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New Updates to the Disney World Mask Policy

New Updates to the Disney World Mask Policy
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Disney has updated its mask policy to more specifically address what is and what is not acceptable. Read on to see the new requirements.

Disney Mask Requirements

Disney World requires the use of masks for all Guests planning to visit the theme parks, resorts, and Disney Springs area. The requirements have evolved over time. For example, the minimum age was previously 3 years old but now 2 year olds must wear a mask.

Masks must be worn at all times except when swimming, relaxing in your own room, and while eating and drinking. However, you must be stationary when eating and drinking and you cannot do so in queue lines.

With Blizzard Beach reopening in just a matter of weeks, Disney announced their mask policy while visiting that water park. You can see those updates HERE.

Masks are required even if you have the COVID vaccine. Disney recently announced that Cast Members and Guests still need to wear a mask. You can see their statement HERE.

New Mask Requirements

When the parks first reopened, Disney made it clear what were and were not acceptable face coverings.

The masks must consist of 2 layers of breathable fabric, fully cover the mouth and nose, be secured under the chin, and fit snuggly on the sides of the face. Additionally, ties or ear loops must be utilized and allow the Guests to remain hands-free.

Finally, neck gaiters, bandanas, valves, mesh, or holes are not permitted.

Disney has recently sent out more clarification regarding masks with a transparent plastic panel. These are commonly used so others can see the wearer’s mouth.

Disney states these face coverings must:

  • Be a fabric face covering featuring a solid plastic panel containing no openings that is attached to the fabric on all sides using tight knit stitching
  • Meet all face covering requirements listed above

We hope this helps you as you prepare and pack for your trip to Disney. Do you use these types of masks at home? Will you be wearing them at Disney World? Let us know on Facebook.


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  1. You people are choosing to go to Disney World in the middle of a pandemic and then complain about distancing and mask wearing? REALLY?

  2. People are aware of the policies about masks. If someone is at the parks it’s is that you agree with that,but the reality is not. I have issues like 3 times trying to remember the guests behind me on a line to keep distance. The last one sadly I feel unsafe. In the BuzzLightyear ride on Tomorrowland this family was too close to many times that I told the adult man to follow the lines. He does not have a problem with that. But when the adult woman asked him what happened and he explained she has a rage tantrum and started screaming and gesturing and complaining that she was tired of that and continues and continues like a hot water just in a boiling point. Truly I felt sad for the children and scared for my safety. My husband called security but no one came.. At least that make her a little calm I think.. But that is not supposed to happend .

  3. Yes, but it also follows the shirt guidelines they have for what words can be worn.
    We saw at the front gate someone being asked to wear a family friendly mask and if he did not have one they had paper mask available. ( I have no idea what was on that mask)

  4. My husband and I just celebrated my 50th birthday at Disney World and we had NO PROBLEMS with following the rules set by Disney. If you want to go and enjoy some Disney magic it’s plain and simple, FOLLOW THE RULES. If not stay home and wait, don’t ruin it for the others who are ok with going and enjoying some Pixie dust. ❤ THANK YOU WDW FOR ALLOWING US TO HAVE SOME FUN IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL OF THIS CRAZINESS.

  5. We just visited the park last week and there were several people who were eating and drinking while walking through the parks and nothing was said. I wondered if cast members were afraid to approach people. I was a little disappointed to see that. Overall they have done a great job to keep everyone safe. On another note a father let his 3-year old pee outside an Art of Animation building on a Cars movie display. When we said something to him thinking he was not watching his kid, he said he thought it would be fun letting his kid pee on the displays. Security was on it and after the group refused to wear their masks, they were asked to leave.

  6. Just stayed at two Disney resorts and while mask maybe required at the places stated there is not that great of compliance.

  7. I was on line for Runaway Railway a few weeks ago. A family of 5 was eating on line. Whenever a Cast Member passed, they’d momentarily pull up their masks, and then pull them back down. This went on for about 20 minutes.

  8. Are words or symbols allowed on masks at Disney parks and Downtown Disney? Currently it only states what masks are not acceptable.

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