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New Layoffs Will Forever Change Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom

New Layoffs Will Forever Change Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom

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The past 24 hours has been difficult as so many of our favorite shows have been cancelled and talented Cast Members have been let go. Find out what Magic Kingdom experience has also been affected with the most recent round of Disney layoffs.

Massive Disney Layoffs

Last month, we shared that several actors would be returning to Walt Disney World. This even included the legendary Dapper Dan entertainment group. Disney fans were overjoyed to hear that Frozen Ever After would be reopening to Guest very soon and also that signs may point to the reopening of the Festival of the Lion King.

So much can change in a month. At the end of September, the Walt Disney Company announced that 28,000 Cast Members would be laid off. Since that time we have heard the disheartening news that thousands of Cast Members have been let go.

Newly Announced Layoffs

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Yesterday we were saddened to learn that many of our favorite shows and performers would not be returning. Citizens of HollywoodHoop de Doo RevueBeauty and the Beast-the Live ShowFinding Nemo the Musical, and Festival of the Lion King are among the experiences affected by the terrible new wave of layoffs. 

This morning we shared that Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor in Magic Kingdom would not be welcoming Guests. We also learned that even more shows and Guest interactive experiences are now cancelled in Hollywood Studios.

Main Street USA

Yesterday we announced that the Citizens of Hollywood would no longer fill the streets of Disney’s Hollywood Studios with that Old Hollywood nostalgia. Unfortunately this round of layoffs has also affected another iconic street at Walt Disney World, Main Street U.S.A.

The Citizens of Main Street offered “streetmosphere” like none other. They dressed in early 20th-century dress and they were always charmed to greet Guests and “bend your ear to offer the latest local scuttlebutt.”

Unfortunately, we have learned that these Citizens will not be retuning to Main Street U.S.A.

Susan Phillips posing with a Citizen of Main Street

Our very own KennythePirate and writer, Susan Phillips, reminisced of the many great interactions that they had with the Citizens of Main Street. Susan shared that she still has a business card at home, “Pull the lever and vote for Weaver.”

the citizens of Main Street will not be returning to greet guests.

The highlight of many trips included these special interactions with the Citizens of Main Street. These unique experiences truly set Disney Parks in a different class than other Theme Parks. This was what Walt Disney imagined when he first dreamed Disneyland so many years ago.

Our hearts continue to go out to the many talented Cast Members who are affected by these layoffs. This morning KennythePirate shared, “It’s devastating to hear so many talented Disney actors losing their jobs. They have brought us so much joy and made so many amazing memories for our family over the years. I pray that the future is as bright as your talent.”

“They have brought us so much joy and made so many amazing memories for our family over the years.”


What do you think of the many actors and performers that have been let go from Walt Disney World? Do you think that they may return when the Parks return to “normal”? How do you think this will affect the overall Disney Park experience? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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Saturday 9th of January 2021

As a former cast member of disneyland being layed off was very heartbreaking ...being that I had experienced lottttss of turmoil in my life going to work at disney did not feel like work it was like going to my comfort happy place which I always thought of it life changing therapy ....

Eileen Marie

Saturday 31st of October 2020

There is so much about this that makes me sad. I live in NC but have gone to WDW every year for the last 19 years. We’d come at least once for a 10 day trip and often would do more. It’s my home away from home. My daughter who is a teacher in Central FL was also a seasonal cast member for 7 years. She got laid off earlier this month. Not sure why they would let seasonal go because they cost nothing (no benefits) and can work shifts when they’re needed. The COVID impact to the WDW landscape is breaking my heart. I was there that last weekend in March right before they closed; and had planned to do multiple weekend trips this year. I haven’t been back and I miss it terribly. Every time I read of certain layoffs I vision my interactions with these people, or at least how much I recognized them and will miss their familiar faces) which is partly why it felt like home). I keep looking up when I might go back, but my favorite resort (Port Orleans - both Riverside and French Quarter) have yet to reopen. One of my favorite things was to walk along the water back and forth between the two. With my favorite resort closed and so much not running, I don’t see what the point is. Like even to go to my favorite restaurant-Ohana would be sad not to see the ukulele performer and to go to Animal Kingdom or Studios without Lion King or Beauty and the Beast would be depressing. I love WDW rides, but love the performances and my favorite resort the most. I don’t want to spend all that money to go, only to feel sad. I’m simply heartbroken.


Friday 30th of October 2020

My heart is broken. I took my family to Disney every year for the past 18 years minus this past 2020 only because of the many restrictions and closures. I cannot believe the Hoop de Doo Review is over!!!! We went every year and it was a family favorite!!! Those actors were amazing and what about all the staff??? What is Disney without Beauty and the Beast??? Sorry, I spent a good chunk of money on this trip and cannot justify going there without the experiencing the full Walt Disney World Magic. So sad.... good luck to all Disney workers I hope you can come back, many of you are part of years of my family’s wonderful memories. ❤️❤️


Friday 30th of October 2020

As one of the Cast Members who was laid off due to COVID, I am conflicted. One of the things that baffles me is why are they allowing so many cast to work overtime, looking the other way when people call off work, and so many, like myself never had an option? They have to pay time and a half for overtime at $14+ an hour to start, $21 min per hour in overtime. They offered so many people the opportunity to transfer to other roles to keep their jobs, meanwhile people who had those jobs lost them. I was in a part time, non union role, office, but I had been asking for a full year before covid to be full time. They would not allow me to be full time and yet I had to watch the hiring of 8 people a month coming into the company for several months. All part time roles in my department were eliminated!!! I gave Disney over 12 years of my life but seniority only means something if you’re full time. Keeping me on furlough wasn’t costing Disney money. I lost my insurance when Obamacare started and then I ended up making too little for Obamacare and too much for Medicaid. I wasn’t using their Aspire program and I don’t even use my free admission into the parks or buy anything with or without my discount.

The parks are definitely not the same but I hesitate to say don’t visit because that could mean more job losses. Annual pass holders have had their AP extended and get in without paying but they have lost benefits too. The APH are the ones vloging and doing their best trying to support Disney.

I am devastated the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra is gone! That was my favorite group of live performers and I loved listening to them when I worked the Royal Palm Club at the Grand.

I will always hold a special place for Disney in my heart. It has always been a large part of my happiness as a child. I was honored to work for them and will keep all the amazing memories I have with our wonderful guests in a special place in my heart, but I doubt I will return if offered unless I’m really hurting for money. How this is being handled, even how people are being informed of their job loss is WRONG!! So many are left with questions they can’t get the answers to (even trying to get their property from company lockers and their desks). They have so many places in the open parks and open resorts that remain closed, that’s extra jobs that could’ve been spared.

Like I mentioned before, I’m conflicted. I hate this pandemic and the fact that it has crippled our tourism industry affecting parks, hotels, airlines, etc.


Thursday 29th of October 2020

We have been passholders for around 30 years. Anytime a business has to let employees go, it’s rough. It’s crazy to blame Disney for having to make these tough choices. The bigger the business, the more the employees and the bigger the expenses. Most of us probably can’t even fathom what it would cost to run a company of this magnitude. They are doing what they have to do to stay open until times can get back to normal. We just went last weekend and other than the masks and some obvious adjustments, we still had a great time. Everyone can make decisions that are best for their families, but to bash Disney is misplaced anger. Looking forward to the day that they can begin rehiring and bring back all the magic we miss.

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