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The Least Expensive Times to Visit Disney World in 2022

The Least Expensive Times to Visit Disney World in 2022
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Looking for the least expensive times to visit Walt Disney World in 2022? This is the truth as we currently know it.

Disney Pricing

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I (Katie) am not going to call anything in Walt Disney World “cheap” this day in age. After all, we have seen price increases abound already this year.

However, there are a few windows of time that can be less expensive than others if you are looking to use price points to guide your travel dates. Keep in mind this is all relative. You may still experience a bit of sticker shock if you are a first time Disney traveler.

But, no worries. Your KtP Content Creation team will do our best to keep you alerted to opportunities to save money!

Days of the Week Matter

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In general, hotel pricing and park tickets are less expensive mid week. In fact, there is often a HUGE difference between weekday and weekend.

For example, during late September, a single day park ticket on a Thursday is $32 LESS than it is just two days later on Saturday. For a family of 4, this means that you would save $128 JUST by visiting on Thursday vs Saturday.

Of course this savings SHIFTS if you purchase multi day tickets. Midweek and weekend start dates for multi day tickets don’t always follow the rules that apply to single day tickets. Regardless, in the case of multi day tickets, you will want to START your travel on the least expensive day if you can.

2022’s LEAST Expensive Dates!

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I am probably not alone when I say that I have noticed a shift in Disney’s pricing. It used to be that the early part of the year (except holidays) was the sleepiest time of year in Walt Disney World.

However, over the years, I noticed my favorite weeks – the weeks that felt like secrets – became more and more crowded. Disney found ways to draw people there in the “off-season” and keep the parks filled year-round.

And so a shift began. And while these parts of the year surely are not Disney’s most expensive, they are no longer quite the budget-friendly dates they once were. Lately, the very least expensive times belong to other date ranges.


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It may be surprising to you that some of the least expensive days to purchase a park ticket for Walt Disney World in 2022 fall in August. Specifically, they fall in late August.

In 2022, the least expensive single day Walt Disney World park ticket costs $109, and this price point falls on several specific days. The same time frames also tend to have the least expensive multi day ticket start prices. For example, a 4 day ticket starts at $105 a day around these same times.

If you are looking for savings, the last full week in August is one of the least expensive dates ranges to purchase theme park tickets. This likely also indicates that there will be discounted room rates to be had both on and off property.

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Other little savings may abound. For example, the cost of ride share options tends to fluctuate as demand goes up and down, so you may save a few dollars there as well compared to other seasons.

What exactly makes this specific time of year less expensive when the rest of summer is a pricier time for a magical vacation? A large part of it has to do with school schedules. Many schools are back in session by the end of August. Florida’s neighboring states are no exception to this.

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While many parents would not hesitate to take their children out of school for a family vacation, most tend to avoid doing so at the start of the school year when routines are being established. For families who start school in August, summer travel happens in June, July, or the early part of the month.

So, if you live in a place where school does not star until after Labor Day, and you want to take your family on a magical vacation during summer break, you might consider holding off until the end of August. After all, Florida is hot all summer, and this way you can pay a little less to go and enjoy a bit less crowding.

Besides, some people LOVE traveling in August. It can be a great time.


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September is another relatively inexpensive time to visit Walt Disney World relative to other times of year. If you can avoid Labor Day weekend, then many days in early-ish to mid September are comparable to that week in late August in terms of pricing.

Late September starts spilling into Fall Break season for many public schools. Hence, spikes in pricing occur and continue into October and then the holiday season.

What is it about September that makes it a less attractive time to travel than other months when school is in session? There are several factors in play.

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One of those is most likely the weather. For one thing, it is still hurricane season. For another, like the summer months, it is hot. I don’t know about you, but if I am going to take my kids out of school for a trip, I would prefer to do it when it is less oppressively hot.

Additionally, many people would prefer to wait until a time that they can also enjoy a holiday season. The Halloween and Christmas season are massively appealing for many families.

Of course, Disney does push Halloween parties earlier and earlier into the year, perhaps trying to draw more people during those weeks. We shall see if it works and if the pricing eventually evens out the whole year round.

Other Months

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If you would prefer weather that is warm to hot with a change of pleasant rather than hot, hot, and more hot, there are other date ranges that, while more expensive than those in late August and throughout September, have lower costs than peak rates.

Early February, for example is one of these times in 2022. However, the days leading up to Valentine’s Day and President’s day begin an increase.

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The next lull in pricing occurs in late April and trickles into early May. Early June can be a little bit less than high summer as well.

If you are not bound to school schedules, these are good compromises of price point and weather. However, if you would like to be in the Most Magical Place on Earth when it is cooler for less than you will pay in November, December, and late February, you will need to travel in January of 2023, assuming it follows this year’s patterns. It may be that it sees a spike in pricing and crowding too.

Final Thoughts

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Of course, all of this is relative, as I said. But, just to put it in perspective, here is a scenario.

If you were to purchase a 5 day ticket to Walt Disney World that starts on Monday during the last full week of August, the least expensive time to buy a 5 day ticket, you would pay $450 per person or $1800 for a family of four with two children nine and over pre tax.

If you were to purchase a 5 day ticket the week leading up to Christmas, the most expensive time to buy a 5 day ticket, you would pay up to $605 per person or $2420 for that same family of four pre tax. That is $620 MORE in tickets alone.

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So, while some of Disney’s pricing calendars make the pricing discrepancies seem small, the difference can add up quickly. If you are on a budget, doing a bit of Disney math to figure out whether your date ranges are affordable can pay off.

Now, it is possible that resort discounts will not always align well with lower cost tickets. However, that does tend to be the trend. So if a discount drops, scoop it up. The content creation team at Kenny the Pirate will keep you up to date when such discounts become available.

How do you select your travel dates for your Walt Disney World vacations? Do you bargain hunt? What deals feel like wins? Let us know in the comments on the KtP Facebook page and in our friendly Facebook group!

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