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Another Enchanted Extra Soon To Be Removed From the Magic Kingdom

Another Enchanted Extra Soon To Be Removed From the Magic Kingdom
Credit: KtP writer Donna

Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom will soon discover that yet another beloved enchanted extra will be removed forever. Find out how this may affect your next trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Cancelling the Magic

In October, we were saddened to learn that many of our favorite shows and performers would not be returning.  Citizens of HollywoodHoop de Doo RevueBeauty and the Beast-the Live ShowFinding Nemo the Musical, and Festival of the Lion King are among the experiences affected by the terrible new wave of layoffs. 

The loss of the Citizens of Main Street had us questioning if Main Street, USA would forever be changed. Read all about the impact of these changes and read quote regarding layoffs from our very now Kenny the Pirate HERE.

We have even seen extra perks such as MagicBands and Luggage Tags being altered for Guests at Disney Resorts. Many have wondered if Disney is still as magical as it was before the closures in 2020.

My response had been that the reimagined magic was very much alive. With the newest announcement that an enchanted extra will be eliminated has made me second guess if the magic is still alive.

Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom

On our last visit to the Magic Kingdom, we took time to participate in the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game. This is an interactive role-playing game that allows Guests to use Spell Cards to defend the Magic Kingdom from the villains. This game is similar to a game that my children absolutely loved aboard the Disney Dream. 

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is a FREE game that you can play at your leisure in the Magic Kingdom. Simply visit the Firehouse on Main Street, U.S.A. and sign up to receive your Sorcerer Key Card, Merlin’s mystical map, and spell cards.

I recently shared that I would be surprising my family for Christmas with a trip to Walt Disney World. To help announce our trip, I purchased a small card holder on Amazon to help carry the cards. My oldest has been so excited for this interactive experience.

An End to the Magic

According to Walt Disney World, the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom will be closing their magical portals on January 24th. This is such a shame because this is such a fun way for Guests to experience interactive magic. We loved how this game can be played throughout the day.

Sorcerer’s of the magic kingdom will be closed permanently on january 24th.

Disney states that they are ending this FREE program as they shift towards encouraging more mobile technology. They also indicated that this game has shown an decreased demand over time.

I find this hard to believe from our most recent visits to the Magic Kingdom. We saw fellow sorcerers racing around the Magic Kingdom with cards in hand to defeat the villains.

Disney states that this free program will be removed as they move towards mobile technology and due to a decreased demand.

These small magical extras were always what set Walt Disney World apart from all other Theme Parks. It was the interactive elements that Walt Disney envisioned when he first created Disneyland. I fear that these eliminations of magical extras will continue to be seen across the Disney Parks.

What do you think about the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom being removed? Have you played this game before? Do you think the Disney Parks are eliminating the true Magic of Disney? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. Where is the magic going…
    This morning I heard on the news that Disney will be cutting yet another perk for Disney resort guests; they will no longer include extra magic hours with resort stays.
    So sad.
    Pretty soon Disney will be an overpriced carnival if they continue on this path. And this is coming from a die hard Disney fan.

  2. Where is the magic going…
    This morning I heard on the news that Disney will be cutting yet another perk for Disney resort guests; they will no longer include extra magic hours with resort stays.
    So sad.
    Pretty soon Disney will be an overpriced carnival if they continue on this path. And this is coming from a die hard Disney fan.

  3. Did you know they now charge $25 a day to park at your own Disney hotel? In addition to parking fees at the theme park. Nothing but a money making machine now. Walt is rolling over. GREED!!!

  4. My husband and I went to Disney world from 1985 – 2015 owned a time share at old Key West .W e had the best time we could ever had,by 2015 we started to notice a change.I wanted to see the parade on Christmas day,thinking it was live but we found out it had been taped earlier in December. Was soo disappointed that it was.This pandemic has really change the felling that was once great.They are taking so many things a way ,Is Disney Company the 1 that it taking away the magic.Soo sorry to see these changes.Is the magic really gone. I wonder what Walt would do.Shame on you for taking the magic away.

  5. I’m done 25yrs AP holder of 6 the parks the rides all need maintenance the only thing they do is become more WOKE and raise prices. Bye. Sea World and universal want me and my $$

  6. I think it is something Disney World needs to sit back and reconsider. From reading all of these family stories and the disappointment. Hasn’t there been enough disappointment in the last year. And then to take something like this away from family’s to look forward to. A game to play on there on. Not a ride that is closed when they get there or broke down. I’m truly believe that Mr. Disney would not want this at allll!!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

  7. I am moving my family to Florida this year one of the draws was disney… We have been looking into things to get the kids excited about moving. This game was one of my girls big excitement points…they had played a version of it at great wolf lodge and were super excited to play the REAL THING! Sadly we will not be there in time… Now to tell the kids

  8. I am so sad about this. We learned of this game the last night of our trip in November. We are coming back at the end of January and had planned to spend the day playing the game. So disappointing

  9. I never knew about this. I wished I did it sounds like alot of fun. What a bummer! I think it’s a big mistake to take it away… We need to move away from electronic devices not use them more…My son would love this.. I hope they reconsider.

