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Disney Increases Prices for Select Restaurants

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Disney has increased the prices for some character meals, buffets, and prix fixe meals. See all the restaurants included and how much you will now need to budget for.

Food is one of the most expensive portions of your Disney vacation. You can fly on points and take advantage of resort discounts but you have to eat and Disney knows this.

Buffets, character meals, and prix fixe meals have become part of the vacation experience. Being able to eat and get all the princesses signatures or enjoy all the food you can handle is very appealing. However, this does come at a cost.

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It’s obvious why these types of meals are priced higher than your standard quick-service food or regular table-service meals. You are also paying for an experience, not just the food. Being able to meet a group of characters or eat all you care to is certainly a perk of these types of meals.

Restaurants included in the price increase

Every few months, Disney evaluates and adjusts pricing as needed. The last increase took place back in October. Disney has increased the price at the following restaurants:

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I called and confirmed the prices for all the restaurants listed above for both breakfast and lunch/dinner. These are the most accurate and up-to-date prices. However, I was warned that they can change without advance notice.

You can head over to Character Locator to see the exact price for all the restaurants. A full menu is also available! It is worth noting that prices include tax but not gratuity. If you don’t have a subscription, now would be a good time to get one!


How much did the meals increase?

Many of the adult prices only went up $1 to $2, although when I cross-checked what I was told on the phone with the Disney website I saw a few that were more than that.

However, the big surprise is the children’s prices. Many went up $3-4, which is quite an increase compared to adult prices.

This does not seem like a lot. What’s a few more dollars? Well, if you are eating at a restaurant that has increased their kid meals by $3 and you have 3 kids, that’s an extra $9 per meal. Now your gratuity is also going to go up. If you are eating just one of these meals per day for your 6 day vacation, that’s an extra $54 plus the extra in gratuities.

That’s not accounting for the price increase for adults either!

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I still do love my character buffets, and this will not deter me from eating at these places. However, I do wonder at what point I will say enough is enough. I would never pay $35 for a kid meal at home, and yet, I do it at Disney!

Other Options

If you are curious if the Disney Dining Plan is worth purchasing, check out this post HERE.

If the thought of paying so much money for these types of meals is making you nervous but you still want to enjoy Disney dining, check out this recent review of the quick-service dining plan HERE. You can also view our list of favorite quick-service meals to give you some ideas! View that list HERE.

What do you think of these changes? Do you eat at character meals, buffets, or prix fixe meals at Disney? Share your thoughts on the facebook page. You can also join the KtP Crew and keep the conversation going.

-Monica S.

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  1. With each price increase on each thing involved in a trip to WDW the more disgusted I am. This will be my last trip! If it weren’t within the 30 days preventing a full refund I wouldn’t be going this time.

  2. In the past we have usually done at least 1(or more) sit down meal per day at WDW. For our upcoming trip we are doing almost all quick service. The sit down restaurants have gotten too expensive and I hate that I now have to pay adult prices for my 12 year old daughter who hardly eats anything.

  3. I think many of these things are priced so that it is more enticing to do a package with a dining plan. And for those who don’t stay on site, they more than recoup the cost by charging what they are charging for these sought after meals. It’s part of the experience for my family, so we will continue to budget for the places we love.

  4. I went on the site but can’t tell how much the increase was. I agree with the price increases pricing me out, we are doing one character meal only on our upcoming trip. The last couple we did the food was so meh, the only one I’ll do is Garden Grill. I wanted to do some for characters, but $60-70 for mediocre food…..even the dessert parties are too much now, I can’t eat my money’s worth.

  5. We have already cut out the expensive buffets and character meals. We don’t really care to pay extra to see the characters anymore. Their prices just seem to keep going up so much, along with everything else. And to be honest the food is just average, and for sure not worth if for how much most kids eat. But if people keep going to these expensive meals, of course they will keep raising the prices.

  6. Well we love a lot of these but when we went in May the prices had already gone up so much our family of 5 paid 350.00 at Be Our Guest and like 250.00 at Ohana for breakfast! We skipped 1900 Park Fair because it was way too much this time. Next trip we will only do a few sit down meals and continue to take food in our cooler bag and get take out at our house we rent. No more staying onsite and getting the expensive dining plan for us! Yes we have to eat but we dont have to eat in the park!

What do you think?

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