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Step By Step Park Reservation Booking With Photos

Step By Step Park Reservation Booking With Photos
credit: Disney

This morning, guests with resort reservations between now and September 26, 2021 logged on to make their park reservations with the new system. Read on for pictures of the steps in the process.

My fellow writer, Susan, did a great post the other day on the step by step process of booking park reservations. Now that the system has gone live, such that it is, I wanted to build on her work to show readers exactly what each screen looks like.

First thing’s first, when trying to do anything in My Disney Experience today (for instance, trying to log in) you will first see this screen:

I have dubbed this screen the “Pink Castle of Doom” and plan to make a t-shirt of it. Also “Just a Moment” is in the running for the understatement of the century.

However, part of the way through waiting on the castle screen, the leader of our Pirate crew sent this link, which is a direct link to the reservation system.

This resulted in the slightly improved “You’re Almost in Orbit!” screen with a countdown. The countdown frequently went up and down, but as it states it is only an estimate:

longest “7 minutes” of my life. More like 20 minutes.

I was exulted to finally see this screen! I could select my party to make park reservations:

The next screen was the calendar:

As you can see, the only parks available for July 11 are Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. That isn’t because they are “sold out” but because Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios don’t open until July 15. So, in my example I only had these 2 choices.

When I select a park, I’m asked to select a time, but the time is simply the park’s operating hours for that particular day. You do not have to choose a specific entry time as some had feared.

Next, you will see this screen. You are asked to confirm your selection and click that you have read and agree to the COVID-19 liability waiver.

Finally, you will get a confirmation of your selection! And you can then go in and book another day’s park reservation!

As previously reported and stated on the Disney World Website, park reservations are open through September 2021:

As long as you have a resort reservation and a valid ticket, you can book your time today. Passholder reservations are coming soon on June 26, 2020 followed by all regular ticket guests who do not have current resort reservations on June 28, 2020.

What questions do you have for us? Ask away on Facebook and in our Facebook group!

-Rebecca W Davis


  1. So I have a resort military discount room only reservation for a week in October. It was my understanding that I had to get my military discount ticket either upon arrival or order them through shades of green??? Am I now completely out of luck because I don’t have tickets?

  2. I got reservations for (2) members of our reservation in September – yay! Chat function came up on MDE at some point, and I talked to a cast member. KtP info was accurate, as usual (and thanks Rebecca!), and your team had more and better information than they were offering. I don’t have tix yet for my Son, but DH and I have AP’s. The CM said that tix would be on sale at some point later this Summer, but nothing else was offered… just a lot of silence. I’m sure they’re both busy and inundated with unhappy guests, so I wished the CM well and thanks. HEADS UP, they said I could buy an AP for my Son so we could schedule his park reservation (even though you can’t see that option on the MDE). I am going to just wait, and see, because there’s so much in the air right now. Thanks so much for the blog entries and the FP posts!

    • You’re so welcome! We love to help.

      Are you saying they would sell you an AP today for him? On Friday (Saturday? Who knows what day it is anymore) I talked to ticketing, guest services AND they all said they would note my special request but they could not sell me a ticket for our foster/adopted daughter who is coming home in July. They basically said book your stuff now for your family and then once AP sales come back they will add her to our reservations so we can all celebrate together at the parks. So do let me know if that’s back online! Thanks.

  3. We have park hopper tickets and it will only let us book one park on the first day and then it says all parks are not available for the rest of our 7 day trip when the calendar shows green. Anyone else have this issue?

  4. Still haven’t been able to do al of them. Just tells me no availability over and over and over. Beyond frustrating.

  5. DON’t GIVE UP.. 5 hours of staring at the castle and I got everything I wanted Thanksgiving week !!!!!!!
    All at once the screen changed !!!

    • At last I see the light, and it’s like a fog has lifted!!! So glad you got in!!! Thanks for reading and for your comment!

  6. Any update yet for those of us with a room only reservation? I have an AP but the rest of my family will use regular tickets. I have not yet purchased them! I’m worried that we are going to be out of luck.

