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Disney Restaurant Wars Sweet 16 Game 1: Vote Now

Disney Restaurant Wars Sweet 16 Game 1: Vote Now
Credit: Disney

Our Restaurant Wars Sweet 16 kicks off today! Will you be sending Cinderella’s Royal Table or Be Our Guest along to the Elite 8?

It’s Tournament Time!

Welcome back, Crew! This is an exciting day in Disney Restaurant Wars! Today reveals which restaurant won the FINAL spot in our Sweet 16: Satu’li Canteen or Tiffins.

Then, you will get to vote in Round 1 of our Sweet 16! It is a Magic Kingdom Match-up that may just be the wildest round yet as it features two hot ticket reservations: Cinderella’s Royal Table and Be Our Guest.

Yesterday’s Results:

Your votes are in! It was a match between Animal Kingdom’s Satu’li Canteen, a delightful quick service option, and Tiffins, its lone signature offering. In the end, your vote sent Satu’li Canteen on to the next round by quite a large margin!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which do you prefer?

The Sweet 16!

Credit: Disney

Your Sweet 16 is here! You have chosen a diverse variety of restaurants ranging from nostalgia-inducing character meals to sit down experiences to tried and true quick service options.

Your votes sent Cinderella’s Royal Table, Be Our Guest, Kona Cafe, Chef Mickey’s, Les Halles Boulangerie-PatisserieGarden GrillBeaches and Cream, Topolino’s Terrace, Flame Tree Barbeque, Sanaa, Yak and Yeti, 50’s Primetime Cafe, Sci-Fi Dine-in TheaterWoody’s Lunchbox and Hollywood and Vine to the Sweet 16! Now they will be paired up, and your vote will pass them along to the Elite 8. Which ones have your support?

Today’s Match Up

The first round of the Sweet 16 kicks off in the Magic Kingdom. It’s going to be a battle of castle dining between Be Our Guest and Cinderella’s Royal Table. Talk about a “Beauty and the Beast” situation.

I cannot begin to count the amount of times I have seen posts on facebook debating, “Should my travel party head to Be our Guest or Cinderella’s Royal Table?” And the response is typically polarizing.

Some people love them both or can stand neither. But, more often, people have a strong opinion that one is superior to the other. Which is it for you?

If you need a recap of the contenders or just love reminiscing about Disney food, we have a briefing for you.

If you already know your winner, feel free to scroll to the poll at the bottom of this post and cast your vote!

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cinderella’s Royal Table is a premium price, but it is also a premium experience that many guests enjoy for a special occasion. The royal restaurant is located in the heart of the Magic Kingdom. That’s right! Guests have a chance to dine inside the castle itself.

Diners enter the foyer and then ascend to the second floor. There they dine in a grand room appointed with stained glass windows and other splendor. Guests seated near the windows are in for a treat. A delightful view of Fantasyland awaits.

If you love the idea of fine dining in a theme park, this restaurant, like Cinderella’s glass slipper, is a perfect fit. The lunch/dinner menu boasts a prix fixe three course meal.

And at some point during the meal, you may just catch a glimpse of Cinderella. She currently comes out to wave at her guests and pose for socially distant selfies.

We are hoping that the meal can be a full fledged character experience again one day. To read a review of its current dinner offerings, click here.

Be Our Guest

The consistency of Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest is often hotly debated in the Disney community. Many of you consider it a must do, but others of you are less than enchanted.

Regardless of your opinions on the food, we can probably agree the atmosphere is hard to beat. Even if the food doesn’t put a spell on you, the venue probably will. Be Our Guest is tucked away in New Fantasyland within Beast’s castle.

And the inside is majestic. Guests can enjoy the mystery of the stormy West Wing, the grandiose of the gorgeously appointed Ballroom, or the respite of the quiet Castle Gallery. And during dinner, they may even catch a glimpse of the Beast himself!

Credit: Disney

The castle offers a three course prix-fixe menu with choices like filet, salmon, scallops, and chicken. The meal begins with French Onion Soup, Charcuterie, or salad and ends with a trio of dessert including the Grey Stuff!

While the restaurant used to be quick service by day and signature dining by night, it currently serves lunch and dinner offering only the three course meal for both. You can read a full review (pre-pandemic) right here.

Vote Here

Which has your vote? Is it Be our Guest or Cinderella’s Royal Table? Whose castle do you like better: Cinderella or Beast? Which prix fixe menu suits your palate? Which windows, which ballroom, which character has your heart? Your vote will reveal all!

If you have multiple members of the family who want to vote separately, you can do that! Simply exit the article after casting your vote and then reopen it and scroll back to the poll.

Polling will remain open until 6 a.m. tomorrow. We will prepare the results as soon as it closes.

Credit: Disney

We will reveal the winner of this round in our post for the next round in the KtP Restaurant Wars Tournament! Look for it around noon!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which do you prefer?

Which eatery won your vote? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Or keep the conversation going and share them with us in our crew too!


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  1. Clearly not enough people have eaten in Tiffins. While Satu’li Canteen is great for quick service and our go to for lunch, you cannot compare the quality of the service and food of the table service Tiffins to the quick service Satu’li Canteen. I’m curious if people are scared away by the price. Tiffins is one of our favorite table service restaurants in all of Disney World. And before covid changed things, had some great deals with the same day lunch specials to the Festival of the Lion King Signature Dining Package

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