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Is Yachtsman Steakhouse One of the Best Disney World Restaurants

Is Yachtsman Steakhouse One of the Best Disney World Restaurants

You have probably heard people rave about Yachtsman Steakhouse in Walt Disney World. But, is it still one of Disney’s best signature experiences?

Yachtsman Steakhouse

Credit: Katie

At one point, I (Katie) had long heard Yachtsman Steakhouse lauded for serving some of Disney’s best steaks. However, lately, it has had mixed reviews. I finally had a chance to try it for myself and to bring you, dear readers, a few thoughts.

Yachtsman Steakhouse is located at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, tucked away behind EPCOT. Its location makes it easily accessible for Guests of any of the other EPCOT area hotels as well including Disney’s BaordWalk Inn, Disney’s Beach Club Resort, Swan and Dolphin, and the Walt Disney World Swan Reserve.

Credit: Maggie

Moreover, Guests at Disney Skyliner Resorts can easily glide to the station and take a short walk to Yacht Club for dinner. This works well for Guests of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Disney’s Pop Century Resort, Disney’s Riviera Resort, and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

Finally, if you are touring the parks and want a steak dinner, it is a Skyliner ride away from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Even better, if you are visiting EPCOT, you can walk over via International Gateway. Just be sure you think through your reservation time if you need to get back to the front of EPCOT afterward for any reason. If you do not re-enter prior to closing time, you will have to figure out how to get there without walking back through the park.


Credit: Katie

Yachtsman Steakhouse has a bit of an upscale atmosphere with nautical theming. It is relatively quiet for a Disney restaurant, and the lighting is dim. The decor does feel a bit dated. The place could use an update.

Nevertheless, while aesthetics are all well and good, when I go to eat, I am not there to look at the carpet and the walls. I am there to enjoy the menu.

Credit: Katie

You can see the chefs at work if you know where to look. You can also view a selection of cuts of meat if you like.

Our wait staff was very friendly. They noticed one of my children had a birthday button, and they brought him some surprise desserts at the end of the evening including a chocolate macaron, a key lime pie truffle, and a piece of either strawberry or raspberry candy.

Bread Service

Credit: Katie

The bread service consists of a duo of choices. It is something I have heard a lot about. Some people feel it is the best bread service in Walt Disney World. One of the options is Pull-Apart Onion Rolls. There are shaped like muffins. Next, you can try the Cherry Multigrain Sourdough. Both are served with Roasted Garlic and salted butter. The salted butter is actually really good and adds a nice flavor to the selections.

The pull-apart onion rolls have a great flavor profile. They would be even better if they were fresh and hot. I found the sourdough rolls to be a little too hard for my liking. But, we did have a late reservation, so perhaps Guests with earlier reservations will have better luck with freshly baked bread instead of bread that tastes like it has been sitting just slightly too long under a heat lamp.


Credit: Katie

We tried only soup appetizers. Soup is something I have found many Walt Disney World restaurants do well, and I was not disappointed this time in the least. One of my travel party members had French Onion Soup. He said it was good, perhaps a touch salty, but it all vanished quickly.

We were also fortunate to try the Lobster Bisque. This was an extremely savory and buttery bisque with a dynamic flavor profile. I enjoyed the flavors very much. However, my favorite Bisque on the property is at Flying Fish over at BoardWalk. But this was pretty amazing, too.

Kid’s Selections

Credit: Katie

One of my children was not terribly hungry. All she ordered is chicken noodle soup. She was not at all fond of it and left most of it behind. I can’t say I disagree with her. It was neither the best nor worst chicken soup I have tasted. However, it is not something we would purchase again.

My other child had the kid’s sustainable fish. On this evening, the selection was salmon. He thoroughly enjoyed the dish. He ordered it with a side of fruit and mac n cheese. He did not care for the mac n cheese, so his sister and I ate it for him.

The Steak

Credit: Katie

Steak is clearly the specialty at Yachtsman Steakhouse. Yet, the steak is the subject of the mixed reviews I have heard recently. However, I am one who likes to see for myself, and that is what I did. Now, I understand why some people love it and some people do not. Yachtsman offers multiple nice cuts of meat for patrons to choose from. I ordered the filet mignon because I love a nice tender steak.

When it arrived, and I cut into it, I found it to be perfectly tender and nicely cooked. There was a nice sear on the meat that served to seal in the juices. Sometimes steak prepared this way can get a little too much char that distracts from the flavor, but this was not the case with my steak. It was just right, and the flavors were simple but delicious.

When you think of an all-American steak, this is it really. It had no frills and no fancy preparations. The meat is grilled with a simple demi-glaze.

Credit: Disney

I tend to think that this is where people become divided on the steak here. Someone who likes a nice preparation that honors seasonal vegetables and involves complex flavor profiles is not going to be particularly impressed with the steaks. They would need to order some of the sauces or more complex preparations on the menu to enjoy the meal. The newly added Oscar preparation comes to mind.

On the other hand, if you prefer a simple steak, this filet will probably make you happy. It is simple, and it is good. And, if I were to try one of the frillier preparations, I might change my mind.


Credit: Katie

Did I enjoy my meal? Absolutely! Am I going to go out of my way to have Yachtsman Steakhouse again? Probably not.

If I am staying in an EPCOT area resort, and I were with a crowd who wanted to visit a steakhouse, I’d go back for sure. Or, I might opt for a bite at Crews Cup Lounge and enjoy the Bisque and a salad. But, I wouldn’t devote hours of time using Disney complimentary Transportation to try to get there from say Port Orleans French Quarter or Saratoga Springs.

However, I am glad I had a chance to finally try it. Personally, it is not among my favorite Disney steaks, but it is certainly still good!

Credit: Katie

And, if I am being honest, I am craving something no-frills, I also like the simplicity of the steaks over at Steakhouse 71. While Yachtsman has an edge over them flavor-wise, their steaks are only a fraction of the cost, which makes enjoying steaks there even more appealing.

Have you ever dined at Yachtsman Steakhouse? Did you enjoy your meal? Let us know in the comments. And, if you know a steak-lover who is planning to visit Disney World, be sure to pass this story along so that they know Yachtsman is an option for them.

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Saturday 1st of July 2023

We ate at the Yachtsman Steakhouse a couple of weeks ago. It was good, but the food was definitely superior a year ago when we last ate there. We live in the Orlando area, and there are many great steak options that offer better food for the price. Will we likely eat at the Yachtsman Steakhouse again in the future? Yes. We will go out of our way to eat there in the future? Probably not unless they bring back some of the food options that were available a year ago.


Thursday 29th of June 2023

The best WDW steak can be found at Schula's at the Dolphin.


Friday 30th of June 2023

Thanks for reading Randy. I did enjoy Shula's very much. I think a lot of people forget about it because of its location. Here is a link to the review for anyone curious about the steakhouse Randy is mentioning: Does Shula’s Steak House have the Best Steak in Disney World

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