    • I would book for myself today and then when ticket sales come back online, book for those family members. They have not stated when 2020 tickets will be back on sale other than “later this summer”

  7. Wasted over 3 hours with castle of doom and countdown that continued to go up every 30 seconds. Finally tried a method suggested on a FB post of going in like you were making dining reservation and sneaking over to make park res from there and got right in.

    • Hi! Thanks for reading. Yes you’re supposed to be able to book for all of your stays, but other guests are getting the same error message. One of our pirate crew members got through to tech services and they said it is a glitch and they are working on it. So hopefully later today you can book the rest of your time! I was able to book my days for 3 trips before it cut me off.

  8. We have a few hotel reservations at Disney and are also annual pass holders with active, linked accounts. After a couple hours wait this morning I was able to reserve park tickets for the August hotel stay. When I went to add park reservations for the other two hotel stays i was given an error message that my part had reached the max and I would have to remove them to continue. I thought we could make multiple reservations if we had a hotel reservation and were an annual pas member? I saw somewhere we could make up to 14? Any ideas or suggestions. Have others run into this? Thanks

  9. I was only allowed to do 10 park passes. I am DVC with AP and we have two reservations a 9 night in July/August 2020 and 6 nights for October 2020….once I reached 10 it cut me off and I was not allowed to make any more! I am furious!

    • That’s a glitch that’s happening to a lot of our readers. One member of our Facebook group got through to tech services and she said they know about the problem and are working to fix it. So hopefully later today you can finish your bookings!!

    • I’d try opening another window, in incognito or private mode. I had three open at once and I don’t even recall which one eventually let me in. As expected this is a glitchy, overloaded system. Thanks for reading!

  10. Any idea if wdw imposed restrictions on annual pass holders to make park reservations With a valid dvc and tarot reservation ? Have a resort reservation this summer was able to book for all seven days in the parks and have a our villas of grand Floridian booked for feb 2021 with valid park entry with our ap (not expired)..the reservations are all linked ? Been on with VI Passholder line for over an hour .. thanks for any info.

  11. I got into the system and couldn’t book for our November reservation. Our AP’s expire before our res and it isn’t time to renew and the extra month won’t show up until October. Any advice or am I just doomed?!?

  12. I could only make 3 day park pass ressies for our second trip. Both hotel reservations are showing in MDE. Sept 30-Oct 8 and Dec 20-Jan 3. I started making ressies for Dec trip and during the 4th one when I clicked done – it kicked me out. Why? I thought we could have 14 days or length of reservation. HELP Thanks!

    • I’m hearing reports of this. Around 9:30 am I made around 14 total days before it stopped me bc I have stays in July, August and October all onsite.

      I would say keep trying and keep in mind that until June 26 only ppl with resort stays can book, so you won’t be competing with passholders or offsite guests til later this week. So, personally I’d keep trying and then call them tomorrow or the next day to try and straighten it out. A CM I spoke to yesterday said to call at the end of their day which I think is around 10pm? So maybe try tonight at 9:30. You can also utilize the chat feature in the app when it comes back up. I have my fingers crossed for you!!

  13. What time does the ability to do this open up for each group. I have park tickets from a cancelled trip, so wondering what time on June 28 I can login and reserve my park days.

    • We started at 7am and the earliest person had success at 8:45am. Most took two to three hours to successfully login

  14. I have a resort reservation. I was able to make reservations (AP) but not my daughter. She is ticketed. We are linked. I’m on hold with IT right now.

    • Oh man, sue! Fingers crossed for you. The other day I spoke to what seemed to be a knowledgeable cast member bc I couldn’t buy our soon to be adopted daughter an AP. She consulted with guest services and ticketing and All of them agreed that their will be a way for them to fix these errors after the fact, a “fail safe” so they instructed me to book the rest of my family and then call when they open pass sales back up and they should be able to add the daughter to our reservations just as they did with fastpasses. So, I hope that’s accurate and that it works for you

    • Even with the link in the article you’re getting the castle page and not the space mountain countdown?

      This is such a mess! I have my fingers crossed for you!

  15. I finally got through it this morning and it DID take forever. Long enough, in fact, that I had time to pitch a fit on Facebook and Twitter. That got me interviewed by one of the local TV stations. Sounds like the local media in Orlando is going to be all over Disney for this debacle.

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