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Disney Bucket List: Eating Around the World at Epcot

Disney Bucket List: Eating Around the World at Epcot

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Disney fans have many bucket list items. These lists may include staying in every resort, participating in a VIP tour, or meeting rare characters. I recently accomplished one of my bucket list items: eating around the World Showcase at Epcot! Read more about my experiences, restaurant recommendations, and other bucket list items in the World Showcase.

Epcot’s World Showcase

Did You Know About This Norway Secret in Epcot?
Credit: Kate

The World Showcase is, in my (Monica) opinion, one of Disney Imagineering’s greatest successes. Creating 11 pavilions based on countries around the world is a large task, and each one was created with great care and research.

Each of Epcot’s 11 World Showcase themed pavilions were created to represent each country’s landscape, architecture, and marketplaces. Each pavilion is staffed with cultural representatives from the pavilion’s country to provide an even more authentic experience.

In each pavilion, you will find attractions, entertainment, architecture, food, shopping, and more. You could easily spend multiple visits exploring what each pavilion has to offer. I highly recommend you do just that! Every time I visit I find something new to appreciate.

Dining Options

Credit: Susan

Each pavilion has a number of dining locations that give Guests a taste (no pun intended) of the food culture of that particular country. Some have several options while others don’t have many (Canada).

In addition, you can find snack carts and beverage carts so you can eat something quick on the go. There is no way you will be able to eat every single thing in one trip, so I always recommend researching menus ahead of tme and choosing favorites.

We have a fantastic guide that lays out all the quick-service and table-service restaurants in the World Showcase. Each contains a brief description, which you can read HERE. Character Locator also has the full menus for each location.

Where I Ate

Akershus is the best princess experience at Disney World right now
Credit: Monica

For the purposes of this Bucket List, I ventured to eat at table-service locations only. I’ve eaten at plenty of festival booths and quick-service spots but chose not to include those. I wanted to experience more than just a quick stop to grab a bite to eat.

Chatting with the servers in each restaurant provide a unique opportunity to learn more about the culture and food of that country. For example, my server at Akershus took the time to explain what is and what is not authentic Norwegian food. I also wanted plenty of time to take in the atmosphere and the decor!

Credit: Susan

Here is a bullet list with each pavilion and where I ate. I included links to our full reviews as well for further reading.

My Favorites

Credit: Kate

I had some very memorable experiences at Chefs de France, Akershus, and Teppan Edo. The food at Chefs de France was fantastic. I definitely preferred that steak over the steak I enjoyed at Le Cellier.

Akershus is the only character meal in the World Showcase, and the interactions there were really great. Like I mentioned above, I had a very attentive server. As most of you may have experienced, your server can oftentimes make or break your experience.

I also enjoy the new family-style menu, which includes a blend of Norwegian and American food. It’s great for adventurous and plain eaters alike. I learned macaroni and cheese is not an authentic Norwegian dish! In addition, I also learned I like salmon! Buffets and family-style menus provide a way for everyone in your travel party to experience new foods with the safety net of familiar dishes.

Credit: Susan

The hibachi chef at Teppan Edo provided great entertainment for the table. He had all kinds of tricks and fun antics for us! Sitting with another family was fun as well, although I recognize that is not for everyone.

I loved the food there as well, and Asian cuisine is usually not my top pick. It was really fun to see the chef make the food right in front of me. I like that Disney did not cut corners and wanted an authentic hibachi experience.

My Least Favorites

Is Nine Dragons the Worst Restaurant in Epcot?
Credit: Monica

While I can’t say I had any horrible experiences at any of the restaurants, there are a few that stick out as being my least favorite. My bottom picks are Nine Dragons in China, Biergarten in Germany, and Spice Road Table in Morocco.

I did not enjoy the food choices at any of these restaurants. While the live entertainment in Biergarten is fun and makes for a unique experience, the buffet food was not enjoyable to me.

Credit: Monica

Likewise, Spice Road Table’s food options are not something I normally eat, so I was not particularly excited about eating here. Also, the menu is severely lacking here compared to other World Showcase restaurants. It is not a full dining experience, in my opinion.

All the other restaurants were average to me in terms of food and experience. They all have a little something that makes them unique, and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience eating around the world.

Other Bucket Lists in the World Showcase

Kidcot: A Great Activity for Kids to do at Epcot!
Credit: Disney

Eating at Table-service restaurants is not the only Bucket List you may wish to accomplish! Quick-service restaurants, snacks, drinks, and festival booths are other options as well.

You may also consider seeing each entertainment act in the World Showcase as well as purchasing a souvenir from each pavilion. A great one for kids is Kidcot, which is a way for kids to learn more about the countries they are visiting. Be sure to read more information about that HERE.

With four festivals throughout the year, the possibilities could keep you busy for your next several visits to Epcot!

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Have you ever completed a Bucket List like this? Share your experience with us below, and share this post with someone who may have the same goal!

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