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runDisney Took Away This Big Perk For Annual Passholders and DVC Members

runDisney Took Away This Big Perk For Annual Passholders and DVC Members
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runDisney events are back! Things are returning to normal, except this big perk is no longer available to some.


runDisney offers runners the opportunity to race through the Magic! Participants get to experience running their races through the Walt Disney World Parks.

This unique experience is one-of-a-kind. No race can put you into the magic like runDisney does. Runners can meet and take photos with characters. You may even see some rare characters out there.

Also, there is nothing like running down Main Street U.S.A or through Cinderella Castle. I can’t wait to experience this again!

Before the parks were closed due to COVID-19, I participated in the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Half Marathon in 2020. Read about my experience here.

Fellow writer, Donna, was able to participate in the 2020 Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon Weekend. Read about her race experience here.


runDisney announced today that in-person events will be returning this FALL! Wine and Dine Half Marathon will be able to go just in time for the 50th celebration!

Registration for this event will begin on July 6, 2021 at 10am (ET) for Club runDisney Gold & Platinum Members. General registration will open on July 13, 2021 at 10am (ET).

runDisney announced four races with this announcement. Races include Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend, Marathon Weekend, and a new Special Spring Time Surprise Event.

Registration dates for Wine and Half Marathon Weekend is the only registration date released at this time. We will continue to keep you up to date with all this information as it get released, so be sure to check back often!

Perk Not Available

When information about the races became available one thing was missing from the dates for registration. There was no early registration noted for Annual Passholders or DVC members.

If you go to the FAQ section for registration you will find: Early registration for runDisney events, including Annual Passholders (AP) and Disney Vacation Club (DVC), will not be offered. Gold and Platinum Club runDisney Members will continue to have early registration opportunities as an entitlement of their membership level.

There will only be early registration for Club runDisney Members.

I know I am really disappointed with this change. I am a DVC member and an Annual Passholder. I also take advantage of this perk. Disney will always tell you that perks to either membership is not guaranteed and can be removed at anytime.

This is also runDisney encouraging people to buy a membership into Club runDisney. With the perk of early registration being available only to Gold and Platinum memberships you are going to have to shell out at least $478.63 before registration fees!

Platinum memberships get you the opportunity to purchase early registration and an upgraded coral placement for $798.43.

This gives Club runDisney Members a better chance of getting to stop for more characters, however it could put faster runners behind them. Some runners may find this frustrating and unfair. We shall see over the next year how it turns out for runDisney races.

What do you think of this perk missing? Will you still sign up for runDisney races? Let us know on the Kenny the Pirate Facebook page. Don’t forget to join the KtP crew page, too!

-Heather Alosa

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  1. This is so frustrating! I am a pass holder and DVC member and this was my favorite perk?! Why do I now have to fork out an additional amount to become a Club RunDisney member to get early registration, this is so unfortunate, if I can’t claim a spot in the upcoming Dopey, I think I am done with Disney races!

  2. It’s not like they couldn’t still allow DVC and annual pass a 1 or 2 day early registration break so they just took away another benefit. My other issue is why are you using the exact same character set they had last year for the wine and dine there are a lot of villains at Disney.

  3. Well, there goes my Disney Runs!! I’m kinda getting tired of Disney short cutting things to “save” money. It’s getting ridiculous. I agree this has become nothing but GREED.

  4. I agree- this is a terrible loss. And I checked on the club membership for this year and it’s closed for now. So we can’t even add the club stuff now if we wanted to. DVC and AP should still have their early registration. Even then, I had a hard time getting a bib and often had to do General registration the following week.

  5. This is a terrible loss of a perk that really costs Disney nothing to offer. For all the money DVC and AP pay this was a great perk. Disney is basically extorting us to join the run club which is really not worth it and offered no tangible benefit for the money this past year.
    Excited that the races are returning but disappointed about loss of the early registration benefit.

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