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Disney World’s new 50th Show has a Major Malfunction today

Disney World’s new 50th Show has a Major Malfunction today

Disney World debuted several new shows with its 50th Anniversary. Check out details and a video of a show that didn’t go as planned today.

Disney’s 50th Celebrations

Check out all the new 50th Anniversary Celebrations at Disney Springs
Credit: Disney

Disney World is half a century year old! Disney celebrates the last 50 years of making fun memories. You’ll find yourself singing the catchy theme song “You are the Magic” even after you leave.

Disney shares so many new things from statues and food to new parties and cavalcades. This 18 month celebration is just getting started. If you want to see all of the festivities, try and visit before it ends in the spring of 2023. 

Magic Kingdom New Fireworks

Credit: Disney

Disney brought us new fireworks shows at Disney’s Magic Kingdom for the 50th Anniversary Celebration! When you visit be sure to see Magic Kingdom’s Enchanted. With this new show, there are not only fireworks and castle projects, but Disney also gave us a new technology, projection mapping. Check out Main Street during this show to sit it lit up in amazing bright pastel colors. Not only that, but the lights are synchronized to music.

The evening extravaganza features stunning fireworks as well as an emotional original song, entitled ‘You Are the Magic.

Eight-time GRAMMY- winner and former Walt Disney World Cast Member, Philip Lawrence.”

Epcot’s New Show

Credit: Disney

Hop on over to Epcot to see my (Susan) favorite new 50th show, Harmonious. Harmonious brings the world together with musical artists from all over the globe.  The show is set to be one of the biggest and best Disney has ever put on for Guests. It “celebrates the music of Disney and its ability to unite us all, bridging cultures and generations to unlock the magic of possibility.”

It celebrates the music of Disney and its ability to unite us all, bridging cultures and generations to unlock the magic of possibility.

Harmonious not only gives viewers a dazzling fireworks display, but there’s stunning projections from the barges that take guests through the story and musical score. It embodies so much heart and spirit! I hope you’ll catch it on your next visit.

Animal Kingdom’s New Show

Credit: Susan

Shortly after it premiered, we wrote an article sharing everything you need to know about Disney’s new day time show, KiteTails. You can read it HERE.

Guests can catch KiteTails at the Animal Kingdom lagoon. 3-dimensional kites and colorful windcatchers dance in the air the classic Disney songs. This 10-minute show consists of two sections. View the showtimes for KiteTails here.

Credit: Susan

The kites are very oversized and catch your attention as they pass guests from every direction. The smaller kites along with the wind catchers were very fun. My favorite small kites were the monkeys. The kite movement mimicked their playful movements so well.

Note: There are two KiteTails shows.

First, the show Kenny watched was inspired by The Lion King featuring Simba, Zazu, and Mufasa. Favorite songs from the lion King played during the show. At the time we watched it, I (Susan) did not realize there were two separate shows. With it’s rocky start, I just thought some of the kites were still out of commission.

Second is the show a fellow writer, Maggie, and I caught on October 3 inspired by The Jungle Book featuring King Louie, Baloo, and monkey and elephant wind catchers. Our favorite songs from the Jungle Book played during the show. I forgot how fun the Jungle Book music is, but even after the show I kept humming the songs.


Everything You Need to know about Disney's New Kite Tails Shows
Credit: Susan

The second day KiteTails opened, the first show only a had a few kites. Then, the later shows were cancelled. Reports stated that a jet ski flipped during this show. Check out how close the jet skis are in the photo above. 

Today’s Malfunction

Credit: KtP

The best part of KiteTails is the huge kites that come flying by spectators. When they work correctly each oversized kite goes into the sky using a jet ski across from spectators. They take off from the dock shown below. Then, once a kite is finished, it “deflates” by landing in the empty stands to the right of where we sat.

However, today, one of the Lion King floats didn’t quite work that way. Poor Zazu went up okay in the jet ski, but coming down was a little trickier. Check out @ThatDisneyBoi’s tweet below to see pictures and a video of the flightless bird.

Poor Zazu from Disney’s Lion King landed in the trees during today’s performance.

Have you seen KiteTails yet? What do you think from looking at the pictures and video? Is it too ambitious to be carried out right? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.

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Saturday 15th of January 2022

My kids loved it, we saw both shows but also experienced a kite in a tree that ripped after a gust of wind. I will take any kind of show disney wants to offer. Still not getting the full experience and we are paying more than ever. But the joy on my kids faces is worth every penny

Pete marin

Thursday 13th of January 2022

I was there in December and saw both shows I thought it was the most ridiculous thing. It was a very cheap way of trying to entertain people the three big kites that flew around was ridiculous and stupid I'm not sure what Disney was thinking. Don't waste your time seeing this show


Wednesday 12th of January 2022

It's even more ridiculous in person.


Wednesday 12th of January 2022

I saw kite tails in December. What was Disney thinking when they replaced the beautiful Rivers of Light show with this ridiculous and lame show.? I was thoroughly disappointed.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.