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Disney Removes Some Splash Mountain Elements from Magic Kingdom

Disney Removes Some Splash Mountain Elements from Magic Kingdom

Last year, Disney announced Splash Mountain would be rethemed in order to be more inclusive. While we don’t have a specific timeline, Splash Mountain references are already being removed. What do you think of these changes?

Splash Mountain Retheme

Back in June of last year, Disney announced that a major reimagining of Splash Mountain would happen. This attraction, based on the controversial 1946 film “Song Of the South,” has been a fan favorite since it debuted in 1989.

The attraction will begin where the film leaves off; with the final kiss.  We’ll join Princess Tiana and her trumpet playing alligator friend Louis “on a musical adventure.”

Character Palooza Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World 2015 Princess Tiana

Walt Disney Imagineering’s Charita Carter, the Imagineer that brought us Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Hollywood Studios, will be the lead on this new project where the attraction will pick up in The Princess and the Frog story after the final kiss.

Elements of the attraction are being removed from Magic Kingdom.

Removed from the Park

Don’t worry, Splash Mountain is still there and operating! There is no begin date for this project, but it has been over a year since the original announcement. We have not heard much about the project since late last year.

However, the song “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” from the movie Song of the South and Splash Mountain attraction has been taken out of the welcome show. “Let the Magic Begin” plays every morning at the Magic Kingdom as Guests anxiously await to ride their favorite attractions.

“Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” is no longer part of the Magic Kingdom welcome show.

When will the refurbishment begin?

Despite this new development, I don’t think Splash Mountain will close any time soon. The 50th anniversary of Disney World is just around the corner, and crowds will be flocking to celebrating.

I do not think Disney can afford to have one of the big headliner attractions in the park to be closed. Everything should be up and running to accommodate everyone since the parks (especially Magic Kingdom) will be so busy.

I do think Disney is trying to do what it can to take out these elements as a sign of what’s to come.

Join the discussion! Do you think the retheme will take place before or after the 50th anniversary? What do you think of these changes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or on Facebook.

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  1. It is a disgrace that WDW corp is destroying the best ride in the park – ever. Everyone who has written here is absolutley correct.

  2. MB there will be NO bones left of Splash Mountain when they get through with it. They will have to close the ride because the entire ride is being deboned! Do you think it would be OK if they changed the Jungle Cruise to the Yangtze River Cruise?

  3. Very well said Hailee! You have described fairly views on both sides of the coin. Most of all you gave a beautiful explanation of the ride and why it should stay. If only the corporation had sensible people like you on the board. I believe the new corp leaders should read your comment. Their only reason for doing this – is to be political correct without a thought of logic and concern for their guests. Thank you Hailee. I sure am going to miss “this is my laughin place”!!!

  4. You are so right Ken. My thought exactly with Small World being next. Don’t forget about Pirates being changed and Jungle Cruise. I really wonder who is offended by these colorful fun characters – or is it the Corp just wanted to look politically correct?

  5. I was just on Small World and thought, “They’ll be coming for this next — look at all these stereotypical depictions of people, color, dress and tradition from around the globe.” Being offended is a choice. And I choose not to be offended by smiling children, a rabbit and a bear.

  6. There is merit to the conversation around the film, song, and book having a racist/ offensive representation of enslaved african people (the characterization of the happy-go-lucky enslaved person) when we can all agree that slavery was a brutal institution that clearly people viewed as less than human would not be happy about.

    However, after watching this video: https://youtu.be/rghHLkqVE0A and reading through comments from both sides i think I do agree with leaving the ride. It seems that the most offensive parts of Song of the South have to do with how African Americans are represented and the fact that the story of Brer Rabbit is originated from West African folklore (which is not readily apparent).

    But since the ride itself focuses on the storyline of the animals, it by itself isn’t necessarily offensive (just animals having their shenanigans).

    What we could all benefit from is contextualizing the the origins of the story and why this ‘uncle remus’ character is offensive (if you don’t think that he is please look into why people feel this way rather than immediate defense of why he’s not. It had to do with minstrel shows,  blackface, sterotypes, and slave rearing of white children on plantations. The ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’ name given to enslaved Africans by white children whom they were obligated to raise).

    Historically this movie and story has been looked at positively, and I think rather than shaming it outright, ALL OF A SUDDEN, Disney has a responsibility to explain their actions and rationale. If it is bad now, then it was bad then, right? So why was it good then and bad now? And if there was always an issue with it, then don’t just snatch it away and pretend that it wasn’t a nostalgic part of many peoples lives (that disney itself had a huge part in creating). There should be conversation about it. I think they owe it to everyone to discuss these things openly.

    That said, princess Tiana can and should have her own ride. Perhaps not a remake of splash mountain. Something originally hers that can honor that great movie and fun characters.

