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You Need to Add 1900 Park Fare to your Must-Do List Next Trip!

There are so many restaurants in Disney, it can be hard to choose the right one. On our most recent trip in November, there was one particular meal that absolutely floored us and had me crowning it the “Best Breakfast in Disney”. You will definitely want to grab an Advanced Dining Reservation for this restaurant on your next vacation!

We were recently blessed to have spent eight days at the Walt Disney World Resort and enjoyed many dining options during our stay including Narcoosee’s, Cape May Café, and Mama Melrose to name a few. Each meal was fabulous, but the one meal I never expected to knock my socks off was the breakfast at 1900 Park Fare.

We have eaten breakfast here before, and I do remember it being quite good, but they have really stepped up their game since our last visit a few years ago. When booking a 1900 Park Fare meal, we usually book dinner reservations to see the characters from Cinderella. Dinner is also a fabulous choice and that is why we always return every trip.

This time we decided to give the breakfast meal another try and booked both dinner and breakfast reservations on separate days. Our breakfast reservation was at the end of our trip and we definitely saved the best for last! A few important things to mention: this restaurant is VERY loud. Lots of families and kids running around, so if that is not your thing, this may not be the best choice for you. Also both times we visited 1900 Park Fare, it was SO COLD you could freeze milk. I highly recommend bringing a jacket along to this meal. 

For both meals, we checked in a few minutes early and were told they were running about 20 mins behind schedule. It seems that they overbook reservations and tend to run behind quite frequently at this location, so my suggestion is to not book anything right up against your meal. After checking in and giving them my cell phone number to alert me when our table was ready, we were told we could sit in the small waiting area or wait outside. It was a nice morning, so we waited outside and enjoyed some sunshine.

Once our text came in that our table was ready we were guided into the restaurant to our table. Our server did inform us when she came over which way the characters would be coming from, but if yours doesn’t mention it, you can always ask. That way you do not miss a character while grabbing food. They take a long time to come around again so you do not want to be up at the buffet when they stop by.

At our breakfast the characters that came around to the tables were Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. This is the normal set offered, but as with all character meals “all characters are subject to change without notice”. When we were seated, the characters were pretty far away from our table, so we began at the buffet. Unlike some buffets where both sides have the same food, this buffet had different offerings on each side. 

What is great about the food offerings at this restaurant, is that there is something here to please everyone. The food isn’t so adventurous that picky eaters wouldn’t enjoy it, but it’s not just your boring basic eggs and bacon line-up either. Your entire family will be sure to find something that fits their taste levels here.

Beginning on the left side of the buffet, there was a cold bar section with items such as strawberries, peaches, hard boiled eggs, yogurt and of course 1900 Park Fare’s famous strawberry soup.

If you are looking for more of a carb-load in the morning, there were lots of varieties on offer such as breads, croissants, mini muffins, and bagels along with topping options of cream cheese, jam, and butter. A little out of place here are the gummy worms, but hey who doesn’t want to eat gummy worms for breakfast? It’s vacation after all!

On either side of the buffet there is a shorter kid-friendly station that is available to all guests who care to enjoy it. One side had cold milk and cereal options along with breakfast pizza, bacon, and tater tots, but the real standout item of the entire buffet were the red velvet pancakes on the other side of the kid-friendly station.

These were absolutely amazing. I am not always the biggest red velvet fan, but these were so soft and tasty, and what made them really “pop” was the cream cheese frosting next to them. This was not your typical super-globy and rich cream cheese filling that you’ll find in most stuffed French toast fillings, but rather more like that amazing funfetti cake frosting consistency. It gave the perfect amount of sweetness to the pancakes and melted over them when hot like butter. There was no need for extra syrup, just a little of the frosting, a dusting of powder sugar or cinnamon (both were available) and some of the strawberry compote that was available next to the cheese blintz.

It’s amazing with all the food options I’ve already shared, that I haven’t even mentioned the items on the main buffet yet. In the middle, where the two ends of the buffet lines come together, there was a chef making made-to-order omelets and dishing out some fresh cut meats.

The right side of the buffet had the best options in my opinion. as previously mentioned there was a whole station of warm creamy cheese blintz with toppings such as fresh whipped cream, blueberry sauce and strawberry compote.

Next to that was a station that contained sausage gravy and biscuits, breakfast potatoes, pastries, sausage links, mickey waffles, scrambled eggs (that were so light and fluffy), bread pudding, oatmeal, grits, and pecan sticky buns that will knock your socks off!

Recently we visited Boma for breakfast where we first discovered these amazing sticky buns and we were so excited to find them at a location that was easier to get to. These buns are not those dry, hard ones you find at non-Disney locations or grocery stores. They were warm, soft and gooey. Not to be missed!

As we enjoyed our meal, the characters came around to greet us. Winnie the Pooh was first and when he gave me a hug I told him that I wanted to keep him because he was so warm and I was freezing. He then kept hugging me and rubbing my arms to keep me warm. Such a thoughtful bear!

After Pooh, we met Alice and the Mad Hatter. We talked with Alice and used some of the interaction tips found on Character Locator to strike up conversation. I am usually an iced coffee drinker in the morning, but because I was so cold I went with the hot option this morning. She asked me if I was drinking tea and I told her that particular morning required a little more of a caffeine kick. I asked her what her favorite flavor of tea was and she said raspberry, because she likes to put the raspberries on her fingers. I think it was a very good choice myself!

The Mad Hatter asked us our plans for that evening and when we told him we were heading to the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party that evening, he was very excited and told us to come and see him there.

The last character to come around to our table was Mary Poppins. She was as lovely as always and thanks to a kind table neighbor we got a photo together with her.

The characters on this particular day took forever to make their way to our table. We were long finished with our meal before almost all of them came by. It seems hard for them to find the right timing, but that can be expected with such a large restaurant. This is important to keep in mind. Make sure you give yourself extra time to enjoy this meal. At least 60-90 mins is a good guess. This particular time it took about an hour and 45 mins just due to waiting for the characters.

After we paid our bill, we left and exited out the opposite side of the restaurant. Tigger was standing in front of the castle mural offering a photo pass opportunity. There was one one family in front of us so we hopped in line and grabbed a quick photo before exiting out to the lobby.

Depending on the time of year the price per person for this meal varies. During this particular time, it was around $44/adult and $26/child.

I hope that this review will encourage you to give this place a try if you have never visited before or maybe if you were on the fence about returning, to give it a second chance.

What do you think about Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare? Is it a must-do or no-go for you and your family? Let us know of Facebook by clicking here or use the Facebook button below!


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Saturday 4th of January 2020

This is also my favorite character breakfast. It is a must do for me every vacation. I had difficulty this past November getting the date I wanted and I actually changed my plans around just so I could eat there. The character experience is one of the best and the variety of food options is better than some of the others as well. Mary Poppins is my favorite character and she isn't a character you see as often as some of the others. I highly recommend this breakfast. I enjoy the dinner as well but just not as much as breakfast.


Saturday 4th of January 2020

I wholeheartedly agree, best breakfast of our trip, hands down. I loved the English literature theme of the characters (the original Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite Disney movies) and the interactions were great. My mom missed Pooh and Mary Poppins because she was getting food but they both stopped by a second time for another brief visit, as did The Mad Hatter. A definite must do again.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.