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Return Window for Rise of the Resistance Currently Still 2 Hours, Not 1

Return Window for Rise of the Resistance Currently Still 2 Hours, Not 1

The return window for Rise of the Resistance is still currently two hours. Read on for details straight from Kenny, who is at Hollywood Studios today!

If you have been on the internet the last day or so you may have seen reports that Rise of the Resistance’s return window was shortened from two hours to one hour.

The process for the virtual queue system at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is after you get your boarding group you are able to tour the park as usual. You can even leave the park if you want to.

Complete Guide to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups

When your boarding group gets called, you have a return window. The return window is the amount of time Disney gives you to get back to Galaxy’s Edge and tapped in to experience the attraction.

The return window has always been two hours. For example, if your boarding group gets called at 3:54 p.m. you have until 5:54 p.m. to return to Galaxy’s Edge.

Trust the Pirate

Kenny is at Hollywood Studios today to verify this for all of us. He entered the park a little after 6:00 a.m. for a 7:00 a.m. opening and got his boarding pass. He received boarding group 45.

At approximately 11:20 a.m. he received the notification on My Disney Experience that his boarding group was ready to load. As you can see in the photo below, it says:

“It’s time! Head to the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge entrance on Grand Avenue by 1:20 p.m.”

Kenny even went as far as talking to a Cast Member at the ride. The Cast Member said, “Please shut down the myth. It is TWO hours to board.”

There you have it. As of today, January 27, the return window is still 2 hours.

Of course, we know Disney can change the virtual queue process at any time. We have seen this done before. They have added backup boarding groups and have evened out the playing field by not allowing anyone to get a boarding group until official park opening.

It is totally possible they may shorten the return window in the future. However, Kenny is there today testing this for us. He received a two hour return window.

We will keep you all updated if anything changes with this process.

How do you feel about the two hour return window? Do you like it or would you rather have one hour? Let us know over on the facebook page.

-Monica S.


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  1. Whoa. I wouldn’t get there that early unless you plan to visit DHS on a weekend day. We were there on Monday, and left wilderness lodge at around 645am to get through security and into the park by 8am. The lines at the gate moved quickly (I just try to find one without a lot of strollers – many people had no bags just to get in faster). We were in by 730am, and able to sign into the app and wait out that last half hour for the join boarding group button to turn red. Do what you have to do for peace of mind, giving yourself at least 45 minutes to enter the park from the moment you step off the bus and onto DHS ground. Also, the busses aren’t 24/7, and the skyliner wasn’t even running when we got to DHS at 7am, so I don’t think there is a 5am Disney transport. That being written, I did see A LOT of people arriving in the rideshare lane.

    • If you only care about the boarding group, arrive 30 minutes early. If you want to rope drop a ride, arrive 90 minutes early.

  2. We didn’t have a fast pass for Smuggler’Run, so stood in line for it on Monday after getting boarding group 41 for our party of three. The boarding groups seemed to be moving along (they were already boarding 8-28) by 9:49AM, so we started to worry, as we had at least 75 mins in line for Smuggler’s Run. We asked the cast member at the entrance what to do and he said we would have an hour after our group is called to head to Rise of the Resistance. At 10:35AM, I got the alert that our group was called, and the app specifically said we had until 12:35PM to make arrive. I took a screen shot of everything that day just in case. So, the cast member told us one hour, but the app said different.

  3. I will also confirm having gotten back that some groups are getting 1 hour. Those at the very beginning of the day and towards the very end of the day are getting 1 hour return windows to ensure that they’re using as much capacity as possible in the beginning and that they don’t get too backed up towards the end. Now – whether they will honor outside of that 1 hour is a different story and I’ve also been told they are not strictly enforcing this right now as would be expected for such a sudden change. But reports on multiple days now have 1 hour returns at some points early and late. Will it change again – probably – but had it confirmed that at least for these days by CM – this is a test and not a glitch.

  4. We were also there on Jan 27 and received boarding group 4, at 7:09 I received the notification and it said we had until 8:09 and I panicked because we were in line for rockin roller coaster and I wasn’t sure if we had enough time to get there. Then maybe a half an hour later it changed in the my status on the app to 9:09, so it was probably a glitch but that caused me some additional stress!

  5. wife and I will be at WDW 24 march till 30 March. All Star Sports complex. is there a buss from all star sports to Hollywood Studios that leaves at 5:00 am in the morning to get into the que for Rise of the resistance boarding group???

  6. While it is 2 hours at some times during the day, how do you dispute actual screen snags of early morning return times and later in the day return times clearly showing a 1 hour return window?

    • I would imagine that even though there is a certain number of “ride/people movers” that can go through the Rise of the Resistance in any given hour of time, there is the probability that not all “ride/people movers” are operational at the beginning of the open ride time. If all are available the ride que will move faster. Also even with a two hour que period some people will not make it in time. WDW will be doing everything possible to honor all their guest’s needs in a efficient and safe manner.

  7. I am at HS today and a guest service representative at Slinky Dog told us this morning they were informed yesterday the window was changing to 1 hour.

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