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Stage Shows Return to Shanghai Disneyland: What This Could Mean for U.S. Disney Parks

Stage Shows Return to Shanghai Disneyland: What This Could Mean for U.S. Disney Parks
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Shanghai Disneyland has been the first Disney Park to reopen after all of the Disney Parks were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have all been interested in the reopening stages of this Disney Park as this could give us a glimpse of how Walt Disney World and Disneyland may reopen in the near future. The reopening of Shanghai Disneyland may be an indicator of our Disney Park experience to come.

Shanghai Disneyland Prepares for Reopening

We shared with you back in March that Shanghai Disneyland was reopening certain shopping, dining, and resort experiences to guests beginning on March 9, 2020. Bob Chapek, Disney CEO referred to this time as a “first step” that led the Disney Company to begin the process to reopen Shanghai Disneyland.

All of us were excited to see Shanghai Disneyland prepare to reopen on May 11, 2020 and greet Disney guests once again. We were very interested to see the safety protocols that were in place.

You may remember seeing the video we shared covering all of these safety protocols from entering the park, to character interactions, dining, and more.

Limited Operations

At the time that Shanghai Disneyland reopened, many of the Disney experiences were modified to encourage social distancing, but some experiences such as stage shows, parades, and nighttime shows had not yet resumed.

Stage Shows

Now guests logging into their My Disney Experience App for Shanghai Disneyland see that both Frozen: A Sing Along Celebration and Gold Fairytale Fanfare have operating hours listed.

We are all a little surprised at how quickly these stage shows have returned, but this gives us hope that when our beloved Disney Parks experiences may begin to return to normal sooner than expected.

At this time, Shanghai Disneyland has not yet set a date for parades and fireworks to return, but we will be following this and update our Pirate Crew when we do.

Disney Springs: The U.S. “First Step”

As Bob Chapek mentioned of the “first steps” that Shanghai Disneyland took towards reopening, the reopening of Disney Springs was the “first step” in reopening Walt Disney World.

Read all about the reopening protocols for Disney Springs HERE as these will give us a good indication of Disney Park protocols as well.

What do you think of Shanghai Disneyland already resuming Disney Stage Shows? Does this news encourage you to plan a trip to the Disney Parks when they reopen? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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  1. Have you seen the videos from Shanghai ? Masks not being worn, zero respect for social distancing. I fear WDW will fare much worse. People never respected space at WDW pre C19, now I suspect confrontation with other guests. Simply will not work under current guidelines. Sorry, but being realistic.

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