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Can you skip the face mask in Disney World if you have been vaccinated?

Florida Surgeon General says vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask anywhere
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If you’re planning to visit Walt Disney World, you probably already know that you’ll be required to wear a face covering. As vaccines roll out across the country, Guests are wondering when the face mask requirement will be lifted. Do you think vaccinated Guests should still be required to wear face masks?

Face Masks in Disney

As part of their focus on health and safety, Disney requires all Guests ages 2 and up and Cast Members to wear a face covering while on Disney property.

There are some exceptions to this rule. Guests may remove the coverings while in their Disney World Resort rooms, while eating and drinking, and while swimming.

There are even rules about wearing face coverings at Disney’s Blizzard Beach, which will be reopening soon!

Wearing a face covering in Disney is certainly a new experience for many of us. Wondering what it’s really like? Head over here for our experience!

Updated Face Mask Guidelines

As people start to receive vaccinations for COVID-19, many are wondering if they’ll still have to comply with the face mask guidelines in Walt Disney World.

Disney has confirmed that even as the vaccine becomes more widely distributed, vaccinated Guests and Cast Members on Walt Disney property will still need to wear a face covering.

Face coverings are required for all Guests (ages 2 and up) and Cast Members, including those who have received at COVID-19 vaccine. Please bring your own face coverings and wear them at all times, except when dining or swimming. You may remove your face covering while actively eating or drinking, but you must be stationary and maintain appropriate physical distancing.


What are your thoughts on the face mask requirement for vaccinated Guests? Share your thoughts with us on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook page, or join our crew and continue the discussion!


  1. Requiring guests to have an unapproved vaccine with evolving facts surrounding its efficacy is a bad idea. That being said, since there isn’t even an “authorized” vaccine for children, WDW should continue to require masking until the case count is significantly lowered and mask use can be voluntary. Can you imagine a magical place where all the children have to wear masks but adults do not? Sounds horrible.

  2. When is Disney going to stop beings hypocrites and put masks on those princesses? Your lecture should apply to them being selfish by not wearing masks!

  3. Let’s think about this for a second. Can you imagine the absolute nightmare for cast members attempting to stop and verify every single person not wearing a mask in parks has appropriate “vaccination” paperwork? They do a great job right now of making eye contact with MOST of the non-compliant chin-diaper wearers, but even now a lot of people still get by. Especially those suuuuper clever people who think we don’t know what they’re doing by ‘forgetting’ or ‘not noticing’ their masks slip below their nose 90% of the time (because apparently C19 is only spread via mouth breathers, not the nose air somehow. I don’t know. It’s magic apparently.)

    Well… what about special colored wrist bands for those with proper vaccination proof? As others have already pointed out, while current vaccines are effective at preventing the severe symptoms of C19 in the vaccinated person, the data has not been able to conclude if it stops the asymptomatic spread of C19 to others. So right now, a vaccination or medical pass/band is not in the cards, but I fully expect to have this kind of screening of guests be mandatory in the near future (if not for anything else than liability sake for the parks).

    We really need to stop being so selfish. Selfishness is not patriotic. Wear a mask and fight for your fellow neighbor’s health. Stop fighting against minor inconveniences (this coming from someone who has panic attacks when wearing most masks, has asthma, and still wears a mask properly)

  4. Do you want WDW to close down due to being the epicenter of a super spreader event? Because that’s how you get WDW closed down due to being the epicenter of a super spreader event.

  5. Even if you have been vaccinated you should still wear a mask until the pandemic has been declared over around the world by leading scientists and the CDC

  6. This is an important issue that really hasn’t been covered enough in the news, but it is imperative that everyone continue to wear a mask even after receiving the vaccination.

    While the vaccines do protect you from severe illness, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines do not prevent one from contracting and potentially spreading the virus. Therefore, someone with the vaccine could become an asymptomatic spreader of Covid-19. Data on this is still being collected.

    Other vaccines, which are not based on the spike proteins, may work differently and actually prevent contraction.

    But until that is known, and until those become more widely available, face masks and other pandemic precautions will be here to stay for quite a while.

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