sept, can just 1 of us go to get it or do all of us need to go?

  3. I booked a stay on property in march and paid it off about a week ago. My family of 4 is going in October. I had heard about being able to FP the lunch and wanted to do that but I have not gotten an invite to do so. I was able to select all of my 60 day out ride FP a few days ago and the BOG lunch is not an option. I tried to follow some online instructions and a link i found but after i followed the first steps it asked for me to create an account..I didn’t want to go any farther because I didn’t want to mess up the My Disney Experience account I already have. not sure what to do but I REALLY would like to take advantage of this if i can. Any help is appreciated.

  4. Once again onsite guests taking priority and the rest of us left scrabbling and racing around in the hope that we get to eat in BOG! We’ll be lucky if we even get to experience any attractions or greets thanks to Fastpass+ this year!!

  5. This whole return time with a card system is complete BS. If people is paying that much money to visit, I think they should be able to do what they want with their time, even if it’s waiting in line over an hour for lunch or three hours for Soarin’. I’m up in Gainesville and have been to Disney about 50 times in the past 3 years alone, but if things don’t change, I might not renew my pass next year.

    • 50 times in three years and you wouldn’t renew? Cut that count in half and it is still worth it. Do you really think that you could cut back enough that it wouldn’t be worth it? I’m just spitballing here but it sounds to me like the addiction might get the best of you in the end!

      • I almost didn’t renew back in April, and I downgraded to the pass with blackout dates. I’m somewhat Disney crazy, and it doesn’t help that my 3 year old nephew LOVES Disney. I liked old FP better than plus though, and I really dislike this whole testing things and not letting people wait in line, like a lot. I think it’s SO crummy that some people won’t get a chance to do things they want simply because Disney will not let them wait in line anymore. I’m generally not going to wait for anything longer than 30 minutes simply because I always have next time, and I’ve done everything so much already, but a lot of other people don’t have that luxury. So, I’m going to see where things are when I expire in April, but unless I’m a lot happier with Disney than I am now, we won’t do it.

  6. rosalle, It’s about 27-28 days before for FP+ for BOG. I booked today for Sept 3. Beast only meets at dinner. Still a nice experience if you can’t get dinner.

  7. You can only meet beast at dinner right? I was invited to do the lunch for upcoming trip but if no beast meet, it feels like a waste to me

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