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Two New Entertainment Layoffs Affect Epcot Performers

Two New Entertainment Layoffs Affect Epcot Performers

The pain just keeps on coming. This morning we have learned of two more entertainment acts that have been cut from Disney’s Epcot Theme Park. That’s more of our beloved Cast Members with no jobs and no benefits. Read on for more details.

Disney Entertainment Acts Who Have Returned

Video: Dapper Dans Share A Touch of Magic From Their Homes

Last month, we shared that a few beloved entertainment groups would be returning to Walt Disney World including the Dapper Dans performers and Frozen Sing-A-Long performers.

There were even signs pointing to a reopening of the amazing Festival of the Lion King show.

Disney Entertainment Acts Laid Off

Unfortunately, announcements on social media posts last night, and this morning, have painted a far bleaker picture for the Disney Entertainment Cast Members than many could even fathom to guess.

So far we have learned the following acts have been laid off:

Turtle Talk with Crush

This one hurts dudes. Not gonna lie, we love Turtle Talk with Crush. The improve interactive shows at Disney are unique and hysterical. We have always walked out with tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.

The best part of Turtle Talk with Crush is that you never know what is going to happen, because the show is done by hidden performers behind the scenes interacting with guests in the “human tank”.

Back in September, we announced that Turtle Talk with Crush would be closed indefinitely, and now with the announcements of the Cast Member layoffs, it appears that guests have seen the last of our beloved Australian turtle.

Turtle Talk with Crush at Epcot in Walt Disney World

Epcot Storytellers

This one really hits home. I loved walking around the World Showcase during the Festival of the Holidays and seeing all the Epcot Storyteller performers. It was such a unique way to learn about other cultures and holiday traditions.

May fans hoped with the return of the Festival of the Holiday’s food booths and Cookie Stroll, that the Storytellers would also return this season, but that sadly will not be the case.

According to posts on Twitter, the Epcot Storytellers were among the 28,000 cast members to be laid off.


Epcot Storytellers and Turtle talk with crush performers will not return to epcot

Our hearts are breaking for all of the Cast Members affected by these layoffs as well as for the magic they created by their plethora of talent and endless hard work.

Today, KennythePirate shared a heart-felt message regarding these layoffs:

“It’s devastating to hear so many talented Disney actors losing their jobs. They have brought us so much joy and made so many amazing memories for our family over the years.  I pray that the future is as bright as your talent.”

We are keeping all of the Cast Members in our prayers during this difficult time.

If you are interested, you can donate to the Cast Member Pantry, you can contact the volunteers on Facebook or email [email protected] They are accepting both  monetary donations and donations from their Amazon Wishlist.

What do you think about these most recent layoffs? What are most sad to see disappear? Let us know on Facebook.



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  1. I just want to say that I moved to Florida a year ago from the state of Michigan… And was there in Michigan when the big three automobile companies went through their tragic bankruptcies… Disney could learn a lot from the way the top executive staff of the automotive companies in Michigan handled their business… Everyone of them gave up their salaries for an extended period of time to bring their businesses back to fruition. And guess what it worked! They brought their businesses back, employees came back and they are absolutely
    thriving! These times are not times of greed… Pay attention Walt Disney executive staff… Give away your pay indefinitely and get your business back… Or NOT!

  2. These cutbacks and layoffs are so sad disappointing…but are they permanent? As the world moves forward, through, and past the pandemic, and things SLOWLY return to normal, might we not expect these special acts at Disney to return?

  3. Have a 12 day trip planned for February, already cutting it to 6 days but if they continue to close down shows and not maintain rides they can change the name to six flags over disney.

  4. We were just there for a week and stayed on-site at the boardwalk. My advice is not to go. It simply wasn’t worth it. We bought into DVC as the country was first shut down for COVID. We always rented points the past few years. Disney is a shell of itself currently. I regret spending over 4k last week…

  5. Wow. These last updates have been extremely sad & disappointing ☹️ I’m sure this has everything to do with the Actor’s Union that had been struggling to come to an agreement with Disney, but it hurts. Not only is this devastating for the cast members who have now lost their livelihood, but it also affects the customers. We are the ones who pay (quite frankly) insane amounts of money to experience/enter the Disney parks & we have had most experiences removed all while being asked to continue to pay the same prices. 2020 has been a disaster of a year! I pray that Disney wakes up & can re-hire these talented Cast Members, soon! Festival of the Lion King was the highlight of our AK days!

  6. All of this just burns me up. I have a reservation for January and I’ve been holding out hope that things would get better and more ‘magic’ would be available than has been. But they only keep cutting things. I think I’m done. I was willing to put up with the mask mandates, but this is devastating. I can’t see paying a big amount of money when hours are cut and there is little to do. I’m all about the shows and characters. For me, personally, that’s the magic. I could spend my entire trip meeting characters, taking pictures, getting autographs and then watching shows. That’s what I love. I enjoy the rides but it’s not my #1 thing. Didn’t I read that the head honchos have already begun to receive their full salary now? I just don’t think that is right under the circumstances. Just my opinion, I think they should cut their salaries (at least temporarily) and funnel that money to the cast members of some of these shows. So many of them are losing their jobs! I will make a donation to the cast members but I don’t think I can justify paying all of my money (as a single parent it is difficult to save) for so much less.

What do you think?

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