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This Magic Kingdom ride is having a tough afternoon!

This Magic Kingdom ride is having a tough afternoon!
Credit: Disney

It’s inevitable. While on your Disney World vacation, it is very likely one (or more!) of your favorite rides will see some downtime for various reasons. One Magic Kingdom ride is having a tough afternoon and has seen a few evacuations so far today!

Splash Mountain

Breaking News: Popular Magic Kingdom Attraction Evacuated!

Magic Kingdom’s Splash Mountain is experiencing some difficulties this afternoon.

A friend of the blog let us know that Splash Mountain keeps going “signal 25.” “Signal 25” is Disney speak for when the fire alarm keeps getting triggered.

When the fire alarm is triggered, the ride needs to be evacuated. The ride stops and all Guests must wait for Cast Members to safely evacuate them from their log flumes.

Not only do Guests on the ride need to evacuate, but any Guests in the Gift Shop and Restrooms will also need to leave the area.

We’ve been told it has happened twice so far this afternoon. At the time of writing, Splash Mountain is listed as “temporarily closed.”

There is no word on what is causing the attraction’s fire alarm system to be triggered or an estimate on when the ride will be back up and running.

Ride Evacuations

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to be evacuated from a ride in Walt Disney World! I’m dying to get a look behind the scenes!

If I could choose, I’d definitely want to be evacuated from Splash Mountain because I’ve always loved that ride so much!

Kenny the Pirate Writer Susan had a very cool experience when she was evacuated from the Haunted Mansion and got a look at the attraction with the lights on! You can check that out HERE.

Wondering what to do if you ever get stuck on a ride? Step 1 is don’t panic! Check out Monica’s tips over HERE for all things evacuation related.

Have you ever been stuck on a ride or evacuated from one? Share your stories with us on  Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook page, or join our crew and continue the discussion!

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  1. It definitely was, and as we exited they gave no explanation, just escorted us off the ride. As we rounded the corner it was like a ghost town in the area, not magical at all

  2. On Saturday june 5th we were riding when all of the sudden all the music cut off and all the animatronics stopped working. It was very scary, we rode basically the whole ride like that, when I tell you that last drop is much scarier when you dont know if you will stop at the end.

  3. We were evacuated off Splash in 2015 and it was very cool. My kids were stunned that all the thorns are rubber! LOL. We got to go out the “back door” and saw where they store all the extra logs. Then got 2 sets of good for almost anything fastpasses on the way out.

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