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Disney Announces New AP perks for the 50th

Disney Announces New AP perks for the 50th
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Calling all Annual Passholders! Check out this list of AP perks coming soon to your Walt Disney World theme parks. Hint, one will give you some special lights and sounds.

The AP Advantage

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Being a Walt Disney World Annual Passholder means having regular access to the parks, and it can be a great value for guests who enjoy visiting frequently. However, if you are anything like me (KatieP), you part of the fun of being an Annual Passholder is the little magical extras.

For example, APs get a magnet in the mail to commemorate their year of Annual Pass access. I know I am not alone in my love for AP magnets. Mine have a place of honor in my home.

Current AP Benefits

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Recently, Walt Disney World began selling Annual Passes again. For a long time, only existing Annual Passholders and their children who were two turning three had the ability to hold and renew Annual Passes.

However, the AP is back, and with it are some changes to the program. KtP writer Monica has the story for you right here.

Credit: Jamie F

The current perks include up to 20% off of food and merchandise and theme park parking. There was also a special passholder preview for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. It is unknown whether there will be previews for upcoming Disney attractions, but I hope the answer is yes!

Most notably missing from the list is access to Memory Maker/ Complementary photo pass downloads. This must be added on for $99 when you purchase a new pass or renew your existing one.

NEW Benefits

Credit: Jamie F

Now, Disney has released a short list of new benefits for annual passholders.

One is theme park entry. Annual passholders already have their own entry lane at Walt Disney World Theme Parks. But, later this month, that entry point will be enhanced.

Annual Passholders will experience a unique color an sound experience as they scan into the parks. In order to get the sounds and the colors, you will need to have your AP linked to your My Disney Experience account.

Credit: disney

In late October, Annual Passholders will also see the rollout of the Passholder Buzz, a mobile hub exclusive to passholders. Here, passholders will find great exclusive digital content to enjoy.

Finally, MDE will have an exclusive Magic Mobile Mickey Mouse design just for Annual Passholders. It will join the AP badge that you may have already noticed has popped up in your MDE.

These benefits may not seem like much, but I do think they will be fun additions to the program. (I would have preferred to keep Memory Maker., but I digress.) I am excited to try out the new entry point sequence once it launches.

Credit: Monica

What do you think of these new AP perks? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!


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