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BREAKING! Disney Announces a New Cast Member Key: Inclusion

BREAKING! Disney Announces a New Cast Member Key: Inclusion

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Disney Cast Members are instilled with four keys that establish how they treat Guests. After more than 60 years of just four keys, a new one is about to be added: inclusion. What do you think of this fifth key?

Four Keys

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Being a Cast Member means experiencing the “Disney Difference” and then passing it on to Disney Guests!

Making a difference means giving everyone (not just Guests but other Cast Members) an unforgettable experience.

They do this by offering the highest quality in guest service.

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To accomplish the highest quality, Cast Members are instilled with four keys and then respect them through the course of their career with The Disney Company.

Each key is an integral part of the professionalism Cast Members display towards Guests and other Cast Members. Each key is essential, and together they guarantee an exceptional Guest experience.

According to Disneyland Paris’ website, the four keys are as follows:

Key #1 – Safety

The Keys appear in a specific order to remind us that Safety must be the priority in every decision we take and must never be sacrificed for another key.

Key #2 – Courtesy

Because Cast Members play a major role in the magical DisneylandParis experience, Courtesy must be at the heart of our contact with Guests as well as with colleagues and partners.

Key #3 – Show

It breathes life into the stories we tell our Guests. The Show Key also applies backstage, in offices and workshops, where each of us contributes, directly or indirectly, to the Guest experience.

Key #4 – Efficiency

By managing our acitivity efficiently, events run smoothly and we avoid unecessary inconveniences for our Guests, colleagues and professional partners.

Key #5 – Inclusion

And now The Disney Company is introducing Key #5 – inclusion after 60 years of the original four keys.

This new key, inclusion, represents The Disney Company’s commitment to cultural transformation. It will now be a part of every day working life for Cast Members.

Each key is categorized based on importance, with safety always being first. Then courtesy and show. Finally, efficiency completes the hierarchy.

It’s unclear where inclusion will be placed.

What do you think of this fifth key? Have you ever experienced Cast Members being inclusive to you or another Guest? Share your experience with us on Facebook.

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Tuesday 13th of April 2021

I totally agree with Brenda. It’s a big turn-off to me and my family. Why does everything have to be so political? Just treat EVERYONE the same and enough with all the sensitivity. I also believe it is over the line. The ‘wokeness’ is out of control! Cater to all people people, not just certain groups of people. Come on Disney!


Friday 25th of September 2020

I think that too many companies are taking it upon themselves to try to mold the thinking of their employees concerning matters that do not directly affect their job performance. I think it is over the line and out of control. All just for the sake of political correctness, or as we have to say now, just to be "woke".

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