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Be Our Guest Will Now Offer Table Service Meals For Lunch and Dinner; Breakfast Will No Longer Be Offered

Be Our Guest Will Now Offer Table Service Meals For Lunch and Dinner; Breakfast Will No Longer Be Offered

Be Our Guest, a fan favorite restaurant in Magic Kingdom, will see some major changes to its menu, pricing, and meal offerings when the park reopens.

With all of the changes Walt Disney World is making to operations, you may be dismayed to hear of one more. The fan favorite restaurant, Be Our Guest, will see some major changes when it reopens.

Be our Guest Breakfast Review

Be Our Guest has been a favorite restaurant of many guests since it opened in 2012. Offering Quick Service breakfast and lunch, and Table Service dinner, this restaurant has a little something to offer everyone.

Many Guests (my family included!) love to grab a pre-park opening breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest to enjoy a delicious breakfast and chance to grab an early ride on 7 Dwarfs Mine Train before the park even opens!

Fans of the Disney Dining Plan have long counted Be Our Guest lunch as one of the best uses for a Quick Service credit, as you get a delicious meal and a sit down experience.

Disney has released information about which restaurant locations will be reopening when Walt Disney World finally “opens up the gates,” and while looking at the information released about Be Our Guest, we spotted something interesting.

The breakfast menu has been removed from Be Our Guest’s online menu.

This news is quite disappointing, as many Guests love to use a reservation at Be Our Guest as an opportunity to get into the Magic Kingdom a little early, grab some fantastic crowd free castle pictures, and enjoy that early ride on 7 Dwarfs Mine Train.

In addition to this surprise, we also noticed an adjustment to the lunch menu.

Special Free Dining Offer for Guests Affected by Closure

Prior to Disney World’s temporary closure, Be Our Guest Lunch was Quick Service, with several different menu offerings.

The new lunch menu shows new offerings and a new price.

Lunch at Be Our Guest will now be Table Service, and “prix fixe,” with an adult price of $62, and a children’s price of $37.

This is a huge change in price from Be Our Guest’s previous lunch menu, where prices started at $14.99 and capped at $18.99.

The dinner pricing and offering remains the same as it was before Walt Disney World temporarily closed.

Be sure to check Character Locator for all of the menu offerings at Be Our Guest and all of the Walt Disney World restaurants.

Pluto in Castle Hub at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World l kennythepirate.com

What are your thoughts on the removal of breakfast and the changes to lunch at Be Our Guest? Let us know on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook Page, or join our crew and continue the discussion!


  1. So sad as we were scheduled for lunch before our trip was cancelled. I really wanted to go inside one castle but now with two kids that are considered adults it is way out of the price range.

  2. I have had breakfast lunch and dinner there my least favorite was dinner . The staff was rude the people where entitled they almost knocked over my grandson because our table happened to be a good spot the server s forgot us and our meal was cold. Not worth the moy one of the only places that I felt like that at . And I have been to a lot and not all with the dinning plan

  3. I agree about loosing Disney. We are loosing attractions and a lot of things that were special about Disney. We have been to universal but always felt more at home at Disney but it seems like not only are we loosing a lot of things but the prices are rising. Universal may be come our go to place!!

  4. I am so sad! We always have the Quick Service Dining Plan and used to have lunch at BOG about 3times each visit and loved it so much! My kids will be very sad, too! We won‘t be able to go there again

  5. So sad I loved Belle’s Prefiere for breakfast and the chance to get in line for 7 dwarfs early. Lunch is not a good time for a prix fixe meal since mid day is when little ones need a break from the park and go to a pool or take naps. Universal is really looking better and better. Their APs are being extended 3 months even if you just buy them now and their APs are even getting 20% off snack cart foods. Gotta admit Disney seems to be using this time to really lower the experience and raise prices. The only character meal is losing its steak while characters have to distance .. and the prices have gone up since march!

  6. Wow! This is very sad news to me. I enjoyed breakfast, lunch and dinner there. Dinner was just a different experience aside from breakfast and lunch. The price for lunch is unreal to me, especially if we can’t even “view” the beast and bell. This is one of my favorite places to eat in property because of the Beautiful atmosphere, uniqueness and food. So sad. Wondering if the “Tales with Bell” will be eliminated for a while as well.

  7. We love the dinner! BOG is the highlight of my trip! The only reason we did breakfast was to get on 7DMT early! The food was terrible as was the service for breakfast. We like Chef Mickey, Ohana, and Harvest Buffet much more for breakfast.

  8. This one is a change I cannot get behind. That is an insane difference in price for lunch. Guess I will never see the inside of that again. :-(

  9. Do not like this have been for breakfast . Loved it . Was very disappointed in the dinner went with my family 5 adults and 3 children was overcrowded noisy we where forgotten had to wait forever for our dinner then hurried other guest walked in our way when beast came in and pushed my grandkids chair so they could see and the servers where like oh well. Dinner was overpriced for what you got

  10. Do you think this means the Beast will also appear at lunch? It’s priced like the other character meals, so I would hope that lunch-goers will also get that benefit.

    • There currently are no actual character meals. Topolino’s allows some characters to mingle at a distance, but not pose with guests.

  11. SOOOO sad to loose my favorite lunch!!!! I thought I was devastated last year when BoG eliminated the braised pork meal from the lunch menu, but decided I could survive as long as they kept the rest of the lunch menu. This drastic change means I will no longer each lunch in the best themed restaurant on WDW property.

  12. I have found myself more disappointed at each announcement and change. I have started to feel that the Disney I knew and loved is gone forever

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