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Kidcot: A Great Activity for Kids to do at Epcot!

Kidcot: A Great Activity for Kids to do at Epcot!

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Kidcot is a fun exploration of Epcot’s pavilions. Come along with me as I show you what all this FREE activity includes, Kidcot locations, and whether it’s worth it to fit it in your Epcot plans.

Touring Epcot with Kids

Credit: KtP

On the surface, Epcot is not exactly the most kid-friendly theme park at Disney World. However, Epcot really does have a lot to offer the youngest visitors. There are IP-themed attractions, character meals, and so many places to play and explore.

Then, an entire half of the park is dedicated to the World Showcase where you can explore 11 different pavilions dedicated to countries around the world. Be sure to check out all the ways to make touring Epcot FUN with your kids in this post.


Credit: Monica

The World Showcase can be hard to tour with kids. Enter: Kidcot. In each pavilion, learn more about that country and pick up a memorable memento with facts!

At the end of your adventure, you will have a wonderful keepsake that kids can look at over and over once they get home. This program is a great way to keep your child’s attention in the World Showcase and add in some education as well.

Kidcot does not require you to begin or end with any particular country, so do not worry about that. It is also FREE which is pretty rare for Disney these days. You can also spread your exploration out over the course of several visits and take it as slow (or fast) as you want. There is really no right or wrong with Kidcot.

Credit: Monica

Here’s how it works: at every pavilion, you will find a Cast Member stationed at a table. They will have a Ziploc bag that you can collect to hold your cards. You really only need one bag to hold every card, but if you have multiple people participating everyone may want their own bag.

Then, they will give you a card pertaining to that country. The card will have some fun facts and a picture to color. You will also receive a sticker. You can also pin trade here as well, so don’t forget your lanyards and pins!

playDisney app

Credit: Monica

For even more interactive fun during your day in Epcot, consider downloading the playDisney app on your mobile device. Not only are there are a ton of activities to explore in the parks and at home, but there is a section just for Kidcot.

You will explore each pavilion more in depth by finding locations and learning more about that country. Collect the Kidcot Fun Stop puzzle piece at each location along with a digital photo frame.

This is also completely free and adds more to the overall experience. Kids will think of it as a scavenger hunt! The cool thing about this is you can check it out in the playDisney app ahead of time before you visit Epcot. This may help young ones know what to expect and get them excited for their day at the park.

The Passport

Credit: Monica

In addition, you can purchase an Epcot passport at shopping locations around the park to put your stickers in. This is a fun keepsake to remember your visit around the the World Showcase. It is $14.99 (discounts do apply) and includes the booklet, more stickers for each country, and a button that says “Honorary Ambassador.”

The Cast Members at each station have stamps and markers to leave fun messages in your passport. There are clear indications where to put the stickers from each country. The stickers include a flag of that country, attractions you will find in that pavilion, and characters that are represented there.

Credit: Monica

You absolutely do not need to buy the passport in order to receive the free cards and stickers, but it is a fun little extra that keeps children occupied. It is also the perfect keepsake!


Credit: Monica

If you want to prepare yourself before your trip by memorizing the locations of Kidcot, I am going to share where each is located – using official shop names but also “real life” points of reference. Be sure to save this post so you can easily refer to it during your day at Epcot!

  • Mexico Pavilion: inside the Pyramid; take the ramp on the left down to the marketplace, and it’s tucked in the corner behind the ramp
  • Norway Pavilion: inside The Fjording in the room to the left of the giant troll
  • China Pavilion: inside House of Good Fortune gift shop
Credit: Monica
  • Germany Pavilion: inside Das Kaufhaus gift shop; this is the shop closest to the train village
  • Italy Pavilion: inside La Bottega Italiana
  • American Adventure Pavilion: outside, near Art of Disney and the restrooms with all the picnic tables
Credit: Monica
  • Japan Pavilion: in the Bijutsu-kan Gallery; this is all the way in the back of the pavilion next to the “cute culture” gallery
  • Morocco Pavilion: at the Marketplace in the Medina; it’s right next to the “Race Against the Sun” gallery
  • France Pavilion: at Souvenirs de France in the same area as the Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie; you’ll find it right next to the exit ramp of the theater
Credit: Monica
  • United Kingdom Pavilion: at The Toy Soldier gift shop; it’s in the back of the pavilion across from the gardens
  • Canada Pavilion: walk down the main path through the gardens; it will reach a dead end/cave looking type thing

Is it worth it?

Credit: Monica

I have four children: 13, 12, 8, and 6. Truthfully, my older two were not interested in this at all. The 8 year old was hit or miss, but my 6 year old loved collecting the cards! I was happy one of my kiddos enjoyed it. My children really love the rides, so when we go to the parks they typically do not care for the characters or fun side activities.

And, of course, being the eternal child that I am, I loved it too! People of all ages can participate in this activity, so do not be shy if you don’t have kids!

Credit: Monica

With all that said, we did not stop and stay long at each country. There are coloring supplies if your child wants to stop and color, but for us, we were just there to collect the card, have them sign the passport, and interact with the Cast Members.

Interactions with the Cast Members will vary. When my (Monica) family completed the activities, some were very involved and did fun activities while others simply handed you the card. Our favorite was the Japan pavilion. The Cast Member took the time to write each of my children’s names in Japanese. It was really cool!

Credit: Monica

Kidcot would be great if your child is a bit scared of rides, or if you need a little motivation to continue through the World Showcase. We split our adventure up into two visits within the same trip. It did not feel so daunting to “need” to complete the entire Showcase in one evening.

Have you ever heard of Kidcot? Do you think the little ones in your travel party would like to participate? Let us know in the comments below and share this post with a friend.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.