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New Language in Pre-fireworks Announcement More Inclusive

New Language in Pre-fireworks Announcement More Inclusive
Credit: Disney

If you’ve been lucky enough to experience a Disney fireworks show, you’ve likely heard the announcement prior to the show, warning guests the park is about to get dark. Check out a change made to the announcement.

When my son was little and terrified of Fireworks, this announcement was our cue to duck into the Dumbo play area for a while.

New Key to the Kingdom

The Keys to the Kingdom are a set of attributes that Cast Members are meant to keep in mind as the most important pieces of the guest experience.

Up until September 2020, there were 4 keys to the kingdom. They are Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency. The first four keys are listed in order of importance.

For those not familiar with the keys, “Show” refers to keeping up the magical illusion for the guest experience.

Disney announced the addition of “Inclusion” as a Key to the Kingdom last fall. The company aims to reinforce the idea that everyone is welcome at the Disney parks!

When the fifth key was added, the Walt Disney Company placed it in between Courtesy and Show, indicating that it is the third most important consideration for employees!

New Pre-show Fireworks Language

The old language in the pre-fireworks announcement went something like this: “Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, dreamers of all ages…”

In an effort to use more inclusive language, it appears from last night’s cast member preview that the gendered words have been dropped.

The announcement now begins with “Dreamers of all ages…” and leaves out the mention of specific genders.

After all, if you’re visiting Disney World, you’re definitely a dreamer. It is a minor change that signifies that Disney’s commitment to not leaving anyone out.

Are you excited for fireworks to come back?! I would describe the feeling at Kenny the Pirate as “ecstatic!” Let’s hear your thoughts on our Facebook page.

-Rebecca Davis


  1. Oh my gosh of course it would come down to this sorry to say your either a girl or a boy point blank period….hmmm do we get to call ourselves fish …tiger….hmmm alien what is their world coming too I just have to laugh

  2. I’m old, straight, and cis – and I LOVE the language change! It takes absolutely nothing away from anyone to use inclusive language. Glad to see these improvements at Disney.

  3. Moderator – please edit for typos (fat should be far and ge should be “be”. Also “feel” should be “reel”). It’s hard to see comment on phone. Pls edit and thrn delete this “comment”. Thank you.

  4. As others have said – ridiculous! It’s all going to fat. Soon we can’t say Merry Christmas again or even happy holidays because what if one doesn’t celebrate any holiday in December?! People need to stop looking to ge offended at every word uttered. I’m all for inclusion of everyone. But people need to feel in their over sensitive attitudes and enjoy speech without looking to constantly rip it apart and criticize. Enough.

  5. Sorry. I feel Ladies and Gentlemen is more inclusive. Even though I know the announcer isn’t speaking directly to me it has a more personal touch as if he were.
    And whether you relate to a lady, gentlemen, a boy, or girl, the announcement had you covered. So why change it.

  6. Agree 100%!! I’m pretty sure ladies and gentlemen boys and girls leaves nobody out. It doesn’t matter what you claim to be, one of the above works! We have been to Disney over a dozen times, but we are rethinking going again! It’s ridiculous really.

  7. Totally ridiculous! Disney is pushing me away more every day. They need to stop with all this stuff! Each to his own but dont shove it on me. They are already gettung ridiculous in the gift shops having a special section that I dont want to explain to my child!

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