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Review of the New Refurbished Rooms at Disney’s Boulder Ridge

Review of the New Refurbished Rooms at Disney's Boulder Ridge
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Are you looking for gorgeous accommodations just a boat ride away from the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World? You should consider the newly refurbished DVC 1-bedroom villas in Boulder Ridge at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Credit: Jaelyn W.

If you are looking for a quiet, out-of-the-way place to stay in Walt Disney World, you should strongly consider Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. While it is only a short boat ride away from The Magic Kingdom, it is by far the quietest of the Magic Kingdom Resorts, which are typically bustling with people who want to check out the lobbies and the restaurants.

Wilderness Lodge and its 2 DVC properties, Copper Creek Lodge and Boulder Ridge, however, enjoy a measure of peace that other resorts do not. This resort, themed to the National Parks around the US, is nestled in the woods off Bay Lake and is a fine place to relax between visits to the busy theme parks.

The DVC villas at Boulder Ridge are even quieter with nice out-of-the-way nooks for a rest. Imagine exploring the beautiful stone hallways for a perfect spot to unwind.


Credit: Katie P.

I (Katie) recently had a chance to visit Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and stay in an updated one-bedroom villa. These villas were recently transformed during a refurbishment, and now the resort boasts newly refreshed rooms.

In fact, at check-in, the Cast Member informed us that we are only the 3rd party to stay in our room! It is always fun to stay somewhere that feels so very clean and new!

Credit: Katie P.

If you are not a DVC owner, remember it is possible to rent DVC points. You can read about the pros and cons of renting DVC points here.

1-Bedroom Villa at Boulder Ridge

Credit: Katie P.

The newly refurbished 1-bedroom villas at Boulder Ridge are particularly nice. Guests can enjoy a full kitchen, eating area, living room, and bedroom as well as a bathroom with 2 separate sink areas and a large balcony and laundry facilities.

While these rooms only sleep four people, they are great for a party that needs to spread out a bit. Here is a photo tour of all that the 1-bedroom villas offer to help you decide whether they are right for you!


Credit: Katie P.

When you enter from the hallway, you will immediately notice the nicely updated kitchens. The kitchens in the 1-Bedroom Villas come equipped with a full-sized refrigerator, dishwasher, sink, oven, and range.

The color scheme is quite striking. The hardwood flooring, stainless appliances, green cabinetry, and neutral cabinets and backsplash make a nice palate that flows nicely with the rest of the unit.

Credit: Katie P.

These units have nice coffee makers that allow you to choose whether to use coffee pods or brew a pot of coffee. Complimentary Joffrey’s coffee is available for Guests.

Additionally, the various cabinets are well-stocked with cooking essentials for those who prefer to prepare meals in the room. You will find dishes and flatware to use during meals.

Dining Area

Credit: Katie P.

The dining area has a nice mustard-colored booth seat and an oval table. It also has two chairs that can be moved around the space to maximize its flexibility. Overall, it is a great little space for enjoying a meal, a game, or a conversation. It also has a good view of the television.

You can also see the adorable details in the space. The lantern on the shelf serves as the perfect little lamp for Wilderness Lodge.

Credit: Katie P.

If you zoom in on the pottery, you will find a happy surprise. Hidden Mickeys are part of the design.

Living Area

Credit: Katie P.

The living space is my favorite part of the refurbished 1-Bedroom Villas. It is important to know that this space is not the same in every villa. Units on the 5th floor still have a sofa bed instead of the new murphy beds.

If this is important to you, then you will want to request to be in a 1-bedroom villa that is NOT on the 5th floor. The structure of the rooms on the upper floor made it necessary to select sofabed for the space instead of the full murphy bed unit.

Credit: Katie P.

While the sofa bed is certainly just as functional in terms of serving as a sleeping surface, it is not nearly as pretty as the murphy beds. You can see it in the photo above for comparison.

The murphy bed in the remaining units provides a larger sitting area than the fold-out couches on the 5th floor. It also ties in so much more nicely with the theming and enhances the overall look of the room.

Credit: Katie P.

The paneling hides the murphy bed, which pulls down over the sofa. When the murphy bed is open, it reveals a sleepy scene, similar to those you find in DVC properties around Walt Disney World. I always love seeing what artwork will be revealed.

I was certainly not disappointed this time. The artwork depicts Mickey and Pluto camping out under a full moon in the wilderness. The colors are beautiful, and it is perfect to set the tone for an evening in Wilderness Lodge.


Credit: Katie P.

The bathroom in the 1-bedroom villa can be split into two areas. The first is a vanity with a sink and a soaking tub.

The tub is not as stately and beautiful as the separate tubs in some of the other DVC properties. However, it is deep and functional.

Credit: Katie P.

A door can close off the second part of the bathroom. This section has another smaller sink area and a large, walk-in shower.

I will say it can be tricky to turn on the shower to warm it up without getting water everywhere, so if you are a “warm-it-up” first person, be careful.

Credit: Katie P.

There is also a water closet with a toilet on this side of the bathroom. A pocket door separates it from the rest of the bathroom.


Credit: Katie P.

The bedroom serves as the primary sleeping space. It has a large footprint and plenty of space to spread out in.

There is a comfortable king bed at the center of the room. It is flanked by 2 bedside tables.

Credit: Katie P.

The room also has a seating area with a chair and lamp. And, the villa’s second television is located on top of the dresser.

This is the only carpeted space in the villa. I don’t typically love hotel carpets, but this was so nice and new that it still looks pretty and feels clean at this point.

Outdoor Space

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Credit: KtP writer Susan

Just outside there is a balcony to enjoy. It spans from the bedroom all the way to the living area. It is a great size.

Our particular villa had a nice view of the swimming pool. It also had a partial view of the lagoon, and we could see an obscured view of the Electrical Water Pageant from the room in the late evenings.


Credit: Katie P.

One of the joys of staying in one-bedroom units when you visit DVC properties is that they come equipped with a washer and dryer. Boulder Ridge has a simple but effective stacking washer and dryer hidden in a closet.

I love the little leaf-shaped cutouts in the doors. They contribute nicely to the theming.

Final Thoughts

Credit: Susan

Overall, the newly refurbished one-bedroom units at Boulder Ridge at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge are fantastic. The updates are beautiful and add a measure of functionality to the room. Owners will most likely be very happy to see the new rooms if they have not had a chance before now.

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Do you know someone who would love to stay in one of these one-bedroom villas at Boulder Ridge at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge? Be sure to show this to them to help them decide. Have you gotten a chance to check out these rooms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. This is great. I just stayed in a 1 BR at Boulder Ridge in Aug, and it definitely needed some updating. Glad they are looking great!

    • Thanks so much for reading! I agree that those rooms definitely needed an update. It is such a lovely resort, and it is nice seeing the rooms match the ambiance of the resort itself.

  2. This looks beautiful! Only thing I am disappointed with is the same as many 1 bedrooms is that they only sleep 4 where many studios sleep 5. Why is it that DVC only sleeps 4 in much larger accommodations? Makes no sense!
    Thanks so much for showing us the renovations!

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