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A Popular Galactic Duo Makes the New Fab 50 Collection!

A Popular Galactic Duo Makes the New Fab 50 Collection!
Credit: Disney


Disney has been unveiling the new golden character sculptures for the upcoming 50th Anniversary Celebration. Yesterday, Disney has announced the next characters!

Walt Disney’s 50th Anniversary Celebration is just a few short months away. There are so many exciting things to see during this special time, and Disney has shared another glimpse at one of the new golden statues coming to the Disney Parks!

Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Walt Disney’s 50th Anniversary Celebration is going be one spectacular 18-month event! Beginning October 1st, 2021 guests will be treated to a brand new firework celebration at Magic Kingdom, Harmonious at EPCOT, and NEW character costumes and cavalcades!

Credit: Disney

We will also see a brand new daytime show Disney KiteTails” premiere at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, and all of the Disney Parks icons will get a special makeover. And let’s not forget the grand opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in Epcot!

Golden Character Sculptures

We previously mentioned that Disney plans to install 50 golden character statues around the Disney theme parks as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration decor.

Credit: Disney

In July, Disney shared the first of the “Fab 50” character sculptures coming to the parks this October and it was none other than the main cheese himself: Mickey Mouse!

First ‘Disney Fab 50’ Sculpture Revealed For 50th Anniversary | Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Disney

Friends from the Disney company will be announcing these sculpture reveals in the months leading up to the start of the 50th celebration.

So far we have seen the announcement of the following characters that will be a part of the Fab 50 Sculptures:

The next sculpture to be revealed is Rocket and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy! Disney Imagineer, Zach Riddley, announced today that Rocket and Groot’s sculpture will be located at EPCOT for the 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Credit: Disney


Don’t forget, you can collect each golden sculpture image on Instagram! You can also watch a sneak peak video of the making of the sculptures HERE!

Stay tuned for more reveals as we approach Walt Disney’s 50th Anniversary Celebration!

What do you think of the new golden character sculptures coming to Disney World? Are you excited to see them? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook which characters you hope to make the “Fab 50”!


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  1. No one from STAR WARS has any right to be in the Fab 50! If any ‘galactic’ characters belong on that list, it ought to be Buzz Lightyear and WALL*E. NTM I can’t help noticing some glaringly bad choices here:
    Cheshire Cat, but not Alice?
    Abu, but not Aladdin?
    Lumiere & Cogsworth, but not the Beast himself?
    Olaf & Bruni, but not Anna, Elsa & Kristoff?
    DANTE, but not Miguel & Hector!?
    Edna & Frozone, but not MR. INCREDIBLE himself!?
    And where are all the characters from Disney’s classic era, like Lady & the Tramp, Baloo, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Merlin, and The Rescuers? Plus the entire back half of the Disney Renaissance is left unrepresented, where are Pocahontas, Hercules, Mulan, or Tarzan? Lastly, has Pixar is put out nothing worth proper representation since 2004? They’re missing Sulley & Mike, Lightning & Mater, Remy, Carl & Dug, Merida, Ian & Barley, Joy, and Luca! This is ridiculous!

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