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Disney Updates Face Covering Guidelines for Swimming

Disney Updates Face Covering Guidelines for Swimming

Do you enjoy using resort pools when you visit Walt Disney World? We have the latest information for you regarding swimming and face coverings.

Safety Measures For a Phased Reopening

Recently, Walt Disney World released its plans for phased reopening. While the theme parks themselves will begin opening on July 11, 2020, certain Walt Disney Resort hotels will begin opening even sooner.

Disney Springs is already in the midst of its phased reopening and has been subject to the new measures. The Entertainment District opened on May 20, 2020.

A plan to address Guest safety is one of the critical elements of the phased reopening. Safety was one of Disney’s priorities prior to the Pandemic, so it is no surprise that it remains at the center of decision making.

Guests navigating to Walt Disney’s site can find a variety of information about how the company is responding to Covid19. Additionally, Walt Disney World has committed to keeping guests informed of evolving safety measures and requirements by updating its website as changes occur.

KtP Writers Answer: Favorite Resort Pool

Face Mask Requirements

Walt Disney World’s guidelines for face coverings have already begun to evolve. Recently, the age requirements shifted to include guests as young as two.

Now, the site has made an update to address mask requirements for swimming. The verbiage on the website now reads, “Please bring your own face coverings and wear them at all times, except when dining or swimming” (Walt Disney World 2020).

Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon?

There is still no official word on when Disney will open the swimming pools at its resorts. Nor is there word on when the water parks will resume business.

We do know that when Disney World does open pools, the current guidelines state that Guests can remove their face coverings while swimming. The KtP team will keep you up to date if any information emerges regarding pools and water parks.

What do you think of the new guidelines? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page. You can also share them with us in our crew on Facebook too.

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Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

I think healthy people wearing a mask outside, much less anywhere is plain ridiculous. Especially knowing that people constantly touch them with unsanitary hands and don’t frequently wash them. They are like wearing dirty underpants over your face.


Tuesday 2nd of June 2020

At a pool I would practice social distancing and there is no way you can get COVID-19 in a pool. The pool water/chlorine would kill anything. So unless you like licking surfaces at a pool or stand near others who are yelling, coughing or sneezing, I don't think you need to be concerned . I would maybe put on a mask in the restroom and wash as usual. But there's no way I would wear a mask while lying by the pool. But their property and their rules. So if I went in the parks I would comply. Planning for Feb in hopes the mask is no longer required. I have done it here in MN in 80-90° heat and I would not last an hour.


Tuesday 2nd of June 2020

You want to win the prize, you play by the rules. and it’s their house, their rules.

Chastity Lawson

Tuesday 2nd of June 2020

We do not like the masks whatsoever especially in 90° heat. I can understand taking your temperature at the gate but requiring masks that are not a medical grade mask is not going to protect you maybe they should hand out hand sanitizer at the gate and wipes at all of the rides.


Tuesday 2nd of June 2020

It is the CDC guidelines. Disney proposed 3 and up.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.