    Splash mountain could be a great conversation tool and example of disney doing the work to unpack their part in historical depictions and issues around cultural commentary. It would be a great learning tool.

  7. I think it’s a shame that’s going to ruin the classic ride happy memories for me and my family I wish people would stop being so petty And think they have to change every thing in the world there’s nothing wrong with the ride they should leave it alone I think there are a bigger and more important things to worry about changing in the world shame on disney for even considering to change the ride and bowing down to these ignorant people who claim to be affended by the ride i have never seen 1 person come off that ride who didn’t have a smile on their face and I am so disappointed that my little grandson will never get to go on it when and if it changes I will NEVER go on it

  8. This is an insane move by Disney. It’s the best ride in all of Disney World. There’s not one thing racist about the splash mountain ride. Disney is being racist themselves by removing the ride. It’s all because it’s based on a Southern story written by a southern author Joel Chandler Harris. I’m a southerner. I am offended that it’s being removed.
    I have been to Disney 15 times and all week long expensive trips staying at Disney Resort hotels.
    This has done it for me. Myself and my family won’t be back.
    Enjoy the new ride it will fit perfectly in Frontier Land.

  9. Just lotsa fun to ride with my son from his childhood, watching the fireworks at the end of the night while floating along the first part of the SPLASH MOUNTAIN RIDE,while singing ZIP A DEE DO DA DAY Will ALWAYS CHERISH those MEMORIES ‍♂️‍♂️ but the longer I’m around, I do realize that the only thing that stays the same, is that everything changes!! I am gonna miss this ride, definitely my FAVORITE

  10. I road Splash Mountain for the last time. They got rid of most of the decorations and everything from the store. I’m all for new rides and updates… but, the comments of it being racist saddens me. Now, before you get offended, mad or have a come back. I’ve been to the Laura Plantation in Louisiana. She was the daughter of a slave and slave master and then inherited the Plantation. This is where the REWRITE of the Brer Rabbit came from. Alcée Fortier rewrote the stories of “Compair Lapin,” that the slaves would tell. These were stories that they brought with them from West Africa. Brer Rabbit originated in West Africa and not the South. We should be celebrating the history of Africa and these stories and not building hate around them. And zip a dee doo dah is a catchy tune.

  11. I love Splash Mountain. Disney imagineers did a good job focusing on the story of Brer Rabbit outfitting Brer Fox and Brer Bear. The movie won an Oscar for best song. Why remove it? As to returning to Princess and the Frog, Tiana needs her own ride. Most of her fan base us too young and small and will be upset that they can’t experience the ride.

  12. This is without question one of the dumbest decision Disney could ever make. All because of a crying cast member?? I’ve seen the movie Song of the South. It takes place after the American Civil War and abolition of slavery. It’s about Uncle Remus telling Br’er Rabbit tales to kids. He is a hero in the movie and James Baskett is the first African American to win an Academy Award. Splash Mountain is one of the most iconic attractions at Disney. It’s still popular after 30 years. It has the longest lines everyday. The #SaveSplashMountain petition has 10x more signatures then the ones that want it re-themed. Wake up Disney!!!

  13. The uncle Remus museum staff near Atlanta say leave it alone because uncle Remus stories are THEIR stories – African Americans, The voice actors from the movie say leave it alone, Jim Korkis – Black animator said leave it alone, Walt created the movie to FEATURE black actors and their talents as they were under represented in Hollywood. but a bunch of pandering white woke crybullies want to change it to salve their conscious. I will NEVER set foot in a Disney park again until this crap stops – a former cast member. Iger, Chapik ….the whole lot need to go!

  14. As a former Cast Member and Disney lover, I am sickened and madder than a Hatter over all this B.S. …no more ” Plenty ‘a sunshine headed our way” as we join the masses enroute to our favorite attractions?? I don’t have a wonderful feeling about this…not to mention, Tiana is a bit out of place in Frontier Land…eeeeeeekkkkk!!!!

  15. This, and I mean all off this is such a crying shame. A place where magic comes to life is going so political that they don’t even realize they are losing the true magic that makes Disney GREAT! This is the old cartoons, remember the Disney movie on tv? When tinker bell flew over the castle and you heard the music playing and it had a feeling of excitement, now, NO JIMINEE CRICKET singing zippity do dah? Guess it’s a small world will be next cuz it offends little people, wait the vertically challenged. Everything can be offensive, so do we all need to shut up and be robots are do we need to stand up to these whinny cry babies and say GET OVER IT, IT WAS BEFORE YOU WERE EVEN A THOUGHT ANYWAY AND STOP SCREWING UP EVERYTHING BEFORE IT’S GONE! SO ZIPITY FREAKIN DO-DAH AND WISH ON A STAR CUZ IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHO YOU ARE!