  10. We were at Disney World for two weeks in Feb/March, left the Monday before they closed for Covid. There were always people at the portals with binders, etc… We have played this for years and loved playing and collecting the special cards at partys. It was a great layer of entertainment that they keep peeling away.

  11. So so sad! Our son absolutely loves playing, collecting cards, trading cards and helping younger kids learn how to do it. We were planning to go next month specifically for this. Now my son says we should just go to Universal.

  12. I first learned of the game back in 2017. Evidently, it has been the highlight of many families since February 22, 2012. After reading all the above responses, I really do like Lauren’s reply, but I feel the heart and sense the sadness of everybody else’s replies. I see how it became a quality, family experience. The smart phones were put to bed, in pockets or purses, and people could be people before smart phones. Disney, I think you should rethink this decision. Not everything should be about the tech age, yes, we live in this age, as I am using tech to type my reply right now. Let little children be little children, keep the imagination of Disney going for them. Is it really that big of an obstacle for you, Disney? I think not.

  13. I grew up in southern California and I went to Disneyland all the time. I have never been to walt disney world in florida but it’s always been a huge dream of mine. The more stuff they take away the less I want to go. Disneyland had been very affordable and I have taken my children there to share all the magic that I experienced while growing up. My grandchildren will probably.never get to go to Disneyland or Disney World because they have made it so expensive that most families will never be able to finance it. It was awesome living just under 10 miles.from Disney just to go see everything that they come up with. However I am very disappointed on how all they care about is making money at everyone’s expense. I am relatively sure Walt Disney is turning in his grave with the way Disney is taking in the big bucks and taking away all the magic. Yes.this is all pre-quaranteen. I am hoping Disney takes this time to look at what they have ruined and work on bringing the magic back instead of taking everything away.

  14. My sentiments exactly. My husband and I were always thrilled to help adults and children and give card away to see smiles! It was one of our warmest moments at Disney. It is very sad…

  15. They are closing it PERMANENTLY! It”s not some “hard decisions” they are taking due the pandemic, instead, they are taking it as an excuse to get rid of the most popular (and free, with “no profit”) attractive! Why don’t they just put it on hold for a while!?? So sad!! It is a big loss for those who already know and love the game! It’s a feeling of being loosing memories, and that the park is loosing its essence, its magic

  16. They are closing it PERMANENTLY! Didn’t you get it!? It”s not some “hard decisions” they are taking due the pandemic, instead, they are taking it as an excuse to get rid of the most popular (and free, with “no profit”) attractive! Otherwise they would announce it would be put on hold for a while… so even if it’s not a “first time visit” it’s still a big loss for those who already know and love the game! It’s not a ‘bit much” the feeling of being loosing memories, and that the park is loosing its essence, its magic

  17. Disney started losing its magic once they got rid of the Christmas lights show at Hollywood studios in my opinion, and when they shut down the stitch adventure just to make it a picture up to make more money if you don’t have a photo pass. Plus easing prices and such on tickets and food at the parks, I had an annual pass since 2012 and once this pandemic kicked up I stopped, my son and I loved running around Disney looking for Windows yet admiring the park itself, this gave you the time to truly admire the park and all the hard work imagineers put into it so you had a magical memory with your family… Sadly Disney and the people who run it are all about money money money and not about what the people that come there would like, it’s truly sad cause Walt wanted to build a park for families to attend and this place has become a place where now even lower middle class can’t even afford. Do you know if they have the pirate hunt still??

  18. We got Universal passes in 2019 and loved it! Harry Potter World blew me away. Amazing! Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure is the best ride ever! I love Disney, but Universal/Islands of Adventure was just as fun for our family

  19. We play ever time we go to mk. We also collect all the cards. It was something fun that we could do as a family. It was a way to get out of our phones. Not a fan of having to be on my phone while at wdw.

  20. Disney is definetely testing how much people are willing to take. We go to disney to get off our phones not stick our noses in them more. My kids love to play even my husband does.disney has definetely lost its magic at this point. We are locals and go at least weekly and there in the past has been so much to do but now they just keep chipping away at it. I just don’t know if we will stay passholders. Seaworld is offering so much more than disney now for a much lower price. We have never been to universal maybe its time.

