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Which Character Meals are Available at Disney World?

Which Character Meals are Available at Disney World?

Wondering where you can eat and still meet characters? I have the most current and up-to-date list of Disney World restaurants that offer some type of character interactions! Do you have plans to eat at any of these?

Character Meals

Character dining experiences were plentiful pre pandemic. It seemed like at least half of the restaurants in the theme parks offered some type of character meet and greet while Guests dined.

Character meals were a great way to meet a handful of our favorite friends while eating. It eliminated time waiting around in line and offered a distraction to children while they waited for food.

Now, with reduced capacity in restaurants and physical distancing, the list of restaurants that offer character interactions has drastically declined.

Do not despair! There are more restaurants slowly reopening, and some are even offering characters!


The only restaurant that offers a character interaction at Epcot is Garden Grill.

Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Chip, and Dale will all be there to greet you! They walk around the tables and pose for physically distant photos.

You will also receive a special autographed card in lieu of them signing autographs at each table.

For a full review of Garden Grill post reopening, read Kenny’s experience HERE.

Magic Kingdom

At Magic Kingdom, the only “official” character meal is Be Our Guest in Fantasyland. The Beast will “join you for dinner” (and lunch) as he makes his way around the restaurant.

Pirate tip: ask to be seated in the main ballroom. This is the only room he really walks around in.

My family dined there just last week and we were sat in Belle’s library. It’s the only room we haven’t sat in yet, but we were disappointed that he only peeked in for a few brief moments to bow to Guests.

Lunch is no longer quick-service, and the menu has been changed. Additionally, breakfast is not currently served here. Read all the changes HERE.

Cinderella’s Royal Table is officially reopened as well! Not only that, but we shared that Cinderella herself was popping in to say hello during the soft opening.

We aren’t sure if this will be a pretty consistent appearance (after all, Disney did adjust the price of the meal to reflect the lack of princesses). However, if you are lucky enough to snag a reservation, you may see one of the princesses that used to greet Guests there!

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood and Vine recently reopened as well, and characters will greet you during your meal!

Not only will we get to see our favorite friends, but they will also be dressed for the Halloween and Christmas seasons!

First, Minnie and friends will dress in their Halloween costumes until the end of October/beginning of November. You can read Marisol’s review HERE.

Then, on November 6, they will switch to their fancy Christmas attire for the holiday season! I will have a full review as I have dining reservations for opening day!

In years past, we have enjoyed seasonal dining at both Halloween and Christmas. You can check out Susan’s review of the Christmas dining experience. Please note that this was written last year.

Animal Kingdom

There are currently no character meals at Animal Kingdom.

Hopefully we will see some pop up soon because I really feel like this park is lacking the character interactions we know and love.

Topolino’s Terrace

Topolino’s Terrace at Disney’s Riviera Resort offers a very unique character experience.

First, they are the one of the only restaurants outside the four theme parks that still offers a character experience. If you have some down time during your vacation, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and meet some friends.

I love this meal so much I’ve had it three times since reopening! Most recently, my family stayed at Riviera Resort, and it was very convenient to take the elevator upstairs to breakfast and then make our way to Hollywood Studios.

Second, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy are all in very unique outfits! They draw inspiration from the French Riviera as a painter, writer, sculptor, and ballerina.

Pirate tip: ask to be seated at one of the corner tables. The characters all stop there longer!

During our family trip, we sat at a corner table with all my children at one end, and we got some fantastic videos and photos without masks! Check it out below:

Not only do you get to see some great characters, but they are also sporting fun outfits that can’t be seen anywhere else!

Chef Mickey’s

Mickey Mouse and his friends have returned to breakfast at Chef Mickey’s restaurant located inside Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

You can savor a new delectable menu inspired by favorite dishes. Even better, you will be able to taste all of them as part of an all-you-care-to-eat family style feast with other traditional favorites!

Disney Resort hotel guests can make reservations up to 60 days in advance plus the length of their stay (up to 10 days).

We hope as the reopening of Disney World progresses more character meals will reappear throughout the resorts and parks. With no traditional character meets in the parks, this is the closest you can get to many of your favorite pals.

Do you have dining plans at any of the above restaurants? Are there any restaurants that you hope offer some type of character interaction? Let us know on Facebook! You can also join our KtP Crew and share your thoughts there.


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