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How the New Disney Key of Inclusion affects the Disney Guest Experience

How the New Disney Key of Inclusion affects the Disney Guest Experience
Credit: Disney

There has been much talk regarding the Walt Disney Company’s 5th key of Inclusion. Josh D’Amaro, Chairman Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products,  shares how this new key will affect the overall Disney Park experience.

Adapting with Change

Credit: Disney

Back in March 2020, Josh D’Amaro, who was at that time president of Walt Disney World, stood beside Mickey Mouse celebrating that “Nothing can stop us now” with the grand opening of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

What none of us could expect was that everything was about to change. Within a few days of this grand opening event, every Disney Park closed their magical gates due to COVID-19. During this time Josh D’Amaro was promoted to the new position of Chairman Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products.

He recently shared in an interview with the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions publication “Funworld”, that the grand opening night was “kind of that marker before everything changed for me, for us, for the company.

Disney Company is now Stronger

The complete shutdown of all of the Disney Parks was quite a blow to the Walt Disney Company. D’Amaro shares, “The pain, the heartache, and the challenges that have come with this pandemic have been hard.”

“The’ve also opened doors for us to walk through in a different way, with a different confidence, with a different strength than we’ve ever had before. I know it’s hard in the context that even today we find ourselves, but it’s true: We’re going to come out stronger than we ever have before.”

During the pandemic the Asian Disney Parks were the leaders in creating a “reopening blueprint.” D’Amaro reflects, “Our Cast Members in Asia were reopening pioneers in this front. I would argue for the world, everyone was watching to see how we would do this.”

Key of Inclusion

D’Amaro shares that in his new role as Chairman Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, he dedicated himself to reimagining the Disney Park experience. He shares, “The world has changed and so have the expectations of our Guests. That’s why we’re fundamentally reimagining what a Disney experience could be, while keeping the unique magic our Guests expect”

D’Amaro shares that this was the driving force for Disney’s newest 5th key of Inclusion. We have seen this key as Disney Cast Members were given freedom to have a more relaxed look for Cast Members.

“The world has changed and so have the expectation of our Guests. That’s why we’re fundamentally reimagining what a Disney experience could be, while keeping the unique magic our Guests expect”

Josh D’Amaro

“We all think that one’s ability to bring the stories to life is strengthened- substantially strengthened-when you as a Cast Member…when you feel supported when you feel like you’ve been given the tools to excel at the role that you’re playing; and you feel you can actually show up as yourself.”

Evolving the Guest Experience

One of the key ways to evolve the Disney Guest experience towards inclusion is within the Disney attractions. D’Amaro shares, “We will continue to not only look at the experiences that we have today, update them, and make them relevant and appropriate.”

We have seen this new key of Inclusion in regards to the reimagining of current attractions such as Splash Mountain and the Jungle Cruise. Even recently we have seen the key of Inclusion reflected in the Happily Ever After pre-show announcement.

D’Amaro shared this thought as they look to the future, “As we build, we will also start to think about all the great stories that we have to tell around the world and bring them to life in a way that everybody again can see themselves.”

How does this affect the Disney Legacy?

He admitted in the interview that he had received some opposition from loyal Disney fans that felt that he was destroying the legacy of Walt Disney.

D’Amaro shares his reply to such claims, I will pay tribute to our founder, to our legacy, but I will also at the same time push us to be relevant today. To add an inclusion key is so powerful.”

Guest Experiences & Technology

Due to the Disney Park closures and reopening guidelines, D’Amaro shares that new technology was developed that we will continue to see in the Disney Parks. These include the Park Pass Reservation system, the Virtual Queue system, and even the shift towards Mobile Ordering.

This even includes the new Disney Genie Park Planning Tool that will debut later this year. D’Amaro shares, “We’re focused on the future and creating the best Guest and Cast Member experience.”

“We’re focused on the future and creating the best Guest and Cast Member experience.”

Josh D’Amaro

Even through the global pandemic and the reopening of all of the Disney Parks it truly does seem that the Walt Disney Company is stronger than ever before.

What do you think of this new Inclusion key and the Disney Park experience? How do you feel about the new technology that will remain in place such as virtual queues and park passes? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

VIADonna Farmer


  1. This is true and totally agree about Disney’s wokeness, but I believe Josh is good for the parks if he is permitted to do the job.

  2. Going to visit Disney was suppose to be a fantasy place, leaving your troubles behind. Once again, tearing down all the memories for so many people. Don’t take away our favorite icons, build on it and create new icons and personalities. Our family has made over fifty vacation trips to Disney but sadly, we’re done. Keep pandering to the people who complain the loudest and you will surely lose your base. Wow, what would Walt think??

  3. The mystery and magic of imagination at Disney is dead, replaced by the forced narrative of political correctness and sensational hyperbole and exclusion. Yes, exclusion. Excluding the many and the destruction of the principals of fantasy, discovery, adventure and show.

  4. Exactly right John P.! Entertainment is the regular person’s escape from the daily garbage we all have to deal with! I want to escape reality and relax, not have it continuously shoved in my face while paying thousands of dollars to do it!

  5. More and more the expectations of guests is that Josh et. al are slowly and methodically chipping away at the Magic and making Disney more about wokeness than making Disney properties a place where guests can escape the daily grind of political garbage!

  6. Completely agree with Jayne, Sandy and the other comments left so far. We own DVC and after we go on our upcoming trips and use our APs, we will be selling. We started our Disney adventures because it was a place to get away. Now it’s just turned into political theater and I am not wasting money or time on that nonsense.

  7. Yes please leave things alone! Stop trying to appease 5 percent of the people only to destroy everything for everyone! Everything is fine the way it is! History is history and you cant change it! Everyone needs to stop being offended over everything! Pretty soon nothing will be left of Walt’s vision! Disney is not the same as it was 10 yrs ago and its sad! Honestly I had more fun at Universal this summer and thats huge considering Disney has always been my fave and we have been going since our honeymoon. There is no more Disney magic or personal touch. All they cate about is money! Sad sad shame on Disney!

  8. Wow Jayne you are so right! I agree 100% there is something in me that flinches with such drastic changes to our princesses we grew up with. I love the new princess with new storylines popping up. Yes so important to include everyone but Disney crew has the best imaginations to get this done.

  9. Totally agree with Jayne! Also before worrying about the new technology please have the rides working. Seems I see more and more notices of rides shut down then before and the problems with making reservations to stay and dining reservations. So let’s keep current things working properly before tooting all the new technology advancements.

  10. I go to Disney to FORGET REALITY, not live it in another venue. I’m sick of propaganda and indoctrination. Put your new “keys” where the sun never shines!

  11. I like things the way they were. And remaking classic movies such as Cinderella is showing a lack of CREATIVITY
    Make New Princesses from all countries, bring them together showing how they all.can contribute to solve one problem or situation. Then have spin offs from the one major movie. Showing how they continue the solve situations in their countries or everyday problems. Don’t change the classics. Leave Snow White, alone and SLEEPING Beauty. Stop changing the color of their skin because you are to lazy to think up beautiful new smart Princesses from all over the world.
    Walt Disney would not think this is progress, He wouldn’t want them changed. But use your mind, your creative genius to make different Princesses, strong women , who can have a Prince too. But, She can save herself or how they solve the or slay the dragon together. Come on.Disney your trying so hard to be politically correct , that your really destroying the childhood, the magic of believing in Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Please leave them alone! We grew up with these beloved movies. Make new ones.

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