  21. Decreased demand?!?! I call BS!! We are AP who, pre pandemic, went often and played EVERYTIME we went to MK. The line at the Firehouse was usually OUT the door for cards, and for many of the portals! Many guests who didn’t know about the game and asked, where thrilled and they ALL headed back to grab game cards and maps to play as well! Adults encouraged and helped kids, offering and swapping cards or gifting doubles outright to new players!! Several years ago, there was even a couple who not only gifted and swapped cards, but also had a “cheat sheet” with stats about each card and how to play them etc. My grandson has a binder with card holder sheets that we carried around the park so he could choose which card to play. This and the other ” hard decisions ” ya’ll have recently made are making OUR decision to renew membership or not a lot easier. BAD FORM Disney! Bad form!

  22. It’s disappointing. The timing seems odd given the limited things available during the pandemic. You’d think they’d give it more time and promote it more right now. However, it’s not the end of the world, and using catastrophic language over it is a bit much. Disney “Magic” is as dependent on you as much as it is on the Cast Members and the parks. Attitude and expectations are everything! Temper your thoughts and behaviors to focus on what you can do right now, not what you can’t do. If you think you’re missing out or not getting your money’s worth, don’t go right now. Wait until the pandemic subsidies and things start going back to business as usual. This is not the time for first time visitors or big, long, expensive trips while there’s much less to do.

  23. Wow- that is heartbreaking- my kids loved that. I hate the constant reliance on phone tech. Part of the magic was being AWAY from the tech in my pocket. Now it’s just another phone app.

  24. As a 50 something Disney fan I am saddened by this.. I had fun playing this game myself and enjoyed the magic of it… my family will not miss as they did not get it… don’t lose all the magic please,

  25. So sad. My daughter (28yrs old) and I love playing this. We are Disney Pass holders and are finding more and more reasons to drop being pass holders with all that has been discontinued to what else is being discontinued. Disney is moving in the wrong direction.

  26. This is terrible! My son and I have collected all but 9 cards and we’re so looking forward for the virus to get a bit more managed so we could return to the magic kingdom and continue our favorite game.

  27. Really Disney! How can you close this while you have so many other things closed and cancelled?! Your fans are trying to be patient and open minded but your really pushing our loyalty to the limit!

  28. So perhaps they are just changing it to be a mobile sort of game, that way they don’t have to create cards and that expense goes away . They do mention going mobile.

  29. I am also disappointed, my kids loved this but when were were there in October there were a lot of malfunctions and cast members running around trying to fix it. I am glad we got to experience it while it was around.

  30. This is so sad. My daughter loved this experience and it was so magical with how the cast members were when she defeated Hades. She loved doing this game for our other trips and trying out all of the cards! I am really disappointed that Disney did this.

  31. I am devastated. I only played once but I always saw people playing. I am angered that disney encourages people to keep their noses in their phones and discourages interaction with their families and others. Every time I’m there, I see people of all ages (including 18 month olds) glued to their phones, no one talking or laughing. Gone are the days of playing real games in lines or having a true family vacation. Sorcerers of the magic kingdom drew families together but still used technology. Really disney? Encourage families to be together! To talk to each other! To get away from their phones.

  32. We canceled our trip last year because of the pandemic but we were SO excited to participate in this now that our kids are old enough to “get it” and be able to handle running around the park. We won’t be back until December this year and I’m just so disappointed they’re doing away with this. And, honestly, I’m okay with the magic band thing and the luggage tag thing because I get that they need to save money. I’m willing to forgo my magic bands being mailed to my house if a few cast members can keep their jobs. But honestly how is this extra costing them ANYTHING. It’s not led by a cast member, and how much could those cards really cost?

    This is just really, really disappointing.

  33. We planned to stay at Disney for 6 days and Universal for 1 1/2 days in May. With all the changes, layoffs, and losses, we are reducing our Disney stay to 4 days and adding another full day to our Universal stay and adding a Legoland day. We spent many fun years at Disney, but they just don’t have to magic anymore. I think Walt would be so disappointed.

  34. I am so so disappointed!! I cannot even tell my family for awhile. This is such a fun experience to share for all of us. We have a special book for the cards. My kids just introduced their cousin to this experience too. They are losing so much magic.
    Our other “must do” at Disney was always Hoop Dee Do!

  35. Oh, I couldn’t be more disappointed :( My son loves playing, and has quite a collection of cards, as well. We recently booked a trip for Christmas 2021, and the first thing he did was get out his cards and start looking through them for his favorites. He will be so sad.

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