Home Animal Kingdom Is Disney World preparing to completely do away with the DINOSAUR attraction?

Is Disney World preparing to completely do away with the DINOSAUR attraction?

Is Disney World preparing to completely do away with the DINOSAUR attraction?
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Is this the beginning of the end for Animal Kingdom’s DINOSAUR attraction? What would you like to see the attraction rethemed as?

Dinoland U.S.A.

Located on the opposite end of the park of Pandora is Dinoland U.S.A. This area is themed to replicate old highway towns with the carnival games and roadside gas station gift shop.

Dinoland is home to DINOSAUR, TriceraTop Spin, and the now-retired Primeval Whirl (Hurl). You can also find plenty of carnival-style games, dining options, and the boneyard area.

With great attractions elsewhere in the park, Dinoland U.S.A. is not exactly rope drop material. It is probably the least crowded area at Animal Kingdom.

Changes to DINOSAUR

DINOSAUR is considered the headliner of Dinoland U.S.A. because of the fun (and scary) premise of the ride. Guests travel back in time in a race to rescue a dinosaur. But be careful, there is a meteor coming straight for Earth!

This ride is very bumpy and can be scary for young children. But, will Disney completely do away with it?

There is no longer any DINOSAUR-themed merchandise in the exit gift shop. Is it possible they sold out of every.single.item. in the gift shop? Not likely.

You can no longer find DINOSAUR-specific merchandise in Dinoland U.S.A.

Will we see a retheme? Of the ride or the entire land?

Could Disney be gearing up to reimagine DINOSAUR? Or is this simply a matter of running out of products?

Will fans finally get their wish and see a total retheme of Dinoland U.S.A.? With so many great areas of Animal Kingdom, this land is totally lacking and would greatly benefit from some work.

Do you love DINOSAUR or are you ready to see it go? Would you like to see this area re-themed? Share your ideas with us in the comments below or on Facebook!


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  1. if Disney keeps changing things that people don’t want changed, they may as well turn everything back to a SwampLand. people are tired of knuckling under execs worrying about being politcally correct rides and not offending anyone. Case in point, Splash Mountain. that whole fiasco makes me sick.

  2. Dinoland looks like a cheap State Fair carnival area. They need to totally gut the whole area except for the major e-ticket ride. And make it into a Disney version of Jurassic Park. Right now just looks so bad definitely not a Disney quality work.. anything with the dinosaur themed would work in animal Kingdom dinosaurs were real creatures why not bring them . Make the whole area look like you’re walking millions of years ago with maybe some dinosaur growling at you in the woods. There’s plenty of room to expand the area

  3. Like everything else in Disney, if it’s fun we will remove it and replace it a more profitable attraction. You know profit before people.

  4. Like April above said, we don’t do roller-coasters; Dinosaur has the thrills without the height. My daughter and I always make time for it, even used fast passes for it when they were available. I would really hate for it to be discontinued.

  5. That’s a shame! We love the Dinosaur ride! I hope they are just fixing things up and that they don’t get rid of it!

  6. It doesn’t make sense to me that the first sign of a renovation is the removal of products. We all know Disney will sell merch, even if on sale, till it’s gone and not just pull it. I can think of several other plausible (even if unlikely) explanations besides a complete ride overhaul. And while I agree DinoLand could stand some TLC, I doubt if Dinosaur is going the way of the dodo just yet.

  7. This is always a must do for my family because it is a ride that everyone can ride together. Yes it is very very bumpy but that is part of the experience. Dinosaurs are extremely popular especially with boys and that is an area that DIsney forgets about often – not all little boys are ready for Star Wars so dinos were a great alternative.

  8. I always found Dinoland to be kind of disjointed. The boneyard and triceratops spin were definitely for little kids and little kids LOVE dinosaurs, and then there were these two herky jerky rides that I don’t think was great for little kids. I would either like to see that area rethemed for little ones ( they do have the show DinoRanchers and Giagantosaurus), or change out the dinos completely. The park lacks fun but rides and I have put off bringing my little one to that park because there just isn’t enough to do to be fun for her.

  9. I love Dinosaur! Not being a rollercoaster person I enjoy this type of ride. I would hate to see it go. I would like to see some type of update but not removed .

  10. We were just stuck on that ride for about 10 minutes last week! I now appreciate our “extended view” in case that was the last time we ride it! Ha!

  11. We know they didn’t run out of products. The shelves were full the night before. Someone had posted a picture. They removed them.

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