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New: Guests Evacuated as a Disney World Resort Flooded Overnight

New: Guests Evacuated as a Disney World Resort Flooded Overnight
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Guests staying at one Disney World Resort did not have a magical night with news that rooms flooded and had to be evacuated.

Disney’s BoardWalk Resort

The BoardWalk Resort is one of the most unique resorts in all of Disney World! Not only is it a full hotel, but the actual boardwalk offers fun entertainment and plenty of dining choices as well.

Described as a resort that evokes turn-of-the-century boardwalks in coastal cities such as Coney Island and Atlantic City, the BoardWalk Resort has a theme that sets it apart from the rest – from the Nanny chairs to somewhat creepy clown pool that has recently been replaced.

Currently, only the DVC side is portion, as the BoardWalk Inn does not have a set reopening date.

I really love the BoardWalk Resort, and you can check out my full guide HERE.

BoardWalk Resort Flooded

Unfortunately, Guests staying at the BoardWalk Resort did not have a magical night on February 19, 2021.

A Kenny the Pirate Facebook follower by the name of Alex Adamek shares these photos of the flood that took place at the BoardWalk Resort.

The fire department was called to the scene so crews could help solve the issue.

You can also see the damage on the ceiling of what is likely the first floor.

Additionally, you can see the water that gathered on the floor of a higher level room.

Another Twitter user, @DrunksinDisney, questioned whether or not there was a water leakage issue. Fans are set up throughout The Screen Door General store. They also note a musty smell at Big River Grille (which is currently closed).

Has Disney Responded?

What an eventful evening at the BoardWalk Resort. We hope there are no injuries and that the leak issue can be remedied soon.

Disney has not issued a statement regarding the flood. It is unknown what rooms are affected and how this could impact future stays. As a reminder, only the DVC side of the Resort is open with the Inns currently closed. There is no reopening date set for the Inn rooms.

You may remember back in January, the BoardWalk Resort experienced a fire incident. You can read more about that HERE.

Are you staying at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort this weekend? Share your experiences regarding the flood last night with us on Facebook.

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  1. We were at boardwalk recently. Didn’t visit BIg River.
    Yes sounds like a fire sprinkler issue. Activation of the system automatically summons the fir department. They will leave when they have determined there is no fire related cause. By that time you would expect the sprinkler system service tech to be on his way to begin repairs.

  2. Well, it is Disney… Does anyone think they wouldn’t put a musty smell in a place they call, “Big River,” I would think they might.

  3. Should of called a plumber not the Fire Department to solve this issue. Obvious solution shut the water main off to the building, so where was engineering at ?

  4. If it was a fire sprinkler pipe that burst, setting off the fire alarm would be pretty normal. A sudden drop in water pressure in the sprinkler line is how the system knows one was deployed.

  5. If fire alarms tripped then it was probably an issue with the fire sprinkler system, and that water is always nasty.

    And yes, big river has always smelled terrible.

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