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Walt Disney World Resort Guests will see another free perk changing in 2021

Walt Disney World Resort Guests will see another free perk change beginning in 2021
Credit: Disney

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Walt Disney World Resort Guests will no longer receive complimentary Magic Bands for their upcoming trips. Today, we’ve learned of another complimentary item that will no longer be shipped to your home beginning in 2021.

Disney World Resort Perks

One of the many perks of staying on Disney property for your Walt Disney World vacation is the free magic bands that you will receive!

Disney Guests recently learned that beginning in 2021, complimentary Magic Bands will no longer be offered to resort Guests.

Magic Bands are still available for purchase at discounted rates for Guests staying on Walt Disney World property.

Another change for Resort Guests

Today, Disney updated Guests on yet another change to one of the fun complimentary offerings for Disney Resort Guests.

Beginning January 1, 2021, luggage tags and Walt Disney World Magical extras will no longer be mailed ahead of time to Guests booking a Disney Resort hotel reservation or vacation package.

New Walt Disney World Travel Luggage Tags to match Magic Band colors

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting these luggage tags in the mail! Receiving these as part of my Magic Band package always added an extra layer of anticipation for my trip!

We even use them outside of our Disney trips! My children love to hang them on their backpacks for school.

If you’re disappointed by this change, I get it! The good news is, it is still possible to get our favorite luggage tags and Magical Extras cards.

Guests may pick up their Complimentary Luggage Tags and magical extras at the front desk any time during their walt Disney WOrld resort stay.

So while you won’t be getting them ahead of time, the good news is you can still get them! I know I’ll be stopping by the front desk on my next trip for mine!

What are your thoughts on not receiving complimentary luggage tags or Magical Extras ahead of your trip? Let us know on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook Page, or join our crew and continue the discussion!

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  1. They have taken away all the things that added to the magic of Disney, now it is pay extra for all these things. I won’t be going back to my former Happy Place. What a Big mistake

  2. We have been to Disney many times and have way too many magic bands and luggage tags already. So not receiving more for our trip in 3 weeks is better for us. Especially since magic bands can be used for a few years. If it’s your first trip or you skip a few years between trips then I can understand the desire to receive more of each. But I also do not like the plastic waste generated. Besides would you rather ticket prices go up to cover the cost of these “free” items, which have a cost to Disney? Or for people who want the bands to buy them?

  3. Ain’t nothing free at Disney! It’s all built into the cost of the expensive ticket prices. Moves they are making are to make their margins look better. Same when they got rid of the little bottles of shampoo.

  4. If I remember correctly, the luggage tags and “extras” came with packages only. We don’t book packages and have never received them.

  5. Unfortunately, they need to do something to make up for thr billions of dollars they’ve lost this year. While this does steal some of the magic, it’s understandable and I’m sure once they recover, something better will return.

  6. Same here. DVC member since 2001, magical express many times, never received a luggage tag, other than the paper ones needed to route my luggage.

  7. It’s a bummer but it would save the company a lot of money. Even at a conservative $4/party, accounting for the shipping and paying a 3rd party to make and stuff them, that’s a lot of $$.
    Even so, it’s just yet another item crossed off the, “where can we take away something which doesn’t make us money” list.

  8. I’ve been 7 x in the last three years. Received luggage tags for first trip only. Really missed airport luggage pick up and drop off this last Dec trip!

  9. As of this moment (12/29/20) the grey magic bands are the only ones available for free on the site under AP magic bands. The rest are a select variety, most of which are also available on shopdisney with a $10 reduction in price.

    Since Disney claims that we will now be able to use our phones in place of the magicbands it makes sense that they’d stop the free distribution of plastics and tech that only add to the heap of trash to be disposed of. The issue remains that using our phones will slow down tap and go access points and keeping bluetooth on to do so will draw down power faster, meaning Disney needs to provide more recharge areas, preferably at tables when dining. Are they ready for that?

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