Home Disney News A Disney World Resort was Reportedly Evacuated Overnight

A Disney World Resort was Reportedly Evacuated Overnight

A Disney World Resort was Reportedly Evacuated Overnight

Disney World is no stranger to evacuations – whether that be a ride, a resort, or transportation. Check out the latest story below and then share your evacuation stories with us.


Rise of the Resistance. Splash Mountain. Skyliner. Like all of Animal Kingdom. These are a few of the attractions at Disney World experiencing issues just this week! There’s a decent chance if you have been visiting Disney long enough that you have been evacuated off a ride.

Here’s what you should do if you ever get stuck on a ride and need to be evacuated.

Resort Evacuation

Even some Disney World resorts need to be evacuated. This could be due to a fire alarm being pulled like at the Boardwalk in February. Guests may also need to be evacuated due to a flood as was the case at the Boardwalk in February and All Star Movies in March.

In the early hours this morning, June 11, Guests staying at Disney’s Riviera Resort found themselves being evacuated from the hotel. The incident occurred around 4 am at the most recently opened Disney hotel. Overhead announcements could be heard asking Guests to leave the building.

The alarm did not ring throughout the entire hotel so this event likely only affected one portion of the resort. We are unsure what tripped the alarm or what part of Riviera was evacuated.

False alarm or not, what a way to be woken up at 4 am! We hope there was no serious incident and that everyone is okay.

Other Riviera Incidents

This is not the first time an incident occurred at this resort. Back in December of 2019, a Guest fell when the pull out wall beds collapsed under them. This led Disney to ask all Guests of the resort not to use those little beds (pictured above) until the issue could be addressed.

You can check out my full guide to Riviera Resort HERE to learn all about what is available to Guests and what the 2 bedroom villa is like. If you are looking for a review of the tower studios, check out Ashley’s post HERE.

Kenny also took a walking tour of Riviera when it first opened. Check out his photos and thoughts HERE.

Are you staying at Riviera? Were you evacuated last night? Share your story with us – we would love to hear!

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