  16. I think they have left the business of family oriented parks providing quality entertainment with a positive message, educational and moral values surrounded around family. It’s also in the way they have treated their heroins and villains in the movies causing all this gray area for kids while they should be developing a concept of good vs evil. Black and white no grays in the phase where Kids need to have stranger danger awareness. Anyway, being away from the parks throughout this pandemic has made me realize this more. I don’t intend to visit anytime soon perhaps until my newborn can literally ask to go visit, only then we will think about it. There are so many rides that could have still survived like the Norway pavilion, great movie ride, mr toads wild ride, just to name a few that are no longer with us since the 90s. So much less audience volunteer opportunities now as well, thank goodness I was finally able to be chosen to volunteer at the backlot tour and Indiana Jones! So much fun and memorable! But I was never old enough to do the honeybee volunteer for honey I shrunk the kids at mgm studios when that was around! Lol! Please don’t remove spaceship earth just update the ending, same thing with the carousel of progress perhaps add a carousel part 2 instead of removing the original. There is plenty of space for this in the Florida parks. Who can tell me what’s up with River country because I was never able to make it there and the space is not being utilized? Why not focus on these areas instead of rides that are working fine.

  17. Princess and the Frog? What will they call this ride at Disney Paris since Frog is a derogatory term in France. Perhaps we can make it derogatory here too. DISNEY, WHAT WILL YOU DO THEN. PS: I liked hearing zip a dee doo dah, while on hold for 6 hours waiting for a disney planner.

  18. I totally agree with you on every thing you said no one can learn from history if it’s erased and yes the characters and this ride are ironic and should stay the same I also agree it is the dumbest thing Disney has done another dumb thing Disney has done in my opinion is reimagining The Hollywood Tower of Terror in Disney’s California Adventure to the Guardians of the Galaxy whatever it is

  19. This actually angers me! Stop trying to change history. Leave Splash Mountain alone! Nothing about it is offensive! I went on that ride several years ago when I was a kid. I enjoyed every bit of it, especially the song. Changing anything would just completely ruin it!

  20. You hit the nail right on the head! They ruined the Mexico ride and now they are going to ruin the best ride in the Magic Kingdom.

  21. I had been going to Disney World since it first opened. Splash Mountain was never racial to me. I can understand the disagreement about Uncle Remus, but he hasnt been in the ride for so long that the cast members dont even remember him being in the ride. Instead, Dusney has bowed to the radical left, and is getting rid of an uplifting song and funny animal characters. I guess a rabbit out witting a fox and bear is racist in todays society.
    Slowly I see Disney changing rides to bend to the demands if every group who has an agenda. Does Disney poll the people over a months time to see if the majority wants these changes? No. They just bend to the demands of a few outspoken radicals who want to change history and the way society should see things.
    I have been taking my grandkids to Disney World between 5 to 6 times a month. The 5 year old is autistic with a brain tumor. His doctors are are located in Orlando and Jacksonville. Since Disney has reopened after Covid, I have not taken them there. We have found other fun locations where I spend my money.
    I do not miss the new Disney. Walt must be turning in his grave to see his “Happiest Place on Earth” turned into a political tool.

  22. Yes Splash Mountain is a highly recommended and favorite ride to all Disney guests. No need for a redo. I think the new ride will be trash just like other redo rides. What other tide has a 75-90 wait every day?!??!!?!

  23. I don’t know why Disney is trying to please the woke culture that doesn’t even attend their parks. There is nothing offensive about this ride. I’ve been on this ride several times with people of all origins and have never heard of anyone complaining that they were offended. Pay attention to the people that frequent your parks Disney!

  24. Wasn’t anything wrong with original set up in splash mountain. Just some people you just can’t make happy..I’m fan Disney I don’t want see splash mountain closed or changed planning going in next few years when covid died down or gone..

  25. I know that this not a popular opinion, but I have to say that I agree with you. You can’t erase the past but you can learn from it.

  26. I can’t see the offense in ZIP-A-DEE-DOO-DAH. In fact, I can’t see the offense in anything in the existing ride. I have been coming to Disney parks all over the world since 1980 (Disney Land in 1956).

  27. I hope they do the re-theme the way they are doing Jungle Cruise–a bit at a time with no long closure. It’s fun to keep seeing and hearing about the little updates that are going on. Something to be on the look out for each time we go, but essentially the bones of the ride which people love are kept intact.

  28. This is the dumbest move Disney has done. The cartoon Characters and Splash Mountain itself is not racist. I get not releasing the movie for whatever reason they have, (which is stupid too) but these characters and this ride are iconic and should remain. I’m tired of Disney trying to erase their past because of the internet people who get offended by every little thing lately when years ago those same people weren’t offended by these things they claim now. If you erase history, you will never learn from it

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