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New signs indicate the reopening of another Magic Kingdom restaurant

New signs indicate the reopening of another Magic Kingdom restaurant
Credit: Disney

Disney has recently opened many more restaurants at Magic Kingdom. Could another be coming soon? New signs point to: we hope so!

Reopening Restaurants at Magic Kingdom

Both Cheshire Cafe and Prince Eric’s Village Market reopened recently in the Magic Kingdom. Before that, the infamous Casey’s Corner and Plaza Ice Cream began serving Guests again at the beginning of the month.

This means there are only a few restaurants that have not reopened. Columbia Harbour House, The Diamond Horseshoe, and Cool Ship are the only remaining restaurants that are not serving Guests.

But, it looks like that could be changing for one restaurant! Here’s why.

Columbia Harbour House

Tucked away between Liberty Square and Fantasyland sits Columbia Harbour House. This quick-service restaurant serves fried fish, lobster rolls, and New England clam chowder. Unfortunately, it has been closed since March of last year.

However, if you need your seafood fix, head to Tomorrowland Terrace! Right now they are serving many of the same menu items you used to find at Columbia Harbour House. But, these items could be returning to their original location!

The menu, particularly the allergy menu, has recently been updated. Anytime Disney updates the menu for a closed restaurant it is a pretty good sign that they are planning to reopen it.

The menu for Columbia Harbour House has been updated.

We saw this with Casey’s Corner. The menu was updated on June 22, and an announcement was made just a week later on June 29.

Is an announcement on the horizon?

Could we see an announcement for Columbia Harbour House in the next few weeks? I certainly hope so! I love sitting in the upstairs dining area with a view of Rapunzel’s tower.

This is a nice little area to grab some food and air conditioning if you are about to enter Fantasyland. It is located next to Peter Pan’s Flight and right across from Haunted Mansion.

Do you enjoy eating at Columbia Harbour House when you visit the Magic Kingdom? Are you hoping it reopens soon? Join the discussion below or on Facebook.

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  1. Columbia Harbor House is my 2 niece’s favorite snack spot! We are planning a family trip in Sept and I hope for them that it is open by then! Looking forward to seeing new updated menu!

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