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How Will Florida’s New Executive Order Affect Disney World?

How Will Florida's New Executive Order Affect Disney World?
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Walt Disney World successfully reopened their magical gates in July. Now, Governor DeSantis is requesting that the “Most Magical Place on Earth” be available for additional Guests.

Reopening of Disney World

Walt Disney World and Disney Parks around the globe closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were excited to see the Disney Parks overseas reopen and to experience the magic as Guests were welcomed back.

In July, Walt Disney World reopened. The Disney Company shared that although many things may be different, there would still be many great experiences for Guests to enjoy.

We shared a bit of these magical experiences with the phased reopening of Walt Disney World in Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.

Many questioned if the Disney Parks were still magical? We shared our thoughts HERE and addressed the health and safety protocols while visiting Disney World.

“Phase 3” Executive Order

Today, Florida Governor DeSantis issued an Executive Order that Florida has now entered “Phase 3” effective immediately. This new Executive Order removes final state-level restrictions. Restaurants and dining are now allowed to operate at 100% capacity.

Florida dining may now reopen to 100% capacity.

This new Executive Order prevents cities and counties in Florida from ordering restaurants to close without justifying it for economic or health reasons. Also included in this Executive Order, local governments may no longer collect fines for pandemic-related mandates. This includes fines for face mask mandates.

Florida has now enterd “Phase 3” with the removal of State-Level restrictions.

How Will This Affect Disney?

Walt Disney World proposed their reopening plans that included limited capacity, the use of the Park Reservation system, and mandatory face masks. From the initial reopening, the Walt Disney Company shared that this is a very “fluid situation” and that changes could be made to the health and safety protocols.

Walt Disney World has not reported at what percentage they are now open to Guests. Yesterday, Governor DeSantis shared the capacity restrictions of Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando are “self-imposed” at this point.

Governor Desantis shared that capacity restrictions for Disney World are self-imposed adn that he would like to them to go “to a greater capacity.”

DeSantis went on to address Walt Disney World. He supports the Disney Parks to go “to a greater capacity.” At this point Disneyland is unable to reopen due to restrictions imposed by Governor Newsom, while Disney World is receiving requests from Governor DeSantis to increase capacity.

At this time Walt Disney World has not announced if this “Phase 3” executive order may affect Park dining or Park capacity. I greatly appreciate the conservative stance that Walt Disney World has taken to safely reopen their Parks.

What do you think? Do you think Walt Disney World should open at a great capacity? Does this removal of restrictions in Florida affect your future Disney vacation? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


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  1. we have 4 trips between Oct and March if they increase capacity and ir do not mandate face masks I will cancel our reservations for our family of 5

  2. We have reservations for November and I will cancel if Disney increases crowds that doesn’t follow Disney’s current plan. That includes restaurants, resorts, transportation, and rides. I am sorry to say this is a sad day for Florida. My extended family lives there and my husband and I grew up there. Where my family is living Covid-19 is still an issue. You add Covid-19 to Flu season there will be a big problem. Remember Disney Shanghai? I don’t think WDW wants the same thing to happen. I don’t particularly want to go to Disney and be on such high alert personally that I can not begin to enjoy myself. Along with WDW has not had any Covid breakouts attributed to them. If they follow the wishes of the governor and there is a breakout traced back to them, Disney elsewhere around the world will think twice before trusting Disney to reopen in their country. I hope Disney continues to show the wisdom to take care of their guests.

  3. I think it is a very bad move. They are barely able to control the people now. A CM was hit in the head the other day and yesterday at The Little Mermaid another fight broke out. Keep it small or they will have to close completely. Too many people is asking for disaster. Wait till 2021, don’t rush things . Other states that opened up too soon, are closing down. Numbers are gling up again. Please keep it at low crowds.

  4. I have an Oct trip. If mask mandate is lifted, we will have to cancel the trip. I’d be disappointed if the crowds increase substantially but could probably still zig when others zag. Masks are non-negotiable.

  5. I’m hoping they take it slow. I just bought and reserved spots for Sept 30 with hope of a safe family get away. Now with phase 3 uncertainty im afraid i just lost 400 bux.

  6. Disney is one of the few places my family could go and feel safe right now. I will be super sad if they lift the precautions right now. We won’t be able to go if the do lift restrictions due to health precautions in our family. The pass reservations haven’t been filling anyway so I’m not sure why expanding would be needed. Hoping they take it slow. We’ve actually enjoyed the relaxed and spaced atmosphere. We’ve been once a week for 5 weeks now.

  7. If WDW moved to a much greater capacity, but remained only partially open (shows, fireworks, restaurants, etc.) then it would absolutely affect our plans. It would not be enjoyable to have more people with the same amount of entertainment that is currently available.

  8. Baby steps. They need to stay reduced for a while yet, otherwise risk another total shut down. Please, do not go full capacity in the parks or restaurants.

What do you think?

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