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A Beloved Breakfast Item is Now Back in Disney

A Beloved Breakfast Item is Now Back in Disney
Credit: Disney

What’s this? What’s this? A favorite breakfast menu item is back just in time for Disney’s 50th and holiday festivities.

Missing Menu Items

Photo: Disney

Recently, fans were distraught to find that something was missing from the breakfast menus in Walt Disney World. In August, fans sadly realized that POG juice was no where to be found at many of Disney’s breakfast restaurants.

Cast members confirmed the juice shortage. Some said it was a distribution issue. Others claimed they would no longer be serving it, and some mentioned a replacement would be on the way at some unknown point. For a while the only place it could be found was in certain mixed drinks. Writer Jamie has the whole story for you right here.

What is P.O.G.

POG Juice at Garden Grill

It is no secret that I (Katie P) love POG juice. I don’t even like juice in the real world, but in Disney, this magical breakfast elixir is something I look forward to enjoying.

And, so do a lot of fans. It has its own cult following. People are passionate over passion fruit (with orange juice and guava).

Credit: KatieP

You may have also heard this referred to by other nomenclatures such as Jungle Juice or even Stitch Juice. I think of it as liquid pixie dust.

This delicious beverage is a nectar of passionfruit, orange, and guava juice. Some may find it too sweet to start the day with, but others, myself included, find themselves craving it.

It’s Back! Sort of.

During Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary kick off weekend, I was lucky enough to have breakfast at Steakhouse 71 (review coming soon). While POG was not on the menu, the manager pixie dusted us several cute 5th anniversary to go cups of it from another bar area in the Contemporary that serves it as part of a drink.

Then later that week, we had my very favorite Disney breakfast at Topolino’s. When I asked if POG was on the menu, the Cast Member said YES.

However, he also said, “But it is different. We are getting it through a different supplier, so it may not be quite what you remember.”

Credit Katie P

Our table happily ordered it all around anyhow. To be honest, if the Cast Member had not told me it is different I do not think I would have noticed.

It still has the delicious combination of citrus flavor. If anything it is slightly less sweet than I remember it being, which might be a good attribute for some guests. Regardless, any POG is better than no POG, and you will not catch me complaining about it. I am overjoyed that it is back in any form.

Where to Find it

Credit: KatieP

POG is popping up at several breakfast locations around Disney World. Right now, it is definitely available at Topolino’s.

However, finding it elsewhere is not as easy as searching “POG” on Disney’s site. It seems it is gaining some new noms de plume! But don’t worry; a POG by any other name tastes (almost) just as sweet.

For example, the Polynesian is now referring to it as Liliko’i Juice. It is on Kona’s breakfast menu.

Credit: Walt Disney World

It is also available on the ‘Ohana menu as part of a mixed drink. However, it is entirely possible that it is being served there as well, so be sure to ask.

Tusker House currently is referring to it as Jungle Juice. It’s a different name, but it’s the same product.

If you are uncertain whether a breakfast place has POG, it never hurts to ask. Also, if you don’t see it on the menu at a glance, check out the descriptions and look for “Orange, Passion Fruit, and Guava Blend.

How to Have POG at Home

Credit: KatieP

If you want to have some POG at home, you are in luck! There is a way.

If you are a Costco member, you can find a version of POG on the shelves at Costco. We sampled it at home, and as you can see, we have finished off quite a bit of it.

It tastes a bit more watered down and less flavorful than what you find in the parks. Even so, it would still pair nicely with homemade Mickey Waffles if you are missing your parks and want to bring some of that magical feeling into your home.

Disney posts a new Recipe for fan favorite POG Juice
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

If that is not what you are after, you can also make POG juice based on Disney’s recipe released on Disney Parks Blog. You can find the link right here.

Where have you been able to find POG Juice lately? Do you notice a difference? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook, or in with our friendly KTP crew on Facebook.

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  1. I work at Boma and it’s been back a couple weeks. The original supplier stopped making it so there’s a new supplier. Slightly different but the same.

    • Hi, Sara! Thank you so much for chiming in with that information. It is great hearing from Cast Members. Know that you are appreciated! I hope everyone is kind to you on your shifts at Boma.

  2. We had it at Boma breakfast 3 weeks ago. Our server said it was the same juices, just in a little different proportions. Yummy!!

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